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Dr. Vi Porter and V.I.P.s Natural Health & Wealth want to get to KNOW YOU!

Dr. Vi Porter Wants to Know!
Are You Looking for Part or Full  time work?
? Would you like to become a Doctor's Global Assistant, help people without leaving home or them having to leave home?

? Would you like a place where there is opportunity for growth in income and position?

? Would you like to part of the new paradigm in the trillion dollar Healthcare Industry?

? Would you like an easy job, that is exceptionally appealing to customers?

? Do you have a following or ambition to reach out to others?

? Do you possess good integrity and background history?

? Do you own a computer?

? Do you have good  computer skills, know computers and systems?

? are you a good committed writer facilitator?

? Want to learn and talk on the radio about your wonder job and its products?

? Are you seriously interested, qualified, a fit as my Global Assistant.

? Are you interested in blowing up with me?

          As Continental Who's Who "Top Pinnacle International Professional" in the healthcare industry, awarded life time award of writing for Forbes and Inner Circle Executives Magazines, National Association of Professional Women "Woman of the Year", featured on an upcoming issue cover and article, podcast, recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry due to my education, distinctive quantitative and qualitative research in 21st century cell resonance technology, in all the above registry's including International Association of healthcare Professionals, developer of Distinctive Health- Doctors and healthcare Professionals Program and book, where I educate, provide awareness about the subject matter, and promote them in a new forum where they are recognized world wide and awarded some of the same honors I mentioned above, and on our Board Channel for others to find you as we promote you. Tell those you know about it, join us in a membership that has all of this and more, ans supports our non- profit organization ministry where we give away free healthcare globally.
          I'm also a heath, wellness and spiritual life coach as a doctor of Biblical Studies and Minister of Health and PhD in social and behavioral sciences. need to overcome obstacles staning in your way preventing you from achieving your goals in any or every area of your life? I help bring healing to the entier lives of people and can be reached by contacting me by email
Due to fraudulent identity theft and internet scams, I need assurance of who you say you are. contact me if you are not one of these or are associated with such individuals who use the internet to steal peoples lives, money notoriety or otherwise.

Dr. Vi Porter, PhD


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VIPS Fraudulent Identity Theft Scams Program (and The Solutions for Holiday and Website Scams)

VIPS Fraudulent Identity Theft Scams Program

          The World Wide Internet, Fraudulent Identity Theft, Holiday & Website Scams.

          Thieves and crooks are using clever schemes to defraud millions of people everyday, week, month and year.  Especially during the holidays. Often combining today's very sophisticated technology's with old antiquated tricks to get you to send money, push buttons that redirect them to others money, get your personal credit and personal information- get your credit card number particularly.  These scammers and identity thieves add new twists to old schemes and pressure people to make important decisions instantly on the spot.  There is one thing that never changes with these frauds is that they follow the headlines-- and the money.

Today's technology provides a global universal vehicle for criminals to infiltrate our lives in devastating ways that can leave us victims of scams, and identity theft, destroying reputations, credit, privacy, social media associations, businesses', websites etc.

One of the most popular scams that are being done now are during the holiday.  The Scammers develop Fake News Sites promoting artificial ads, redirecting payment and contact information, plagiarizing other sites, perpetrating as integral unsuspecting victim, using click for pay services and website corporations that allow infiltration through all the major social media sites, tagging to the originator to increase ranking status on internet-means to steal your credit card and personal information etc.

We see them in the forms of:
Business Directory Scams
How not to use a gift card
Diversity visa lottery scams
Web Cam scam and hackers
On-line sellers get stung by scammers spoofing PayPal brand
The Florida AG shut down robocaller
Consumer scammed out of$2 million
Operators of bogus claims and business opportunity ordered to pay back &25 million
Free product weren't really free
Holiday Scams
Health and Medical Scams
Weight Loss & Fitness
Healthy Living
New Innovative Ideas
Making Money
Example of scam
Weight loss and fitness

Vengeful Scammers for vindictive personal revenge through fake websites
There are thousands of news articles, radio broad casts, and advertising claims for weight loss and healthcare products, diets, therapies and services that inevitably over-promise. The products and services alone almost always under-deliver leaving customers once again frustrated and disappointed, feeling they themselves as failures, and out of sorts if scammed leaving them broke busted and disgusted.

Life style changes such as changing your diet and exercising more and becoming fit are the key ways to a healthier life which includes successful weight loss. Find out how you can evaluate weight loss diets, fitness claims, dietary products and therapies  before you buy products and miracle claims therapies or services that claim to make it fast, safe, easy to slim down shape up, get fit, choose a product, at the health food store, pharmacy or on-line.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the nation's consumer protection agency. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the market place.  It's open season for everyone who wants to switch health care coverage.  As you select your healthcare insurance plans, watch out for scams. Youth- watch out for your elders the most vulnerable. Whether on Medicare, selecting a plan through the Affordable care Act, or have private insurance, we will be providing some tips to help you more safely navigate the open enrollment season about Medicare and a variety of scams that take advantage of Medicare recipients, The affordable care Act, Private insurance, how to report health scams, blog topics

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Friction(ex VIP) features CASiTA in reggae song

Friction(ex VIP) features CASiTA in reggae song

Check out the video of ‘I Love You’ here:

You can download the mp3-version of the song here:

Friction is known for his mix of reggae and afropop, and for his many accomplishments in the international music scene. As a teenager he founded the group VIP (Vision in Progress), one of Ghana’s most popular music groups.

After being their frontman for a couple of years he went solo, and continued to follow his musical visions. In 2006 he got admitted to the Dutch Music University ‘The Rockacademy’, as the first African artist ever.

Over the years, Friction has performed on a lot of festivals in Europe, his songs have got worldwide airplay, he was the support act of the reggae legend I Jan Man Levi, and he has appeared in several radio and tv shows, such as the Dutch X Factor and the talkshow De Wereld Draait Door.

Last year Friction released the reggae-single ‘Life is not easy’, which got nominated in three categories on the Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall Bass Awards.
In March of this year Friction performed as the support act of Morgan Heritage in Holland.
Just a small overview of Friction’s accomplishments, which show his talent, determination and his ability to always find ways to climb to the next level in music.

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You know things are bad when the headliner gets on stage and leads the crowd in a "F-ck you, Patrick!" chant. It's a whole other level of bad when you're the Patrick in question.

Full Story
The post Xzibit Slaps Australian Promoter For Lack Of VIP treatment appeared first on Hip Hop 101.


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Brand new VVIP -Selfie

Brand new VVIP -Selfie

Check out new member Reggie on the new VIP

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Backyard Barbecue & Brews VIP Experience at Atlanta Dogwood Festival April 12,13th-Atlanta

Piedmont Park
Atlanta Ga

Saturday, April 12 and Sunday, April 13 from 1 to 5 p.m.

This all-inclusive outdoor tasting event will take place in a spacious tented area overlooking the Main Stage. Backyard Barbecue & Brews will showcase local craft beers, wine, moonshine and barbecue and picnic fare from some of the city's favorite restaurants and chefs. Guests will enjoy picnic-style seating, activities like corn hole and lawn bowling and access to private bathrooms.
Advance Tickets:

VIP Tickets: $25 per day in advance (2-day $45); $35 at the door, if available includes: Access to VIP Tent, Food, Beer, Wine and Moonshine Tasting

PLATINUM VIP: $45 per day in advance (2-day $85); $55 at the door, if available includes: Above-listed PLUS souvenir tasting glass, koozie and (2) beer/wine/soda (full size)drink tickets at bar in VIP area

Backyard Barbecue and Brews is #where2go


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Celebrity Host Fred Green "21st VIP Birthday Dinner"

Celebrity Host Fred Green "21st VIP Birthday Dinner"

The Who's Who came out to celebrate the 21st birthday of Celebrity Host Fred Green at his VIP Birthday Dinner!

CBS Anchorman, Dray Clark, Mayor John Linden, Manager Ric Starr...and so many more

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Akir Maps Out "The Plan" For Forthcoming Release On Immortal Techinque's Viper Records

For Akir, words aren't just words-they're credos, rallying cries; a way of life.  His name, for example, an acronym for "Always Keep It Real", has zero to do with tired rap clichés, or a small-minded view of what rap is and can be.  Akir's trademark raspy flow, his intricate nonstop rhyme patterns and his ear for soulful, dramatic beats (many of them self-produced) aren't some gangster fantasy and if there is one thing that comes across in Akir's music-its real life.

2013 finds Akir bringing the spotlight back to music with his new forthcoming LP The Plan; which will be released on 9-24-0213 via Immortal Technique's Viper Records imprint and again, words aren't just words and his album title is not just an album title.  "The Plan is just that" Akir states, "My map for a musical journey on the way to becoming better."

The Plan is produced in majority by Akir and his beat-making parternership with Ty Steez (The Sound) along with Omen with features from his "Rebel Army" brothers Immortal Technique, Poison Pen & Swave Sevah and is a major-step forward for the lyricist and producer.

The Plan promises to make 2013 a huge year for Akir as he says "This album has another level of music presence, taking my pre-existing formula to a larger audience.  My first-project, Street Edition, was for the streets, but now I am aiming for the world"!

Tracklisting and credits for Akir's "The Plan" LP:

1.) Balance [Prod by Akir]

2.) Bear Arms (ft. Swave Sevah) [Produced by Akir]

3.) Blow Me Away (ft. TL Cross) [Prod by The Sound]

4.) Explore [Prod by The Sound]

5.) Future (ft. Immortal Technique) [Prod by The Sound]

6.) Listen (ft. Sheena Grier) [Prod by Omen]

7.) Love (ft. TL Cross) [Prod by The Sound]

8.) Power (ft. Poison Pen) [Prod by The Sound]

9.) Ride [Prod by Akir]

10.) Shine [Prod by Ty Steez)

11.) Sun (ft. Lo Diggs) [Prod by Ty Steez]

12.) The Plan [Prod by Deborahs Son]

Upcoming Akir Tour Dates (with Immortal Technique & Brother Ali):

9-28-2013 - Rock The Bells DC.

9-29-2013- Philadelphia, PA

10-1-2013 - Boston, MA

10-2-2013- New haven, CT

10-3-2013- Northampton, MA

10-4-2013- South Burlington, VT

10-5-2013- Rock The Bells NYC

Author informationKingeEditor-In-Chief at Dead End Media Group LLCExecutive Producer of Dead End Hip Hop on YouTube.TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInThe post Akir Maps Out "The Plan" For Forthcoming Release On Immortal Techinque's Viper Records appeared first on Dead End Hip Hop.


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Gillie Da Kid drops in to DJ Superstar Jay's show on Shade 45 for 'VIP Saturday' and kicks an exclusive freestyle.


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NFL Players Justin Tuck and Dwight Freeney with Music Exec Kevin Liles
Radio Personality Angela Yee and NFL Player Dwight Freeney

In anticipation of the release of "42", Kevin Liles hosted an exclusive event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Monday, March 25. The film sheds light on the legendary Jackie Robinson, chronicling his journey to breaking baseball's color line.

Aaron J ( was at the event and took some good pictures from the red carpet. Check out some of them here. To view more, visit

Also, visit our Facebook page at

NFL Players Justin Tuck and Dwight Freeney with Music Exec Kevin Liles

Radio Personality Angela Yee and NFL Player Dwight Freeney

Brooklyn Little League Team

Singer Estelle

Kevin Liles and Wife Erika Liles

Singer Jay Sean

DJ Kid Capri

BET Music Matters Charles Perry

Kenya Hill from America s Next Top Model

Actor Eric West


Singer Kevin McCall

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Bodies of Art Nov 8th 7:30p-Atlanta

Bodies of Art Nov 8th 7:30p-Atlanta

Bodies of Art a fundraiser for ArtsATL

The Goat Farm Arts Center
1200 Foster Street
Atlanta , GA 30318

Attendees will be treated to "Fire Woman," a multimedia installation by Felipe Barral, the premiere of "Night of the Flying Horses," a site-specific performance by Wabi Sabi, and a performance by the Teaching Artists of the Atlanta Music Project.

Prior to Bodies of Art, Zach and Cristina Meloy of PushStart Kitchen, a southern speakeasy located at
The Goat Farm, will host a VIP Pre-Party for 35 attendees.

Guests will be treated to inventive light fare and cocktails prepared by Zach and Cristina. Tickets to the VIP Pre-Party are $125 and include a ticket to Bodies of Art. General admission is $60.

Bodies of Art is #where2go

Get your tix here:

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Fame is a Drug...I'm your Publicist...I'm your Pusher

Red carpets, camera lights flashing, bottles popping, VIP sections behind exclusive velvet's like floating on a drug-induced high. Exotic women, high rollers packaged with the default swagger that accompanies a black card, perfectly manufactured smiles, indulgent cuisine, secret parties complete with designer barely there dresses, and tomato-red soles everywhere..and liquor flows like water in the middle the Atlantic Ocean it's like taking a delicious hit of the purest heroine and exhaling slowly,it's access to the promise land, and I can be your guide.

I am a publicist, an entertainment publicist to be exact. Give me your story, your music, your product and I can flip it into that coveted commodity, so valuable no price tag is too high. This is the real deal ATTENTION. That's right. I can make the people love you. And when the people love you; really love you; it's the most intense high your brain could ever possibly wrap itself around. FAME is the ultimate drug.

It's how you've seen yourself in your dreams, hob-knobbing with the elite, admired by the common and envied by the less fortunate. Whatever you experienced as a child or even a young adult, whatever hurdles you jumped, scandal you've overcome, hearts you broke, lies you told, none of that matters if you allow me to spin your story and lead you down this red carpet, because at the end lies validation for every single insecure thought that's ever passed through your psyche. I can help you erase all of that, if only for the moment. Your destiny is in your hands; just know that FAME can be elusive if you don't follow her rules.

No one starts at story at the end so we know her end will justify her means, so don't worry about the expiration before you've gotten started. Who wouldn't take a chance to be adored and worshipped by the masses? To know every man lusting over your image in the latest magazine is secretly or not-so-secretly wishing your legs were wrapped around his waist? To know every woman you encounter is yours for the taking, all without you even opening your mouth? Waiters in restaurants, cashiers behind registers, even the doctor at the local clinic are all vying to take a picture, be in your space, get near that high you're on and perhaps take a piece of it with them, just for the moment. Don't fight it, give in to its seduction. It's a heady existence, complete with a ticking clock so faint its barely audible. For some the sand never runs out, that could be you!

Once you put me on retainer, we can map out your next fix. Undoubtedly you'll want a more potent hit after those first few pulls. It starts with a local showcase, then graduates to performing for a packed club. What could be better than seeing strangers sing along with the words of a song you wrote, except being featured at MTV's spring break excursion or perhaps walking the red carpet at the hip hop awards, to winning a Grammy, an Emmy? I can take you from the Magic City, to Vanquish, to the Palms in Vegas to exclusive parties for fashion week in Paris, each high comes with more sacrifice, more money, more exposure, more consequence, until it's all a blur. We start at gold, then push for platinum then diamond..then start back at one.

I can't see a drawback to this drug I sell called FAME. I dare you to find something that makes you feel better, that's desired by more people than what I'm offering. Sure the ride down is rocky, but that's a risk you take with any dream, right? Yes its rigid and demanding but the payoff is like no other. The boundaries are strict, but again its well worth it and we all know the risks going in. This is a young man's drug, not for the aged or experienced. For men the expiration date isn't as strict but women know the window is short. Apply Kanye's workout plan to botox, restylane and endermologie, along with my fee of course and you can enjoy FAME well up through your forties. It doesn't have to end, until its over. I'

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Come see DJ Ron G at X&Os Tonight in Stoughton 1/30/10!!!

We have constructed the ultimate and premier New England Funhouse!

2 levels of entertainment including:
live music from the hottest djs rotating each week!
the newly instituted karaoke with the best selections around!
the all new speed dating with the best participating costs around!
the best tasting and most reasonably priced drinks and food that you will find at any lounge!
Exclusive VIP area equipped with full amenities at a great value and also can include premier parking!
board games that we all grew up on love ie Taboo, Pictionary, Trivia and more!
Free jello shots to selected guests!!

Why would you be ANYWHERE ELSE?

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Fans Frustrated As Jackson Extends UK Run


U.S. pop star Michael Jackson has extended his run of comeback concerts in London to 50, starting on July 8 and ending on February 24, 2010, promoters said on Thursday.

When the 50-year-old announced his plan to return to the stage last week, he committed to only 10 concerts at the 20,000-capacity O2 Arena.

Demand has been such that dozens of extra shows have been added, and now an estimated one million people will be able to see Jackson perform.

Hundreds of tickets have turned up on online auction sites like eBay amid criticism of the handling of the sales.

A pair of "VIP" tickets to the opening show are being offered on eBay for 16,000 pounds ($22,000), compared with the official face value of the tickets at between 50 and 75 pounds.

A technical hitch when tickets were to continue reading

The Michael Jackson BVConnect

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