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Views from the 305; Drake's pop up shop and what to expect.
courtesy of carorubidophotography
courtesy of carorubidophotography

   Drake surprised fans once again after a pop up shop in NYC. A day later, the exclusive "Views From The 6" promotional event powered by BeatsByDre took the streets of Miami's art district. Drizzy tweeted the location around 3 pm and naturally an hour later hundreds of fans were lined up awaiting anxiously. Though, the OVO front man wasn't present, fans were blessed with an appearance from YesJulz, who documented the entire event on Snapchat. The scene ranged from glaring bystanders to Drake "stans" and local acts/media. Finally, after 2 hours in the blazing Florida sun, the event began. Essentially, it was a giveaway for "Views From The 6" merch. The first 1000 people received a goodie-bag with a limited edition "Views" tee shirt (below). The shirt was available in both black and white with the words "Views" printed on with eyes inside, which strikingly resembled the "Pro Era" logo, anyone? Anyways, Drake's highly anticipated "Views From The 6" will be available April 29. Until then, expect more of these pop up shops in a city near you. Especially cities Aubrey is known to stay at, such as, Houston, Atlanta and Vegas. If you just can't miss it, I suggest you turn on Drizzy's Twitter and Instagram notifications.

For more Drake news, reviews, updates check back here at and subscribe to the YouTube page.

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(AllHipHop News) A group of three Florida men from the rap label GroundUp111 have been convicted of operating a fraudulent $100 million tax refund operation.

Sources at the Houston Chronicle, say the Miramar, FL operation stands as one of the largest tax fraud schemes in the history of the United States.

During the seizure at the Miramar residence, police uncovered $174,000 in cash, 10 computers, Rolex and other expensive watches, dozens of gold and diamond necklaces and chains.

The three men were sent to prison yesterday (April 5) by a federal judge after authorities say as many as 10 laptop computers were manipulated to steal approximately $100 million dollars using identity theft.

The rap label was based in Miramar, FL and according to investigators  did not produce any music while stealing the money from July 2011 to May 2013.

According to federal documents, the guy's rap names live up to their aspirations for riches and living on the edge.

Reportedly the rappers went by the names of "Money King," "Money Makin Kerb," Chadillac 305," and "Risktakers111."

Its not the first time a rap label has been used as a front in the crime world and it goes both ways.

Back in 2011, Federal agents from the ATF and D.C. Police impersonated a rap label and used the imprint to infiltrate the streets.

Agents  told the underground world and black market that they were seeking to purchase weapons and drugs.

Over the course of the year, agents confiscated firearms (including a rocket launcher), assault weapons, 80 pounds of methamphetamine, 21 pounds of cocaine, 1.25 gallons of PCP, 24 pounds of marijuana, heroin and Ecstasy.

This case couldn't be anymore timely as the 2016 April tax deadline approaches.

"Every year, thousands of federal income tax returns are prepared by people who care much more about making a quick buck than about preparing accurate returns," said Caroline Ciraolo, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's tax division told ABC News.

Each defendant is said to be responsible for over $28 million in restitution to the United States government.

The three men's sentences range from 4-11 years, but two more culprits are yet to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge.

Check out Money King's visual below:


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For decades people have died over their colors in LA. Everyone knows about the Bloods and the Crips out West and with the gang killing spree "100 days/ 100 nights" taking off last Summer, The Game and other rappers have been doing what they can to quell the violence . That being said, fans of the West Coast rapper may find deeper meaning in this video "My Flag / Da Homies." In the visual Game brings to life the historical animosity that exists between both the Crips and Bloods with a bevy of featured acts including Ty Dolla $ign, Jay 305, AD, Mitchy E-Slick, Joe Moses, RJ & Skeme. The first half of the video is all red, the second half of the video is all blue. Pick a side if you must but keep the peace and stop the violence!

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After dropping an album and a mixtape in the same summer, Dom Kennedy is heading out on tour. The OPM general will be performing in 17 cities starting Oct. 17th and is taking fellow LA reps Casey Veggies and Jay 305 along for the ride. The "After School" rapper will be hitting the stage in cities like Miami, Houston, Dallas, Toronto, New York and Los Angeles before wrapping up on Dec. 6th in Denver.

[ALSO READ: Dom Kennedy Reflects On Growth Of His Career, LA's Scene]
Dom released By Dom Kennedy, back in June with short notice, leading to a no. 23 debut on the Billboard 200 chart. He followed up with the Best After Bobby Two mixtape in September.

Take a look at the tour dates below. The venues and ticket information are not available yet.

10/17 - Miami, FL

10/18 - Atlanta, GA

10/19 - New Orleans, LA

10/20 - Houston, TX

10/21 - Dallas, TX

10/29 - Tucson, AZ

11/9 - Toronto, ON

11/10 - Cleveland, OH

11/11 - Detroit, MI

11/21 - Washington, DC

11/22 - Boston, MA

11/23 - New York, NY

11/25 - San Diego, CA

11/28 - Los Angeles, CA

12/2 - Seattle, WA

12/4 - San Francisco, CA

12/6 - Denver, CO

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back 2 business

back 2 business

if u know me then you know i been grinding hard short film coming soon and also a new ep for the summer heres the snippets to the GENIO MINUIT (MIDNIGHT GENIUS) E

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Trina is back with avengence



Miami Stand up, Trina is back with her new song Real one Featuring Rico Love. First of all let me be the first to say I've been waiting a long time for this. Trina has been Putting in work and making moves. Now the question is when can we expect an album? Trina has always been that BITCH (Excuse my language) Just sayin'.

Reppin' the 305 (Miami) since day one she is a REAL ONE. For anyone who is a true fan they appreciate this record. Definitely looking forward to a full length album, can't even imagine what else to expect. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one.

Signing out from the west...Deezy

@Trinarockstarr (Twitter)

@Trinarockstarr (instagram)


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Yooda "Broke Niggaz" ft. CeeNyle and Big Vick ( Ced Wynez)

Heres the first banga off of Yooda's album Latent Status. Follow on twitter @yooda21 @junkyardent @iamcedwynez


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VAPORS (Official Video)

VAPORS (Official Video)

I know that EVERYONE wants to know what in the HELL is a VAPOR/VAPORIZER?! Well, youve come tothe right place.. A vaporizer, is the NEW wave of smoking tobacco, oils, or hemp in a fine mist that is supposed to be safer than smoking. Take a look at this video VAPORS - C.O. Piscapo, GoldRu$h, & Money Mark Diggla.. ENJOY!

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MADAI - "Mayday" [VIDEO]


Madai, the newest member of Mr. 305 Inc., is the quintessential Miami Latina, born in Guantanamo, Cuba and raised in America. At the tender age of 9, she immigrated to America and began to immerse herself in American pop culture, which in result helped her learn English. A year later she began writing poems in English and Spanish, which quickly transitioned into songwriting.

Madai has joined the family of Mr. 305 Inc., the first major record label owned by International Superstar PITBULL, founded to focus on the development of new talent. Mr. 305 Inc., is also the home of renowned artists El Cata, Nayer and Sophia del Carmen among others. Madai is currently managed by AER Management.

Madai writes her own lyrics, which are often bilingual and based on her experiences. She has a natural ability for capturing a moment and expressing its emotion in a song. A fan of all music, she is not tied to one style, rather her songs resonate with themes and fusions mixing Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Country, Dance and Pop.

Her lyrics reflect the experience of girls, living in a cross-cultural digital world. Her songs blend cultures, mixing her Americana youth experiences over strong hip-hop beats. Her music is a merging of ethnicity in the common spirit of today's youth. She easily transitions from one culture to another, and blends these two worlds in her life and in her music.

Madai is not just an exceptional singer/songwriter; she is a talented dancer as well. Her natural dancing ability is an outgrowth of her Cuban roots having been taught how to dance salsa and merengue by her father at a very young age.

Madai is currently working on her highly anticipated debut album working with world-renowned producers like Marc Kinchen, Keith Morrison, Farah Achour, Nicki Noelle, Maffio Alkatras and Dave Siegel, known for producing hit tracks for Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, T.I. and more!

During this creative process, Madai has also had the pleasure of co-writing tracks with famed writers Carrie Furman, Farah Achour, Nicki Noelle, Micah Powel and Michelle Trumpler.

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Need Access To Miami? PITBULL Has The Key!


MIAMI - Rapper Pitbull, whose chart-climbing songs have made him a bilingual favorite, was honored Wednesday with the key to Miami - an accomplishment he said officially cemented his title as "Mr. 305."

"I can't help but keep staring at it, because it's something I've worked so hard for," Pitbull said, looking down at the gold key. "I'm very passionate about Miami."

The Cuban-American performer and Miami native, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, was presented with the key by Miami Commissioner Thomas Regalado during the morning ceremony.

"Pitbull not only lives in Miami, but he's been traveling the country and the world sharing a positive message of Miami," Regalado announced. "So, we should honor not only the dignitaries that visit, but those individuals who make a positive impact on the city."

While growing up in urban Miami, hitting the streets to make money was the norm for Pitbull. But he said he educated himself throughout the process.

"Miami has built my character, and it has taught me a lot about life and helped me in my career," he said, wearing a three-piece gray suit.

Pitbull burst this year onto the mainstream scene with his single, "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)," which topped charts worldwide and reached No. 2 on the American Billboard Hot 100.

Pitbull's material often references his roots - from album titles about Cuba like "The Boatlift" to frequent use of the nickname "Mr. 305," referring to Miami's area code.

His single, "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)," topped charts worldwide and reached No. 2 on the American Billboard Hot 100.

Pitbull's fourth album, called "Rebelution," which features "Krazy", "Calle Ocho" and another hit single, "Hotel Room Service," is set to debut on Aug. 31.

"The new album has an international, global feel to it, but it's actually a tour of Miami through my mind, Pitbull said. "I'll take you through the streets of Miami, from southwest to northwest and all the way to the beach."

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New York, NY – With two singles quickly climbing the charts, Pitbull has signed with Polo Grounds Music/RCA Music Group through his "Mr. 305, Inc" imprint. The relationship will not only involve recording, but also touring and branding opportunities.

Pitbull's current Ultra Records single "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" is presently No. 13 on the Rhythm charts and is the follow-up to his hit single "Krazy" which featured Lil Jon and went on to sell 700,000 downloads. Pitbull's digital download success just earned him a nomination in the upcoming Billboard Latin Music Awards in the newly created category – "Latin Digital Download Artist of the Year."

While ascending the charts with one smash single, Pitbull has another hit in the works – the recently released "Blanco" featuring Pharrell, is the first single from the original motion picture soundtrack for Fast & Furious 4 (Interscope/Star Trak), released March 31st. The Paul Hunter directed "Blanco" video premieres this week and features Pitbull alongside Pharrell and Chad of The Neptunes.

"I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)," "Krazy," and "Blanco" are currently anticipated to be featured on Pitbull's debut PGM/RCAMG release Rebelution, scheduled for a September 1st, 2009 release.

The album will be executive produced by super producer Jim Jonsin (Lil Wayne, T.I.) and will also feature production from Jonsin, alongside Lil Jon (Ciara, Usher), Mr Collipark (Soulja Boy), Play N Skillz (Lil Wayne, Chamillionaire), The Neptunes (Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z) and others.

"Being able to be a part of Pitbull's career again after signing him to TVT Records 6 years ago is amazing. Being able to do this under Polo Grounds Music is even more satisfying. Pitbull's work ethic is like no other - he and his team prove that it's still about making music, taking chances and having fun" says Bryan Leach, President of Polo Grounds Music.

"We are truly excited to have signed Pitbull to the PGM/RCA MG family," comments Barry Weiss, Chairman and CEO, RCA/Jive Label Group. "Pitbull has been grinding for years and with such great visibility with the 'I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)' and 'Blanco' singles, now is the time to fully maximize his career."

"Being an artist who comes from an independent mindset, I was skeptical about signing with a major label," Pitbull says. "But being that Bryan Leach and I have shared success in the past, combined with the fact that we both come from the TVT school of hard knocks, I know that Polo Grounds and RCA/Jive Label Group will be the perfect fit for 'Mr. 305'. Barry Weiss' success with that same indie spirit only reinforces what I know - we're about to make history."

Pitbull's 2004 debut album M.I.A.M.I. (Money Is A Major Issue), featured the hit single "Culo" and became the biggest-selling bilingual debut since Cypress Hill's self-titled debut in 1991. With five subsequent chart-topping albums and a multitude of hit singles, including "The Anthem" and "Krazy," Pitbull continues to blaze trails and maintain his status as the #1 Latin artist on MySpace and beyond.

The Pitbull BVConnect

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