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50 Cent's Son Marquise Jackson's Atlanta Area Highschool Basketball Highlights (Video)

Yooooo. 50's son got skills... on the hardwood! Watch.

50 Cent's son Marquise Jackson is a 5'9" senior point guard at St. John's Military Academy. This weekend Marquise showed that he could knock down threes and run a team. The son of the famous rapper scored 20 points against number 1 ranked prep school in the country Brewster Academy and shot 75% from the field. Last season he averaged 19.1 points per game, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists on his way to 1st Team All Region at King's Ridge Christian Academy in Alpharetta, Georgia.



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Wal-Mart Could Help Eliminate Poverty By Sharing The Wealth... With Its Own Employees (Video)
Screenshot 2014-11-27 10.38.23
Screenshot 2014-11-27 10.38.30

Heartbreaking letter from LaRanda Jackson, a 20-year-old Wal-Mart employee who posted it to Alice Walton (heiress to Sam Walton's Wal-Mart empire) on Wal-Mart's "Hunger Games" Tumblr page.

I'm writing to you because it hurts to see the pain in my younger brothers' eyes when we can't afford food to fill their stomachs. Sure, they see that I'm working hard, taking the bus an hour each way to get to work at Walmart. Even though they know that things are tight right now, that our mom is often too sick to work, they just can't understand why last year on Thanksgiving they didn't get turkey and gravy like other kids their age.

But hey, what can Alice do? How could she help? All she did was inherit tons (literally) of money. Well, Walton family, listen to activist economist Robert Reich (above).

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Artist Spotlight with Pastor Mark Collier and more!


The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | | Tuesday's at 6:00 p.m.

First Segment: Super excited to have Pastor Mark Collier in our featured Artist Spotlight on Tuesday's show at 6:00 p.m. EST!   Pastor Mark is a Worship Leader, Artist and Clinician. He has shared stages with Tye Tribbett, Tasha Cobbs, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Pastor John P. Kee, Earnest Pugh, the Temptations & more! He joins us to chat about his single " Keep Holding On"!  

Second Segment: Excited to have Dr. Sheronda Orridge LovingSpirit on Tuesday's show at 6:20 p.m. EST to chat about So Intentional: Words of Wisdom from a Poets Point Of View. Dr. Sheronda is owner of Loving Spirit Life Coach Academy LLC. Visit her online at 

Third Segment: Super excited to have Dell Scott of Divacoutoure and The Undiscovered Jewel-Dell Scott on Tuesday's show at 6:40 p.m.EST! She joins us to chat about her new book, "The Undiscovered Jewel- Realizing The Brilliance That Lies Within". Visit her online |

Show Sponsors:

Mitchell Productions Web Design -

FAB's Marketing/Publicity/Coaching team  -


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Monday Morning Motivation - Personal Development Has a High ROI

As we get ready to embark upon a new season next month, it makes me think about how seasons are so much more than just times of the year. As a result I've decided to personalize this coming season. We don't have to wait for a new year to set goals and make positive changes. A new month, a birthday, an anniversary, a new week, a new day and a new hour are all perfect opportunities for new beginnings.

I love to use new seasons as my markers for new beginnings because everything and everyone that comes into your life is for a season. Some seasons are longer than others but most leave you with a lesson that allows you to come out better than you were before.

This might be your season of health and wellness, your season of financial literacy, or your season of focus on family. This is my season of personal development. Weather we realize it or not, we invest so much in making other people's dreams come true, that very little is left over for our own self improvement. Think about it,

How much do you really invest in personal development? Now when I say personal development, I don't mean getting your hair and nails done. Don't get me wrong, that is very important too. But that goes under self-care which is another subject and another blog. When I say investing in personal development I mean investing time and money into books, classes, workshops, mentors, conferences and networking opportunities that move you forward in the mission and vision that you have for your life.

We tend to invest in high risk things where we may get little or no return, but self investment is a win- win situation. When you invest in yourself, the return is always high. In the financial world the acronym, ROI stands for Return On Investment. This speaks to the amount that you get back when you invest in something. When you invest in yourself, the return is priceless

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WTF: TMZ Calls Marion Barry 'Crackhead Mayor'


Earlier today, we reported the passing of former Mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Barry and the effect he had on politics and the transformation of the capitol to Chocolate City. However, TMZ took a...


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Marion Barry, the four-term mayor and current Washington, D.C. Council member, died early Sunday, at Howard University Hospital, the Washington Post reports, citing a family statement. He was...


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The NEW ****

The NEW ****

Claudio's Official website has been updated and massively changed!

Hearing the word 'massively' might make you think that a lot has been added to the young artists website, however it has actually been simplified.

Claudio Marques wants to keep everything simple and easy to understand therefore a new 'Dope' layout has been added to

The new website also brings a new optimised mobile version of the site.

New content will slowly be added to the website, however it is now ready for you to go check it out wether it is on your mobile or PC at home.

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#NewRelease Marvelous Are Thy Works, a Novella by Meiah Shaun


Meiah Shaun is an inspirational author and freelance writer. She is a graduate of LeTourneau University. She is a native of Orange, Texas and currently resides in Plano, Texas.

Meiah Shaun is the author of Marvelous Are Thy Works, a novella. Meiah Shaun has a special interest in empowering African American women to self love and to embrace their natural hair. She and her twin sister rock Sisterlocks. Her fraternal twin sister is thirteen minutes older than her.

Meiah Shaun is featured on as a platinum level author penning articles on numerous topics such as inspirational, spirituality, goal setting to shopping and product reviews.

Meiah Shaun enjoys writing, reading, cooking, jazz music and making scrapbooks.

Meiah, tell us about your book?

Fatima, her best friend Lauryn and her cousin Sheba are natural hair stylist at All Natural Hair Salon in Washington, DC.  Fatima wants to build a brand and invest into other business ventures for their salon.  She desires to empower African American women by motivational speaking about the natural hair movement.  She desires to travel the country to spread her message.  Lauryn and Sheba are not interested in Fatima's business idea.  They have their own plans for their futures.  They are going through different life events and are struggling to maintain their friendships while doing business together.  Fatima's boyfriend, Ephraim hasn't asked for her hand in marriage after five years of dating.  Fatima has to follow her instincts as she moves into her destiny.

 How did you come up with idea for this book?

My inspiration behind Marvelous Are Thy Works is that I identify with my protagonist Fatima Williams as I love encouraging African American women to accept and wear their natural hair.  Like Fatima, I have worked in real estate, was formerly a vegetarian and I have dated an African man.  She and I have a few things in common.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book?

I had no idea in the beginning how long it would take me to complete my book.  I worked on my novella for over two years.

Why do you write?

For me, writing is spiritual.  I pray before I sit down to write.  I ask God for direction and for him to use me as a vessel to bless and inspire others.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

I want enlightened African American women about going natural as it is a personal choice.  I hope my readers resonate with my protagonist, Fatima Williams who is a visionary and pursues her passion.  I believe that Fatima is relatable to most women who want a prosperous life filled with success, love and happiness.

Who are your favorite authors?

I enjoy reading inspirational authors such as Bishop TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore and Joel Osteen.  However, some of my favorite fictional authors are Lori Tharps, Norma L. Jarrett and Rhonda McKnight.

What book(s) are you reading now?

I've been studying my pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes's book called Instinct.

What books have most influenced your life?

I read the Bible to study the word of God which gives me strength and revelation.

Also, another book that has influenced me is by R.G. LeTourneau called Mover of Men and Mountains.  I read the book while I was a student at LeTourneau University.  The book taught me how to use biblical principles in my business engagements and in building relationships.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I am a fan of author, Lori Tharps.  I read her books: Kinky Gazpacho and Hair Story, Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America while I was going natural several years ago.  I was inspired by her books.  During that tim

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Lord Jamar Agrees With A$AP Yams: "2014 Could BeThe Worst Ever" (Video)

Whew, ! Well, A$AP Yams said it. And Lord Jamar pretty much seconded it. He kinda made some points. Ask yourself... Did 2014 mark the release of any instant classics in Hip-Hop? Name 'em. Now, how many trash LPs can you name? Wow. You might not want to speak on it (too painful for Hip-Hop heads); but Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian fame) will. Don't worry. Watch.

But there is hope for the future... I'm trying to do my part...

- Lord Jamar


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Marlins Should Trade Stanton

Word came over the weekend that it was coming and now it is reportedly done: Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports that the 13-year, $325 million contract between Giancarlo Stanton and the Marlins is officially “in place.” It won’t be publicly announced by the team until later this week, likely so that a press conference can be arranged.more

read more via

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Monday Morning Motivation - Are You Open and Ready to Receive?

One of my favorite affirmations that I write and repeat frequently is, "I am now open to receive." Recently I had to ask myself, "You may be open, but are you really ready?" I say this because we constantly hope and wish and dream and pray and want for things like a good mate, more money, a new home or car...but when we actually get those things will we be truly ready? Will we know what to do with those things? The reality is that we are so focused on what we have presently, or what we don't have, that when we get what we claimed that we truly wanted we often lose, abuse or reject it.

I remember listening to an airing of the Oprah Show on Oprah Radio where they highlighted a very interesting social experiment. A homeless man was given a large lump sum of money, as well as opportunities for education, employment and mental health treatment. To make a long story short, he did not take the offers that would help him sustain and maintain his well being, but he did take the money. In no time he blew all of the money and was homeless again.

As we get on our knees and pray, or day dream, or create vision boards for what it is that we truly believe that we want or need, we must also prepare to receive it. If it is money that we desire, we must increase our financial literacy so that we will know how to manage it when we get it. If it is love that we want we must change our existing framework and learn what real and healthy love looks like.

In one of my previous messages I talked about visualizing our dreams in order for them to be realized. A part of the vision must also be the wisdom, discipline, training and commitment that comes along with the things that we long for.

So this week, I encourage you to journal about, talk about, pray about, or meditate about all of the necessary steps, supplements, and mindsets that go along with what you are asking for. Be prepared because if you ask and believe, you will most certainly GET READY

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Kendrick Lamar Speaking With DJ Whoo Kid On His Music, His Moves, His Take On Hip-Hop Today & More

On the mic, Kendrick's spit game is unmatched...even on the radio. Promo stop to be certain, but take in the insights the young lion drops (along with news of what's to come in his music/career)...

Kendrick Lamar stopped by The Whoolywood Shuffle promoting his latest single "i". He speaks on traveling to St. Louis to gain Ron Isley's permission for use of his "That Lady" sample. K. Dot also confirms George Clinton collaborations are underway.

There are also motivational gems contained within the interview. One being that Kendrick emphasizes the basis of challenging yourself. He said "Challenge yourself, and don't take instances for granted." "Whether it's a 16, a hook, or 4 bars challenge yourself. And this is why Hip-Hop is at a point where creativity is stagnant, because artists aren't challenging themselves."



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RAWdeoShow: David Dallas Ft. Sid Diamond x Mareko - Southside (Prod. Fire x Ice)

Hold up. Hold up. Slow down the beat and mellow that out. Time to tone down the lyrics, change the energy, but keep it Hip-Hop. Cue D. Dallas and let's do this then.


You can hear music like this every week. Follow @RAWdioShow and listen to the Saturday Night Live #PodParty where RAW meets RADIO every week, at #SNL

Videos posted for this blog curated under the auspices of BoneBreaker Studios & O Know He Did Ent. Follow @BoneBreakerStud & @OKnowHeDidEnt on Twitter

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Business: Watch Fat Joe's "Get Rich Quick" Pitch At Market America (Video)

Gonna take a long minute to process what you are seeing above (feels kinda of Amway-ish). Trust. What you are seeing/hearing is Joseph Cartagena (not Fat Joe) on stage, talking up an opportunity for audience members to make some residual income... not in a rhyme... rather, a business presentation in a little over thirty minutes.

President of Urban & Latino Development, Fat Joe, explains how to get on the Invisible Train to success with your Market America UnFranchise Business.

In a word: Wow.


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