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Actor from Juice and Lean On Me arrested for buying 200 pounds of marijuana

TMZ reports that Jermaine "Huggy" Hopkins was arrested for buying 200 pounds of weed from an undercover police officer. The drug deal went down in Arizona, where he was arrested and charged with two felony counts of possessing, transporting and trying to sell marijuana.

The Maricopa County police say Hopkins traveled from North Carolina to Arizona to make the transaction on Tuesday. Undercovers set up the drug buy and then after Hopkins purchased the marijuana, they pulled over his SUV and arrested him. There was $100,000 in the car.

They later searched his Arizona apartment and found an additional 100 pounds of weed.

He is being held on $35,000 bond and faces up to five years in prison if convicted. His reason for buying the drugs was he wanted to provide a nice Christmas for his family.

We must do better. Check out some of Jermaine Hopkins' most memorable movie moments.



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From Broken Pieces to New Life

From Broken Pieces to New Life

Picture a house plant with long leaf laden vines. When the time comes to move that plant to a new place it's very likely that one of the vines may break away from the plant. You might think that since the vine has been disconnected from its source that it is doomed to eminent death, but, with the proper care, this does not have to be the outcome. If you place that vine in water, it will grow new roots. Once the new roots have grown, you can take it out of the water and plant it in soil to make a new plant.

Now think about your life. Perhaps you've experienced a devastating loss of a loved one. Maybe you are in the midst of a bad break up. Your plight may be a big move away from a job or the only home you've known. This massive change has left you feeling disconnected from your source. Your source may have been a significant other, a comfortable environment, or even God. Now, you just cannot fathom how you will survive the pain or discomfort that is a result of the complex change that you are experiencing.

The first thing to do is find your water. Your water is an environment that feeds you and gives you life, stillness and peace. In this place you can grow, heal, and form new roots. It's a temporary place, but a very important part of the process. This is a step without which you cannot move forward, for if you simply try to stick a broken vine into soil without the proper care, it will surely die.

Once you have grown your new roots, you are ready to be firmly planted in nutrient rich soil. The soil represents stability and sustainability. Being firmly grounded (stability) in a place or situation where you are nourished will allow you to continue to grow (sustainability). This fresh residence, career, relationship, behavior, or way of thinking is your new and permanent home.

Maintenance, or continued care is the next step. Just because you've healed and found a new home it doesn't mean that you can just stop and chill out. The water is still a necessity, as is sunlight and the proper temperature. So perhaps your water was therapy or books, your sunlight is meditation or exercise, and your proper temperature is eating well. Whatever you did to must continue those practices to stay strong and healthy. You must continue to receive that which helped you to heal and develop new roots, for that very thing is also necessary for your continued growth and development.

Now you are a new plant. A new you.

This week I challenge you to identify your broken pieces. Perhaps your break has not happened yet, but imagine yourself as that vine on a plant. Is there a place where your connection to your source is too weak, thus easily broken? This happens when we are on the fence with a relationship or decision, pretty soon, the decision will be made for us. Or perhaps your connection is too rigid, thus easily snapped and separated. This is often the case when we are holding on to something or someone too tightly for fear of losing it or them.

Once you've identified your brokenness, find your water...a place, space, person, book, practice or system that you can sit in, peacefully and still, to give yourself some time to grow. Then grow your new roots and find your soil, your foundation...your home.

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This "Throwback Thursday" is dedicated to Tupac's hit "Hail Mary" (produced by Daz Dillinger) from his Makevelli: 7 Day Theory LP.  The song also features the group The Outlawz (the group founded by Tupac).  Young Noble from the Outlawz has an excellent verse on this song.

Speaking of Young Noble of Tupac's Outlawz having an excellent verse, here is ANOTHER song that features an excellent verse from Young Noble..... "Business Over Pleasure" by Rhyme Scheme also featuring Yukmouth of The Luniz. 



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Second Chances with Attorney Marjorie Brown


Second Chances. What to think about when you re-marry.


Daily Dose of Weird News with Darren Marlar. More weird news can be found at


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Mardi Gras Voodoo Party is happening this Saturday at Meehan's Public House

Mardi Gras Voodoo Party

232 19th St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30363
Come celebrate the big easy with us! 

On February 28, starting at 4 p.m., join us for live music from Seed and Feed Marching Abominable and Wasted Potential Brass Band, drink specials and a menu featuring New Orleans favorites like Andouille Sausage and Chicken Gumbo, Cajun Fried Oyster "Popcorn", Muffuletta Sliders, Friend Grouper Po'Boy, Shrimp Jambalaya and French Quarter Beignets. 
There is no cover for this party, so head down to Meehan's Public House Atlantic Station with your beads!
FREE EVENT well cost of food etc of course..
Mardi Gras Voodoo Party at Meehans is #where2go


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Making Marriage Work


Join us this evening at 7:00 pm for another edition of Using My Keys and our discussion on LOVE.

You will be Empowered

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Justice Department Closes Trayvon Martin Case Will Not Charge Zimmerman With Hate Crime

Three years later and still NO JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin.

The Justice Department closed it's investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and will not charge George Zimmerman with a hate crime. Check out the press release below...

The Justice Department announced today that the independent federal investigation found insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida. Prosecutors from the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, officials from the FBI, and the Justice Department's Community Relations Service met today with Martin's family and their representatives to inform them of the findings of the investigation and the decision.

"The death of Trayvon Martin was a devastating tragedy. It shook an entire community, drew the attention of millions across the nation, and sparked a painful but necessary dialogue throughout the country," said Attorney General Eric Holder. "Though a comprehensive investigation found that the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met under the circumstances here, this young man's premature death necessitates that we continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues and tensions his passing brought to the surface. We, as a nation, must take concrete steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future." Read the full press release.


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Your Secret Super Power: Get "Ghost" to Fear

Your Secret Super Power: Get "Ghost" to Fear

"Defeating the enemy without a fight is the warrior's ultimate achievement." - Sun Tzu

This weekend I watched the movie After Earth. I didn't know that I would be interested initially, but I was drawn in when I realized that the movie had some really powerful messages weaved throughout it about fear.

In the movie the main character, played by Will Smith, talked about how while danger is very real, fear is not. Fear is not real, because it is a worry about something in the future that has not happened and may never happen, yet we allow it to seep into our thoughts, take over, and consume us. Once the fear is in our thoughts, it creates this story that while untrue, feels very real to us. Therefore, in order for us to overcome our fears, it is up to us to change the story. Just like in our dreams, we have the power to control whether or not our worst fears will take us out.

Think about your fears, or the big and scary things in your life, as monsters. These monsters were called Ursas in the movie. In the movie, the Ursa could only find and attack human beings if they could sense or smell their fear, otherwise humans were undetectable to these dreadful creatures.

Now apply this to your life. The things that you fear can only trouble you if you give in to that fear. Giving in to your fear gives the monster the ability to track, hunt, smell and ultimately destroy you. So what must we do when we come face to face with these creepy creatures that are our fears? We have to "Ghost." Ghosting is a term that was used in the movie to describe a state absent of fear in a person, which in turn makes that person invisible to the monster. This leaves them free to escape the monster or to conquer and defeat the monster.

Who or what are the monsters, Ursas, or creepy creatures in your life?

What are the stories that you have created about them, or about yourself?

How can you change those stories so that you can "Ghost?"

This week I challenge you to completely shift the way that you look at a troubling situation in your life. For example, about a year ago I decided that bills, debt, and unexpected hardships were no longer problems, but now they were adventures, and I was the super hero that had to save myself, my family and the rest of the world from them and the evil villains that are debt collectors. I went from victim to victor instantly, just by changing my story.

What will your new story be? Activate your secret super power and watch your fears disappear.

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WRFG Airs the 17th Annual Homelessness Marathon

WRFG Airs the 17th Annual Homelessness Marathon


The 17th Annual Homelessness Marathon (AHM) will originate from Sarasota Florida, starting at 7 pm., ET, on Tuesday, February 17th and ending 14 hours later at 9 a.m., ET, on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 18th. The Homelessness Marathon is the only national broadcast to focus on homelessness.  For 14 hours, this almost entirely live broadcast will discuss a raft of topics pertaining to homelessness, including the ways in which poverty is now being criminalized around the United States and alternatives to current homeless policy. A not-yet-final copy of the broadcast schedule is attached below.

Above all, the Homelessness Marathon will speak directly with homeless people in Sarasota, around the state of Florida and around the country. The broadcast will be distributed free to affiliates via the Public Radio Satellite System, the Pacifica satellite band and over the internet via the Pacifica Audioport.  It will be carried, all or in part, by approximately 90 non-commercial radio stations around the country.  The entire 14-hours will also be carried on Free Speech Television's web portal, and four hours will be carried on its DirecTV and Dish Network satellite channels.

Community Radio WRFG Atlanta will air the AHM in its entirety beginning on Tuesday, 7pm February 17th through Wednesday February 18th 9am. Tune in live 89.3 FM and

The Homelessness Marathon is primarily composed of short, pre-recorded reports and longer live discussions.

7-8 p.m.

Welcome and a talk with a Sarasota homeless family.  Guests to also include Ellen McLaughlin with Sarasota's Schoolhouse Link program for homeless students and Philip Gorelick of Jewish Family and Children's Services.

8-9 p.m.

TBA - Sarasota report
A delegation of homeless people from St. Petersburg, accompanied by homeless advocate Rev. Bruce Wright

9-10 p.m.

A Look at L.A.'s Skid Row
A Delegation of homeless advocates and homeless people from Miami. Guest host:  Chip Edgar, public affairs producer with WMPG, Portland, ME.

10-11 p.m.

Taking Shelter in a Hospital
"Please Listen To Us:"  Homeless Sarasotans talk to local government.  Participants to include, Wayne Applebee, Sarasota County's Director of Homeless Services; Sarasota County Commissioner Caroline Mason; Sarasota City Commissioner Stan Zimmerman; Bill Spitler, director of research and planning, Sarasota County Sheriff's Department.  Guest host:  John Davis, host of "Morning Edition" on WGCU in Ft. Myers, FL.

11-12 p.m.

Sleeping on the Bus - Legally
"Why Can't We Just Get Along? - Business owners and homelessness."  Participants to include, Bill Cornelius; co-owner Blue Rooster restaurant, entrepreneur Harvey Vengroff, Chef Darwin Santa Maria of Darwin's on 4th, and Ron Soto, President Downtown Merchants Association.

Mid.-1 a.m.

TBA - Sarasota report
"Reporting on Homelessness:  Does the Media Get It Right?"  Guests to include Tony D'Souza, reporter for Sarasota Magazine and Jon Susce, publisher of the Sarasota Phoenix.  Guest host: Joe Hendricks, host of "Local Matters" on WSLR, Sarasota.

1-2 a.m.

Hidden Hunger
TBA  Guest Host:  Tony D'Souza

2-3 a.m.

Tiny Houses for Homeless People
"Do Homeless People Have a Right To Create Their Own Shelters?"  Guests:  Vallerie Guillory of Trinity Without Borders, Ibrahim Mubarek of Right To Dr

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Blocks in Your Path are Platforms to Elevate - Monday Morning Motivation

Initially I hadn't admitted it to anyone but myself, but I had come to a writer's block. I found it extremely challenging to create fresh new content and I yearned for the way that it used to flow to me so freely.
Then one day I realized that the large block had not been placed in my path to obstruct my journey, but to elevate me. To help me to see higher and farther.

Just as we as human being grow, change and develop, so had come the time for my writing and the messages that I was inspired to share with you and the rest of the world.

I couldn't write the way that I used to, because that was the old me, that was the past. I wasn't meant to go backward, I was meant to move forward. I am a different person now than I was back then. That big black wooden box (this is how I envision it when I think of what a writer's block might look like in the physical realm) is actually my soapbox...a platform on which I am to stand so that I can be seen and my voice can be heard.
1.a box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker.
2.a thing that provides an opportunity for someone to air their views publicly.
-Source: Google

What block or obstacle has been placed in your path? What has you stuck? What is on the other side of that block that you are so desperately trying to get to? Perhaps it's time to elevate. It is your time to rise up to see and be heard differently.

This week I challenge you to climb up on top of that block to your creativity, productivity, education, communication, financial freedom, health, relationship, promotion, or whatever the area is where you are feeling stuck and use it as your soap box. Use that challenges as your platform to see things in a new way, have your voice be heard by telling your story, and to elevate to the next level.

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visit &

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Thursdays Come Check Out Dj Mark & Dj MusicRocka at Negril Village in New York

This Thursday The Anti-Valentines Day after work and networking event. Brought to you by and the @nyfleetdjs @djmark_nyc @djmusicrocka @bigced328. Negril Village 70 West 3rd Street, New York, NY. 6PM-12AM. It is All Star Week. You never know who will stop by. #nbaallstarweek2015 #fleetdjs #fleetnation #nba #allstars #industrycosign #DJ #djlife #Music #dancing #musicforthesoul #djmarknyc #djmusicrocka FREE ALL NIGHT. GET YOUR NETWORK ON GET YOUR EAT ON GET YOUR DANCE O

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Kendrick Lamar - "The Blacker The Berry" (Prod. By Boi-1da)

Fresh off his Grammy wins for 'Best Rap Performance' & 'Best Rap Song' for the song 'i', the West Coast emcee Kendrick Lamar gets deeper for Black History month with this new banger called 'The Blacker The Berry' which is a deeper self-love & black pride type of song. This new joint is produced by Boi-1da with additional production from Terrace Martin that smoothes out & coasts near the completion of the track.


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