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Pun's Wife: Big Pun Did Not Hit Jay Z With A Bottle


It has been the stuff of folklore: Big Pun and Jay Z had a confrontation at a club.

However, Liza Rios, the widow of the late Big Pun, says the urban tale isn't what people think it is. Recently, Nore conducted an interview, which verified that Pun hit Jay Z with a bottle at a night club.

Liza Rios shoots the whole thing down. Check out the interview with Doggie Diamonds.

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Pharrell Claims He Didn't Get Punched By Jay Z


Photo via Pharrell

Rumor has it Pharrell and Jay Z recently got into it over Pharrell allegedly backing out of a deal with Tidal. Allegedly they got into it so bad, that Pharrell now has a black eye. Pharrell showed up to A&E's 'Shining A Light' concert with a very noticeable black eye. Who punched P? Was it Hov? Allegedly Pharrell told his family and friends that the cause of his black eye is from a spatula. He claims he and his wife were just playing around in the kitchen and a spatula flipped up and hit him right in the eye. Domestic violence? Accident? Are you buying this story?

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What happened? Funkmaster Flex is on a rampage. He went off for about 30 min. He went at several other DJs and radio stations. But he didn't stop there. He dissed Drake "The Canadian" and then kinda took it back. I don't know. You just gotta hear it for yourself.

3:15 - Drake diss (then says he loves "The Canadian")

6:20 - Disses Clear Channel and their DJ's

11:40 - Expresses True Love For Jadakiss And Yonkers

21:00 - Goes At New DJ's

23:30 - Talks Beef With Jay, Nas, Drake and even...Bow Wow.

What did Bow Wow do?

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Blue Ivy Will Be On Coldplay's New Album


Blue Ivy is getting a head start on her music career. The three-year-old will be a guest feature on Coldplay's new album A Head Full Of Dreams, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Coldplay's Chris Martin revealed that Bey and Jay's daughter will be singing as apart of a choir with his two children.

"The 'choir' started with my two kids coming in after school and recording," Martin said. "We recorded Blue Ivy Carter in New York when her mom Beyoncé was in the studio."

The British rock collective also has a track with Blue Ivy's mom titled "Hymn for the Weekend," which Martin said was inspired for by  DJ Snake and Lil' Jon's "Turn Down For What?"

"The original kernel was that I was listening to Flo Rida or something, and I thought, it's such a shame that Coldplay could never have one of those late-night club songs, like 'Turn Down for What," Martin said. "What would we call it if we had one? I thought I'd like to have a song called 'Drinks on Me' where you sit on the side of a club and buy everyone drinks because you're so fucking cool. I was chuckling about that, when this melody came - 'drinks on me, drinks on me' - then the rest of the song came out. I presented it to the rest of the band and they said, 'We love this song, but there's no way you can sing 'drinks on me.' So that changed into 'drink from me' and the idea of having an angelic person in your life. Then that turned into asking Beyoncé to sing on it."

Blue Ivy has appeared on past albums from both her parents on the tracks "Blue" by Beyonce and Jay Z's "Glory."

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(AllHipHop News) English producer Mark Ronson has one of the biggest hits of 2015 with "Uptown Funk" featuring Bruno Mars. Ronson actually debuted the worldwide #1 single on Sway In The Morning, and he returned to the Shade 45 radio show to share some stories and thoughts on other music stars he has worked with during his career.

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One of those performers was Jay Z. According to Ronson, he spoke to the Hip Hop legend during a deejaying gig for the The Dynasty: Roc La Familia release party in 2000.

"Jay comes up to me - and I don't really know him that well. I thought he was definitely going to say, 'Can you please never use one of my f*cking parties to hype up your record? Go back to playing some Roc-A-Fella,'" stated Ronson. "He says, 'You did that beat right? When you do a remix, let me rhyme over it.'"

Apparently, Jay never returned Mark's phone calls about the possible collaboration. But Ronson did get to work with Amy Winehouse. In fact, he played a big role in the late singer's classic 2006 album Back To Black. The Brit Award winner was asked about the critically acclaimed documentary Amy which covered the rise and fall of the troubled artist.

"I think most people know the music's pretty great, because when it came out it was really the thing that made people pay so much attention [to Winehouse]," said Ronson. "But toward the end, I think everyone might have forgot it, because everything became so much about the more 'tabloidy' stuff."

He added, "She was a proper lyricist, and you see that in the film. It puts her back up on a pedestal. That's what the director [Asif Kapadia] was saying. You remember she's a f*cking brilliant talent."

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Watch Mark Ronson's interview below.

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(AllHipHop News) Shawn "Jay Z" Carter's run as president of Def Jam Recordings has been both praised and criticized. Under Jay Z's leadership the company found success with Rihanna, Nas, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Ne-Yo, and others. However, some artists on the label complained President Carter spent too much time and money promoting himself rather than focusing on the roster.

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Redman was at Def Jam during Jay Z's turn as the top executive. The New Jersey emcee shared his thoughts on Hov's tenure with Sway In The Morning.

"Jay was cool as hell up there. He definitely showed all the artists love as far as when we seen him. It was like he was going to try and do his best. I guess he really wanted to try to help the artists," stated Redman. "It was kind of out of his hands, because they left him with a mess. Like Bush left Obama with a mess to clean up. So he couldn't do too much."

He continued before laughing, "I do know when I was going up there at Def Jam when Jay was up there, they had cheese and wine. It was like a wine fountain in there. Every Friday they were eating sushi, like $2,000 - $3,000 worth. And I needed promotion."

[ALSO READ: Listen To Eminem Call Into Shade 45 To Speak With Redman (AUDIO)]
Watch Redman's interview below.

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There are very few unreleased songs from Jay Z, but lo & behold, another one pops up. "This Life Forever" has been found by DJ Absolut from about 1999. The original appeared on the soundtrack of "The Black Gangster."

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Jay Z and boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya have made a bet on the major boxing match between theirSaul "Canelo" Alvarez and Miguel Cotto.

The moguls have put up $100,000 apiece, where the loser will donate their monies to charity.

If Cotto wins, De La Hoya will donate his cash to the Shawn Carter Foundation, Jay's charitable entity. Should Canelo win, Jay Z will give his earnings to  White Memorial Medical Center's cancer unit.

The big fight goes down  on Nov. 21 (HBO) at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

If you wanted to know, Canelo is generally favored to win.

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(AllHipHop News) Billboard has released a list of the most successful music artists of all time on the publication's album and singles charts. Several Hip Hop affiliated acts were included on the prestigious records.

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Eminem is the highest ranking rapper on the "Greatest Of All Time Billboard 200 Artists" list. The legendary emcee landed at #14 overall. R&B superstar Usher claimed the #40 spot. He was followed closely by Brooklyn icon Jay Z at #43, and the rap star's wife Beyoncé was placed at #77. Fellow singers Alicia Keys (#53) and Mary J. Blige (#59) broke into the Top 60. St Louis rhymer Nelly (#86) and Chicago crooner R.Kelly (#97) made the tally as well.

The "Greatest Of All Time Hot 100 Artists" list featured Bajan bombshell Rihanna at #13. Likewise, Usher (#14), Boyz II Men (#35), Beyoncé (#39), The Black Eyed Peas (#46), TLC (#63), Chris Brown (#67), Nelly (#71), R. Kelly (#74), Alicia Keys (#77), Destiny's Child (#82), Eminem (#85), Jay Z (#86), Kanye West (#89), Justin Timberlake (#90), and 50 Cent (#97) cracked the list.

In addition, Billboard listed the top LPs on its album chart and top singles on its Hot 100 chart. Whitney Houston had two projects mentioned in the Top 25 on the Billboard 200 G.O.A.T. Albums - Whitney Houston (#11) and The Bodyguard (#23). Usher's Confessions (#16) and M.C. Hammer's Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em also made the Top 25.

Over on the Hot 100 Songs side, The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta A Feeling" (#6), Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" (#11), Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart" (#13), Usher's "Yeah!" (#14), Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love To You" (#20), and Rihanna's "We Found Love" (#25) were all celebrated among the 25 best.

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Check out the Top 10 of Billboard's "Greatest Of All Time" Album and Hot 100 Artists lists below.

All-Time Top 10 Billboard 200 Artists 
1. The Beatles

2. The Rolling Stones

3. Barbra Streisand

4. Garth Brooks

5. Elton John

6. Mariah Carey

7. Herb Alpert

8. Taylor Swift

9. Chicago

10. Michael Jackson

All-Time Top 10 Hot 100 Artists
1. The Beatles

2. Madonna

3. Elton John

4. Elvis Presley

5. Mariah Carey

6. Stevie Wonder

7. Janet Jackson

8. Michael Jackson

9. Whitney Houston

10. The Rolling Stones


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Wiz Khalifa & The Weeknd Earn Quadruple Platinum Plaques


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Wiz Khalifa and singer The Weeknd had a record-breaking summer on the charts. Both performers have now picked up more plaques for their respective monster records.

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The RIAA has announced Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth is certified 4X platinum. The Weeknd's "The Hills" and "Can't Feel My Face" has shipped over 4 million copies as well. The Canadian breakout star's other hit "Often" has also reached double platinum status.

Other Hip Hop/R&B artists that earned platinum certifications in October include August Alsina ("No Love"), Jay Z & Kanye West ("Gotta Have It"), Kanye West ("Black Skinhead"), Nicki Minaj ("The Night Is Still Young"), Jeremih ("Planes"), and Ty Dolla Sign ("Or Nah").

[ALSO READ: Dr. Dre's 'Compton' Album Has Been Certified Gold]
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(AllHipHop News) Jadakiss is set to release his fourth studio album Top 5 Dead or Alive on November 20. The discussion about which emcees should be listed as the greatest of all time has been debated in Hip Hop circles for decades. Kiss took it to the urban congress known as the barbershop to continue the conversation about rap music's Top 5 of all time.

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Tax Season podcast host Tax Stone led the deliberations in The Bronx's This Is It, and Jadakiss was among the emcees named as the Top 5 DOA. The Lox member later joined in. Kiss also spoke about why he has not reached the same level of mainstream success as some of his contemporaries such as Jay Z.

"I might be too real for whatever that means. They don't really want to let real n*ggas get all the way in. We got to sneak in. It ain't going to be that easy of a task for n*ggas like us, cause they know what we we're going to do if we were to get in a position like that," said Jada.

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Watch "The Cutting Room - T5DOA Edition - PART I" featuring Jadakiss below.

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(AllHipHop News) Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs and Shawn "Jay Z" Carter are consistently near the top of the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list and The Source Power 30 rankings. Both Puff and Jay run several successful companies, but the "Young G's" collaborators have yet to join forces for a major business deal.

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Puffy recently stopped by the Sway In The Morning radio show, and host Sway Calloway asked the Bad Boy Entertainment boss about possibly teaming with Hov.

"Me and Jay - we've talked about it. We said we want to pick the best one," revealed Puff. "It's going to have to be that one thing that gets it all the way popping. For other people, it was DreamWorks. When DreamWorks happened, it made it okay for strong, visionary, idealistic leaders to get together and figure out how to navigate."

He added, "Sometimes you don't do it, not because you don't want to do it - it's almost out of respect for someone else, you may just want to stay in your lane. But I think that's the only way we'll be able to get true economic power. If we do more things together. That's the next level for Hip Hop."

Puff Daddy stated he is open to building with any of his peers including Jay Z. According to the Harlem native, there have been discussions among Hip Hop artists about working together in the business realm.

[ALSO READ: Puff Daddy: We Got Barack Obama Elected, Why Hasn't Our Community Gotten Drastically Better? (VIDEO]
Watch Puff Daddy's interview below.

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Tim Westwood Releases Jay Z Freestyle From 1999 (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) For #ThrowbackThursday, veteran radio personality Tim Westwood took it back to the pre-2000 days. The British national released a Jay Z freestyle from 1999. Some of Jigga's rhymes sound familiar, but the nearly four-minute rap provides fans the chance to reflect on a "before the turn of the century" Hov.

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Is December The Month Of Rihanna?

Is December The Month Of Rihanna?

The world awaits, but some light may shine hope on a release date for Rihanna.

A new report from Billboard suggests that the R&B rebel is preparing for a December release day. While unconfirmed, the story stated that she and Jay Z are working on an "unconventional" release strategy.

The rollout for Rihanna's 8th album ANTI has been a confusing one. The drop has felt imminent all year, and when the title and album cover were unveiled last month, it seemed the album must be right on the cusp of release. Weeks later, there's still no sign of it, but a new report from Billboard may shed some light on when the project will finally arrive. Furthermore, Rihanna's new Samsung deal suggests that she may do a release similar to Jay Z with his own Magna Carta.

Rihanna has reportedly been wresting with what her new single will be.

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(AllHipHop News) Battling has always been part of Hip Hop culture. There are very few top emcees that have never gone back-and-forth with another rapper on wax. With all the great lyrical feuds in rap history, which one rises to the top? Ja Rule - who had his own issues with 50 Cent - was asked to rank the greatest Hip Hop beefs of all time.

[ALSO READ: 50 Cent Says Jay Z Lost The "Ether" Battle, But Still Won Against Nas In The End (VIDEO)]

"Our Hip Hop beef has got to be top 3," said Ja about his rivalry with 50. "You got Big and Pac. You got Jay and Nas. I would put me and 50 over Jay and Nas even."

Ja stated he has moved past the conflict with 50. The star of MTV's Follow The Rules argues the improvement in his life circumstances show he came out a winner in the end. While defending Meek against the idea he is constantly "taking Ls," Ja Rule also added he wish he had not been brought into the MMG artists' clash with Drake this summer.

[ALSO READ: Ja Rule Responds To Meek Mill Name Dropping Him On Drake Diss Track "Wanna Know"]
Watch Ja Rule's interview and vote in the poll below.

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