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Lil Wayne Really Gets Lit, Hotboxes Fancy LA Hotel
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.55.39 AM

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne reportedly spread some herbal love to a handful of guests at a California hotel this week.

According to reports, Wayne hotboxed a fancy Los Angeles spot.

Rapper Lil Wayne's posse was "hotboxing" unsuspected guests at his posh hotel in LA, spies told Page Six. A source at the London West Hollywood where he stayed told us Wayne's pals "were hotboxing the entire floor," meaning they were smoking marijuana in an enclosed space. (New York Post)

Recent reports claimed Wayne experienced multiple seizures this week due to not taking prescribed medication for epilepsy.

As for why he wasn't taking his Rx ... Wayne's rep tells us he went to a pharmacy in Milwaukee where he was performing but they didn't have the medicine in stock. He thought he could do without it for a few days, but he was wrong. (TMZ)

On Wednesday (June 15), Weezy F. Baby surprised Electronic Entertainment Expo attendees with a performance and introduction to his new Sqvad Up video game.

The rapper and Samsung pitchman performed at the company's booth inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. He delivered such songs as "John" and "No Ceiling" as six skateboarders did tricks behind him on a half-pipe stage. The rapper showed no signs of fatigue at E3. After the brief performance, he weaved past the crowd and appeared on a live stream at Twitch's booth to promote his mobile skateboarding game, "Sqvad Up." (Seattle Times)

Wayne jumped onto Twitter Tuesday (June 14) to respond to concerned supporters about his hospitalization.


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The HotBox Intro Contest. Submit Your Music!

The HotBox Intro Contest.  Submit Your Music!

The HotBox is currently searching for a new Intro song for their radio show. This is a great opportunity to get heard every week on the radio!

Hosted by Box Kev and DJ Amen, the show airs every Friday night on 106 KMEL in the Bay Area. They focus on playing new music and breaking records.

You can submit your entry to

Here are the guidelines:

1.) Must be 1 verse and 1 hook with at least 1 whole minute of instrumental following.

2.) Must say the words "The HotBox on 106KMEL", "Dj Amen", & "Box Kev".

3.) Absolutely no cursing (bad words).

4.) Must follow @DjAmen3000 & @BoxKev on Twitter for updates on contest.

5.) Must email finished version (mp3) to

Here's a previous Intro done for their show by Ya Boy:

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