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A3C Festival • BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend • October 2015 ATL

Want to know what's the up& up on one of the top music festivals that bring thousands of music lovers together from all around the world in one weekend? Well the person to go to for this year's A3C Festival is Mike Sick A.K.A MiCxSiC. Mike is the creator of the Bar Exam Open Mic in Atlanta, GA and is definitely the go to person for this years events. Being a creator and curator for many different venues not only in Atlanta but around the world MiCxSic is even bringing out KXNG CROOKED I  for this months Bar Exam & BET Music Matters. 

When asked the CEO, Branding Guru, A3C Curator, and musical artist Mike Sick what will be going on this year at A3C Festival, BET Hip Hop Awards weekend in ATL this is what he had to say, "we'll be super busy this month starting with The Freestyle Experiment October 6th at Apache Cafe. Here's a full list of our events and opportunities. Be sure to hit up and follow @savagefampro on social media for all the latest!" Be sure to stay tuned as we will be providing additional coverage throughout the week from the musical genius , MiCxSic,  who's involved in it all.



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Featuring Delaware's own Sap. The platinum producer returns with his upcoming solo project Self Employed. On "Boom Bap" Sap snagged guests from Hit Boy, Mike Zombie and Hodgy Beats.

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AllHipHop & DJ Hustle Gives You Hustle Nation


Our own Celebrity Host & Official DJ DJ Hustle aka hot hands is on the turntables giving you Hustle Nation New Music. DJ Hustle in this mix on AllHipHopcom. Listen to DJ Hustle as he is slapping the hits from the streets. Weekly mixes will be posted for your weekly enjoyment. Let DJ Hustle aka hot hands on the turn tables know what you want the hear on Twitter @DJHustle  or Instagram DJHustle2407

1) Drake & Future - Big Rings

2) French Montana ft Chris Brown & Migos - Moses

3) Flip Major - I Be That

4) Drake & Future - Live From The Gutter

5) Emcee N.I.C.E - Tonight

6) Nas ft Jadakiss & Ludacris - Made You Look

7) R City ft Adam Levine & Lil Wayne - Locked Away

8) Richie Evans ft The Game - Phatty

9) The Game ft Skrillex - El Chapo

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Tyler Thomas has dreams bigger than his ego span. The Los Angeles native has newly released an EP called "Birds I View" and a clean new visual for "Lincoln Park". We got the chance to discuss his project before release and get an exclusive freestyle. How could you not root for this unshakeable artist?

Check it out!

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Hefna Gwap x AllHipHop x Twelve Music Group A3C All Access Pass Contest
AllHipHop Televe Music - A3C Flyer2
AllHipHop Televe Music - A3C Flyer1 has partnered up with Elegant Caviar/Twelve Music Group artist Hefna Gwap to give away 2 pairs of All Access passes for the 2015 A3C Music Festival in Atlanta.

Watch Contest Video

Please see the easy steps below as to how to enter the contest.

Step 1. Tweet this text:

"Just entered 2 win all access passes to @A3c from @AllHipHopcom @HefnaGwap & @TwelveMusic for #ArtistsGarden show 10/9 #A3c #Atlanta"

Step 2. Follow @Allhipopcom & @Hefnagwap on Twitter

Next Weds. Oct 7th we will choose  two winners to receive a pair of all access A3C passes! It's that simple.

For all Attending the A3C Music Festival, be sure to check out our 2 events, On Friday October 9that The Basement in Atlanta from 9pm-2Am we have our #ArtistsGarden Stage Powered by MMG and Digiwaxx. Watch artists like Hena Gwap, Gunplay, Trae Tha Truth, Stalley, Maino, Snootie Wilds and more!

And Check out our Dynamic Duos Producer Panel on Oct. 1oth with producing duos like Bangladesh & Sean Garrettalong with Producing duo Rock City. Hosted by Kenny Burns, from 3pm-4:30pm at A3C Pro-Audio Center SEA Institute 215 Peachtree Street NE #300, Atlanta, GA.
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Babu G Interview with


The Hip-Hop industry is filled with a lot of artists who will put up a front, put on this act as if they are living the diamond life, talk solely about the money they are making, the foreign they are whipping or the models they have in their beds, very rarely will you get an [...]


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Tinashe calls on Chris Brown for her brand new single "Player". This track will serve as the first single from her upcoming album titled Joyride. Listen below!

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As the King of Memphis, DJ Paul's legacy of work will ensure that he will reign supreme as one of its most cherished hometown heroes. Since the '80's an insatiable hunger has propelled him to kill complacency and establish himself as a respected artist and entrepreneur. As a member of the illustrious Three 6 Mafia, he was instrumental in helping the group to win an Oscar for the infectious track "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." Regardless of his cache of credible accomplishments, the veteran entertainer remains accessible to his supporters on different social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

These are his words:

Halloween is almost here, with that in mind your upcoming release Master of Evil, drops the day before on October 30. What should the day-one supporter expect from that project?

Since they [my fans] have been asking me to do that I took it back to a little more old school. It's not all the way old school, but this album is all the dark sounds. Even the songs that ain't darks songs that might be about a girl - or something else - it still got dark elements in the music. That's one thing that I made sure that I did. I gave them almost the whole album, if not the whole album, of the dark music that they've been asking for.

With a title like Master of Evil you almost gotta do that. The dark sound and a lot of the subjects are kinda all over the place. They're like some of the subjects off some of the old school Three 6 level. Then we got songs that are on the newer type-sh*t as well. You have to stay up to date with the slangs, and with what people are talking about, and what's going on in the world. So, some of the subjects won't all be old school; obviously, because that wouldn't be a good idea.

One thing that's different on this album is that I got more personal on some of it, because it's been 25 years down the road now for us. A lot of sh*t's done changed. A lot of people are dead and gone; for example, Lord Infamous, may he rest in peace. So, I got one song that's dedicated to my old 'hood in Memphis. It's called "Black Haven." So, it got a few songs on there that has personal pour out.

I did one cool thing with the album. I recorded the whole album then I put it on vinyl. Then I re-ran it through the system and remastered it like that. So, the whole album sounds like an old record.

You've got me smiling. It's nice to hear that our MCs trust us enough to share in-depth parts of your life. That's when we truly start to f**k with y'all.

Yeah, on this album versus any of our old albums [from] back in the day, we would have songs talking about 'Yeah, I walked up and knocked somebody ass out; or popped somebody's trunk - or whatever, whatever, whatever - we just rapped. They were stories that were like a movie. With this album, I went more into true events of stuff that we did when we was bad, or whatever. You know, people wasn't getting killed and there wasn't a serial killer situation, you know.  It's more true stories versus just picking up the pen and just writing 12 to 16 lines about anything.

Your art has allowed you to realize the American dream. You've gone from the 'hood to Hollywood. How have you learned to pay homage to where you came from without exploiting; or, ultimately mocking your former experiences?

Basically, I just tell it like it is. I just keep it 100 with the fans. I don't overdo it; some kids overdo it. That makes m

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There are plenty of groups that have come and gone. But after tearing down a show at SOB's in NYC for their new soon-to-be-released album, Jersey's Joe Budden, Detroit's Royce Da 5'9" and Cali's Kxng Crooked sat with AHH's MrMecc to reveal the kind of light-hearted chemistry that proves the crews that can laugh together, can last together. Check the technique as the the Slaughter boys cover everything from Slim Jesus & Slaughtermouse to Tupac.

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For the last decade, Atlanta, Georgia has been one of the nerve centers of Hip Hop culture. But prior to the ATL dominating rap, the city birthed some of the leading contemporary voices of Rhythm & Blues.

Chart-topping performers like Usher, TLC, Monica, Xscape, 112, and Ciara cultivated their talents in the Georgia capital. In addition, legends such as Whitney Houston, Babyface, Keith Sweat, and Toni Braxton called Atlanta home at one point in their career.

[ALSO READ: #ATLRiseUp: Issa Is Looking To Use His "Trap Conscious" Movement To Be The Voice Of The Youth]
It's from that cultural history that rising R&B representative Malachiae Warren emerges. Not only has he embraced the soul legacy of his hometown, Warren's recent effort The Ride Out EP pays homage to ATL's Hip Hop roots as well.

"We have a lot of greats that came out of Atlanta, and a lot of influential music that came from Atlanta," Malachiae tells "It's more special when you're from a city that specializes in that area. Atlanta is music, so to be from here is a blessing."  

Beyond being raised in a metropolis soaked in music tradition, Malachiae has blood ties to professional musicians as well. His uncle is Grammy-winning music arranger Mervyn Warren, and his mother was once a vocalist.

"I started taking music seriously around 11 or 12. It runs in the family. My mother started in a group," discloses Malachiae. "She was actually signed to a record label, but when she was pregnant with me she had to put it to the side to make sure I was nurtured and raised right. So now I'm living her dream and mine at the same time."

The 20-year-old singer/songwriter has been building towards his dream of being a star for a great part of his young life. His early performances included a limited time providing tunes in church, but it was at-home experimentation that foreshadowed Warren's undeniable drive to make it as an entertainer.

"My mother bought my first cheap little USB mic. I had the Logic Pro program on my Mac computer," recalls Malachiae. "I said, 'I want to record music, so I'm going to teach myself how to work this.' I hooked the mic up, learned how to use the editing system, and started recording from there."

Malachiae's maturation consisted of posting covers to YouTube as well as attending the Dallas Austin Music Academy (formerly Don't Stop the Music). The program provided the North Atlanta High School student immeasurable insight into the business side of the music industry.

"A lot of artists get in the game not knowing what goes on behind the scenes. They don't know about royalties, percentages, splits, and stuff like that. [The Dallas Austin Music Academy] taught me how not to get screwed over," Malachiae states. "I look at things differently. I move differently."

Gaining knowledge about his profession from a program established by a successful music producer surely played a role in Warren's decision to sign on with a record company. And he's not just under a " boutique label." Malachiae is connected to the same brand that helped turn Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson into global icons.

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AllHipHopcom & DJ Hustle takes us behind the scenes of 93.5 KDAY fresh fest featured hottest Hip-Hop and R&B. Hustle's talks with Big Gipp , Ja Rule and Irv Gotti Too Short, Ja Rule, Mystikal, Twista, Kurupt of the Dogg Pound And Yo-yo; plus a special surprise guest and more. "This is our 5th Annual Fresh Fest but it's our 1st year at the Shrine Auditorium. We look forward to continue to give our listeners the artists they love and who they are excited to see.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Registered Nurse, Kaicyre Palmers, has invested years of her life into education. Lessons accumulated from both the New York University classroom and her cache of credible life experiences, helps Ms. Palmers in her duties as a critical care nurse.  Although her robust Instagram following tops over 200,000 people, she isn't a mere IG model, but "The World's Sexiest Nurse."

Flip through the gallery and enjoy the shots from Nurse Palmers.

Click to view slideshow.



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Nikia will be featured on XClusive Wed. TONIGHT

Nikia will be featured on XClusive Wed. TONIGHT

South East Hip Hop featured singer Nikia will be featured on Xclusive Wed. TONIGHT (Sept. 30th)Call in and listen by dialing (657) 383 1848 starts at 9:00 PM EST
__________________________________ Purchase the New Book from Author and Poet Aliscia Melton.  Sunshine BlackRose:  From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form.Here on Amazon


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Video by J. Wright @WhoisJwright

Yo Gotti recently hosted a listening party with DJ Drama for his latest mixtape, 'The Return,' at Mean St. Studios in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta's key DJs, artists, media, music execs, and tastemakers were in the building to get a first listen of the project. When asked about his success with consistently putting out solid mixtapes, Yo Gotti said,

"Good dope sells itself, and I just have it."

He explained that the streets support him because his music is therapy and motivation for himself and his fans. He represents the artist that went against everything he was told and still came out successful. Yo Gotti describes his latest mixtape, 'The Return' as a well rounded project. He said the project could've been an album, and it's probably better than a lot of other artists' albums. Yo Gotti also revealed he recently opened up an office called CMG Atlanta to look for new talent as there is always a lot of talent coming out of one of the central locations of the south, Atlanta.

AllHipHop caught up with Yo Gotti to discuss his successful run over the years, his new artist, and his latest mixtape. Check out the interview below.

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Photo Credit: YouTube

Refusing to fall prey to a taunting Tennessee environment, Blac Youngsta, has cultivated the reflective pen game that turns lyrics into a resounding testimony. Although shot hit during a drive-by, that bullet failed to stop the momentum that he created from his Fast Bricks trilogy. Fast forward to today, in his South Memphis streets, the emerging rapper is described in as, "Heavy."

The artistic acumen and unabashed honesty of Blac's approach has  earned him a coveted deal with Yo Gotti's CMG imprint. "Blac Youngsta's style is unique and he has the energy to be a great entertainer. His hustle and drive reminds me of myself, so I thought he'd be a perfect fit at CMG," says Yo Gotti of his most recent signee.

Last week, on Tues. (Sept. 22), the Southern spitter was surprised with a stunning signing bonus. That's right; while performing at the Minglewood Hall, Yo Gotti would hand Blac the keys to a  chic Lamborghini Gallardo.

Is "Heavy" the first track that was played in the new ride, or was it another song from Blac Youngsta's recent mixtape, I Swear To God?


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