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New Mixtape: Trinidad Jame$ - "10 Pc. Mild"


Trindad Jame$ releases his follow-up mixtape to is breakthrough 2012's "Don't Be S.A.F.E. '10 Pc Mild,' features Fabo (D4L), Danny Brown, Playa Fly and a few other selective rappers.


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Billboard's Top One Hit Wonders Of The Past Decade


With the year 2009 wrapping up Billlboard has given its rendition of one hit wonders of the last ten years. Some of the most notable artists or groups made the list including Terror Squad which came in at number two with "Lean Back".

"Lean Back", the 2004 hit that made it acceptable to rock away at the club. Led by Fat Joe, the group really did rock away as their next single "Take Me Home" reached only the #62 spot the same year.

MIMS told the world "This Is Why I'm Hot," and made it the No. 1 spot for two weeks in March 2007. The next single, July 2007's "Like This," only went as high as No. 32. This is why he's not quite as hot.

D4L had a sweet tooth with "Laffy Taffy" in January 2006, when the song peaked at No. 1 but their next single "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me" proved that, yup, no one could do it like them as it peaked at number 72.

"Crazy" peaked at no. 2 in 2006. It was so crazy that Gnarls Barkley sounded like they would be around a lot longer but Cee-Lo and Dangermouse haven't made it past No. 88 with any releases since then. Maybe they were crazy.

Blu Cantrell reached the No. 2 position in July 2001 with "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" but Oops, she's only climbed to No. 70, with "Breathe" in 2003 since then.

J-Kwon hit the airwaves with "Tipsy," getting him to the No. 2 spot in April 2004. He hasn't had a DUI on his own since, but he did ride get his way to No. 23 in April 2006 with the a guest feature on "Fresh Azimiz."

Rich Boy go to No. 6 in March of 2007 with "Throw Some D's." He Cadillac ran out of gas and he hasn't returned to the chart since.

In 2002 Tweets song "Oops (Oh My)" ran up the charts and peaked at No. 7. but after that Tweet couldn't touch herself on the charts with "Call Me," which limped to No. 31 a month later.

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