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In what should be the last fight of the series of four fight between WBO super middleweight champion Arthur "King Arthur" Abraham and Robert Stieglitz saw a definitive ending in this bout as Abraham landing a Chilling sixth round knockout that should be the last image of the series of fights between the two. The bout that took place at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Nordrhein-Westfalen saw a slow brutal beatdown as it appears that over the battles of the previous bouts have proved too much for Stieglitz.

Abraham could potentially be facing a new foe by the end of the year as Gilberto Ramirez's name was thrown around directly after the bout

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Atrocious Murder: Is It a Lesser Crime If the Offender Is Female?

By Maynard Manyowa

The republic of Zimbabwe is a somewhat unified nation with an innate propensity and facade of societal peace and civil civilisation. Though the nation has been regrettably afflicted by unpalatable combinations of periodical bouts of political violence, instability and displacement; perpetual reigns of hunger, food shortage and proliferating destitution; as well as tribalism, homophobia, and corruption, the land of the of bright flame lily commendably and against all remains one of Africa's safest destinations.

Given that Zimbabwe is effectively a banana republic, its populace deserves compliment for not pursuing delinquency in the quest for miraculous survival. After all, as in most places, widespread poverty is appropriately a massive push factor for criminal predispositions

Crime is fundamentally infrequent and rare. Infact two of the land's most dreaded serial killers were executed well over a decade ago, and the nation state has not seen grand crime of the levels of Chidumo & Masendeke again, let alone the ranks of Johannesburg, Rio, etc...

While we remain no match for even the mildest of murders in Mzansi, over the last few years there has been a genuinely worrying rise in heinous domestic crime. The increase is not in frequency, but rather an escalation in the levels of violence characterised in each of the few circumstances.

In 2012, the entire nation woke up to the horrific FrontPage cover of Monalisa Chinomona, murdered in her parents' home by a jilted lover.

Her body had been stabbed 15 times and lay lifeless in a pool of Chilling bright red blood. The penetrating knife was left stuck in her breast. It was especially painful for those of us who idolise peace, and who knew the couple personally.

The reaction was spectacularly loud. I, like many, fiercely leapt in attack of the killer. All organs of society united in rage and condemnation. This was a heinous wasting, we would all have none of it, and we made everyone know. For ours is not a society that can tolerate the murder of defenceless women.

In 2014, after spending a near three years in remand prison, the killer, Pritchard Zimondi was slapped with an effective 18 year jail term. No part of his sentence will be commuted and the man monster will leave prison in 2032, thereabouts. He will be 42.

During the course of the lengthy trial, Zimbabweans condemned any attempt to afford Zimondi any respite. There was reverberating uproar when he was granted temporary bail, and even after his sentence, the public still felt he had been granted enormous clemency.

Which is probably warranted, the man stabbed an innocent, beautiful and bright young woman a sure 15 times. That is vampire like, and he was monumentally lucky to escape the death sentence.

Inversely, just few months after Zimondi was sentenced. A woman, Fortunate Nsoro, sick of her husband's promiscuity, cut off her husband's genitals. He died of the unimaginable wounds.

The grisly pics of the man's privates in a plastic, and his lifeless body were stomach-turning, but, what was prodigiously appalling was the deafening silence of the nation.

The vivacious civil organisations and outspoken social leaders who had led the 'justice for Monalisa campaign', and rejoiced in a conviction just a few weeks preceding the murder were now conspicuous in their muteness.

Even as Fortune was awarded mere $50 bail, with very relaxed conditions, there was no justice for Petros (the victim) brigade, no fuss, no complaints. It is almost as if society had judged that, because the victim was a man, and promiscuous, he deserved to die, in a manner so cold.

This past month, the nation is once again grappled by two similar murders. In Fortune Nsoro style, a few weeks ago, a callous Mutasa woman, Pamela Bhowa axed her husband Manners Bhowa in the face several times, ultimately condemning him to death. Nauseating pictures of the victim's gashed face are circulating on so

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Comedy: "She Tryna Sex" (Video)

Comedy: "She Tryna Sex" (Video)
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.49.01 AM
Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.50.28 AM

So fellas have you ever been Chilling with a lady and it looks like she is giving the signal to get the bedroom gymnastics going on but you were completely wrong?  Well I think we have all had one such encounter and the guys over at Dormtainment TV bring this to life with a funny skit to have you laughing. Adding some spice and eye candy to the video Laila Odom guest stars as the honey giving off the sexy signals.  Dormtainment does a great job of using current pop culture references that you definitely can identify with.  .

When the signals get crossed, the script gets flipped.

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud



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Wiz Khalifa - "Lit" (Prod. By Big Jerm x Dru Tang x J Card [Video]

The women, the weed, the wildin'... that's what Wiz Khalifa is going to bring to even the mellowest of tracks. So no surprises with him doing what he do on this hazy track by Big Jerm, Dru Tang & J Card. However, you must give credit for dopeness and consistency. As well as a connection. Case in point: Though not being mobbed by fans in this video, couldn't you see a properly baked fan or three Chilling with their new homie-for-the-day Khali? Skateboarding with the Frenchie, a little sipping and getting twisty with nice greenery. Click play.

Feel it? Well, get "Lit" below for FREE.



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Andre Dirrell vs. James DeGale final press conference quotes

Photos: Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions

The final press conference for Saturday's Premier Boxing Champions on NBC card took place today at historic Fenway Park in Boston. Andre Dirrell (24-1, 16 KOs) and James DeGale (20-1, 14 KOs) in a 12-round super middleweight showdown for the vacant IBF title at Boston's Agganis Arena. Live televised coverage starts at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT.

Andre Dirrell: "A title means everything. It completes you as a fighter. That's the top of the food chain in this sport, and that's the pedestal we're all trying to reach - world champion. Everybody wants to be a world champion. The greats had it and now we want it. It would mean more for my city, my family and my friends, and it's something I'll always be able to look back it. It would put me in the record books for life.

"DeGale is not quiet. Today he's Chilling, maybe because he's a little out of his comfort zone. But there's a lot of tension when you're standing right there next to your opponent. He might just be a little cranky today. I like to lighten the mood and stay comfortable. This is all a part of the game. Let's have fun now. It's ass-kicking time when we get in that ring, but outside it's all love.

"There was a time when I didn't want to do interviews. I didn't want to go to fights. I didn't want to hear fans online and on social media. I closed all them down because I didn't want to hear people ask, 'When are you fighting again? Talking about talent wasted, or saying I'm glad he's gone.' It hurt because there was nothing I could do. I was powerless even with all the power in the world."

James DeGale: "Andre says the belt doesn't mean anything to him in the fight - well, the belt means everything to me and more. I am here to make history and it doesn't happen without that title. I could win on Saturday night and retire a happy man - that's how much I want to beat Andre Dirrell. But when I do win that title, I am going for the rest of the belts, creating a lasting legacy for my country, my fans and myself.

"Andre is a classy fighter and he showed in the press conference that he is a classy guy too - when two fighters who believe in their ability 100 percent and know they are going to win a fight, it is going to be explosive. There's nothing but respect between us, but ultimately, we're going to take each other to dark territory on Saturday night, it's going to be a brutal battle - and one that I am going to win."

The post Andre Dirrell vs. James DeGale final press conference quotes appeared first on Inside the Ropes Boxing - Your #1 source for boxing news..


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Wiz Khalifa - "No Permission" (Prod. By Big Jerm x Po Shod Beats) [Video]
Picture 7

Wiz Khalifa in New York with that vision and that curry to make it a little blurry. Just Chilling and twisting most likely. Oh, and shooting dope visuals for rhymes - like this "No Permission" (produced by Big Jerm and Po Shod Beats). Still Taylor Gang or die! Peep.


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Picture 14
Picture 20

Wowwww. This is dude's LIFE... the life! This two-parter is all about the Dan Bilzerian win-it-all-try-and-spend-it-all lifestyle. Can't imagine. Don't have to, because we got part 1 above and part 2 after the jump. Poker, yachts, copters, hot cars ... Chilling with rap stars, porn stars... no big thing. Watch.


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Raekwon Gives Time To 'B-Real' In The Smokebox (Video)

Beyond the 'sticky icky' is B-Real's 'SICKY icky.' Cypress Hill's B-Real and Wu-Tang's Chef Raekwon Chillin' at the smoke-out. Talking about over 20 years in the game, the new album "F.I.L.A." and more on this edition of The Smokebox.



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SPZRKT x Sango - Hours Spent Loving You (EP)

SPZRKT x Sango - Hours Spent Loving You (EP)
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.16.29 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.28.00 PM

In a time where producers are being sued for samples and R&B singers are cussing more than rappers, a project like Hours Spent Loving You is something the game needs right now.  Vocalist SPZRKT producer/DJ Sango give us this seven track EP that you can play from start to finish.  This can be thrown on while Chilling with your lady, or ladies while you're thinking of your man, or if you just want to hear some nice chill music 'Hours Spent Loving You' does the trick.  If you are not that familiar with Sango CLICK HERE for the interview ArtByOdell did with him when he was last in Atlanta.

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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The Remix (01-24-15) - @Scarzeo, @EnchantedPR, and @TheChiChristine

Download Entire Show

In this episode of The Remix, Christal Jordan from Enchanted PR joined us with her new client Scarzeo. The St. Thomas born MC was in town from New York and stopped by to talk about his career and his upcoming album 15 to Life.

Christal also represents Chilli (TLC) so she talked about the crowdfunding campaign for TLC. Christal and Big Dee had a funny exchange talking about men and scrubs! You've gotta hear it.

We had Ceb from Think Shop Designs on the show to talk about his clothing line and poetry book.

Chi Christine joined us for the first time. She helped with a couple of the interviews and offered her insight on a few topics.

DJ Yogi and Brittany joined the show later and talked about the upcoming Boombap Saturdays on Feb 7. Gerald and DJ Yogi had fun talking about the Atlanta Hawks and their 15-game winning streak.

Don't forget to download The Remix Mobile App for your Android, Blackberry, or iPhone/iPad... at

We're also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @ATLRemix, @IamDjYogi, @65phenom, @aloneinatlanta

As always, it's #FullContactRadio!

Dj Yogi's Playlist

Three Jobs - E-40
Look @ California (Clean Version) - Reality
Get Down (Clean) - Q-Tip Busta Rhymes
CLEAN Motivated (feat Problem) - Salva
Where Are They Now - Nas
Blood In the Streets (feat. AZ) - Ghostface Killah
thats how we move it remix - Grand Puba
House Of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
No. 99 - Joey Bada$$
Ooh Wee - Mark Ronson ft. Ghostface Nate Dogg
Caution - Bob Marley
Jack Of Spades - BDP
In The Ghetto - Busta Rhymes
RUN-DMC Tribute - Rampage
Uptown Anthem - Naughty By Nature
Sobb Story - Leaders of the New
THE HEAT - Common
Rap Promoter - ATCQ
Take It Personal - Gang Starr
Jussumen (Pete Rock Remix) (1992) - Das Efx
Diamond D - Freestyle (Yo, That's That Sh..) (CLEAN)_
Goodie Mob ft. Outkast - Black Ice
Buck 'Em Down (Remix) - Black Moon
Wind Parade - Donald Byrd
Soul Thing
What We Do - Freeway

For Da Love Of Da Game
DJ Jazzy Jeff - Are You Ready ft. Slum Village
Red Hot Flo From Kokomo (Jazz Vampires) (DJ Jazzy Jef
Bill The Top - Dj Jazzy Jeff
DJ Jazzy Jeff _ The Fresh Pr

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RAWdeoShow: Andy Mineo x G.L.A.M. - 2014 Doomsday Cypher

Whack rappers we hate what you are NOT DOING... To all of you rapping but NOT DOING the real Hip-Hop. Please. Stop. We hate that. We still love you, but not that.

Now over at Sway In The Morning and the Doomsday Cipher they hate YOU. Rough out there. Stop messing up and do right. You'll be alright.

Okay, off the soapbox. Y'all been seeing these ciphers. Andy has been Chilling in the background. Now he and G.L.A.M. are up. Let's GO!



You can hear music like this every week. Follow @RAWdioShow and listen to the Saturday Night Live #PodParty where RAW meets RADIO every week, at #SNL

Videos posted for this blog curated under the auspices of BoneBreaker Studios & O Know He Did Ent. Follow @BoneBreakerStud & @OKnowHeDidEnt on Twitter

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Eye Candy: Gil Jung Chilling In Sunny Miami (Video)

Eye Candy: Gil Jung Chilling In Sunny Miami (Video)
Screenshot 2015-01-01 05.19.02
Screenshot 2015-01-01 05.19.33

Let's go hang out with sexy TV host/model/actress Gil Jung for a bit, shall we? From Brasil to Miami. The hotel to the beach. M-I-A with this hotness? YES PLEASE!

Follow this Honey-kissed Brazilian Honey-dip Gil Jung on Instagram.

(Psst... Who's her friend though? She's verrry nice, too. Soooo THICK yo!)

- @ojones1


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House Shoes - "Dirt" feat. OhNo x The Alchemist x Roc Marciano (CohenBeats Remix)

Okay, they all go in... but Roc Marci... woooo! Like he was going for that Raekwon spot!! That's how Hip-Hop is done; CohenBeats Remix of "Dirt" (off House Shoes' LP "Let It Go" - featuring OhNo, The Alchemist and Roc Marciano with the strong finish).

When I was in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago I linked with the homie CohenBeats (@cohenbeatsaredope).

While we were Chillin' he played me a joint that had an ill intro on it,

and I told him it would be a great fit for a remix of the Dirt joint off of

Let It Go, my debut record from a few years back. He put it together and here you go.

- House Shoes

FREE download of the hot remix linked below.



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Gemstones: Circles (Video)

Gemstones: Circles (Video)


Check out one of Chi Town's elite (He is in my top 3 Chi Town emcees for sure) artists, Gemstones, as he gives a Chilling perspective of black on black crime with his video "Circles". Gemstones debut album "BLIND ELEPHANT" will be released on February 24th, 2015. Get familiar. Let us know your thoughts.


Author informationChicangeorgeThe post Gemstones: Circles (Video) appeared first on Dead End Hip Hop.


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Monster Maids: A Devil of Our Own Making

Monster Maids: A Devil of Our Own Making

Social media was abuzz this past week. An entire billion people were shocked into a pulp, sickened to the deepest part of their gut, left infuriated, violated, underwhelmed and heart broken.

A Ugandan maid, filmed by closed circuit television (Hidden Cameras) delivered a hell fury beating to a little girl of not more than 3 years of age. Her crime, regurgitating unpalatable food that had been rammed down her throat only a few moments before.

The helpless little girl is smacked with open palms, hurled off a couch like a boomerang! She hits the ground with a huge thud, tummy and face first. She does not flinch, a disturbing sign that she was well on the way to familiarising with the assaults.

The attack continues, she is kicked, and slapped, while lying in her own vomit. Then in an ultimate show of ruthlessness, the woman, probably weighing around 65-70kg stands, with both feet on the back of the toddler who struggles to breathe. Gasping for air, lying almost lifeless on the floor, her assailant, the weevil pummels her with a torch handle, repeatedly...

The savageness of the attack, the ferocity of the ambush, left the child horribly traumatised and fighting for her life. In hours the video went viral on Facebook and Whatsapp, infuriating almost all the 7 billion humane inhabitants of this planet

Many failed to conceive that woman, a motherly figure, a person with the heart of a human could inflict annihilation of such barbaric proportions to a little girl? That a person entrusted with the welfare of a toddler could relentlessly dispense a crude thumping of that nature, going against the very ideals of her occupation and much more, much of what makes humanity, human.

Devastatingly, this is not the only video doing the circles on social media. Earlier, in February 2014, a Thai maid was also filmed delivering a heartless, senseless and Chilling attack to a tiny infant. Whilst her barbarism does not match that of her Ugandan counterpart, the insensitivity, the cruelty, the stone numbness is equally sickening
The incident altogether leaves a bitter taste in our mouths, it is a dagger to the hearts of all.

Yet, it perhaps points to a greater problem in our society.
In the quest to chase success, to make a living, we entrust our most precious in the hands of those we deem not to have the same level of ambition as us, those lacking the opportunity, skill, and drive to aim for the stellar star we aim for.

It is the goal of every person to succeed. Stratification is a very significant paradigm in sociological realms. The definition of success from this perspective is imperative to the understanding of the different phenomena at play here.

All of educational achievement, academic prowess, rich economic statue that follows, are what society has laid down as pilgrims of actualisation. These are the yardsticks of success.

Sociologists posit that society is structured, by and in financial capacity(s), opportunities to self-actualise, and achieve success.
However, the marker set, the blue torch paper lit, the inconsistences that follow trigger a chain of events that can only end up in disaster, like these shocking inhumane violent attacks on children.

Here is why. All the subjects, the participants of life's ultimate race to actualisation do not begin from an equal footing.

Many individuals, with all avenues to success blocked, resort to redefine success in their own means and terms. Some delve into crime, and many other despicable activities, all in the goal of reaching actualisation.
And that is the problem with our society today. Without offering explanation for, or condoning these acts, it is quite conceivable from a perspective of social science that this problem is of our making.

We have structured society along economic and social gains so distinctly, we have created classes, while simultaneously creating barriers that prevent less than exceptional people from migrating between classes

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