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Colonel Loud x Rico Barrino - "California" feat. The LOX (Remix)

Sheek Louch said he's going to see C Loud in "California" and get that 'medical card' (hahaaaa)! Don't worry SP and Jada are coming along. You know bringing that 'juice' to add to the greenery and scenery out there, too. Smooth work on the track here by Colonel Loud & Rico Barrino and The LOX on this remix. Check it.



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My Five Firsts: Ricco Barrino

My Five Firsts: Ricco Barrino

Ricco Barrino took a short hiatus from the music industry, but the High Point, North Carolina native returned in 2015 with a major hit. The singer-songwriter is one of the contributors, along with T.I. and Young Dolph, to Colonel Loud's Top 10 R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay smash "California."

In addition, Barrino's affiliation with Tip extends to being a member of the Atlanta rapper's Grand Hustle Records roster where Ricco added vocals to T.I.'s "Porn Star," Young Dro's "Hood Gospel," and B.o.B's "5th Dimension." His résumé also includes writing credits for Young Jeezy, R. Kelly, and his sister American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino.

The nephew of the 1960's soul group The Barrino Brothers is also a solo artist in his own right. Besides teaming with some of the top talent in the business, Barrino has released his own mixtapes Twenty 12 Play and Musical Evolution. Up next is his single "Come To The Money," another collaboration with Colonel Loud. connected with Ricco Barrino to take part in the "My Five Firsts" series. This exclusive interview consists of the "Bubble Gum" vocalist sharing his experiences on performing with Fantasia, meeting T.I., hitting the strip club, and hearing a couple of classic R&B albums for the first time.

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First Time Performing In Public With Fantasia
Long before American Idol, we were already making people feel good in local churches. So as we got older, we found ourselves in clubs and local coffee houses making people stand on tables and chairs by making people listen to our vocals. It was always an adrenaline rush.

First Time Meeting T.I.
It was a surreal feeling. I had contemplated and calculated that day for so long that it felt like we had been brothers in another life. We immediately got to work, and he trusted my opinions which kept me motivated. I owe a lot to him for believing in me since day one. From the first phone call to now, he has never changed. Salute Tip.

First Time Going To A Strip Club
I was in Atlanta, Georgia, and the strip club was Jazzy T's. I remember like it was 5 minutes ago. They were playing an Eminem song. Although I am a fan of Eminem, I am not a fan of all of his work.

That night the DJ played his new single and I remember watching this girl in front of me who was built like a female Belgian horse dance for me slowly. Man, I could have gave her my wallet that night. [laughs]

Long story short, I couldn't get the song out of my head. That night inspired me to write my first regional hit single "Bubble Gum" which caught the attention of Atlantic records and [Grand Hustle co-founder] Jason Geter. I knew I wanted that same feeling and understood the power of the strip club in reference to breaking new music. God Bless Jazzy T's!

First Time Hearing The Beat For "California"
For me, the beat felt the same, because I grew up around that type of sound. I'm all the time finding myself living out déjà vu moments, moments from my childhood days. So to hear the beat, it's almost as if I was a part of the composers' mission to reinvent a classic that never died, it only grew.

First Time Hearing R. Kelly's 12 Play and Jodeci's Forever My Lady
R.Kelly's 12 Play - for me it gave me a feeling of freedom to speak passionately about things that men didn't say on records. I found the passion to be able to say what I wanted and make my own Zane book off of the stamp R. Kelly put on wax.

Jodeci's Forever My Lady - with Jodeci it was total excitement, because what people didn't know was that they are my first cousins. So once I heard them hop on the record ["Treat Them Like They Want to Be Treated"] with Father MC, after hearing them come out of church it made me want to hear more. I was so amped up I must have requested it 1500 times. Then the DJ played it about 1500 times till I didn't want to hear it anymore. That's when I knew it was a hit song.

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Purchase Ricco Barrino's music on iTunes.

Follow Ricco Barrino on Twitter @RICCOBARRINO and Instagram @riccobarrino.

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Add Mixcloud to Your App Today!

Add Mixcloud to Your App Today!

As part of our continuing effort to be the best mobile app provider for DJs and Radio Stations, we've added Mixcloud as an available feature for our apps.

Mixcloud is a popular site for DJs and Radio Stations because they are devoted to mixes and they have negotiated rights for all uploaded content.  In additional, they offer unlimited uploads and unlimited listening.

Now, our clients can integrate Mixcloud in addition to SoundCloud and Podomatic into their mobile app to bring the best content possible to their fans.

New clients can add it to their app by providing a link to their Mixcloud account during setup.

Existing clients can submit a request to have their Mixcloud added using the Request Design Changes form.

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Video: "I DID DIZ" - Pinero Loud


Pinero Loud born on the South side of Chicago is a breath of fresh air outside the normal with tracks that slam from the trunk of the car to the bedroom. This fly, flashy, handsome & educated artist is ready to draw you into his world of struggle, women, childhood and relate-able visuals with his unique voice and storytelling. Traveling at an early age (Germany) and moving a lot has given an edgy diversity to a talent that many enjoy. After years of filling notebooks with rhymes with old friends the opportunity finally came along to take it serious as a career, the Dopeastetic Bloetry series kicked off his presence into the local Chicago scene.  The DB2 EP hosted by DJ stylez for Sirius XM Radio featured on and other outlets has fans waiting on the 3rd installment. Currently, Pinero Loud went and recruited one of Chicago's best kept secrets and most sought after music producers & Mixtape DJ for his latest hit record release single and video "I Did Diz" - WATCH NOW Produced by E.L.O Da Epidemic (StackorstarveDJs/upandcomers/twelveMgt,inc) Follow on Twitter @PineroDoesit IG @PineroLoud Twitter @DJEloDaEpidemic IG @EloDaEpidemic  


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YG Drops 2 New Tracks On Soundcloud


After releasing "I Want A Benz" featuring Nipsey Hussle & 50 Cent, YG hits soundcloud to release two new tracks. For the first track YG collabs with Slim 400 over Goapele's "Closer" and the second track titled "City Mad" also features Slim 400 & Mozzy.

Listen below.

[LISTEN: YG Drops New Heater "I Want A Benz" Featuring Nipsey Hussle & 50 Cent]
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Jay Z's Tidal Hires Third CEO


Jay Z has hired their third CEO in Jeff Toig who is know for his high-end work at SoundCloud and Muve Music.

The service has forged on despite the naysayers and exceeded a million subscribers this year. Toig replaces the previous CEO, who was fired in April.

Insiders expect Toig to stabilize the company, despite rumors suggesting Jay Z may want to sell the company.

Click here to read a full interview with Toig.

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Colonel Loud drops the official video for his hit single "California", featuring T.I., Young Dolph & Ricco Barrino. Directed by Iconick. Purchase the single now on iTunes.

Watch below.

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Prodigal Son

103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Prodigal Son

The late great rapper Tupac Shakur once compared himself to a rose that grew from the concrete. But instead of America marveling over the flowers ability to blossom despite a lack of water, inadequate sunlight and malnourishment, its criticized for having broken branches, dirty petals and a twisted stem.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based rapper Prodigal Son is much like that relentless rose. A seven-time Billboard-charting gospel rapper who rhymes about his rough and tumble past life on the streets, Prodigal Son has been under scrutiny for his brutally honest lyrics instead of his ability to shed light on the evils of the world.

Prodigal Son, has been a 2 time (2nd Round) Grammy Nominee for Best Rap Album (WELCOME 2 HOLY-WOOD) the album debuted on Gospel Billboard charts at Number 21

Growing up wasn't easy, born in Canton Ohio, he only had 4 choices to escape poverty, music, sports, crime and working in a steel mill, he chose all 4.

I talk about real life. Ill say what you think about but never dare to say it, says Prodigal. My music is very unorthodox. It relates to a lot of people and a lot of people relate to. I never promote to a Christian market because everybody listens to music says Prodigal Son.

Born Kelly Williams in the high-crime city of Canton, Ohio, Prodigal came into this world fighting. Addicted to crack-cocaine at birth, he was taken away from his mother, given back shortly after and at three months old, his father was given full custody.

Raised by his pops and stepmother, coming up was an everyday struggle. His stepmother didn'st have a job for the majority of his childhood. And even though his father had a full time job for the city, money was scarce. And his father would drink any extra money left over at the end of the month. So at age 13, young Kelly took to the streets to earn his bread and meat.

I wasnt robbing in the streets because everybody else was doing it, Prodigal admits. I was hustling to survive and if I got caught, I knew my survival was gone. And thats not what I wanted.

Prodigal Son's hustling caught up with him at 16 and landed him in a juvenile corrections facility for 1 year. It was during his first bid that Prod was introduced to music by a fellow juvenile offender who was facing a life sentence.

But even though Kelly knew that music was in his future, he was still knee deep in the streets. His life of crime landed back behind bars before long. And between parole and probation violations stemming from a robbery charge, he spent a total of eight years in prison.

By the end of his bid, he turned his life over to Christ and decided to make Christian hip hop instead of secular music. He adopted the stage name Prodigal Son and dropped his underground debut CD Crossing the Red Sea in 2003. He burned the CD himself and put it in mom-and-pop stores on consignment. Shortly after, he released his follow-up album My Block in the same format.

Prodigal received critical acclaim for both CDs and by the time his third album Kingdom Swagga-nomics hit, he had secured a distribution deal with a regional company and charted at the Number 21 spot on Billboard. The following year, he came back with compilation CD Welcome to HOLY-wood featuring some of his closest friends. The compilation debuted at Number 25.

But even with Billboard charts and Grammy nominations, Prodigal Son has been constantly criticized by the Christian community for his realistic lyrical content. So his official departure from Christian hip hop was the September release of album Deeper Than Church, for which he has been nominated for two Grammys for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song for the albums self-titled lead single.

Born addicted to crack cocaine, being 5 months premature, Kelly wasn't expected to survive, but he did as well as being healed of BREAST CANCER with the help of no doctors of chemotherapy.

Prodigal Son took a short step away from the gospel hip hop music world after the passing of his mother, grandmother and father in the year of 2010 and that was a dangerous move for him to make, he chose to find life on his own, not following God's master plan for his life.. But with many prayers and support from his closest friends, family and fans The Prodigal Son returned back to the gospel hip hop music and the culture while securing a new recording deal under TYSCOT RECORDS/WARNER MUSIC GROUP.

Prodigal Son released of his new E.P. #Grace (Sept, 3, 2013) from his own label HOLY-wood Records WORLD-wide LLC/CLG DISTRIBUTION made available via I-Tunes and many other digital outlets, with a follow up album due late 2014 entitled #HOMECOMING. Prodigal Son is ready to return to the community at large and encourage them to: NEVER GIVE UP...

- Creator of Canton Charge Theme song 2015 (D-League Basketball Assoc. #Cleveland Cavs)

- Coast 2 Coast Customs Mixtape Producer

- PBS jingle / Actor "Hidden Rage", Bad Boyz 1 & 2, HBO Special A Sinners Prayer

- Creator Of Sun Set Audio Workout Pla

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Krayzie Bone - "Cloudy"


Announcing his final album Chasing The Devil, Krayzie Bone shares the first single from the album  "Cloudy".

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Sweet Da Kid's true identity may remain a mystery, but we're granted some insights into the man behind the ski-mask in his sharp, revealing new video for "When I Blow". We get a glimpse of what that all means in this video directed by RAGE (Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim) and edited by Niv Gat (RZA, Guns N' Roses). Here, RAGE showcases a day in the life of our enigmatic MC, who cooks up breakfast in his crib, hits the beach with his friends, and cruises the coast at sunset. These are aspects of his day to day that could easily change should he get big, but only if he allows them to. And you get the feeling that the Sweet we see in "When I Blow" will remain the same, even if he adds some commas to his bank account. Your Mother's Other Son is available for both stream and free download.

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Sorry that friend is me!! Been brought about talking loud all my...

Sorry that friend is me!! Been brought about talking loud all my life!! Plus im puerto rican!! We all loud lol


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A.Chal is a very enigmatic artist on Soundcloud. The LA based singer may provide music at very sporadic times, but he never seems to disappoint when a new track shows up on his account. With only three songs released, A.Chal has acquired over 10,000 followers on Soundcloud, even getting radio play on Drake's show on Beats 1, OVO Sound radio.

Recently, A.Chal released another track titled "Vibe W/U." The singer provides his vocals on an instrumental more upbeat than past tracks, but still adds that odd spirit that the others still have.

Check out "Vibe W/U" below.

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Yesterday, Miguel had a random surprise for his fans. The famed R&B singer released an exclusive track from him, Blu, and producer Anthony Williams titled "U R on My Mind." The song, originally made in 1999, features a 14-year old Miguel singing over a smooth beat featuring minimal keyboards. Blu also blesses the song with a verse. "U R on My Mind" definitely shows where Miguel singing roots had come from, giving off sounds very familiar to artists like D'Angelo and Donnell Jones.

Check out the song below.


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