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Artist DL Warfield Presents 'The American Flag Remixed' Collection

Derrick Lee Warfield is using his artistic gifts to spark a discussion about America and its contradictions. The founder of Goldfinger, C.S. is appealing to individuals that embrace those inconsistencies through his new collection titled The American Flag Remixed.

"When I think of America, like many traditional historians I think about the principles and structure it was founded on," states Warfield. "As an artist, what I love about our history is that we were founded by rebels. A group of men and women that challenged the establishment and were willing to die for what they believed in while holding on to the dream of 'What If?'"  

He adds, "My flags, like Americans are all different and custom fabricated to represent different passions, genres, ideas and cultures. No matter the color, fabric or design, they all scream 'I am America.'"

The former resident Art Director for LaFace Records used various mediums including metal, wood, Levi's denim, leather iron, and mercury glass for his latest artistic assortment. Some of the works were inspired by Warfield's culturally diverse family.

Atlanta-based performers Tip (fka T.I.) and Usher have requested Flag Remixed pieces. Executives for Levi's Strauss, Ford Motors, and PayPal purchased art from Warfield's collection while restaurants such as Gio Di Palma's Little Italy and 10 Degrees South have commissioned custom-designed flags.

The American Flag Remixed follows DL Warfield's run as a cover art designer for OutKast's Aquemini and ATLiens, Usher's Confessions and Here I Stand, TLC's Fanmail, Toni Braxton's Secrets, Yelawolf's Radioactive, and Pink's Can't Take Me Home. In addition, Warfield is currently designing covers for upcoming albums including Young Jeezy's Church In These Streets and Rich Homie Quan's Rich As In Spirit.

To purchase D.L. Warfield's artwork visit Check out pieces from DL Warfield's The American Flag Remixed in the gallery below.

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When a team of astronauts discover an approaching storm on Mars and decide to abort their mission they leave behind Mark Watney, (Matt Damon), in the midst of the chaos. left for dead and low on supplies, Watney is faced with a near impossible challenge in Ridley Scott's The Martian. In a rigorously realistic story of survival, the scientist must rely on his wits to have a chance at surviving on the bare and unpredictable planet. Meanwhile, after learning of his survival back on Earth, members of NASA and a team of international scientists work to bring him home against dangerous odds.

The film hosts vivid landscapes and a strong roster of movie stars. However, one of the most important roles in the feature is played by Donald Glover (Rich Purnell), a young and introverted scientist in the film. Glover's role is smaller but pivotal without a doubt and adds to his growing list of talents along with rapping, writing, and directing.

Check out the clip below to see the escape route that Glover's character wants to put in to action, a major turning point in the story, and don't miss The Martian opening nationwide this weekend (Oct. 2nd). With a powerful mix of adventure, humor, drama, and it's an experience you won't want to miss.

The film premiers in the U.S. Friday, Oct. 2nd in 2D and 3D.


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Recently iconic graffiti artist RISK announced that he will be opening an art gallery in Santa Monica, California just a few miles from the beach. The gallery has taken on the name of the, Buckshot Art Gallery and will feature a mixture of urban and fine art. The gallery is set to have its first exhibition on October 17th this year and will launch with an online e-commerce site to sell prints and original works of art online.

Kelly Graval, also known as RISK, has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for decades and the multi-talented fine artist, illustrator, and graffiti artist has become a world-renowned graffiti legend after putting in 30 years of work in the graf game. If you know anything about that, it's a life filled with dodging the law, tagging trains and is one of the essential elements of Hip-Hop according to KRS-ONE.

But, RISK has come a long way since he pioneered the painting of freeway overpasses, signs and billboards, dubbed "heavens." Although RISK loves aerosol art, he sees it as, "just one genre in his life's work." From his days as a student at the USC School of Fine Arts to gallery and museum showings around the world, RISK has transformed from a street artist to a respected icon in the contemporary art world.

The partnership includes Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel from Regime Management, a well-known entertainment management firm, and local entrepreneurs/philanthropists Howard Spunt and Bryan Spunt.

For more information check out, where you can find out more about the gallery and RISK's 350 page book Old Habit Die Hard. We've also included some images below and videos of RISK doing his thing!

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Carmelo Anthony Goes To Cuba To Cover Soccer, Soak In The Culture and Scoop Some Cigars (Video)
Screenshot 2015-09-29 19.15.03
Screenshot 2015-09-29 19.15.52

Very dope. And the time is right. Soccer (e.g. football, futbol) being the world sport it is, America being a leading sports nation, and Melo being a leading sportsman from America...

Throughout the NBA off-season VICE Sports and Carmelo Anthony are exploring street sport cultures around the world. In our premiere episode, Melo travels to Cuba to explore the rise of soccer in a nation synonymous with baseball, ride a 1950s drop top in the rain, and grab some fresh rolled Cuban cigars along the way.

Carmelo was a good choice for a correspondent, too. This VICE Sports piece felt more like interesting leisure than intense learning; enriching experience captured on video either way.


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eSports Is Real, Really Big And Really Serious... Worldwide (Video)

Okay, so we thought we were talking big sporting with the earlier post on 'Fantasy Football' but DAMN...

Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle game League of Legends than there are people who live in France.


Wowwww. More folks playing one game than the number of folks that live in a country! We have slept; but VICE is going to wake us up and hip us to the world of competitive gaming - also known as eSports. So real, and really exciting. Really lucrative, too... but really brutal at times.

Start with Part 1 above. Continue after the jump. A deep, multi-part story from VICE.

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Food & Culture: The New York 21 Club Burger (Video)

Food & Culture: The New York 21 Club Burger (Video)
Screenshot 2015-09-28 04.02.29

A burger that looks like "ooh la la" will end up costing you a lot of "moo la la" (emphasis on moo) - 36 damn dollars though???? Salt, pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheese, and condiments. Dat all... for $36. Breathing deeply...

For over 85 years, New York City's 21 Club has hosted U.S. Presidents, Hollywood elite and titans of finance. Executive chef Sylvain Delpique talks about the eatery's history as a speakeasy as well as his take on an American staple.

Yeah. You watch and figure if the burger is that much better there than the local spot up the block.


Okay, that actually came out looking hella tasty. But how about dropping the price a smidge? The 21 Club serving a $21 burger perhaps? It'd be a start...


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Photo credit: J. Wright @whoisjwright

T.I. and Hannah Kang/ Music Business Politics did it again with yet another extravagant birthday celebration. T.I. and hundreds of guests celebrated his 35th birthday at his new upscale multi-level restaurant, Scales 925. Every year the lavish celebration includes a theme; this year's theme was 'Carnivale'. Upon arrival, guests mingled, enjoyed complimentary cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and a night of great music ranging from classics to today's hottest hits. One of the most memorable aspects of the night were the models dressed in true Carnivale styled attire. Happy Birthday TIP. Shout out to Grand Hustle and our favorite twins Marcel & Melvin Middleton.

#490158722 /

#490156304 /
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Afro-Samurai 2 Gets Co-Signs From Big Sean And The RZA


A few days ago (Sept 23rd)  Afro-Samurai game publishers Versus Evil teamed up with RevoltTV for a special one of a kind event to celebrate the release of Afro-Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma. Highlighting the artists featured on the project, RevoltTV hosted the party in Hollywood where there were performances with refreshments and food.

The RevoltTV event was part of the recently announced partnership with video game publisher Versus Evil and Fearless Media for the launch of Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma,  which is  a third-person action adventure game that builds on the original games success.

The game has a great Hip-Hop soundtrack and has gotten co-signs from The RZA and Big Sean to name a few.

"You know a lot of gamers now, like to continue to receive more content. Open up other secret vaults and things like that to build up their repertoire. This game is a game that's going to continue to grow," the RZA explained.

Big Sean has also gotten behind the game as well and can be seen playing it with the lead developer, David Robinson in a GameZone clip below.

Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma will be available for digital download on PC and PlayStation 4 on September 22nd. Coming soon to Xbox One. Visit more information.

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Porsche's Mission E Concept (Video)

Porsche's Mission E Concept (Video)
Screenshot 2015-09-23 22.06.48
Screenshot 2015-09-23 22.06.54

Hey, sometimes you gotta let your eyes snack on a different kind of candy. The Porsche right here... This Porsche right here maaaan... Sweet.

Four individual seats, four doors, two luggage compartments. Electric drive. E-Performance, Porsche style. Integrated in a harmonious overall concept. Concept Study Mission E sets the stage for tomorrow. With its design and its technology, it provides answers to the question of the sports car of the future.



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How Would You React If You Saw a Lamborghini Drive By? How Would You React To The Reactions If You W

Are you curious to know what it is like driving a Ferrari #lamborghinimustang in the streets of Toronto? Enjoy another update of my POV Reaction Series.

- The Leviathan

Ha! Lie to yourself if you want, but even if you were not curious, you are now. Watching this from The Leviathan's point-of-view, you might feel different about the a-hole (or awesome dude) that rolls through your 'hood in a Lambo. This should give you a whole other perspective on what 'that sh!t cray' means. Can you just be 'regular' while driving a supercar? Can you just live?

(Wow. Maybe not...A couple of those encounters captured in the vid above will definitely make you think before you give your final answer!)


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In Boston there was a time when the Winter Hill Gang reigned supreme. The story on how they ruled the Boston underworld is a familiar story locally, and its one that has captivated the minds of everyone in Boston for years. Now the story is going worldwide as Johnny Depp plays Whitey Bulger in the Warner Brothers movie 'Black Mass,' a story that has long since become engrained in Boston's urban legends of the rough South Side of the city.

Operating with impunity as a the ring leader of a ruthless empire that moved drugs, buried bodies, gambled, extorted through violence, and other means, Irish Mafia boss Whitey Bulger was as cold as the New England winters. At this point, knowing rappers, we wouldn't be surprised if  his name is in the works to become the title of a Boston rapper's mixtape if it hasn't already.  With a rap sheet that included a stint at Alcatraz and over 19 murders Bulger got it done with the law on his side, having a brother that was deep in the political game of Massachusetts.

But in this true story crime drama, there are twists and turns that leave a blemish on Whitey's career as a gangster. Having struck a deal with Boston's division of the FBI, Whitey was able to run the South side of Boston while he operated as an informant for the ABC boys. Did you say snitch or rat? To Whitey it wasn't being a rat, it was a business decision that allowed him to make millions moving drugs and dominating the lucrative black market of Boston's underworld.

Although Jim Bulger still maintains to this day that he "never cracked," FBI sources say that he simply doesn't want it to be true given his "Southie" upbringing that frowned upon rats.  Either way corruption was rampant. At times Whitey says he paid FBI employees as much as $25,000 - $50,000 cash handing them a box or envelope. To the Winter Hill Gang there was always a way to corrupt government agents. While the FBI was focused on the Italian Mobb, they let the Godfather of the Irish Mafia do his dirty work with no repercussions. To this day Bulger maintains that he always asked the questions, him running the convos and looking for tips, not the other way around.

Hip-Hop culture has always had a fascination with gangsters like Scarface, Goodfellas and other crime movies - this one def adds to the list of films for us to enjoy . Johnny Depp is ruthless, dark and at times chillingly comfortable in his role as a sick and twisted Boston mobster that killed over 19 people that we know about.

While the film tells an incredible story of how the law can get tied up in the streets, but the truth of the matter is that many people lost lives and this guy tormented South Boston for decades. How did the Boston FBI really allow this to happen? The answer and eventual scapegoat was John Connelly, who finds himself at the center of this film. We won't ruin for you but this is def a good gangster movie for anyone looking to know more about Whitey Bulger the notorious Boston gangster.

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_Looksee_ Illuminated Boxes Protect Kicks, Showcase Sneaker Gems
Looksee Display Boxes
Looksee Display Boxes
Looksee Display Boxes
Looksee Display Boxes

Ever tried to neatly fit your sneakers into the closet, but you just have too many? Or maybe they just dont stack up just right when you try to neatly put them in their place. sneakerheads, you have now found your solution and its actually pretty dope. Sometimes boxes break down with wear and tear so now real sneakerheads have their solution. Enter _LookSee_ Illuminated Boxes.

Before it was either A) you put them in boxes and maintain their look or B) they are put in order where you can easily access them. But the problem with leaving sneaks outside the box is that the white plastic ages and other parts of the shoe eventually fade.

The _LookSee_ display is currently available for pre-order and will be available for purchase online September 15, 2015. The LookSee displays will be available in two sizes and designs, The Grand and The Petit.

As a by-product of EcoGreen Lights, _LookSee_ display will be available on its website. To get more information about product details check out the info here: _LookSee_ Boxes

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Travel: Action Bronson Hits Hawaii And Brings Us Deliciousness (Video)
Screenshot 2015-09-19 05.21.01
Screenshot 2015-09-19 05.21.05

Above: Action Bronson is back with more fun and food porn in the latest episode of F#ck That's Delicious. Wow. Bam Bam took it to Hawaii - making poke (say it like POH-KAY, a fish and rice dish), a fav of his and Alchemist's. Hey, put on a napkin and pull chair up close... and dig in!

(Haaaaa! He is CLOWNING to that Phil & Phil "Easy Lover" in there later.)

Saying though. Instead of going to get those chips, why not watch Bronson show you how to MAKE some REAL food... more flavor for your 'chips' right? Looks healthy. Like it oughta served be next door to Styles' and Jada's Juice Bar!


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Photo credit: Terrence Jennings

The role of the music producer has evolved: they've come from behind the console front and center, actively pushing for innovation, new expressions and styles that drive and transform culture. This summer, Re´my Martin celebrated the relationship between producers, music, culture and innovation by giving up-and-coming producers the ultimate access to the world's top producers-and a chance at being "Next"-in the season's premiere producer competition: Re´my Martin Presents "The Producers Series."

The Re´my Martin Presents "The Producers Series" featured some of the hottest producers in the game. Legends and current trend setters-Mike Will Made-It, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Salaam Remi, and AraabMuzik-were interviewed by Re´my Martin Brand Ambassador and Power 105.1 "The Breakfast Club" Charlamagne Tha God. In intimate conversations, all shared their stories, how they got into the game, what it takes to be hit makers, and critiqued the series' competitor entries.

Over the nearly three month competition, thousands of up-and-coming producers battled their way to this past Saturday's finale competition at New York City's Stage 48, featuring a live performance by producer AraabMuzik. During the event's battle-style finale, the Re´my Martin Presents "The Producers Series" winner was revealed. Judged by AaraabMuzik, Charlamagne and industry vets Rap (Universal Republic), Jay Claxton (DTLR Radio/WERQ), Chris Green (Capitol Records), Theo Brown (Atlantic Records), Shadow Stokes, and Steve Raze (, amateur producer Keith Edwards a.k.a SoulTronik (@IamSoulTronik) was named the winner of the first-ever Re´my Martin Presents "The Producers Series."

SoulTronik, beating out 19 semi-finalists from the New York area, emerged from the four finalists, walking away with a prize package that included studio time at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio, and items from AKOO, Levi's, Fanny Pack Me and Guitar Center. From Hempstead, N.Y., SoulTronik has been producing since 2003 and touts being influenced by the likes of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Showbiz, !llmind, Statik Selektah and Boi-1da.

Runner up in Re´my Martin Presents "The Producers Series" competition was Swing America (@swingamerica); the other two finalists were Buda & Grandz (@BudaDaFuture) and Calvin Charles (@saintbeliev3).

Founded in 1724, Re´my Martin is the world's leading producer of Fine Champagne Cognac. It is because Re´my Martin Cognac is made exclusively with eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus, sourced from the rarest vineyards and with the greatest aging potential, that it delivers such unique aromatic intensity. Centuries of perfecting the art of cognac making have resulted in spirits of unparalleled richness, flavor and complexity. After 38 years at the House of Re´my Martin, Pierrette Trichet passed the Cellar Masters' legacy to Baptiste Loiseau in April 2014. For more information, visit

Check out more photos from the event below. Photos by Terrence Jennings.

Click to view slideshow.
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Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is part of the latest round of investments for Chronicled, Inc. The San Francisco based company has raised $1.4 million from investment firm Colbeck along with Lynch, Mandra Capital, Pantera Capital, Social Starts, other angel investors, and Chronicled's four co-founders.

"We are delighted to be joined by investors with deep expertise in social platforms, cryptography, and the burgeoning Internet of Things, as well as pop culture, art, sports, and fashion," said Ryan Orr, the company's founder and CEO.

Chronicled partnered with Identiv to develop encrypted microchips which allows small wearable sensors  - called Smart Labels - to be attached to shoes. Using an open registry and various applications to track authenticity, ownership, and provenance, the company helps eliminate the sale of imitation sneakers.

"Our technology lets consumers know if their products are authentic at the tap of a mobile phone," said Sam Radocchia, Chronicled co-founder and CPO. "It also provides brands and retailers with a new platform to engage with the consumer beyond the point of sale and to issue limited edition products."

The "secondary market" for high-end collectible sneakers accounts for nearly $1 billion of the estimated $1 trillion in annual transactions for luxury consumer goods. Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 11, Doernbecher special editions, and the Nike Air Yeezy are the sneaker models with the highest number of fakes on the market.

"The secondary market for luxury goods and collectibles is flooded with fakes, resulting in illiquidity and daunting consumer risk," said Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital. "Chronicled's technology has the potential to make the market safe and efficient, while giving users a better experience. Luxury goods provenance represents a multi-billion dollar sector where blockchain technology can add unprecedented value."

Chronicled, Inc. was founded in September 2014. The company plans to launch its platform near the end of 2015 with more than 15,000 pairs of sneakers secured. For more information visit

PHOTO: Seattle Seahawks

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