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On this edition of The Dee Hill Radio Show, former child star turned minister Alison Mills-Newman discusses her role as Carol on the 1968 NBC sitcom "Julia," upcoming women conference in Atlanta and her literature works.

Listen to this episode on demand by clicking on the links below or download the Beat Break 87 FM app to hear the show on your phone!

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1st Annual MVP Underground FestivalAfter 7 years of MVP Radio, its only right to throw a festival that will show our appreciation to all the artists who have been interviewed or on rotation throughout the long run of MVP Radio. Bringing all genres of music and Djs to movers and shakers one venue for one night. 
Come network, perform, promo over drinks and a featured panel on marketing, Djaying and business. 
Interested in performing or participating email social media handles, music links, speaker sheets for considerationThere are volunteer opportunities with special perks. Please inquire at the above email.Please accept our inquiry of interestsI am sure you received this personal email, its because one or more of our djs have played your music on our mixes or radio shows over the past years. We are now taking submissions to participate in the festival a few simple ways. $15 registration/ticket fee via paypal. TO BE CONSIDERED

INQUIRE FOR FEE INFORMATION This are first come first served options.

Although this might not guaranteed a spot. You will be in the position to be selected to participate in this festival. ?
Heres the link to the event page on Facebook.? #RadioFestival #History #Herstory #new #Hiphop #GrassrootsIf you have any questions please, don't hesitate to contact us right back. 

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Money Mayweather Speaks On Everything: Nearly Five Hours Of Mayweather (Video)

King Build-A-B!tch... BWAAAAAHAHAAA!! Floyd Mayweather is speaking on ALL topics and people - Pacquiao, Trump, Nelly, 50 Cent - no topic is off limits in this five-part series. Each part is about an hour-long. So many wowwww moments like:

Young Thug is extremely talented?

Future was supposed to be signed to Mayweather?

Mayweather Money ain't like 'other' money; neither is his fashion. True Religion, Jordans, that's for others.

Traveling... Ibiza.... San Trope.... Floyd's been there and all of there. Not impressed.

To Kanye West: Keep up the good work ...really misunderstood.

It's not all about the money... but he is 'Money' Mayweather.

(Biggest 'wow' though: Melyssa Ford like WOWWW! Still sexy.)


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Legendary Monday once again was in three party harmony as Jozey Wellz made his return.
Oaktown's 357 called into the show and gave the crew what they have been up to and dropped little known nuggets on a guy named MC Hammer

The Great Eight Debate was all out including Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter, Empire vs Power and Jay-Z vs Nas brought out the Hip-Hop in the crew

Uncle Willie's Son returned with some more dope records and actually dropped some gems on the Civil rights movements vs the current events of today. DR Love was also on Deck with "The Love Below" and as usual, the letter was very intriguing!

Make sure you catch the show live every Monday from 7pm est On Raw Radio!

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Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On Crises Facing Black Americans, Offers Strong Criticism Of President Barac

Straight with no chaser. Count on Dr. Johnson, agree with him or not, to deliver his points plainly and with passion. Lays out the how and why Black people have come to suffer in America the way they do. Also speaks on why our protests, though necessary, have not effected real change.

Dr. Umar Johnson stops by The Breakfast Club to discuss the growing social issues affecting the African American community. Dr. Johnson believes that before we can fix the problem we really have to understand it. He is very critical of President Obama for not doing anything for the Black community and offers a few theories as to why he has not done so.

The talk of 'the illusion of inclusion'... powerful! All of it in fact. Lean in and listen up.


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On this edition of The Dee Hill Radio Show, hosts Sean Garvey and DJ Rollem discuss the outcome from the 2016 BET Awards speech made by Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams. Plus, has the dating scene turned into a dating game in Atlanta and online?

Listen to the program on demand at or click on the link below.

Also available on the Beat Break 87 FM App!

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Andre Iguodala Gives The Cleveland Cavaliers Props For Winning The Series And Talks About Basketball

Andre Iguodala dropped in The Breakfast Club. He admitted being angry at the team (Golden State Warriors) for even letting the NBA Finals get to a game 7, but he was gracious in defeat. Great interview. Two things: (1) Stop dissing Kyrie Irving and (2) while Lebron James is great, he is "nowhere near Jordan" (wow). Also: Discussion on Kevin Durant joining the GSW, advising players how to invest in technology and more.


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The latest episode of Flowbacks Radio with Flowbacks P and the crew speaks on the latest current events affecting the Hip-Hop world and the dilemma that is the VH1 Hip Hop Honors.... Damned if you do, Damned if you don't! Here the crew's thoughts on the direction of this tribute and why it may not last long..Make sure you checkout flowbacks radio LIVE every Thursday night from 7p-9pm est on Raw Radio!

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Firstclasse sits down with Kayla Fierce!!

Firstclasse sits down with Kayla Fierce!!

I've had the pleasure of having Ms.Fierce visit my radio show firstclasse is in session a couple of times. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about Ms.Fierce!

Kayla, tell us how long you have been modeling? 3 years & counting

What inspired you to get into the industry? My father, he always told me how pretty i was because I was self conscious of my looks but was infatuated with my body... I know thats backwards lol

What would you say makes your fashion style unique? I don't follow whats trending... i wear what makes me set out from others

What one word would describe your personality? Carefree Now Ms. Kayla, we learned on the radio show that you have your own cosmetics line. How do you like being a entrepreneur?How can everyone contact you for some products?Its stressful somethings because the ppl you think will support you don't... but im blessed to be in this position so im thankful. And they can make online purchases at www.thefiercecosmetics.comor on facebook & instagram @Thefiercecosmetics 

Where do you see yourself five years? Mentoring teenage kids that have odds already against them, teaching them how to over come them odds & be successful!

Can you provide all of your social media links so everyone can reach you? Instagram, twitter, snapchat, periscope: iamkalafierce Facebook ka'la iamkalafierce
Thank you for your time

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DJ ARCH SOULFUL HOUSE RADIO is Now OFFICIALLY on The #DJPlatinumApp! If you like Soulful House music, download The #DJPlatinumApp, go to "Radio" and select DJ ARCH RADIO and tune in! Non Stop House Music 24/7! Also remember Fleet DJ Radio is on your dial on the #DJPlatinumApp!


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Tune In to The #OldSChoolRapUp Thursdays @11pm-1am and Saturdays @8am-10am on @FleetDJRadio, with THE WORLD FAMOUS FLEET DJ "Mr. SmellGood" DJ PLATINUM (@DJPlatinumRADIO), giving you 2 HOURS of Classic Hip-Hop and R&B! Get your blank cassette tapes ready and push record! To stream FLEET DJ RADIO, Download The Fleet DJs App or search "Fleet DJ Radio" on TuneIn App. Book DJ PLATINUM 203-936-PLAT @FleetDJs @CTFleetDJs @NYFleetDJs #SocialMedia #Radio #RadioDJ #MixShow #HipHop #RnB


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ON AIR NOW: Now Playing Duane DaRoc- "Come Down" on The #HeatAt3 with DJ PLATINUM on Fleet DJ Radio. He will be at The 2016 Fleet DJs Music Conferenc

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The G.O.A.T Show Recap- Episode 20 recap- As real as it gets!

Legendary Monday was a serious one on The G.O.A.T. Show as KB & AK tackled the issues at hand starting with the shootings of black men at the hands of the police. The conversation shifted to thoughts and solutions along with callers who expressed their point of view.

IQ checked in from Melbourne, Australia to weigh in on the subject matter and dropped several gems that we all need to heed to.

Sweet Tea & DJ Red Handed of the ICHH family stops in the studio sat in on the panel discussion sharing their thought and keeping the show dynamic with the hip-hop feel. AK said it best: Hip-Hop and culture always played a vital role on the politics and history of our people!

Make sure you check our the show live every Monday from 7pm EST on Raw Radio!

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Killer Mike Speaks On His Anger And Fears In The Wake Of More Police Killings Of Black People

Without fail, Killer Mike is ALWAYS speaking poingnantly with passion about matters affecting the people... his people. Sometimes it's a wonder how he keeps answering the call to speak. Frustration we all feel, way before he and those of like mind began to #FeelTheBern

This is all truth. No slick talk and no backtracking. Notice how he does not have to couch his statements in the typical 'all cops are not bad' rhetoric, because he is out there with the police in his town - forging relationships, ensuring that they will feel/be compelled to protect & serve in his community. He touches on that. He has not abandoned talk on political movements we need to make either: VOTE out the folks who refuse to look out for the people in the community... VOTE THEM OUT! And he continues to bang the drum for a show of Black economic power: Want to move those in power, move your money away from them and toward folks you wish to empower.

None of this is new, but Killer Mike keeps speaking it. As frustrating as it must be. The truth is easy to repeat; because it's not a 'platform' or something he has to 'make up' or remember. Watch Mike Render speak on his fears and frustrations with the two recent tragic losses of two Black Lives that did not Matter to cops who took them.





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