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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for the extra naptime! I'm thankful for the extra leftovers! I'm thankful for wonderful people like you! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving ...READ MORE

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Oh Give Thanks!

Oh Give Thanks!

Today marks a day recognized for giving thanks. Families travel and gather for delectable meals and tasty desserts. The atmosphere for most is full of love, laughter and cheer. As we go about our holiday festivities let us all remember those who are not as fortunate to be with family and friends. Someone is spending their first holiday without a love one who has passed. Or the individual losing their home or the one who has no home. Those ailing and sick need not be forgotten. Many have silent cries and struggles that no one knows about. We are all to celebrate and give thanks for our blessings. But let's remember there is much work to do and lives to touch. Our nation is divided from recent current events. Remember there is much work to do. Although at times life may seem to hard to bear. Rest assured that the most high has not forgotten our struggles. God can and will mend a broken heart and mourning spirit. He can still cure diseased blood. And his blood does still work! So on thi ...READ MORE

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Wal-Mart Could Help Eliminate Poverty By Sharing The Wealth... With Its Own Employees (Video)

Heartbreaking letter from LaRanda Jackson, a 20-year-old Wal-Mart employee who posted it to Alice Walton (heiress to Sam Walton's Wal-Mart empire) on Wal-Mart's "Hunger Games" Tumblr page.

I'm writing to you because it hurts to see the pain in my younger brothers' eyes when we can't afford food to fill their stomachs. Sure, they see that I'm working hard, taking the bus an hour each way to get to work at Walmart. Even though they know that things are tight right now, that our mom is often too sick to work, they just can't understand why last year on Thanksgiving they didn't get turkey and gravy like other kids their age.

But hey, what can Alice do? How could she help? All she did was inherit tons (literally) of money. Well, W ...READ MORE

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J. Cole Shares Memories, Knowledge And More On His Way To Do A Concert Featuring His Classics (Video

You know the dopeness of J. Cole on the mic... and off. We've posted examples of both. Here Mr. Cole World reveals the nature of his connection to his fans; remembering what it was like to have A Dollar And A Dream and sharing that with viewers before rocking an eager crowd later that day.


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You are Blessed...

You are Blessed...

You are blessed. You are filled with possibilities. What good are your blessings if you’re not making the most of them? What value are your possibilities if you do not make the effort to fulfill them? I challenge you to stop for a moment and consider all the good things which you too often take for granted -- your health, your family, the air you breathe, the water you drink, your home, your community, the magnificent universe around you, your faith, your friends, the knowledge you possess, your skills, the list goes on and on.
Think of the good things you have going for you. There may be many or there may be few. What matters most, is that YOU ARE BLESSED. You can take all the things that are of you, and from them you will grow. Gratitude and appreciation is vital in the growth of who you are and what you have.

When you truly appreciate your blessings, they become powerfully compelling. They will grow, filling your life with quality and excellence, and compellin ...READ MORE

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Diamond D - "Only Way 2 Go" featuring Pete Rock (Video)

Diamond D - "Only Way 2 Go" featuring Pete Rock (Video)

Level-headed, but still quick to choke a gentleman... f#ck outta here... Desolate and being broke is not a life!

- Diamond D

LOVE THIS JOINT! Legendary happening. Bringing together two legendary Hip-Hop producers on one track. Like concentrated Hip-Hop... definitely got the juice! Off Diamond D's LP "The Diam Piece" the visual above is the "Only Way 2 Go" (featuring Pete Rock) for presenting the work of these two.


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Artist Spotlight with Pastor Mark Collier and more!


The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | | Tuesday's at 6:00 p.m.

First Segment: Super excited to have Pastor Mark Collier in our featured Artist Spotlight on Tuesday's show at 6:00 p.m. EST!   Pastor Mark is a Worship Leader, Artist and Clinician. He has shared stages with Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Pastor John P. Kee, Earnest Pugh, the Temptations & more! He joins us to chat about his single " Keep Holding On"!  

Second Segment: Excited to have Dr. Sheronda Orridge LovingSpirit on Tuesday's show at 6:20 p.m. EST to chat about So Intentional: Words of Wisdom from a Poets Point Of View. Dr. Sheronda is owner of Loving Spirit Life Coach Academy LLC. Visit her online at 

Third Segment: Super excited to have Dell Scott of Divacoutoure and The Undiscovered Jewel-Dell Scott on Tuesday's show at 6:40 p.m.EST! She joins us to chat about her new book, "The Undiscovered Jewel- Realizing The Brilliance T ...READ MORE

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God has given all of us a talent, but what do you do when your talent or ministry isn't respected? Check out this week's Fingertip Tuesday


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The post Fingertip Tuesday What to do When Your Ministry Isn't Respected appeared first on

via: ...READ MORE

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PZI Jeans






For more information, visit ...READ MORE

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{Interview} How to Overcome Failure & Achieve Your Dreams with Bishop Sheldon D. Newton

Ever found yourself afraid of failure? Have you ever set a New Year's Resolution only to not meet the goal? In this interview Bishop Sheldon Shares some incredible tips on how to overcome failure and win both spiritually and in our everyday lives.


Sheldon D. Newton is a Bible Teacher, Pastor and Inspirational Speaker. He has been sharing Biblical Principles of true success and victory for over thirty years, traveling both locally and abroad. He believes that every person born into this world has worth and value. His mission is to share with others keys wh ...READ MORE

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