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Rumor: Aquaman to Feature Ocean Master & Queen Mera

Rumor: Aquaman to Feature Ocean Master & Queen Mera

One of the more maligned superheros in the DC Universe, Aquaman has his work cut out for him in proving he can carry a movie on his own, unlike his more well-respected teammates in the Justice League. With the imposing Jason Momoa in the lead role and not taking any guff, the upcoming Aquaman solo film from Furious 7 director James Wan might just do the job.

Aquaman’s solo outing is not planned for release until 2018, but like at least one other DC superhero destined for her own movie, he will be making his first appearance in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Rumors are already swirling about who the King of Atlantis will face when he’s no longer playing second fiddle to DC’s ...

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On the heels of his summer anthem, Chedda Da Connect presents his Catchin Playz Season mixtape hosted by Dj Scream and DJ Alo, featuring appearances from Paul Wall, Cap-1 and more.   Chedda Da Connect broke the Internet when his RIAA Certified Gold single "Flicka da Wrist" played on Fox's Empire, now we get this tape just in time for Turkey Day.

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In the past few years, R&B has shifted from smooth to salacious, with only a few crooners staying true to the genre's romantic roots. Vivian Green is among the pack and with her latest album, Vivid, she basks in her soulful sound. But she did change things up a little though, trading some of the slow, scorned ballads for more mature, uptempo tracks. It worked for her too, landing her her first top five hit on the Billboard R&B chart with "Get Right Back to My Baby." While in New York City recording new songs for her next album with producer Kwame, the Philly songstress chopped it up with AllHipHop about her latest project, balancing her career and parenting a special needs child and what rapper she would like to collab with in the studio.

What did you do differently with this album?

My albums tend to be slow. Most of them are 70/30 ballads and this album is the opposite. One major difference is the energy on the album. The fun songs, the more uptempo songs are there and we really haven't seen too much of that from me, and this album is empowering. While some of my past music may have been labeled as sad or angry, this music isn't that at all. I do touch on a love lost on some songs but it's not from the perspective of someone who is broken. It's a different vibe and I attribute all of that to growing up. With my first album, a lot of it was written before I could even drink. It was a very different time in my life and I was a very different person. I wouldn't say I was a woman with my first album.

What's your next single?

"I'm Not Broken."  It's very empowering. I wanted to make a song that touched on some of what my previous songs have touched on but in a different way.

Your songs are based on real life experiences and real people. Did someone you wrote a song about ever become upset with you?

I definitely have. I got a phone call about defamation of character. Some nonsense (laughs). They had no legal knowledge whatsoever. If they had a clue they would know they couldn't sue me for what they were trying to. This was in 2005 or 2006 with my second album, Vivian. It was ridiculous  because I never said anyone's name. If you don't say that then there's really nothing you can do (laughs).

What song was it?

It was a couple (laughs). It was so funny because in retrospect I would never...some of the songs on that album were very angry and now I would never have that perspective in my life whatsoever. I look back and I laugh (laughs). It's so funny to me but I'm pass 

Your 11-year-old son has special needs and I read that on your hiatus you focused on him and having him home schooled. Did you ever think about leaving music to focus on him completely?

I didn't. If I had a thought like that it was because of how hard it is to break back in after the hiatus but never because of him. I would think "is it worth trying to get my foot back in the door after being gone so long with all the changes that have taken place in my absence?" There were a couple moments where I was discouraged but I never stay discouraged for too long. I think it actually allows me more time with him. I know that sounds weird but it does.  I wouldn't be able to homeschool him the way that I do if I had a 9 to 5 job. I wouldn't be able to take off like I do when he needs to go to the hospital or anything like that. I wouldn't have the same flexibility that I have now. My team and my management make my schedule for me. It's very unorthodox! (laughs) It allows me to make sure that I'm with him a lot of the time.

What is his diagnosis?

[His condition] is undiagnosed.

Does his condition being undiagnosed make it more difficult to access certain resources you may need outside of homeschooling?

No because I don't have to prove that he has something that is unknown. It effects his bones. The things that make him different are obvious, like his thumb and index finger share the same bone and when he was born his skull was underdeveloped.

I saw that you also do advocacy work related to special needs children.

The biggest thing that I'm going to do is this PSA for the "I Am Different/I Am Human" campaign. It's to build awareness of the 57 million people here in this country that have a special need or disability. That's 19 percent of the population and I feel like the awareness is just not there. I want to start off with a PSA but eventually I want more awareness implemented in early childhood education and in the pre-k and kindergarten community so kids are made more aware. So when they grow up and they encounter people who may not be like them they were already taught and made aware in school because parents just don't do it, you know? And the PSA will be to encourage parents to begin to do it as well. On a bigger scale I would like for it to be implemented in early education...Jordan many times has been the first person that a small child has seen that is different from them and they have such a raw, public reaction, and it's not their fault. They just haven't been taught.

That's really great. Now, R&B has changed a lot over the years. the men of the genre have become more raunchy with their lyrics and some female vocalists have followed suite. Does it make a traditional singer like you have a hard time?

It absolutely makes it more difficult... because we are not doing whatever the new, trendy singers do.

The ratchet.

Yes! The ratchet, and the ratchet sells (laughs). But it sells because it's being put into the mainstream. But there's other things that sell as well but not on the same scale. There are people who do great business but you won't hear them on the mainstream station. But this year alone so many people this year released cool albums.  Jazmine Sullivan, Raheem DeVaughn, Tamia, Jill Scott, Teedra Moses, Avant. A lot of good music came out this year but if you're not aware then you're not trying to know.

Who do you listen to?

Definitely the people I just named. I listen to classic hip-hop. I probably listen to Stevie Wonder albums more than I listen to anything else. I listen to Keys of Life and Hotter than July at least once a week.

I see you're not big on features but what rappers would you like to work with in the future?

I really like J. Cole. I like his whole movement and the way he started. It was organic. I love when people's journey is different from the typical music industry journey. Plus, I think he is a dope lyricist.


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EXCLUSIVE: Tessa Thompson Discusses Her Role In 'Creed' & The Film's Historic Fighting Scene

The iconic film character Rocky Balboa is returning to theaters this week. While Sylvester Stallone reprises his role in the 7th installment of the Rocky franchise, Ryan Coogler's spinoff Creed mostly focuses on a new generation of talent.

Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Fruitvale Station) stars as former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed's son Adonis. The younger Creed decides to follow in his late father's footsteps by pursuing a career in prizefighting. Jordan is joined by Tessa Thompson who portrays Adonis' love interest.

Previously, Thompson garnered praise for her performances in film such as Mississippi Damned and Dear White People, but Creed provided the California native the opportunity to fuse two of her gifts into one job. Besides acting in plays, movies, and on TV, Thompson is also a member of the indie band Caught A Ghost. So taking on the part of Philadelphia singer-songwriter Bianca was an extension of Tessa's real life passion.

In addition to performing on screen in Creed, Thompson also appears on the movie's soundtrack. The vocalist is featured on three tracks - "Grip," "Breathe," and "Shed You." The collection also includes contributions from Future, Meek Mill, The Roots, Nas, 2Pac, Joey Bada$$, Jhené Aiko, and more. spoke with Tessa Thompson about her work in Creed. She shares some of the female artists that inspired her take on Bianca as well as what it was like for the cast and crew to pull off a very ambitious boxing movie accomplishment.

[ALSO READ: 'Creed' Soundtrack Features Future, Meek Mill, The Roots, Joey Bada$$, Jhené Aiko & More (TRACKLIST)]

Was there anyone that inspired your role in Creed?

There were tons of artists that I looked to. I'm playing a Philly girl, so Jill Scott was a reference point. People told me my speaking voice reminded them of Jill Scott. That was a big compliment, because that was someone I looked at to figure out the Philly accent.

Sonically, artists like FKA twigs, Kelela, Pink, and Aaliyah were reference points. Obviously, the music is electronic based, so artists like Grimes were really inspirational. The idea of self-produced artists that create music in their living room - which Bianca is - were women that I looked to.

How involved were you with the music?

I was absolutely involved. I wrote the songs that I performed in the movie with the brilliant composer Ludwig Göransson. He is an incredible composer. He did stuff for Community, and he produced the Childish Gambino records.

We spent about two weeks together in the studio in LA, and we wrote those songs. It was really important to [director] Ryan [Coogler]. He loves authenticity, so it was important for him that whoever played Bianca was also writing the music.

What was that experience like working with Ryan?

It was incredible. I was such a fan of him from afar. I just love Fruitvale Station. I thought it humanized a headline in such an incredible way.

I had the chance to meet him very briefly at Sundance [Film Festival] when I was there screening Dear White People. I think we all sort of modulate who we are depending on who we're talking to, but when he's talking to you it's like you're the only person in the room. He's just so open, honest, and curious about people.

When I met him, I thought, "Now, I really want to work with him." So when I heard he was doing this movie called Creed, I didn't even know what it was. I didn't know if there was anything in it for me, but I called my manager and said, "Ryan Coogler is making a movie called Creed, and I want to be in it." Then we found out it was something in it for me. I was so excited when I got the call and asked if I would do a chemistry read with Mike [Michael B. Jordan].

Ryan is just so cool. There are a lot of things in the movie that are actually improvisation. He is very collaborative. He takes the best idea. It doesn't matter where it came from. I think that's something that's very rare to find.

The fighting sequences definitely stood out to me - the way the camera cut back and forth between what was happening in the ring to you and Stallone on the side. Was that all one take?

There's one fighting sequence that takes place all in one camera move. There was not a cut. We spent about 3 months choreographing and rehearsing that.

That's a really hard thing to do in any kind of scene. We knew it was our ambition to not have to cut, but we weren't sure if it was going to work because there's a large margin of error.

Once we finally got it right, it was one of the most electrifying things I've ever been a part of. When I jump into the ring, I push Mike. I was so excited. There was no acting happening in that moment.

So when you pushed him, that was your natural reaction?

That was my absolute natural reaction. I believe it was the first time in boxing film history that a boxing match has been done in one take. That was something we were really excited about.

'Creed' Stars Jordan + Thompson

[ALSO READ: Philly's Tone Trump Discusses His Role In The 'Rocky' Sequel 'Creed' (VIDEO)]
Creed is scheduled for release nationwide on November 25.

Follow Tessa Thompson on Twitter @TThompsonYES and Instagram @tessamaethompson.

Follow the Creed movie on Twitter @creedmovie and Instagram @creedmovie.

Stream the Creed soundtrack via Spotify below.

All photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
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EXCLUSIVE: Zaytoven Talks Producing Recent Songs For 50 Cent, Jeezy, Future & Fall Out Boy
Keys Open Doors

Back in October, a single photo posted on Instagram revealed two Hip Hop empires - one representing New York rap royalty and the other a Southern production czar - finally joined forces. Queens native Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson traveled to Atlanta to connect with Trap music pioneer Xavier "Zaytoven" Dotson. Zaytoven's IG caption of the moment simply read, "We're officially locked in. #justwaitonit."

The world may only have to wait a few more days to see what emerged from those 50/Zay ATL sessions. The G-Unit leader is set to release his latest project The Kanan Tape this week, and some of Zaytoven's tracks could be featured on Curtis' new mixtape. If not, the long-awaited 50 Cent studio album Street King Immortal could possibly house the cuts introduced that night in Atlanta.

Besides 50, Zaytoven has gifted numerous artists with his signature sound. Some of the other notable recipients of the Grammy winner's production include Young Jeezy ("Church In These Streets"), Future ("Real Sisters"), and Fall Out Boy featuring Migos ("Irresistible Remix"). spoke with Zaytoven about some of his recent work. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist also suggests fans should expect to hear another full joint collaborative project with Future. The revival of his trendsetting efforts with currently incarcerated Atlanta rap legend Gucci Mane is likely to happen as well.

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North Meets South: 50 Cent + Zaytoven

What came from the sessions with 50 Cent? Are we going to hear some of your tracks on his upcoming mixtape?

I'm almost 90% sure you should. He came down and got beats from a lot of producers. I was one of the producers he got a lot of tracks from.

Had you worked together before?

No, this was our first time working together.

It was a couple of other producers from the city there too. Were you all at one session and then just played tracks for him?

Pretty much. He came and picked all of the hottest producers in Atlanta. We all had a beat session going on.

50 is still working on his Street King Immortal album. Was there any talk about some of your work ending up on that project as well?

I would really hope so. I'm really shooting to be on the album.

You had the title track on Jeezy's Church In These Streets. How did that come together?

I'm a producer right now, especially if you're in the south, that you can't get around. It's like, "Man, I gotta go get a track from this guy." I've got myself back hot again, so every artist is reaching out.

When I work with a guy like Jeezy, my sound and his sound is almost like church. My music has a church vibe. Once he started doing a project called Church In These Streets, it just went hand-in-hand. You can't have a Zaytoven track, have an album called Church In These Streets, and it not be the title track.

When you were working on the song, did you know it was going to be the title track?

No, we just did several songs. That's the one that stood out like a sore thumb. I don't even know if he had the name of his project at the time. After we did that, it just sounded like this is what needs to be the name of the album, everything needs to follow this right here.

You said that you feel like you got hot again. Do you feel like there was a lull in your career?

Yeah, I feel there was a time where I wasn't as hot as I am now. Maybe a few years back. I remember doing [Migo's] "Versace," and it made me skyrocket again. It made it so that Zaytoven is in high demand again.

After "Versace," Migos got real hot. Then guys like Young Dolph became hot with the tracks I did. I think when I was the hottest producer in Atlanta back in '07, '08 - it feels like that for me again. I don't think I ever fell off, but when you start hearing Zaytoven's name on everything, that's when I feel like I'm all the way hot again.

Speaking of Migos, you did a remix with them and Fall Out Boy.

It was amazing. I had never really listened to Fall Out Boy's music. I just knew they were a big group that sold a lot of records. But they called and said, "We're doing a remix album, and we definitely want you on it. And we want to put Migos on whatever track that you do." Then I understood what they were trying to do. They were coming to get the sound that I have.

The sound that I have, I've been doing for over 10 years now, and it's become in high demand. People don't want me to make music that fits the Fall Out Boys. They just say they want me to do exactly what I do. It's a good feeling.

You talked about how you feel Migo's "Versace" helped put you back on. I think another recent project that helped stamp that Zaytoven sound is Beast Mode with Future. He recently hinted he was going to do a Monster 2. Has there been any talk about doing a Beast Mode 2?

When we did Beast Mode, we had Beast Mode 2 and 3 ready. We did so many good songs that could have been on Beast Mode. So I think it's all about timing for when it will come out again. It's definitely going to be needed. The fans definitely want it.

That's another project that catapulted me again. That's a work of art. That's almost like when I used to do Gucci Mane's whole CD. I think that's the vision Future had - "I want to do a mixtape, but I want to use only Zaytoven production." Before that you hadn't heard me and Future do any music together for maybe 2 - 4 years. Those are just special moments that help me be on fire like I am now.

A lot of people put that project in the trilogy of mixtapes [along with Monster and 56 Nights] that elevated Future to superstar status. This year he exploded. Did you see that coming for him?

I didn't really see it. After Monster I said, "Okay, he's coming back. He's sounded pretty good." But when he came to me and said, "Zay, I want to do a whole project with you," I felt like he wanted to take over the streets again.

When guys come to me, they come to me like, "I'm ready to take over the streets." I'm one of the guys that stays working with all the up-and-coming street artists. My sound is in the streets all the time. Even when my song is not on the radio or not in the club, I'm on these mixtapes. My music is definitely hot in the streets.

So when Future came to me, I felt like he said, "You know what? I'm gonna go back hard. I'm gonna go back to ground zero and take over the streets." That's exactly what he did. If you listen to his album, he said the Beast Mode project was the project that got his feet ten toes down.

They were saying he fell off and he ain't got it no more. So Monster sparked him up to get him back on. Beast Mode really sealed the deal. Everything was uphill after that.

You mentioned you really enjoy working with up-and-coming artists. You produced for the new guy Linen. How did that relationship start?

I'm like the go-to guy for a lot of street artists, because I'm somebody you can get in touch with. I'm somebody you can pull up on and we can work together. So he came to me like, "Zay, you're my favorite producer. I have a budget and want to get some production from you."

Anytime I start working with somebody and I hear that they got the gift, then it just takes it to another level. It makes me want to get more involved and work with them closely.

On "Digital Dash," Drake says, "Gucci get out, it's a problem." It's amazing how he is still able to release music. Have you been able to do anymore tracks for him that we could see in the near future?

Gucci, that's gonna be Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg when he gets out. That's the sound that's going on right now. A lot of artists are mimicking the sound that me and him created about ten years ago. It's like peanut butter and jelly when he gets out.

I know he is gonna work with a lot of different artists and producers. But I also know for a fact that the sound we're gonna create when he gets out is gonna be just what everybody is looking for.

Are you working on anything else?

So much. I'm working with so many people. There's stuff dropping every day that I'm not even aware of. One of my favorite tracks that just dropped is Juicy J's "U Can't." 

It's so many people. I'm reaching out and working with everybody. It's stuff that is constantly coming out, so I can't even name who all the people are.

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Keys Open Doors

Follow Zaytoven on Twitter @ZaytovenBeatz and Instagram @ZaytovenBeatz.

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Waka Flocka Flame Interview Part 4 (Exclusive)


Launching today along with his free album "Flockaveli 1.5" is Waka Flocka Flame interview part 4. CanadianDope teamed up with the hilarious and forthright HipHop interviewer Zo Duro to bring you this exclusive interview with Waka Flocka Flame. Without going into too much detail, the interview is pretty funny based on Zo Duro's straight up [...]


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Tory Lanez has been out here proving himself to be a top mc for years and finally the world is finally starting to take notice. Meek Mill put out the video for his song featuring Tory Lanez "Lord Knows". The aggressive song finally got the intense visuals it deserves. "Lord Knows" is featured on the [...]


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AllHipHop & DJ Hustle Gives You Hustle Nation


If you don't know DJ Hustle you must have been on vacation for last 10 years OR you never made your way to LA. Djing , in the clubs and on the hit show HustleTV on Time Warner Cable. DJ Hustle is one of the most notorious DJ's in the West Coast and has garnered the attention from coast to coast. Hustle has been in many TV Commercials movies & sitcom's. DJ Hustle is giving you Hustle Nation weekly mixes on Allhiphopcom. Hustle is everywhere and making a real impact on the scene which is why Hustle is bridging the West, South, and East through music. Follow him on IG DJHustle2407 or Twitter @DJHustle

1. LIFE OF THE PARTY - Emcee N.I.C.E. ft. Blake Smith

2. TIED UP - Casey Veggies ft Dej Loaf


4. GET HOME - JR Castro ft Migos

5. ROUND & ROUND - Twinz

6. SUNSHINE - Hi Five

7. G'D UP - Tha Eastsidaz

8. HAIR FLIP - Miss Cristal ft Omega

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Chicago, IL - Nov, 20th 2015 - Talented and charismatic artist, P Plus preps his November 24th release for "This Is Not A Drill" (Hosted By Dj Mil-Ticket). P.Plus is a well-known artist on the Chicago music scene and has re-emerged to let the streets know he's back and better than ever. As the Chicago music scene continues to blossom, P.Plus gives us a colorful alternative to the ever present "shoot 'em up, bang bang" music that has been the staple sound of the city in recent years. Plus uses his lyrical abilities to deliver range of emotion and subject matter while teaming up with some of the best-known Chicago artist and producers to do so. With features from more notable drill rappers like Katie Got Bandz & Billionaire Black, P.Plus shows how in tuned with the streets he really is, without losing any of his boss like image. Further showing his range of diversity by working with artists from abroad like the U.K.'s Jasmine Knight and Haitian rapper Haiti BaeB, Plus also goes on to give us an almost Kanye inspired cleverness thru his uses of words and ability to deliver them in a way that touches the listener like no other. In Plus's words: "I wanted to show the world Chicago has more than just drill rappers". And that's exactly what he plans to do with the groundbreaking 16 tracks on the project hosted by Chicago's hottest mixtape dj Dj Mil-Ticket & powered by Stack Or Starve Approved is composed of melodies originating [...]


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From Dr. Dre to Diddy and Meek Mill: How Hip-Hop Music Has Transformed Monster

Hip-Hop was fully represented last week when Monster Ceo Noel Lee was inducted into the Consumer Electronics (CE) Hall of Fame.
It's a pretty big deal. And the "Head Monster" as Lee refers to himself, was in good company. Executives like Kevin Liles, Kevin "Sincere" Muchthison (former director of marketing of Monster/Beats by Dre) and Kevin Black (Interscope, Atlantic, UcanFly), and others were on hand to watch Noel Lee get inducted at Gotham Hall in Manhattan.

But the most impressive part of the evening was who was inducted with Lee during the CE Hall of Fame ceremony. The guy who modernized the remote control (George Feldstein) and the father of Wi-Fi (Vic Hayes) were amongst the pioneers recognized during the ceremony.

"For all those folks who don't know what that word is, this is the organization that puts CES and Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest tradeshow in the world," Noel Lee told "All electronics, car manufacturers, software, drums, you name it. Most people don't know what it is because it's a trade group. People in the industry, everyone knows what it is."

"The honor is being recognized by my fellow manufacturers, leaders in the industry and we're very humbled by it, because I started out in my garage making Monster Cable," Lee told "Then [came] Monster Power, the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. We turned the headphone world upside down and now we're doing our own thing."

Lee brought some swag to the event by accepting an award on his signature golden Segway scooter. However, he's way more than flash even though his company rakes in over $100 million a year. Noel Lee has always been in the business of music. He quit his job in 1974, to tour with a country rock band named Asian Wood. He later founded Monster Cable Products in 1979, when he created audio cables to improve sound quality for studios, musicians and consumers.

"From a garage to a vision to just being an entrepreneur, I'm very humbled by the recognition," Noel Lee said.

Lee's desire to deliver consumers a world-class audio experience helped him decide to from form a partnership with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine to create the Beats By Dre studio headphones. And he thanks Hip-Hop music and culture for his company's progress.

"I really got and indoctrination [into Hip-Hop] when I hooked up with Jimmy and Dr. Dre. It's just an amazing world, and I read everything and did a study on the music, the culture and now with the success of "Straight Outta Compton," there's a huge awareness of it. But I got a respect the music for how it influences pop culture."

Even though Monster is hugely successful, Noel Lee is still looking for new companies to partner with to develop new technologies. And the company will continue its custom of partnering with rap artists like Dr. Dre, Meek Mill, and Swizz Beatz, who is a shareholder of the company.

"It [Hip-Hop] influences every white kid is suburbia. The rapper in Korea. The rapper in Japan. It gets into the vernacular. You've got the Urban Dictionary, it's got it's own 'let me look it up if I don't know what it means,' and now with 'Empire' being the #1 TV show, urban culture affects every piece of culture around the world and transcends languages. It's just amazing...I am a huge, huge fan," Noel Lee told

Noel Lee at CE Hall of Fame Awards


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Rick Ross Speaks On New Wingstop Location In Harlem


Rapper Rick Ross opened the newest addition to his Wingstop empire this past Friday. 125th Street is where the long line formed in front of WingStop Harlem.  Baracades, cameras and paparazzi added to the heightened suspense as everyone waited for the man of the hour.

DJ Self on the turntables provided all of our favorite Ross tunes.  Guest enjoyed wings, champagne and cake. It was definitely a celebratory energy in the building.

According to a 2014 Forbes article, Rick Ross is the owner of nine WingStop franchises around the country.  Ross kept quiet in regards to the number of WingStop franchises he actually owns.  Yet, he did disclose that Louisiana Rub was his new favorite flavor!

As for his relationship with fiance Lira Galore,  Ross stated, "People should worry about themselves.  We just living life!" Lira was in attendance Friday evening.

It was definitely a fun time! Congrats on your latest location Mr. Ross. Job well done!

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#ATLRiseUp: Jonah Cruzz Is A 90's Kid Not Afraid To Stand On The Shoulders Of Hip Hop Giants
"I'm in love with that whole 90's era of music. I listen to everything from that era. Even R&B music from that era," says Cruzz. "I carry myself like I'm in the 90's. It's 2015, but that's what I like." Jonah was just seven years old when the calendar turned to the new millennium. While he is now a buzzing entertainer, his life before the million SoundCloud plays was a difficult one. Many of his childhood days were spent in hotel rooms as his family moved around frequently. The difficulty of the constant displacement did open Jonah up to discovering more about himself. He identified his ability to sing as a pre-teen. Soon after his mother learned of her son's talent, she passed the information to Jonah's preacher father. The parents then had the young performer join the church choir. That spiritual base is also part of the music Cruzz makes today. "Windows" - a cut off of his previous mixtape Ordinary N*gga - questions the value of worshiping in the house of the Lord and discusses how the Creator responds to the choices people make to survive.

Twenty-one years ago two lyricists from Southwest Atlanta burst onto the national Hip Hop radar with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. Since the arrival of OutKast's debut album in 1994, Atlanta Hip Hop has undergone several transformations.

A 22-year-old A-Town rhymer is now tapping back into that funky soul well of music promoted by Andre 3000 and Big Boi. Moments into Jonah Cruzz's latest project, Cruzz Control, listeners are hit with a distinct Southern soundbed layered with an engaging flow. Jonah's homage to the Golden Era and hat tip to his hometown comes into full play by track two. A song aptly titled "1994."

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"I wanted people to understand where I was from. It's a reason I'm saying, 'Who that n*gga swagging like he out in California?' So many people hear my music and think I'm from Cali. Even when they meet me, they ask if I'm from Cali," Cruzz relays to "I wanted to let people know I'm from Atlanta. Don't get it twisted. I might rock the Vans. I might swag like this. But y'all are going to know I'm from the ATL. I'm from that red dirt. I wanted people to respect where I'm from."

Cruzz has a great appreciation for all things 90's. His mother put him onto the rap music of the time, and he recalls older relatives telling him about learning of the tragic death of Tupac Shakur.

He even has his own memories of the infamous "Bite Fight" between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in 1997. But the decade's tunes are Cruzz's favored products to emerge from the last ten years of the 20th Century.

"I'm in love with that whole 90's era of music. I listen to everything from that era. Even R&B music from that era," says Cruzz. "I carry myself like I'm in the 90's. It's 2015, but that's what I like."

Jonah was just seven years old when the calendar turned to the new millennium. While he is now a buzzing entertainer, his life before the million SoundCloud plays was a difficult one. Many of his childhood days were spent in hotel rooms as his family moved around frequently.

The difficulty of the constant displacement did open Jonah up to discovering more about himself. He identified his ability to sing as a pre-teen. Soon after his mother learned of her son's talent, she passed the information to Jonah's preacher father. The parents then had the young performer join the church choir.

That spiritual base is also part of the music Cruzz makes today. "Windows" - a cut off of his previous mixtape Ordinary N*gga - questions the value of worshiping in the house of the Lord and discusses how the Creator responds to the choices people make to survive.

"I'm not a bible thumper. I can't tell you nothing about the Quran. I can't tell you nothing about any other religion. I can only tell you about my personal relationship with God," Cruzz proclaims. "In my heart, I feel like I'm taking the right steps, and as long as I'm doing the right thing I should reap the benefits."

The Ordinari Music Group representative continues, "Everybody makes mistakes, but we do have free will. At the same time, you can't let that stop you from being yourself. However you want to live your life is fine. I'm not telling no one to do wrong. I'm telling people what's really going on in the world. The truth needs to be exposed."

Cruzz's personal truth includes enjoying the pleasures of marijuana and sex - two vices that may be frowned upon by strict religious devotees. That still does not prevent the Henry County native from exploring those concepts in his art.

In October, Jonah released a video for "Diana." The metaphoric song -  partially inspired by Lil Wayne's "I Feel Like Dying" and Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" - tells the story of how addiction love can be pleasurable and destructive at the same time.

"It wasn't inspired by real drugs. I've smoked weed and I've tried lean. But I've never done anything passed that," states Cruzz. "When I made the song, I wanted to make people feel like they were on drugs. Even if you didn't do drugs, I wanted to put people in a mind state of being addicted to something. Anything can be your Diana."

The rest of Ordinary N*gga includes further displays of the regular guy archetype. Unlike other rapper's tendency to sell an über-exceptional persona, remaining relatable to the audience is the goal for Jonah.  

"It was time to really express who I am as a person. I didn't want to lie to the people. I didn't want to say I'm whipping this, I'm wearing that, and I'm doing all these extraordinary things. I don't do none of that and don't relate to none of that. So I wanted to tell people the truth of who I am and tell my whole story," explained Cruzz.

The themes presented on Ordinary N*gga are deciphered even further on Cruzz Control with a twist of Hip Hop nostalgia. The love interest from the Fugees' "Nappy Heads" returns on the soulful and sensual "Mona Lisa." Jonah gives his fans vintage Snoop-esque vibes on the weed ode "Smoke Party." The social issues probed on the reflective "Stoop Kid" harken back to the ripped from the headlines motif of OutKast's "Toilet Tisha." The collection closes out with "Multiply" which features the same rise from poverty ambitions of The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy."

"Your album might be a bible to somebody. Your album might be something that somebody really lives by. So I try to watch what I say, but be as honest as possible," says Jonah about Cruzz Control. "When I'm long gone and dead, my music is still going to be here and could still spark a brain."

Jonah's inspirational message is also an updated version of a quote shared by another cultural icon from the 1990's. 2Pac once declared, "I guarantee I will spark the brain that will change the world." Cruzz is now proudly standing on the shoulders of the legendary emcee/actor/activist as Pac's mission continues to manifest in a new generation.

"The thing I want to achieve in my life is to inspire people. I want to change the world. I want to make the world a better place," insists Cruzz. "I know I can't do that alone, but I know I can inspire other people. My biggest thing is to hit people in their hearts, to really impact people, and say something that will get them to do better for themselves."

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Jonah's On Cruzz Control

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A New 'Friday' May Feature What Actor & Comedian?

A New 'Friday' May Feature What Actor & Comedian?

Some people want another sequel to the classic film 'Friday,' others feel it may be overkill. Some fans really want to see Smokey & Craig on screen together again. Chris Tucker spoke out last year stating that he's open to the idea of yet another 'Friday' movie, but he say's his character would have to evolve. Tucker also stated that his character would have to reflect the man he is today. After Ice Cube's son, O'Shea Jackson Jr.'s. impressive portrayal of his father in 'Straight Outta Compton', some fans have suggested that O'Shea and comedian DC Young Fly star in the new sequel as replacements for Ice Cube and Tucker. O'Shea said people have been hitting him up about it, but he doesn't know where Cube's head is with it. Would you be interested in seeing this?

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Travis Scott Drops New Wiz Featured Song (Live)


Travis' Rodeo was one of the hottest album over the past year. With Kanye's help and a with the help of a few hot singles Mr. Scott has launched himself into Hip-Hop stardom. Check out his newest single thats likely to be a fan favorite. Fans can check Travis on tour with The Weeknd's The Madness Tour.

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With Drag-On's latest track John Gotti featuring Joe Young still gaining alot of buzz and being spun on the radio, the two waste no time dropping some more FIRE! They decided to drop a 2 track project "The Package" as well as a new freestyle over Meek Mill's "Check". Also Drag just got through releasing part 13 of his Freestyle Cyphers adressing his relationship with DMX. Drag-On & Joe Young has been raising eyebrows with their collaborative efforts which lead to the assumption that there is more in the works.

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