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(AllHipHop News) Could a huge tour featuring some of Dr. Dre's most successful protegé's be headed overseas? If the Good Doc had his way, the answer would be yes. During his Beats 1 radio show interview with Snoop Dogg, Dre expressed his interest in hitting the stage with Snoop, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar.

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According to the legendary producer, he has never done a full-out tour event in Europe. But Dre wants to show love to his fans on the continent by bringing three of the biggest rap stars in the world along with him for a series of performances.

"I want to call it 'Beats & Rhymes.' I want it to be me and Snoop. I want it to be Eminem. I want it to be Kendrick Lamar," said Dre during his The Pharmacy show. "Do a tour over in Europe and call it 'Beats & Rhymes' and take our full production over there and take our full stage over there and really go over there and show Europe the same amount of love that they been showing me throughout my entire career. So, that's my dream. Hopefully we can make that happen."

It could be the perfect time to make that European trek, considering all three emcees appeared on Dre's latest album Compton. Snoop seemed to like the idea. He even offered an alternative name for the potential mega-tour.

"Your dream sounds like Woodstock on steroids. Let's call it Hoodstock," added Snoop.

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(AllHipHop) BET's reality show lineup is set to get a new star-studded series. Snoop Dogg, Birdman, Damon Dash, and Jermaine Dupri will be part of an unscripted television program on the network.

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According to reports, the 8-episode untitled program will start shooting in Los Angeles in November and it is expected to premiere in late 2016. The show will focus on the Hip Hop mogul's respective lives and companies.

Snoop, Birdman, Dash, and Dupri will join other celebrities such as Nelly, DeSean Jackson, Keyshia Cole, and Michael Vick to have reality series on BET. Snoop had his own family based reality show on E! called Snoop Dogg's Father Hood. The 5-part Snoop & Son: A Dad's Dream documentary also aired on ESPN.

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Recently on Dr.Dre's The Pharmacy on Beats 1 Radio, the legendary producer had Snoop Dogg as a special guest for the show. The two touched on a lot of things, from talks of a tour those two with Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. Dogg and Dre also touched based on making hits like "Nuthin But a 'G' Thang" and "Deep Cover".

Check out the clip below.

Uncle @SnoopDogg! #ThePharmacy with @DrDre starts now.

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) October 11, 2015

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(AllHipHop News) Dr. Dre's "Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang" is widely considered one of the greatest Hip Hop records of all time. The song played a role in establishing Dre as a solo artist and introducing fellow rap legend Snoop Dogg.

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The 1992 classic heavily samples Leon Haywood's "I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You," but one of Dre's new musical collaborators tells that "'G' Thang" was originally rapped over the track from a 1981 Hall & Oates song.

"[Dre] told me they originally did 'Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang' to 'I Can't Go For That.' That uptempo, soul pop song. It was going to be this disco type song," says Anderson .Paak. "They actually did a demo to it, and Snoop recorded that sh*t from jail."

The R&B vocalist also recalled Dre telling the story of the creation of another early collaboration with his protégé Snoop. According to Paak, "Deep Cover" (aka "187") was created under tough circumstances.

"I asked him to break down the story of when they were recording ['Deep Cover']. He told me, 'We did that sh*t on a broken bass in a room with Snoop,'" states Paak.

Anderson .Paak worked with Dr. Dre on the recently released Compton album. The Oxnard, California native was credited on six songs and appears on two others. Paak has also dropped his solo effort Venice and a joint project with Blended Babies titled The Anderson .Paak EPHe also performs as one half of NxWorries with producer Knxwledge.

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Watch the videos for Dr. Dre's "Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang" and Hall & Oates' "I Can't Go For That" below.

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Snoop Dogg Teams Up With AOL For Reality Show


Snoop Dogg is teaming up with AOL through his company, Snoopadelic Films, for a reality show about his youth football league, according to Billboard. The show, which will last for eight episodes, will follow coaches and players involved in the Snoop Youth Football League as they travel across the country to go head-to-head with their rivals.

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"The kids I get to mentor through SYFL means more to me than anything else I do," Snoop said during the AOL Future Front event at Pier 36 in New York City. "We got kids in the league from all over and the spirit I see from them and their love of the game and life - it moves me. The SYFL is more than just football; it's about the kids, their families and the life coaching the SYFL provides to the entire community. I want the world to see their stories, talent and commitment - and now they will through our new series."

The SYFL recruits players from low-income communities in Los Angeles between the ages of five and 13.  Many of the youth who have played in Snoop's league have went on to play football professionally.


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Snoop Dogg To Launch Site Dedicated To Marijuana


Snoop Dogg's love for marijuana is everlasting and now he is launching a website dedicated strictly to the ganja. The Doggfather is teaming up with entrepreneur Ted Chung to bring the weed lovers,  a site that is reportedly deemed a "crossroads of pot culture, business, politics, [and] health," TechCrunch reports.

"I was investing on creativity," Snoop said. "Then it became more business. Then it was things that I liked, for example the cannabis industry."

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The site will teach visitors how to choose the proper strain of marijuana for their smoking pleasure and also show the how to make the best edible dishes using the herb. Visitors can also watch smokers reflect on the first time they sparked something on a show called Deflowered. 

Dispensaries will eventually be able to run their own digital store through the site as well.

Chung says the site will also focus on the business side of the marijuana world and hopes that Merry Jane will become a premier source of news for the chiefers. Snoop


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Brand new mixtape from O.T. Genasis "R&B: Rhythm & Bricks" A Gangsta Grillz presentation hosted by DJ Drama. Features on the project include Lil Wayne, Yung Dolph, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & more!

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Two of Long Beache's bosses have come together for the greater good.

It was rumored that Snoop Dogg was kicked out of his native Long Beach, California by some real Crip OG's. However, the matter may have been misconstrued by internet fanatics. Either way, the matter has been resolved and Snoop and Bigg Flossy B have posted a video as proof.

"We came to a resolution. We gonna get the city right. That's what this was all about," said Bigg Flossy B in a video released on Friday. "[Snoop] is here to stay. He ain't going nowhere."

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Snoop concurred.

"We on something positive now. We gonna get the whole city behind us. Its about being able to have confrontation and being able to have a resolution - end it without not violence and move forward to make sure the whole city wins. Its an LBC thing," Snoop stated.

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"All the rumors and all of that - were here...we together..." Bigg Flossy said.

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Hip-Hop icon Big Kap and music veteran Big Phil Gates team up with 47th&7th Media to promote new singer Lexz Pryde and her single Motivate ft. Snoop Dogg from her upcoming EP Cyberspace.

It's not every day that an emerging artist has a chance to make a song with an established music legend. Often, the opportunity can be a vehicle to help gain valuable credibility and visibility. But when a song's theme runs parallel with an artist's struggle, success almost seems destined.

Such is the story of Motivate, the song artist Lexz Pryde envisions as "the catalyst for a movement with a mission to inspire people to pursue their dreams despite obstacles." According to Lexz, the obstacles she had to overcome to make Motivate's release a reality made her realize what success really is- it's staring defeat in the face and still charging forward. This is the impact she wants "Motivate" to have on listeners, you CAN achieve your dreams. The video, which features Snoop Dogg, Blade Brown and street artist Styler Grey is living proof that dreams can come true. "Motivate iz not just a song.. It'z a movement," confesses Lexz.

A chance meeting with music heavyweights Gates and Big Kap helped catapult Lexz into the spotlight. Since linking up with Gates, she has performed alongside DJ Self at the trendy No. 8. The NYFW Event, sponsored by Bartholomew Gold, Ranbeeri Denim, Denim Vodka and Jahlookova, drew celebrities from every walk of life. This summer, Lexz has also performed in South Korea, Croatia, and Ibiza, plus she will debut her new sound in Tokyo with Ultra Music Festival. Not a bad start for the pop sensation.


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Artist Atmosphere: Lexz Pryde talks about her single "Motivate" featuring Snoop Dogg

Who is Lexz Pryde?

Lexz Pride is from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania and is taking the world by storm. She was discovered by Michael Halsband who is a famous photographer while vacationing.

Pryde has received rave reviews for her new single Motivate which features Snoop Dogg and Blade Brown. Motivate can be heard any and everywhere, including MTV. Her album Cyberspace is scheduled to drop soon.

Pryde has also captured supporters internationally which blazing hot performances in Korea and now she is gracing the stage in Toyko and Bali.

Question: Motivate is a hot song, what inspired it?

Answer: Motivate was inspired by my lifestyle. I work super hard and I am always hustling in New York. I can go from one extreme to the next. I have these amazing opportunity to fly first class, to be on yachts, be apart of some amazing tours and have this extravagant lifestyle and that is what motivates me. My motivation is living both worlds.

Question: What was it like working with Snoop?

Answer: Snoop Dogg is a nice and laid back superstar who is super cool. It was a dream. It was incredible.

Question: Your sound is smooth and amazing, how would you describe it?

Answer: I often hear people refer to my sound as very melodic. My energy has a lot to do with my music and more than anything I want people to feel what I am saying. My sound is definitely unique because I write my own songs and they are filled with my adventures.

Question: What is it like performing overseas? How were you received when you performed in Korea?

Answer: I felt very welcomed. If I said put your hands up in the air, they did it. It was almost like I had reached superstar status. My music and I were received very well. I enjoyed it.

Question: What can we expect from Cyberspace, your new EP which is dropping?

Answer: You can expect science fiction virtual reality kinda modern day. We all have our heads in our cell phones, Instagram and Snap Chat.

Question: In the past you have modeled, do you see yourself doing both?

Answer: I believe modeling is just an extension of being an artist, they kinda go hand in hand with each other. I model just as much now as I have done before with my music. People are constantly sending me free clothes and asking me to take pictures.

Question: Which artist do you consider to be hot right now and why?

I would not consider my sound to be like theirs but I would consider having a career like theirs it would be Rihanna. She is so in touch with a lot of high end designers and always modeling the latest fashions. I really want to go into the fashion realm of the industry.

Rihanna has the Hip Hop, Pop and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) markets and she has worked with some major DeeJays. I have a lot of connection in the Hip Hop and EDM world and I hope to merge.

Question: You write your own songs, describe your writing style.

Answer: I usually listen to a few different beats which my producer send over. Once I hear the right beat, I normally start thinking

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Snoop Dogg has issued a video via Facebook responding to claims that he was kicked out of his old neighborhood in Long Beach by his own set, the Rolling 20s Crips. It was alleged that the Crips were feeling some type of way about Snoop for always name dropping the set but not paying them royalties. When he arrived to his old stomping grounds with three or four cars of security, he was reportedly rejected and shown no love. 

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In the video response, Snoop claims that this incident never occurred and it's a rumor drummed up by gang members who resent that he is doing something positive with "young homies" or are upset that he doesn't acknowledge them anymore.

Watch the video here.

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Did Crips Kick Snoop Outta Long Beach?


Now, what i the world coming to? Snoop is a legend. He does great things in the community. He's given us decades of music and entertainment. And, he's like Super Crip! Yet, the word is, he got checked when he was in his own homehood of Long Beach. Check out the report.

Snoop Dogg had his ghetto pass officially revoked.

The legendary Long Beach rapper was in his hometown with some security when members of the Rolling 20 Crips spotted him. They approached Snoop and made it clear he had to bounce before things got "heat'd."

Hood correspondent, Crischon Corne, was on hand for the incident and posted about it on Facebook.

"Long Beach Rolling 20 Crips just kicked Snoop Dogg off the hood."

"Snoop just rolled through the hood and s**t, down Martin Luther King...about 3 or 4 cars deep with security, trying to show his presence," Crischon says, "The homies were ready to blow his a**...They straight kicked Snoop Dogg off the hood."

"These n***as out here really gonna gun him down though."

The beef comes from Snoop claiming LBC and dropping Crips references on his tracks, but not paying royalties to Rolling 20s. "This gang banging s**t is real. It ain't Hollywood, and all that s**t n***a talk about during the songs," Corde says in his post, "He ain't live that s**t."

"They really want their money though. N***a claiming hood, claiming rolling 20 Crip...the homies want their kickback for that s**t."

Until he starts paying his respects with those checks, Snoop might need to steer clear of LBC for a while.

That's too bad, if its true. Snoop has moved beyond his conditions.


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Paul Wall has been going strong for over a decade and he shows no signs of slowing down. The H-town native recently announced that he will be releasing his eighth album, slab god, on Sept. 25th and now he has unveiled the track list. Throughout the 17 tracks, listeners can expect features from Snoop Dogg, Berner, Curren$y, Trae the Truth and many more. It's available for pre-order on iTunes.

Peep the track list below.

slab god

1. Swangin In The Rain

2. Ran A Check Up ft. DJ Chose

3. Crumble The Satellite ft. Currensy & Devin The Dude

4. Top Diine

5. No Insurance Ona Bitch ft. Husalah & DJ Mr. Rogers

6. Muddy Cups on Sunset

7. Steady Mobbin ft. Stunna Bam

8. Forever Hustle ft. Ampichino

9. Ridin Homie ft. Trae Tha Truth

10. Chose Me ft. Snoop Dogg & Berner

11. R.I.P. Act ft. C-Stone

12. Shine On Fo's ft. Le$

13. Check List ft. Lil Keke

14. Slander My Name ft. Deadend Redd x Sosa Mann

15. Fool 4 Money

16. Money Time ft. Big Tho

17. Hold It Diine 4 My City ft. Scotty ATL & Propain

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Snoop Dogg Says He Isn't Ready For His Own Biopic


Thanks to the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton, the biopic talk has been rejuvenated. There has been news of a Welcome to Death Row flick as well as a Dogg Pound 4 Life movie in the works to serve as sequels to Compton. But one west coast legend revealed that he isn't jumping to have his life depicted on the big screen.

Snoop Dogg revealed to Hip-Hop Wired that he isn't ready to have his story told because he is far from finished with his career.

"I'm still creating the Snoop story," he said. "It's still happening as we speak...I don't feel like I'm ready for that. I feel like I got more to do. And when I'm able to settle down and look at it and then say 'Okay, I wanna document my life and my career and whatnot then I will do it.'"

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Snoop said he is enjoying watching N.W.A's success with their movie and sent much praise their way.

"I'm loving the fact that N.W.A did they thing. I grew up a fan of theirs and just letting they movie breathe. Letting the people enjoy their story and their success. That's what it's all about."

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Wiz Khalifa Ft. Snoop Dogg - "No Social Media"


After dropping "Burn Slow" featuring Rae Sremmurd, Wiz Khalifa releases another single "No Social Media" reuniting with Snoop Dogg. Produced By ID Labs & Po Shod. Listen below!

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