Stvssi Talks Taking a Break from Music, the Impact of Songwriting and more (Interview)


Stvssi Talks Taking a Break from Music, the Impact of Songwriting and more (Interview)

Stvssi is an artist part of the supergroup Neo Canis, however what's most intriguing about his story is how he got to the artist we have now. Stvssi released an EP called on "On Your Mind" and right after that he disappeared for a year and a half. In an era where most artists can't go months without releasing something, Stvssi decided to take a break, refine himself and come back better as an artist. I was able to sit down with him, talk about his break, his group Neo Canis and more.

DEHH: How's it going Stvssi, introduce yourself for those who don't know.

Stvssi: How you doin , its ya boy Stvssi widda V

DEHH: Your story's really interesting especially in this music climate, so before we jump into what you have now I'd like to take a couple steps back. You started making music when you were 14, tell me about that time and how it influenced the music you were making at the time

Stvssi: I was young, and I loved to sing, but I was shy so only really in my alone time. My father and his brother were rappers and they'd take us to the studio as toddlers and inspired us to create, wether it was dance or music. My brother Frezzo, had been rapping since we were in elementary, so that pushed me to want to create as well. Around 14 I had started singing in front of friends, who showed love and I eventually ran into a group of kids in school who were making music in one of their rooms. I sang for the kid who owned the studio, he told me he was starting a group and boom I was the singer for this 5 man group. As time went, there was less need for a singer, but I wanted my own music, so I started rapping. The more I rapped the less I sang and I eventually mastered my craft of rapping to a level I was satisfied with at the time and I returned to singing. Rapping had really taking my song writing skills to another level. I found a love for lyrics and songwriting. I wrote almost hundred songs in that bedroom studio with that group. That group eventually split and I lost all that music.

DEHH: Now you did what a lot of artists especially young ones don't usually do or even think to do. You took a break. Not just a month break, or a six month break. You went on hiatus for over a year, changed your approach and now you're back. Tell me a bit about the time you took off, what triggered it? What happened during it and what did you take away from it that you've brought now?

Stvssi: Thats when that break came about. I had tried a few studios, including trying to set one up ourselves. Ourselves being the 3 people left in Neo Canis (Frezzo|KhyriK|Myself). During that break of near two years I had written song after song and adapted my own little style, which eventually led to "On Your Mind" an EP I released prematurely. After that, next level quality was what I searched for and I eventually found it at The Hit Room Studios, where for a year I worked with them on creating my recently dropped Project (ST<3SSI).

DEHH: Tell me a bit about Hit Room Studios

Stvssi: The Hit Room Studios is a studio ran by Brian J and Faber. I met Brian for the first time when Stixx brought me by the studio when it was in the antique shop. They liked our sound and they had the best quality so Neo Canis ended up being the first members at THR. From there we ended up making moves together on other projects; Video shoots, Photo shoots, Events, etc. So yeah, THR is home and it's family.


DEHH: Taking a break is a large step and a mature one at that. Was this break imperative and necessary to what you're trying to do as an artist?

Stvssi: Taking a break was good, I guess. On one hand I feel like I lost valuable time, but on the other I feel it allowed my thoughts to grow without being forced out in an attempt to consistently put out quality music. I really used the time, I definitely was still writing or at least trying to work on my vocals, I honestly had no where good to record. At the time, all I was trying to do as an artist was grow into a better artist. Now I'm confident, still growing and trying put myself out there.

DEHH: Let's jump into the music now finally, what inspired the "On My Mind" EP and how long did it take you to put together?

Stvssi: OnYourMind EP was an unfinished release, before I linked with THR. It was inspired by women and confidence. It prolly took about 5-7 months to put together and thats mainly because I couldn't rely on people with bed room studios. I wasn't really feeling the sound too much, but it was better than nothing. 

DEHH: I think you're the perfect one to ask this question, but there's a big difference between dropping a fire verse and writing a song. Tell a bit about the difference and your approach to each.

Stvssi: I agree there's a difference, but I don't think my approach would change. Personally, I believe fire verses make the difference between a good song and a great song. It's all about finding that combination of flow, lyrics and vocal control, that keeps people wanting to listen and looking for your next release.

DEHH: Sharing a new release is difficult in and of itself were you nervous to release this? Were you confident people would receive the music the way you wanted after going through the break and change in your style?

Stvssi:I thought people weren't going to really feel it at it's full potential cause my singing wasn't the greatest and the engineering was rushed. At the end of the day, there were people who wanted to hear me and I felt no one was doing what I was doing, where I was at.

DEHH: When people are done listening to the "Stvssi" LP what do you want them to take away from it?

Stvssi: I want people to get a better idea of me as a songwriter. I want ppl to see that I can go against the grain. I feel that although I rap as well I can still make R&B music that is still separate from Rap. My music is smooth and catchy but not too aggressive. I can be but I know when to turn it off and approach the ladies, a lot of music now is something that girls can listen too, but it's not 'for them', catered to them. 

DEHH: You've got a lot of people in your camp, are we going to hear a group effort from you guys? What's next for Stvssi?

Stvssi: We started off with a group project back when we started Neo Canis, back in 2013-14. You can find it on Dat Piff. We play on doing one again in the future, but right now we each are working on solo projects now before we go back to a group effort.

Frezzo and Khyri both got some fire cooking up for sure. Keep up with us SoundCloud we got some quick drops coming too.

For me I got my next project coming later this year mid summer. Expect more high energy closer to "Fake It". Summer Bangers.

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