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Time is Valuable...

Time is Valuable...

Just how valuable is your time to you? Do you know that the value that you place on your time will determine what you receive in return for it? If you are careless and wasteful with your time, you'll have very little to show for it. But when you see your time as precious, making an effort to get the most from every minute, success and achievement will be the end result.

The wealthy businessperson, the winning athlete, the accomplished musician, the published author, they all have the exact same number of hours in the day as everyone else, including you. What makes the difference? They value, appreciate and make the most of each moment, which makes their lives filled with exceptional accomplishment.
If you have the feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day, consider how you're using those hours that you do have. There's always something you can do, to take full advantage of your time, to get more out of it.

Remember, time can work for you or against you. It depends enti ...READ MORE

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RAWdeoShow: BIGREC - Bullseye (Prod. Diamond D)

RAWdeoShow: BIGREC - Bullseye (Prod. Diamond D)

Proof positive that you don't have to be signed to a major to be major. It is as it does. You get down (and DELIVER) with a major producer like legendary DITC's Diamond D... like BIGREC... Boom! Major!!

(C'mon. Remember 5ive Pentagon was already doing million-hit YouTube vids... MAJOR!)

You can hear music like this every week. Follow @RAWdioShow and listen to the Saturday Night Live #PodParty where RAW meets RADIO every week, at #SNL

Videos posted for this blog curated under the auspices of BoneBreaker Studios & O Know He Did Ent. Follow READ MORE

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NEW MUSIC: Boots "Dreams" Ft. Beyonce

NEW MUSIC: Boots "Dreams" Ft. Beyonce

Boots aka Jordy Asher, the co-writer and producer of "Haunted," "Drunk in Love" "Partition" and "Jealous" from Beyonce's latest album, has teamed up with Beyonce for his upcoming mixtape WinterSpringSummerFall. All sale proceeds will benefit Day One, a non-profit organization devoted to teen dating violence.

Vogue recently set down with Jordy and this is what he had to say about working with Beyonce...

"It's just a really cool testament to our friendship and relationship to do something like this. I feel like I've been given my wings to fly. It's the greatest kind of co-sign you could get, from someone who truly, truly believes in you."

Listen to "Boots" ...READ MORE

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Cuba Gooding Jr. & Wife Separate

Cuba Gooding Jr. & Wife Separate

Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife Sarah Kapfer of 20 years has called it quits. According to sources it was Sarah who filed for a legal separation on Tuesday in LA citing irreconcilable differences.The couple have 3 kids together. REPNVA iRadio will keep you updated as we learn more information ...READ MORE

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The Myles W. Miller Show - 4/23/14 @ 6 PM & 10 PM EDT - The Impact Radio Network

Join me for The Myles W. Miller Show TONIGHT, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM ET on The Impact Radio Network!!!

This week, we welcome our friend, Financial Freedom Expert, Wealth Consciousness Teacher, and Founder of FNPhenomenal, Aisha Taylor (, to discuss her new Amazon best-selling book!

You don't want to miss this dynamic experience!

Ways you can tune in to the show:

1. You can listen online @

2. You can listen via Facebook by going to The I ...READ MORE

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Uncertainty Can Be Good...

Uncertainty Can Be Good...

There is so much for you in the uncertain areas of your life. To live your possibilities, you must step away from your certainties. Your past is safe, secure, certain -- and impossible to change. Your future is filled with uncertainty, and in that uncertainty are limitless possibilities. Your future is unknown, and because of that it harbors every opportunity imaginable.

The choice is yours. You can choose to stay safe and secure in what you already know for sure, but you won't find any opportunities there. Or you can choose to move confidently into the unknown territory that is the future, where you will find a world of possibilities.

Though your possibilities come packaged with uncertainty, you have the ability to transform the best of those possibilities into certain reality. Yet in order to do it, you must be willing to venture into unknown territory.

The walls you build to keep you secure from uncertainty are also the same walls that hold you prisoner. Beyond ...READ MORE

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Pastor Reyna Cruz Tells How To Build a True Worship Dancer

BLOG_SUMMARY_END Reyna E. Cruz is the Artistic Director of Break-Free Dance Studio.  She has been training up this next generation of worshipers for the past 7 years. She instructs students ages four and up in the art of praise and worship dance for the Lord.
Today's Sponsor: In this Episode Pastor Cruz Shares:

  • Break Free Dance Studio
  • Bethel Worship Dance Institute (Certification Classes)
  • New Workbook & DVD, "28 Movement Keys to Build A True Wors ...READ MORE

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    i Am Indie Hip Hop Wednesdays: Wvve

    i Am Indie Hip Hop Wednesdays: Wvve

    Imagine the DNA samples of Black Moon, Souls of Mischief and the Boogie Monsters mixed into a Petri dish. The reaction yields a result that leads us to our third installment of i Am Indie Hip Hop Wednesdays. Under the microscope is an emcee that goes by the name of Wvve. Born in Morristown, NJ and based out of Marietta, GA, this artist brings wordplay that is sure to have you lost in the strands of his melodic delivery.

    His latest project entitled "The Wvve Tape" is 14 tracks deep with a blend of classic 90's style and experimental production. A few notable songs to check for are "Speak the Language" and "Subliminal," which includes a super dope video you can watch below! Make sure you download "The Wvve Tape" and experience hip hop eclecticism at its finest. ...READ MORE

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    6 Rings (featuring 4-IZE x Number 2 x White Jesus) - "Road House" [Produced By D.R.U.G.S.]

    Respect to 6 Rings. This is the way you come through! Through the studio for Saturday's show; then coming through with this gem in the inbox. "Road House" - an homage to the '80s cult classic. Don't know about you; but whenever that movie comes on it gets watched. So, we had to give this several viewings. You should, too.

    In honor of Patrick Swayze for his roll as Dalton in the 1989 cult classic B-film "Road House," 6 Rings Music Group have put together a montage of scenes from the movie which best describe the attitude of this Hip-Hop record.

    BONUS: The "Childhood Gold" EP from 6 Rings is available for FREE download now! Produced entirely b ...READ MORE

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