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EX Machina (Trailer)

EX Machina (Trailer)
Screenshot 2015-01-12 01.34.52
Screenshot 2015-01-12 01.34.58

In theaters April 15, 2015.

"Do you think I'll be switched off?"

"It isn't up to me."

"Why should it be up to anyone?"

Daaaamn folks. Now that's good script dialog.

"EX Machina" is an intense psychological thriller starring Domhnall Gleeson. As Caleb, a 24 year old programmer at the world's largest Internet company, he wins a competition to spend a week with the company's reclusive CEO, Nathan (played by Oscar Isaac). Caleb arrives to find the boss playing God at his retreat. His Eve, the world's first true artificial intelligence, is a robot woman named Ava (played Alicia Vikander). Welcome to Eden, Adam Caleb.

It's about to get... Do you think Nathan or Caleb ever... with Ava...? Wowwww. And what if she... Watch the trailer! This should be really good.


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The Grey Matter (Short Film)

The Grey Matter (Short Film)
Screenshot 2014-12-24 07.47.58
Screenshot 2014-12-24 07.48.02

What the crap, maaan??? Alright, alright. "The Grey Matter" is a short film; but it's packed! Li'l M. Night Shyamalan feel to this one.

An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life ...but something strange is afoot.


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Terminator: Genisys (Trailer)

Terminator: Genisys (Trailer)
Terminator evil
Terminator Blast

The Terminator sequels continue with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but with a new cast of individuals to take up the roles of Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke)   Reese (Jai Courtney).  Directed by Alan Taylor, the film also stars Jason Clarke, Matt Smith, Byung-Hun Lee, & JK Simmons. In this particular Terminator film the timeline of events in the original story has been altered due to a decision by Sarah that alters the course of time as the war continues. Not sure how this particular Terminator film will pan out, but we'll see once it hits theaters this summer on July 1, 2015.

I am answering questions about @Terminator now on my Facebook page. Join me #AskTerminator:

- Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) December 4, 2014



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Chainsaw-Wielding Prankster Scares People In Parking Garage (Video)
Screenshot 2014-10-22 01.21.23
Screenshot 2014-10-22 01.21.26

Talk about a horror movie in real life (and we will, right now)!

Breathe. It's a prank. Breathe. Nobody. Died.

(Breathe. But don't try this prank in a stand-your-ground state with no camera crew... your SAG card will double as a toe tag... baaahahaaa!)

Internet pranksters Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Nick Santonastasso send hapless passersby breaking the f#ck out (like you holler at folks in horror movies to do) when they come across a scene of murderous gore. The worst nightmarish 1-8-7s in progress

Its that time of the year I decided to team up with Nick Santonastasso to help me pull this brutal prank...This is definitely one of my favorites.

- Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Kinda mad that nobody thought about a rescue via vehicular manslaughter (um...meaning... hit that muthaf##ker with the car) though. Ha. And no smartphones? (Not to call for help; to cam and Instagram... c'mon, not one? Hahaa.)

Oh well, Happy Halloween everyone!


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Nightcrawler (Trailer)

Nightcrawler (Trailer)
Screenshot 2014-10-06 20.56.57
Screenshot 2014-10-06 20.57.00

Awww maaannn! As soon as I saw the title on this I figured Marvel had slipped a comic-turned-movie in under the Fall radar. You know, like Nightcrawler from the X-Men series. But nope. It's an action/drama/thriller about a guy who finally finds his way to make a living; as a freelance video-journalist. BUT... the stuff he captures way before even cops and ambulances get on-scene... it goes too far. And as you'd expect in real life, sh!t gets too real for our hapless [sort of] hero.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, a driven young man desperate for work who discovers the high-speed world of L.A. crime journalism. Finding a group of freelance camera crews who film crashes, fires, murder and other mayhem, Lou muscles into the cut-throat, dangerous realm of nightcrawling - where each police siren wail equals a possible windfall and victims are converted into dollars and cents. Aided by Rene Russo as Nina, a veteran of the blood-sport that is local TV news, Lou thrives. In the breakneck, ceaseless search for footage, he becomes the star of his own story.

Watch how real it gets. And not in any funny way either. I mean, hey, it hits screens this Halloween (October 31, 2014).

- @ojones1


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No Good Deed (Trailer)

No Good Deed (Trailer)
Picture 2
Picture 12

I mean... he's no Jeremy Meeks... but it's sistas' favorite Brit Brother Idris Elba ...being a true bad guy. A monster. But that's alright, ladies. Drag your dude to see this one. Tell him Taraji P. Henson's sexy azz is co-starring...And it's a thriller, so you know you gotta squeeze in real tight and put all that body on your strong man for protection when things get scary.

Ought to be good. Remember folks. It's just a movie. Trailer is promising a really good movie though! In theaters September 2014.

- @ojones1


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2 Chainz Clears Up Illuminati Rumors


Famed Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz opens up about an interview with, where the "Riot" rapper claims the video was edited to make him look like he said he joined the Illuminati. 2 Chainz then explains the repercussions of the interview, and reveals his true feelings on the Illuminati. He also reveals why he and Kanye didn't work together on their most recent albums, and shares why he likes working with a variety of artists.

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Jack Thriller Disses 2 Chainz Over Illuminati Video


Famed hip hop personality and reporter Young Jack Thriller opens up about his interview with 2 Chainz, where the "Birthday Song" rapper allegedly said he was in the Illuminati. Jack says that everyone knew 2 Chainz was joking when he made the claim, but he still had the site take the interview down, which was detailed in our interview with the Atlanta rapper.

At the end of the interview, Jack challenges 2 Chainz to a fight, and reveals that he's putting out a mixtape about the interview, and urges fans to send him their best 2 Chainz diss track.

Check out the interview with 2 Chainz here -

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Hope's Portal Screening in Manhattan

Hope's Portal Screening in Manhattan

The short film thriller Hope's Portal will be screened at the Manhattan Film Festival on Wednesday, June 26th at 1pm at the Quad Cinema. Located at 34 West 13th Street, NYC. Come out and view a series of great short films.

Tickets are available at the box office.

DATE: June 26th, 2013

TIME: 1:00 pm

PLACE: Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, NY

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Brooklyn emcee Maino is taking his talents and hitting the stage but it's not one he is known for. The "That Could Be Us" rapper is set to star in the upcoming hip-hop musical Freedom. The play is...


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FUSE Honors Michael Jackson
FUSE Honors Michael Jackson

Access Thriller by MICHAEL JACKSON

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LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Michael Jackson fans will this week finally get their hands on the pop icon's first record since he died, with huge sales expected despite lukewarm reviews and questions over its authenticity.

"Michael," due out Tuesday in the United States, comprises 10 songs the King of Pop was at various stages of completing when he died last year, and includes contributions from rapper 50 Cents, Lenny Kravitz and US singer Akon.

Two tracks have already been released online, the first of which -- "Breaking News," a fierce protest at how the media hounded the scandal-tainted singer -- sparked a fierce debate over whether it was really Jackson's voice.

Record company Sony -- which plans to release a series of new Jackson albums -- was forced to defend the album after fans and even some of Jackson's family members questioned the record's authenticity.

"We have complete confidence in the results of our extensive research as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with Michael that the vocals on the new album are his own," it said in a statement.

Jackson's sister LaToya said bluntly that the record "doesn't sound like him." But more generally, purist Jackson fans question how some of the songs were completed, from material recorded sometimes several years ago.

At least one song, "Much Too Soon," was written at the time of Jackson's landmark 1982 album "Thriller," several stem from the time of his last album of new material, 2001's "Invincible."

The most recent track, "Band of Joy," stems from the months before Jackson's shock death in June, 2009 -- he planned to keep working on it in London in between a series of sell-out concerts in July and August, producers say.

Jackson is credited as writer of all but two of the songs -- "Another Day" by Lenny Kravitz and "Hold My Hand" by Akon, and producers are keen to stress how closely they kept to the singer's original intentions.

"While Michael was not there to complete the tracks as only he could, he had left behind a unique roadmap mapping out his creative vision in the form of notes and detailed conversations," they say in a 10-page media introduction, which spends two pages seeking to justify the album's authenticity.

Pre-release reviews of the new album -- reportedly the first of a 10-album deal over seven years, although that is difficult to confirm -- have been decidedly mixed.

"This is not a Michael Jackson album ... He would not have released anything like this compilation, a grab bag of outtakes and outlines assembled by Jackson's label," said Rolling Stone, although calling the album "compelling."

Entertainment Weekly gave it a "B" grade, saying: "As musical epitaphs go, Michael is a solid album, arguably stronger than Invincible and certainly no great affront to his name.

"But it can be hard to listen and not wonder what he would have done differently -- or if he would have wanted us to hear it at all."

In Britain, music weekly NME's reviewer said the album was saved by the last two tracks: "Behind the Mask" which he describes as "brilliant" and the Thriller-era ballad "Much Too Soon."

"Oh, it isn?t really very good, don?t be under illusions of that. But compared with the unnecessary, inauthentic and insulting mess it could have been ... ?Michael? can actually be considered something of

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VENICE (Reuters) – Ben Affleck directs and stars in "The Town," a tense cops-and-robbers thriller set in Boston which is premiering out of competition at the Venice film festival.

Affleck, who made his directorial debut in 2007 with "Gone Baby Gone," also a Boston crime drama, plays the leader of a crew of ruthless bank robbers who dangerously falls for a woman the gang briefly takes hostage.

Overall his character, Doug, is painted in a sympathetic light as the FBI is closing in on him and he is torn between a desire to change life and the loyalty to his partners in crime who want to go for one last heist.

"The idea of whether or not I was glorifying a criminal character or minimizing the impact of violence was on my mind throughout and was really important," Affleck told reporters after a press screening.

"The need to reconcile those moral considerations with the demands of truthful storytelling was the central issue for me. I tried to be both as accurate and as complicated as I could because while I didn't want to glorify anything, I didn't want to oversimplify anything."

The film is based on Chuck Hogan's novel "Prince of Thieves" and set in Boston's Charlestown neighborhood, which has had more bank and armored car robberies than anywhere in the United States.

Raised near Boston, Affleck said he felt comfortable he had tried to make the film as realistic as possible, visiting prisons and talking to former bank robbers and FBI agents.

"I was a little bit hesitant actually to do this because I did not want to be pigeonholed as the Boston director guy but I liked the part, I wanted to play the part, I believed the story was good," he told reporters after a press screening.

"I don't think you can like a movie like this or believe in a movie like this if you don't have a really strong sense of place, if you don't really believe that the characters are from there and that what you are seeing is really happening."


He said both his two films as a director and "Good Will Hunting," for which he won an Oscar for best original screenplay with Matt Damon, focused on similar themes -- the influence growing up in a certain place has on people, and the fact that children often pay the price for their parents' sins.

"I guess maybe it's time that I try something new," he said, adding that he hoped to carry on as a director.

"I was a little bit nervous the first time out, I wasn't even sure I'd be able to finish the movie having never been through the process. The second time I knew it was possible to kind of get to the finish line at the very least, so that gave me more confidence."

The film's cast includes Jeremy Renner, who also starred in this year's Oscar-winner "The Hurt Locker," Jon Hamm, a Golden Globe winner for his performance in the "Mad Men" TV series, and Rebecca Hall.

Affleck came to the Venice festival just days after his younger brother Casey took the Lido by storm with "I'm Still Here," his documentary -- some say hoax -- on Joaquin Phoenix and his transition from acclaimed actor to shambolic hip-hop singer wannabe.

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Since his death on June 25, 2009, late pop icon Michael Jackson has been showered with accolades and honors for his 40-plus-year musical career. But on Wednesday (December 30), one of Jackson's most enduring legacies, the pioneering 1983 dancing-ghoul-filled video for "Thriller," was inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.

The Associated Press reported that the 14-minute mini-movie that revolutionized music videos and cemented Jackson's status as one of the most ambitious, innovative pop stars of all time, was one of 25 films that were inducted into the world's largest archive of film, TV and sound recordings.

The iconic video, directed by John Landis ("Animal House," "The Blues Brothers"), is the first music video named to the registry. It earned its spot because of the landmark nature of its achievements, which include Guinness World Record sales of over 9 million copies.

"Because of the way the recording industry is evolving and changing, we thought it would be good to go back to the development of an earlier seismic shift, which was the development of the music video," said Steve Leggett, coordinator of the National Film Preservation Board. "Thriller" had been considered for inclusion in the past, but Leggett said following Jackson's death, the time seemed right to add the video to the list.

The library works with film archives, movie studios and record labels to ensure that original copies of the works it enshrines for their enduring cultural, historical and aesthetic importance to U.S. culture are kept safe as well as acquiring copies for its own vault.

Among the other works entering the National Film Registry this year: 1979's "The Muppet Movie"; the 1957 sci-fi classic "The Incredible Shrinking Man"; Sergio Leone's epic spaghetti...More MICHAEL JACKSON

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Record Companies Sue 'Ellen' Show Over Copyrights


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Some of the world's largest recording companies are suing "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," claiming producers violated their copyrights by playing more than 1,000 songs without permission.

Many of the songs were played during the "dance over" segment of the show, when DeGeneres dances from the stage to the interview area, often through the audience.

According to the suit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Nashville, when representatives of the recording companies asked defendants why they hadn't obtained licenses to use the songs, defendants said they didn't "roll that way."

"As sophisticated consumers of music, Defendants knew full well that, regardless of the way they rolled, under the Copyright Act, and under state law for the pre-1972 recordings, they needed a license to use the sound recordings lawfully," the suit states.

Scott Rowe, spokesman for the show's Telepictures Productions, wrote in an e-mailed statement that the company has been working with the record labels for months to resolve the issue and remains willing to resolve it on "amicable and reasonable terms."

Rowe said the issue does not involve DeGeneres, who on Wednesday was named as the fourth judge on TV's "American Idol," and whom Rowe calls "a tremendous music enthusiast and advocate."

The suit claims the daytime talk show has used copyrighted music without permission since its inception, including "recordings by virtually every major current artist of popular music." It claims the show routinely used some of the most popular songs of the day, which the record labels don't license for daytime television at any price.

Other songs cited in the lawsuit include Michael Jackson's "Thriller"; The Beach Boys'"Good Vibrations" and Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It."

The suit calls the segment and the music played by the show's own disc jockey "signature elements of the show."

Plaintiffs include Arista Music, Atlantic Recording Corp., Capitol Records, Motown Record Company, Sony Music Entertainment, Virgin Records America and Warner Bros. Records.

The suit does not specify the dollar amount it seeks in damages

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