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11 Best Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

11 Best Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable superheroes in the world, often acting as the unofficial mascot for Marvel Comics. A complex character with a rich history, the trials and tribulations of Peter Parker have been featured not only in comic books, but video games, TV shows and movies.

With retcons, alternate timelines and multiple universes, writers have been able to reinvent and reinterpret the Spider-Man story in a variety of captivating ways, and after a string of somewhat lackluster big screen adaptations, hopes are high that the web slinger will get the big screen treatment he deserves when Spider-Man finally joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. Until then, we take a look at some ...

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Roc Nation's Rita Ora New Target Of Beyoncé's "Becky" Witch-Hunt

Roc Nation's Rita Ora is reportedly the latest celebrity target in trying to determine who R&B diva Beyoncé Knowles-Carter referenced as "Becky" on her new "Sorry" Lemonade song.

According to reports, Rita fueled the speculation with a couple antics these past 72 hours.

Ora was quickly stung when she took to Snapchat over the weekend with a sexy selfie, loaded with what fans took as evidence of her being a side chick. The 25-year-old donned a lemon-themed bra and further sparked rumors by wearing a gold 'J' pendant necklace. She upped the ante Monday, stepping out in West Hollywood wearing a carbon copy of the red Gucci blouse-skirt combo Beyoncé wore in her "Formation" video. (NY Daily News)

Check out the evidence of Rita Ora in her lemon bra on the next page...
The post Roc Nation's Rita Ora New Target Of Beyoncé's "Becky" Witch-Hunt appeared first on For The Best In Hip-Hop News -


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Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Nathan Fillion Easter Egg Revealed?

[Potential MILD SPOILER for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ahead.]

It’s no secret that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 director James Gunn and Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion are friends. Fillion received a heavily-costumed cameo in the original Guardians of the Galaxy, though it wasn’t exactly obvious which alien he was if you didn’t already know.

Now, it seems that Fillion may have a more obvious cameo as an easter egg for eagle-eyed fans in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. He’s been spotted on fake movie posters where he’s the face of Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man from the comics.

Comic Book reported that Fillion’s likeness appeared ...

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Prince Dominates Album Chart Following His Death


(AllHipHop News) Prince is the king of the Billboard 200 this week. The late icon sits in both the #1 and #2 positions on the album chart. The Very Best of Prince lands in the top spot while the Purple Rain soundtrack is right behind in second place.

[ALSO READ: 10 Hit Rap Songs That Sampled Music Icon Prince]
According to Billboard, The Very Best of Prince earned 179,000 equivalent album units, a rise of more than 10,000% from the previous week. Purple Rain gained more than a 3,000% increase with 69,000 units.

In addition, Prince’s The Hits/The B-Sides comes in at #6 with 41,000 units. Five other LPs charted as well. The Purple One’s entire catalog sold 256,000 copies over the week. That is an increase of 5,298%. The previous week saw about 5,000 copies sold.

The Very Best of Prince is now Prince’s 5th #1 album. His previous chart-toppers were Purple Rain in 1984,  Around The World In A Day in 1985, the Batman soundtrack in 1989, and 3121 in 2006.

Prince’s music is currently only available for streaming on Tidal. The Minneapolis born singer-songwriter was a big supporter of the Jay Z led entertainment platform.

[ALSO READ: Prince Defends Jay Z’s Tidal, Calls Record Contracts Slavery]


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12 Ways Grey's Anatomy Ruined Your Life

12 Ways Grey's Anatomy Ruined Your Life

Being a character in a Shonda Rhimes show is a tough gig. In pretty much all of her “ShondaLand” shows, the odds of falling on hard times — being maimed, cheated on, diagnosed with some sort of terminal illness, going nuts, having a crappy relationship with a parent, etc. — are astronomical. And if you are a ShondaLand character reading this article screaming “holy mackerel, how do I get out of here?” we have awful news for you: nine times out of ten, the only escape hatch is a cosmically tragic death.

Nowhere is this truth more evident than in Rhimes’s first and signature show, Grey’s Anatomy, which over the course of 12 seasons and 264 episodes has taught us that being a medical professional at Seattle ...

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Former Zulu Nation Spokesman Adds Fuel To Afrika Bambaataa Drama: "I Would Consider Him One Of My Ga

Former Zulu Nation spokesman T.C. Izlam has come forward to speak out on sexual assault allegations against Afrika Bambaataa.

While he could not confirm Bambaataa being an alleged sexual assault predator, Izlam did say he believes the hip-hop mogul is gay.

"The universal Zulu Nation is entirely separate from Bambaataa's life and this is what I mean by the fan club," T.C. said in an interview with hip-hop personality Star. "I'm in hiding until he makes the statement to the world. I was told by the other founders - he will be releasing a statement between the 19th and the 21st and I'm just being safe and hiding out because these people are really diehard, devoted Bambaataa fans. ... I text him but his phone is off. The truth is this, him getting stabbed is is the truth. As far as me knowing any sex act going on, I don't know about that as a fact. When I showed up to the hospital they said he was basically in surgery for a knife wound and then it was like other circumstances are arising - like, this is some cover-up sh*t. ... Me, due to all the rumors and the connecting the dots, my personal opinion as Grandmaster T.C. Izlam, the fourth son of Afrika Bambaataa, I would basically assume that he is gay. I've never seen any type of gayness around him. I have tons of gay friends and transgender friends. I've never seen any of that. Personally to me, I would consider Afrika Bambaataa one of my gay friends." ("Shot 97")

Watch T.C. Izlam's full interview on the next page...
The post Former Zulu Nation Spokesman Adds Fuel To Afrika Bambaataa Drama: "I Would Consider Him One Of My Gay Friends" [Video] appeared first on For The Best In Hip-Hop News -


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Hear Willie D's Provocative Media Assassination 'Coon'

The always-outspoken Willie D of the Geto Boys shouted his way through the late Eighties and early Nineties on songs like "Fuck a War," "Fuck the KKK" and "Fuck Rodney King" - so the gangsta rap pioneer is no stranger to confrontational lyrics and politically motivated outrage. On his inflammatory new song "Coon," Willie sets his sights on a handful of African-American media pundits, including Charles Barkley, Steven A. Smith and Raven-Symoné.

Full Story

The post Hear Willie D's Provocative Media Assassination 'Coon' appeared first on Hip Hop 101.


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Nation of Gods & Earths' Allah B' Top 5 "The Cipher" Q&A Gems: "If You Wanted To Rap, You Had To Get

[Allah B, one of the earliest members of the Nation of Gods and Earths (formerly the Five Percenters), the influential group that gave hip-hop most of its slang and teachings, recently sat down with hip-hop personality and SOHH correspondent Shawn Setaro on his popular "The Cipher" podcast. Listen to the full interview and check out five gems Allah B dropped during the Q&A. Photo credit: Khalik Allah]

On seeing Malcolm X speak when he was growing up:

"I used to see Malcolm X there when I was about 12, 13 years old. He became known to me in about '58, '59. As a youth, I had a great sense of identification with a black man standing up [against the police], and so I wanted to meet him."

On the Five Percenters' founder, Allah the Father:

"He was saying almost the same things that Malcolm was saying, but he was giving me a suit of clothes to it that I could readily put on - that I didn't have to change my dress, because I was a young fly guy dressing nice in the street, and I really loved that. And he was giving me that knowledge that I wanted, but it was with a suit of clothes for the youth, that I could be me with this knowledge."

On what Allah the Father was like:

"I sought out the error, not in his ways, but in his teachings, and I couldn't find no errors. I found out  he was perfect, not only in his application of Mathematics but as an expression of life, because he taught me that 'Allah' spelled out on his body [Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head]. He was precise in his application of Mathematics. And I understood why, out of all the men that came with knowledge at the time that he did, he was the one."

On the relationship between the Five Percenters "rapping" their teachings in the 1960s and 70s and hip-hop:

"I think it was a serious, direct relationship, but it wasn't recognized as anything special or different. It was just that we was rapping, in that we had the flow with the wisdom and our teachings. The way we taught when we spoke the lessons, we talked real rapidly. It was attracting a lot of the youths. So if you wanted to rap, meaning teach or speak well, you had to get the knowledge."

On 5% slang spreading thru hip-hop:

"I felt elated. I felt great about it because it was all about teaching and influencing others with those teachings. So we needed the medium. We did the work on the streets, word of mouth. And we did it in the auditoriums when we had Parliaments, spreading the word. And we did it in the papers when we wrote the papers - the WORD, The Five Percenter, the Son of Man, those papers. So we was disseminating this. Now we had a broader medium in which to do it, and that was the music."

The post Nation of Gods & Earths' Allah B' Top 5 "The Cipher" Q&A Gems: "If You Wanted To Rap, You Had To Get The Knowledge" [Audio] appeared first on For The Best In Hip-Hop News -


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Jonathan Hay Decodes His CyHi The Prynce, KXNG Crooked & Royce Da 5'9-Assisted "The Urban Hitchcock"

[With his new The Urban Hitchcock LP now available, hip-hop producer Jonathan Hay exclusively speaks to SOHH about piecing together the new album, recruiting rap stars like KXNG Crooked, CyHi The Prynce and Royce Da 5'9 and much more.]

Before even getting into it, please dish on the project's cover art. The beard, ball head, smoke - decode the story behind coming up with this idea.

Sabrina Hale aka Sabrina The Creator created the artwork. She actually did it a few years back while she was working on Kxng Crooked's project Sex, Money & Hip-Hop for SMH Records. Once I saw it I told her 'hell no, don't give that to anyone else, I want that' [laughs]. So I kept it for myself. She said it was inspired by The Big Lebowski.

Where does the "The Urban Hitchcock" album idea come from? The title, notably, references Hitchcock - was he a big influence on your personal life or are you a fan of his films/shows?

Urban Hitchcock is kinda like a dope invisible character that represents everything we do. He's off the grid. He walks his own path, he breaks all the rules, he's rough around the edges. He's offensive but interesting and people are captivated by him. It's really a vibe and feeling that we're trying to convey, an attitude.

Why release the project as a studio release? Did you consider the idea of an EP or mixtape initially or did you feel like an actual full-length release was the best presentation?

I did two full-length records right before this, one album was called When Music Worlds Collide which I produced with Mike Smith and King Tech. The album is loaded with features and was handpicked by Roc Nation to be a TIDAL Rising album. I also co-executive produced Kxng Crooked's album and handled some of the music production on that as well. I did drop a mixtape at the same time called Mountain Biking Through Louisville with DJ Whoo Kid.

Where does your relationship with Public Enemy's Professor Griff stem from? Did you approach Griff about the narration opportunity? How did that conversation go down? Even more specifically, why the emphasis on having a narrator rather than going song-to-song?

I reached out to Professor Griff because I love the touches that he gave to the classic Public Enemy albums, and I wanted this to be about adoption which is a serious issue so he was the perfect person to do it because he can pull that emotion out in a song. It's very emotional. Ajami and I actually built some of the music around his narration. He was really into it, and also very professional to work with. He went above and beyond, he even added vocal effects to certain parts of his performance. I'm a huge Public Enemy fan so to have Griff on the album is so awesome. It sounds like some vintage Public Enemy. I wonder what Chuck D would think about it. He follows me on Twitter so I'm going to ask him [laughs].

How important are the collaborations on this project? Did you approach each artist with the idea/concept in mind?

I approached each artist with the concept in mind. It's different with Kxng Crooked, I've done a lot of songs with him and we do it all in the studio with a cool vibe. But songs like "Hush" with Chino XL, Ajami and I had the track and Frida Dee had the hook already and Chino wrote it like that. I like to have the songs with the hooks already laid out and the rapper puts in the verse. However, if the rapper brings a hook to the table, even better. I like to be in the studio with the artist rather then just mailing it in. I do most of my recordings out of Louisville, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. And also Charlotte, North Carolina.

This album appears very personal - even having your biological mother involved. How long has this been in the works?

Parts of it have been in the works for a very long time like I do with all my projects; I take bits and pieces of songs, sound effects, samples and words that relate to something from my life and things I've been through. Other parts were adapted from recent experiences and deep emotional things I've walked through lately. So there's always a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new. It's been over a year and a half since my birth mother was found but I've still never met her. There's a lot of emotions involved with that and I put that into the music. I added a voicemail from my biological mother on the first single "Don't Close Your Eyes (Ashamed)" that features Kxng Crooked, Truth Ali and Morgan McRae. It was only right to include her, it wouldn't be real if I didn't.

You have an array of collaborations on here - who do you share the closest relationships with?

I really liked working with all the artists. Cyhi the Prynce and I, along with his management, have talked about me producing a full EP for him. He's the one I connected with the most musically, and he really loves our production on the song "Addict Part Two" off The Urban Hitchcock LP and "I've Been Waiting" from When Music Worlds Collide.

Definitely talk about the motivation and thought placed into the "Prayer" song and music video, especially the idea to show it in black-and-white. Where was it shot and it is about redemption or overcoming struggles - if so, what in particular?

All of our videos in The Urban Hitchcock series are black and white. Sabrina Hale (Sabrina The Creator) does the editing for most of our videos and I believe the black and white is a nod to Alfred Hitchcock.

The song is about overcoming the struggles of your own mind. It tells the story of a person trapped in his own thoughts until he decides he's not going to "cater to the haters" anymore. The video for "Prayer" was filmed in Norwalk, Connecticut and Directed by Chaz Ultra and Bobby Sax. I think "Prayer", "Black Pearl Jam" and "Hush" are my favorite songs on the album.

Visit our website at

The post Jonathan Hay Decodes His CyHi The Prynce, KXNG Crooked & Royce Da 5'9-Assisted "The Urban Hitchcock" LP appeared first on For The Best In Hip-Hop News -


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13 Supernatural Horror Movies That Aren't Supernatural At All

For supernatural horror movies to actually qualify as supernatural, we believe there must be some evidence to confirm the hauntings and happenstances are really occurring within the narrative of the film, and they’re not simply all in a character’s head. That’s why when we set out to make this list, we left off flicks like The Shining, where there is clearly some unexplained malevolence afoot. (Remember, Jack may have seen ghosts, but so did his son. That tells us the Overlook Hotel is a place you want to avoid when on your next movie vacation.)

Now that those ground rules are out of the way, we do want to share the 13 Supernatural Horror Movies That Aren’t Supernatural at All ...

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Kno: "Havana Nights" Remix (feat. Sheisty Khrist & Natti)

Last November Sheisty Khrist and LoFidel came together to give us "Cold Winter" a unique record from a production standpoint and lyrical standpoint given the juggernaut that is Sheisty Khrist. Reeling off the success of that record Kno of Cunninlynguists and J-Live have remixed a couple joints from the album that will be released on vinyl. We get a sample of that today in Kno's remix of "Havana Nights" which features Natti from Cunninlynguists. I won't spoil any of it so peep the track below and be ready for the remix singles to drop tomorrow.

The post Kno: "Havana Nights" Remix (feat. Sheisty Khrist & Natti) appeared first on DeadEndHipHop.


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