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Dvine Beauty Magazine

Dvine Beauty Magazine

Looking to take your look the the next level? Looking to brand your look with a custom edge? You need to market yourself with materials of your brand. We can do that all for you. Advertise your work with us, or have us create a look just for you

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Filmmaker/Photographer "Artemus Jenkins" Speaks on Season 2 of The "Smoke & Mirrors" Web Series

Right now quality programming is not exhibited much on Network TV.  Most great shows are on cable with what HBO & Showtime have done and now with channels like Starz & others being the go to place for great content.  With that said there is another place where people are finding the best content right at their fingertips. Yup U Guessed it (OG Maco voice) the Internet, Web Series & Netflix are where I spend a lot of my time.  I don't know what abc or nbc is playing but ask me about "Smoke & Mirrors" and I can tell you all about it. If you are not familiar Smoke & Mirrors is a web series shot here in Atlanta, GA by Christmas in July productions.  Artemus Jenkins & KarynRose Bruyning are the creative forces behind it as Filmmaker & Director. After a successful first season they are back with Season 2 full of great stories and scenarios to keep you tuned in.  I decided to speak with Artemus Jenkins about Season 2, creating web content, and dating life in Atlanta which relationships are highlighted in the series.  So episode 1 of season 2 is posted here for your viewing pleasure be sure to go back and watch Season 1 and enjoy my interview with Artemus.

  • ArtByOdell - Share with people what the aim is behind the web series Smoke & Mirrors?
  • Artemus Jenkins - The aim behind Smoke and Mirrors is to express an image of love that relates more to what a lot of us actually know about lov. It is based more off experience than an idealistic portrait of love. The fact is, many of us have had a hard way to go when engaging in matters of love and romance so my partner KarynRose and I wanted to connect with everyone in a very organic way thru the stories we tell in Smoke and Mirrors

    Click Here To Get A Copy Of The Entire Season 2

    Complete Interview with Artemus after the Jump Below...

    ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


  • ArtByOdell - You are based out of Atlanta like we are how would you describe the Dating scene here?
  • Artemus Jenkins - The dating scene in Atlanta, is very versatile and open. If you are looking and know where to look you can find exactly what you're looking for on any given day, pretty much anywhere. A lot of people aren't from here which means there are lots of people just looking to meet someone and see where it goes. If you put the work in and have a desire to be with someone, you can do it.

  • ArtByOdell - Right now there is a movement of Black content creators like Black & Sexy TV, Dormtainment, including your company Christmas in July that are not just making quote unquote Black Web Series. You all are showing the beauty and diversity and range that we have how has that been received?
  • Artemus Jenkins - The images we create at Christmas in July have been received very well by the public, people really appreciate that we speak to the public on a level they can relate to. I also think more than ever, the public has a very sharp authenticity radar, so companies like ours and the others you mentioned provide a more authentic experience. It's honestly a more well rounded picture than what we've been seeing for the past decade or so; we aren't just beautiful or just trying to be married with a bunch of kids or just any one thing. A big part of what writer/director KarynRose was going for is keeping the characters authentic and true to themselves and life in general. A lot of commercial products tell people what they should be and we just tell it like it is.

  • ArtByOdell - This is season 2 of Smoke & Mirrors share with people how they can watch series and what you and your business partner KarynRose Bruyning have coming up?
  • Artemus Jenkins - The best way to view the series is by visiting, for $5 you can download or stream every episode of the season at once and watch at your discretion. We put the first season on youtube and people were compliant with that, but didn't particularly enjoy waiting every other week for a new episode, so this time around you can watch it how you want to. Now that the show has been out a couple of weeks, we are also about to start our second wave of content for the folks who have ordered the series, which involves special features, behind the scenes, interviews with the filmmakers, cast commentary, etc.
  • Artemus Jenkins - Aside from that KarynRose and I have a few projects we are locking in on for the fall and winter, a documentary or two and another narrative feature, so we really want to keep our momentum going, producing awesome work for everyone to enjoy!


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    Fleet photography tour

    Fleet photography tour

    Sponsored by @MOSCATOCIGARS
    Featured Model (NYC) @worldofzenobia
    #Magazines #BTS #Video #Prints
    #Charlotte July 23-26th
    #NewYork Aug 15-16th
    #WashingtonDC Aug 29-30th
    Fleet Tour Photographers for NYC:
    Shoot coordinator @trellbz
    Contact or text 804.564.2964 if you are looking to build your portfolio or to be published.
    #fleetdjs #FleetTour #FleetNation #models #NYC #FleetPhotographyTou

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    fleet photographer tour is going down

    fleet photographer  tour is going down

    Fleet Photography Tour Featured Model @worldofzenobia
    #internationally #published #NYC #fashion #model

    #FleetPhotography Tour Dates
    #Atlanta June 13-14
    #Richmond June 26
    #VirginiaBeach June 27
    #Chicago July 16-17
    #Charlotte July 23-26
    #NewYork August 15-16
    #WashingtonDC August 29-30

    Fleet Tour Photographers for ATL:

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    Dj Top 10 (Photographer Of The Week)

    Dj Top 10 (Photographer Of The Week)

    Booking for #NorthCarolina March 6th-9th
    DM @Adrian_Zeno or email 2 head shot & full body photos for details to

    #Raleigh (March 6th)
    #Greensboro (March 7th)
    #Fayetteville (March 8th)
    #Charlotte (March 9th

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    Eye Candy: Van Styles Gives A Photographer's Perspective Shooting Models (Video)

    Late pass on discovering this video, but professional photographer Van Styles highlights the difference we appreciate when photographers shoot models. Everyone will get bored at looking at naked women, but how do you make it creative & turn it into art. Van Styles does just that.


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    Check out the interview with model Desana Moses on

    "I put on a smile and think of myself as a piece of art that is going to show off my beautiful lovely face and assets. I have a lot to offer and hold myself with dignity and pride." ~ @desanamoses

    Checkout the rest of my interview with her on

    Post by fleet photographer Adrian zen

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    Book Fleet Photographer HD Fatz today..

    Book Fleet Photographer HD Fatz today..



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    Check out fleet photographer je photos work ...

    Check out fleet photographer je photos work ...

    Fleet Photographer
    Owner of Elite Status Magazine
    Owner of Great Entertainment NY Magazine.
    Member, US Press Corps
    Celebrity JE-Photos
    IG/TW @jephotos_ce

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    The second time around (sing)!  The W for this blog... (Live From... Episode 2) We Were wReady for Live From... Episode 2!

    (That's right: "Ready" starts with a "w" for this blog. Call it a typo if it makes you feel better. I wanted to keep the w-w-w rhythm for this ONLINE web log, or "blog." Just go with it!)

    Live From... The Talk Show was off and running. With Episode 1 behind us, we worked to ensure that Episode 2 would be better. Well, that is to say that we were determined to deliver another great show... with far less showtime stress!

    Mission accomplished! We even mellowed out our show theme music to reflect our smoother delivery. Episode 2 went down like spicy ranch dressing; smooth...with flavor...and a kick! Our lovely hostess, Gem Avery, welcomed photographer CHESTER "BIG CREED" COLSTON and lyrical musician THED WELLER.


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    Rhythmic Images Photography | ATL

    Rhythmic Images Photography | ATL
     photo IminahCollageweb_zpse0f69345.jpg
     photo CollageLAWweb_zps41cdc8b8.jpg

    Rhythmic Images Photography
    'Preserving Moments In Time'

    Events | Celebrations | Artists Promos | Modeling Portfolios | Headshots | Live Performance & More!

    Visit our website:


    ..performing artist..

    ..portraits.. performance..


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    News: Cognito Makes Complex Magazines 50 Greatest Music Photographers List

    I must admit I've been so busy I slept on this one. Crazy I got a chance to kick it with Nito earlier this month and he didn't even mention this. Lol. Classic Nito though, he doesn't say much, just let the work and the accolades speak volumes.

    Cognito was chosen as one of Complex Magazines 50 Greatest Music Photographers Right Now. Here's what they had to say about the "Culture Capture Champ:"

    28. Cognito

    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Cognito goes by many names, as a result of his many artistic lanes, all of which are under the FROLAB umbrella. As Cognito, he's Mos Def's official concert photographer, but has also photographed artists like The Roots, Erykah Badu, and Talib Kweli. In 2010, Cognito had a groundbreaking show at HVW8 gallery in LA, showing the incredible moments he captured of Mos Def on and offstage during his Ecstatic tour. He's a true hip-hop documentarian and continues to amaze us with his breadth of work.



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    I am delighted to invite you to the PHOTOGRAPHER'S HUB, which will take place during the FASHIONIESTA ATL evening at Istanblue, 262 Pharr Road, Buckhead, Atlanta GA 30305, on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012, from 8.00 p.m. - 2.30 a.m..

    PHOTOGRA[HER'S HUB is an exclusive evening celebrating elite fashion photographers, and their work as well as yourself as our guest, as you form a large part of our photographer's subjects of fashion photography. Our VIP fashion photographers will be there to capture your images in style as you mingle with the creme de la creme of the fashion industry. The photographers will also bring along some of the top models that they work with and a DVD of their work, which will be displayed on our monitor screens during the course of the evening for you to enjoy.

    This will be a great networking evening with top fashion photographers, fashion designers, models, stylists, MUAs, fashion bloggers, hairdressers, fashion press, fashion media, fashion lovers and of course those simply curious about fashion.

    The event starts with Red Carpet Arrivals and a Celebrity Mixer with media coverage and interviews from 8.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. Thereafter from 10.00 p.m. - 2.30 a.m. we will all simply dance the night away!

    The evening will be hosted by London and music will be provided by House Music Defined. Arama Limos have sponsored our car of the week, exclusively for the PHOTOGRAPHER'S HUB. All guests have a choice to arrive in style in a Lincoln Stretch Limo or Mercedes Benz S550. Just telephone Arama Limos on Tel: 404 709 4995 and your own private exotic chauffeur will be on his way to whisk you away to the PHOTOGRAPHER'S HUB.

    Attendance is strictly by exclusive invitation. RSVP: or

    I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

    Mambwe (London) Janet Kamanga

    Founder & Host: FASHIONIESTA ATL

    POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread

    Tel: +44 7411 433 232 (London, UK)

    Tel: +1 404 431 9681 (Atlanta GA, USA)

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    ATTN: Chicago - Automotive Digital Photographer Wanted


    We are a family owned and operated retail automotive group seeking a full time automotive photographer to work at our Palatine and Chicago locations. This is an opportunity to work with a team in a fun environment while photographing exciting cars.

    The Digital Photographer's primary responsibilities encompass the individual marketing and photography of new and used vehicles.
    The Digital Photographer is responsible for identifying these vehicles through internal accounting systems as well as physical location, coordinating their preparation for photographing, and photographing, editing, and listing each of them.
    The digital photographer will also be responsible for writing a unique description for each vehicle as well as managing their status, online appearance and multiple platforms.

    Job Qualifications:
    1. Experience with photography
    2. Advanced organizational, written, and communication skills
    3. Passion for cars
    4. Strong aptitude for online and/or e commerce marketing
    5. Detail oriented
    6. Proficiency in Microsoft Office
    7. Ability to multi-task and meet daily objectives and goals
    8. Ability to work with a team and vendors
    9. Clean driving record and proven ability to drive a manual transmission

    $400/week + commission

    You have the potential to earn $75K ++ a year!
    Ask yourself ... Do you have the drive ... The potential ... The NEED to SUCCEED? We could help you start a new career ... The first step starts with an interview.

    Please contact Alex Abramovich @ 847-910-0143 or email your resume

    Location: Grossinger
    Compensation: $400/week + commission
    Click for contact information

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    ATTN: Atlanta - Photographer Needed for 2-5 Days; $20-$25/Hr


    We are looking for a photographer (or someone with just basic photography skills, some lighting knowedge and has worked with SLR cameras) to help us take photographs of our products. There are only 2 different studio/lighting set ups which I can help set up (I know photography). We also have all the equipment needed (camera, tripod, lights). I can help assist in set up and make sure the quality is good; what I dont have is the time to take all the pics.

    We are looking at shooting and tagging 575 photographs. 90% are rugs, 10% are other products.

    Once the lighting is set up most of your time will go in swapping out one rug for another, then the next one,,,,, and so on. We can provide help is needed, we will estimate help at $12/hr.

    Not sure how much time is will take, 2 days if you are lightning fast (300 shots/day or about 1 shot every 30 seconds); then maybe 1 day to name all the pics.

    It may take up to 4 or 5 days if you are not so fast.

    I am looking for someone in the range of $ 20 - 25 / hr

    the job is located in zip code 30084, near Jimmy Carter and Lawrenceville Hwy.

    We are looking for this to be done the week of Dec 5

    Click for contact information

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