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I'm still in shock..Still at a lost for words..2 nights ago I was in my studio working. 1:30 am I look up and in walks the Legendary Big Gipp from Goodie Mob. I tried not to go into fan/groupie mode and kept it professional. He gave us an ATL music history lesson for about an hour before we even started working on the record. This is 1 moment I'll never forget.

New music on the way.

Runway Richy x Big Gipp x Mo Diggidy Beats - How you feelin

Stay Tuned for the official release

S/o to @kdz6 for making this possibl ...READ MORE

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Rising Artist on

Rising Artist on

Check out my interview on the blog site I was featured as one of the Rising Artist. The Rebellion Nov. 11th

Click link to interview: ...READ MORE

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Your Current Condition is NOT YOUR FINAL POSITION!

"Faith and Fear don't mix. Put feet to your faith by moving on what you believe-NOT what you see. Your current situation does not have to be your final destination. You are getting better and wiser everyday. Don't stop trusting what God has told you. He shall bring it to pass." WJB

'For God hath not given us the Spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7

God has entrusted you with some special things, ideas, inventions, businesses, books, and so much more. Don't allow what you SEE to affect what you can't see-which is your pre-determined future and EXPECTED END. Keep moving forward, keep looking ahead and looking UP. GOD HAS PLACED INSIDE OF YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BRING EVERY DREAM TO PASS-you are one of his greatest MASTER-pieces. Trust his guidance, nudging, and purposed doors of opportunity. You're closer than you think.

I love you to life

I want to hear from you! Inbox me on FB, respond via this app ...READ MORE

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On this edition of The Dee Hill Radio Show...It's the Women Takeover edition of the show and Dee Hill along with her guests engage on today's hot topics from current events to entertainment! Listen now on

Download the Beat Break 87 FM app to hear last week's Dee Hill Radio Show or click on the following links below:


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For More Information Contact:

Enchanted Branding & PR | Christal Jordan | 678.499.0297


Oct. 22, 2014


Grammy winning songwriters collaborate with Kemosabe/RCA on upcoming album project

(Atlanta, GA) In between writing hit records for Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Usher, Fergie, Ariana Grande and many others, Grammy-winning songwriters Theron and Timothy Thomas better known as R. City aka Rock City have been quietly working on their own project. The duo released their long anticipated first single "I'm That. . ." featuring 2 Chainz to iTunes on Tuesday, October 14th. The video will premiere on World Star Hip Hop Wednesday, October 22nd.

The single is an unapologetic narrative detailing their Virgin Island heritage and offering an in-depth look into the personalities behind some of today's biggest hits. "I'm That" is a mas ...READ MORE

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Big K.R.I.T. On A Musical Voyage To 'Cadillactica' (Video)

Yeah mane (in the Big K.R.I.T. voice)! K.R.I.T. in Philly to talk about the November dropping of his Cadillac-crashed-on-planet-Earth musical project (called "Cadillactica"). Nice interview. Convo about the concepts, reliance on outside production for the first time in his career; along with K.R.I.T.'s desire to score films, to discover the next David Ruffin... the beard... the sneaker chase... a lot of good going on in the near 11-minute clip above.

Great block to add to the build up for the album release.

via: ...READ MORE

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Power 50 EDM Djs

Power 50 EDM Djs

Welcome to the first inthemix Power 50 - the 50 most powerful people in EDM globally. To compile this inaugural list, we conducted an exhaustive process that included speaking to many of the industry's key figures to help us form a view on where the foundations of power in EDM exist. Not over the course of history, but right now, today, in 2013. The list is peppered with quotes, both attributed and anonymous, from the people who helped guide the construction of this year's inthemix Power 50.

It's worth noting this list is not about DJs or artists. Sure, there are some names like Gary Richards and Pete Tong who do make music, but theyre included because we believe their DJing is secondary to their 'business interests.

So why this list? Why now?

America has woken up to dance music. EDM is suddenly big business. EDM events are some of the most lucrative and fastest growing on the planet. In a recent study of over a million people by EMI, they estimated there were 73 million EDM f ...READ MORE

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TNMC November 22nd Orlando Fl

TNMC November 22nd Orlando Fl

(866) 933-0743

Network Music Conference Provides Ultimate Experience with Guest DJ Drama

The premiere music and entertainment networking event known as The Network Music Conference is back and taking place November 22, 2014 at The Florida Hotel and will feature music industry guests, artists, live performances and more.

TNMC is designed to provide a structured, educational, and empowering environment for music industry professionals and those who desire to be in the industry. The event gives attendees an annual opportunity to increase their network by building relationships in the highly competitive field.

The 4th Annual Network Music Conference will be a day of entertainment, panels, and networking all at an affordable price of $35. This memorable event will also occur during Florida Classic Weekend, which brings in over 70,000 people to Orlando, FL. In addition to live performances and workshops, TNMC features various programming including the entertainment job fair, pr ...READ MORE

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10-7-14 Domestic Violence Awareness Month

10-7-14 Domestic Violence Awareness Month

All October long we are making you AWARE... We have talked several times on air about the significance of love and how love should not "hurt." Tonight we focus once again on Domestic Violence as this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Did you know that Domestic Violence can include physical, emotional and economic abuse? Did you know that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical and or sexual intimate partner or non-partner sexual violence? Did you know that 1 out of 3 women has experienced intimate partner abuse during her lifetime? Now you do... Learn more and what to do now that you know on tonight's show. Tune in... ...READ MORE

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Top Income Earners in the World

Top Income Earners in the World

Today I want to congratulate John & Tiffany Malott on a major accomplishment. According to Business For Home, this couple is currently ranked #71 in the world for top income earners in the industry of Relationship Marketing/Network Marketing. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the former janitor and jelly maker who partnered with Seacret Direct less than 3 years ago. Their monthly income is an estimated $160,000 and annual income is an estimated $1,920,000.00

After bringing over 14 years of experience in the industry to Seacret Direct, they have quickly risen to become the company's #1 income earners. Seacret Direct is a world leader in Dead Sea Skin Care that transitioned from retail to relationship marketing in 2011. The family ran company has been a global retail success with over $1 Billion in sales in over 40 countries before launching their relationship marketing distribution model. The Malott's continue to master simplicity inside a proven system and continue to cr ...READ MORE

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