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Lee Daniels and Precious cast

"Precious" director Lee Daniels revealed in an exclusive interview with MTV News that casting is firming up for his next film, "Selma." Liam Neeson and Cedric the Entertainer are both on board in key roles, with the former playing President Lyndon Baines Johnson and the latter playing American civil rights movement leader and Martin Luther King Jr. associate Ralph Abernathy.

"Selma" is set against the backdrop of the civil rights disputes that raged during the 1960s. It is specifically focused on one moment in time in the middle of the decade. Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ostensibly made segregation illegal, local governments in less forward-thinking parts of the country still built barriers designed to defeat black citizens who wished to exercise their constitutional rights.

This week marks the 45th anniversary of one historic act of protest during that time - on March 25, 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. led a mass gathering of civil rights protesters to the doorstep of Alabama's State Capitol Building in Montgomery. It was the end of a five-day, four-night march that started in Selma, Alabama, an act of public protest that ultimately became an important component in the passage of the National Voting Rights Act of 1965, which outlawed discriminatory practices that had been used to prevent African-Americans from exercising their right to vote.

Daniels' story in "Selma" will encompass the march and the events leading up to it. His key players are Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo was cast in the role last week), President Johnson, Sheriff Jim Clark (Hugh Jackman), future Sheriff Wilson Baker (elected in '66), Andrew Young (Lenny Kravitz) and Ralph Abernathy.

"Liam Neeson's playing Johnson," Daniels told us. "Wallace is not [cast], but [an offer is] out. We're waiting for a deal to close."

One bit of casting that Daniels is...More 'Selma'

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WAKA FLOCKA FLAME Jailed For Probation Violation


Waka Flocka Flame

Gucci Mane protégé Waka Flocka Flame was arrested in Houston on Tuesday for probation violation after Georgia authorities reportedly discovered that the rapper had traveled outside of the state.

According to the Macon Telegraph, Waka Flocka Flame was jailed and taken into custody by the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

The rapper, real name Juaquin James Malphurs, 23, is believed to be on probation for a gun-possession charge. A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Correction could not be reached as of press time. Representatives for the rapper did not respond to an inquiry made by MTV News.

TMZ is reporting that Waka Flocka Flame will be held without bail until a scheduled court appearance "in a few weeks."

In January, the rapper suffered a gunshot wound to his arm after a being the target of a robbery attempt in Atlanta.

A few weeks later, he spoke to MTV News and admitted he nearly "gave up" after being shot.

"I'm like, 'I can't believe I'm shot,' " he said, explaining the aftermath. "I felt it in my arm but I looked down and felt it in my chest, my back, everything. It felt like stop, drop and roll. I'm leaking, my arm squirting. I said, 'Call an ambulance.' I felt my body getting woozy. I laid down on a flat surface. That messed me up because that ain't do nothing but put air inside my lungs and...More WAKA FLOCKA FLAME

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Gone but never forgotten. Lil Wayne has been in prison for 24 hours, and the reactions about his sentence keep pouring in. Fans told MTV News that they already miss the New Orleans rhyme hero, and stars such as LeBron James, Bun B, Young Jeezy Game have all lamented the loss of their friend and a talented performer.

Wayne's former partner in the Hot Boys, B.G., also shared his opinion on the situation.

"I mean, I been there, done that," said B.G., who last partied with Wayne on Super Bowl Sunday. "So, you know, you gotta take your lick. Me, personally, I would recommend that they don't put him in general population. But then again, I don't recommend putting them on 23 and 1 [protective custody]. I don't know how he gonna do it."

The New York Daily News reported that Weezy will be serving his time in general population.

When asked about another incarcerated former Hot Boy, Turk, B.G. said he is staying tough while inside. "I talk to Turk all the time," B.G. said. "He's been down almost six years. He took 10 years on the gun charge. They dropped the charges of attempted murder on a police officer because it was friendly fire. They have a civil lawsuit with the police [officer's family]. He's supposed to be on his way to the halfway house.

"Turk's a soldier," B.G. added. "He's handling it like a gangsta. He's got smarter, wiser, he's been reading. Six years in the feds ... his chess game is on point. He's been eating. He got about 10 albums [written]. He's ready."

B.G. has his own firearm charge he has to contend with. He was arrested earlier this year on weapons charges.

"I know what comes behind what I do," B.G. told MTV News in November. "I know the consequences and repercussions of what comes behind it. Where I'm from, it's just like, that first draw is a mutha----a, the bullets raining out the sky. It's like that for real. It's a murder capital. They dropping like flies. I stay in the suburbs. All my neighbors are white and football players and doctors and dentists. I lay my head there, but when I get up in the morning, I gotta...More B.G./LIL WAYNE

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468x60 Paul Fredrick MenStyle Clearance

Wesley Snipes' last appearance in a major film release came in 2004's box-office disappointment "Blade Trinity." From there he faced a slew of tax-related charges from the IRS and a string of roles in straight-to-DVD stinkers with names like "The Detonator" and "The Art of War II: Betrayal."

"Brooklyn's Finest," out Friday (March 5), marks a sort of homecoming for the 47-year-old actor, both in terms of claiming a meaty role in a mainstream film opposite Hollywood vets and also in that he returns to dramatic material after years of action schlock.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

"If they call it a comeback and we can do more of these, that's great, I'm with it 100 percent," Snipes told MTV News recently. "I'll still do action every now and then, and do some comedy as well - keep it mixed."

Directed by Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day"), the film tells the intersecting stories of three New York City cops - Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke and Don Cheadle - battling drug crime, shifting allegiances and their own weary souls. Snipes co-stars as one of Brooklyn's most notorious drug dealers, who's under the impression Cheadle's character is not an undercover cop but one of his closest confidants.

"I'm elated to be in a good quality product and a good quality project and associated with quality actors and quality work," Snipes said. "I appreciate that. I love doing drama and I love doing ensemble work."

While Snipes said that filming direct-to-DVD movies overseas was part of a "strategy," he's clearly grateful to be back on Hollywood soil, especially in a role that is receiving positive reviews. That's not to say the man behind first-rate action thrillers like "Demolition Man," "Rising Sun" and "New Jack City" has left that genre behind.

"I'll keep doing them and...More WESLEY SNIPES

Wesley Snipes

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LIL WAYNE To Be Sentenced, Begin Jail Term Today Vitamin 468x60

This is it.

Barring any colossally unforeseen circumstances (or eight more root canals), Lil Wayne will be formally sentenced and finally turn himself in to begin his one-year prison sentence in New York on Tuesday (March 2).

The sentencing was scheduled for last month, but Wayne's attorney requested a delay due to dental surgery the rapper required. Judge Charles H. Solomon agreed to the last-minute request and rescheduled the proceedings for March 2. The New Orleans MC has had more time than he requested to recover from a reported eight root canals in one day.

"I don't want this to get pushed back anymore," Judge Solomon told the rapper's lawyer during his last appearance. "This is the last adjournment."

Lil Wayne

Wayne is set to appear before Solomon on Tuesday afternoon and plead guilty to attempted gun possession. He's then expected to turn himself in immediately to begin his prison term.

The rapper reached a deal with prosecutors in November to plead out to a lesser deal and in return he is expected to be released from prison as early as October of this year. In 2007, Lil Wayne was arrested for gun possession following his first headlining performance in Manhattan at the Beacon Theater. A gun-possession charge in New York could have landed the Cash Money superstar behind bars for up to 15 years if he was convicted.

New York is among the toughest states in the country when it comes to gun-possession laws.

In other states, Lil Wayne could have reasonably gotten off with a misdemeanor rap and probation. However, in New York, mostly law-enforcement officials and those affiliated with authorities are permitted to carry firearms. The Empire State's stringent gun laws were originally enacted during former governor George Pataki's administration.

Ultimately, what Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to amounts to him being able to have access to a gun. Police did not find a weapon on the rapper when his tour bus was searched. Rather, the gun - registered to his manager - was in a bag located near the rapper, hence the attempted charge.

Lil Wayne has been working feverishly in recent weeks to complete a number of videos and songs to stay relevant during his physical absence. That pace he's gotten accustomed to, however, will come to a screeching halt, according to a New York corrections officer who spoke to MTV News.

Once the rapper lands behind...More LIL WAYNE

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NEW YORK - Ludacris poked fun at Tiger Woods' sex scandal on the intro to his new track "Sexting" from his forthcoming Battle of the Sexes album (due March 9), intimidating the embattled golf star's frantic voice mail to one of his alleged mistresses.

But the Atlanta rapper said there are no hard feelings behind the jab.

"If I'm making fun of Tiger Woods, I'm also making fun of myself," Luda told MTV News from Madison Square Garden before he took the stage Wednesday (February 24).

MTV Shows
On the Neptunes-produced song, "Sexting," Luda raps about his own tale of sex addiction. "My girl went through my cell phone," he spits, explaining how he got caught. Throughout the track, the Luda-as-Tiger voice mail plays. Luda said the track is only a reflection of reality.

"This is what happens," he explained of the inspiration behind the song. "So I'm just bringing to light what's really going on in the world."

So, does Luda have a take on Tiger's message to his mistress?

"It's very entertaining," he laughed. "And I do feel as though he may have handled it wrong."

Ludacris, however, said he'd offer Tiger some advice - especially if the golf legend feels slighted by song.

"I would say, 'Let's go play some golf and talk about it,' " he...More LUDACRIS/TIGER WOODS


Tiger Woods

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Music Factory Direct

Just over a year ago, Jermaine Dupri made headlines after an acrimonious split with Island Records and Island Def Jam head L.A. Reid.

The multi-platinum producer left his post as president of the Island Records Urban Music department last January, shortly after on-again, off-again girlfriend Janet Jackson left the label On the way out, JD voiced his displeasure with the company and said Reid was jealous of the younger music executive.

MTV Shows

Now, the hit-maker and his label, So So Def, are back, this time on the independent route with his artist Dondria, a Dallas native who performed around her hometown with Dupri during last week's NBA All-Star festivities.

"We on the grind with new artists," JD told MTV News. "And we're making sure people understand that the only way the music business is gonna live is if you keep putting out new music. So, we keep bringing new artists. I'm out here with my sleeves rolled up doing that I gotta do. As always, you know?"

His comments echo the criticism he levied at Reid about his tenure at Island Records. (At the time of his departure, an Island source told the New York Post that Dupri sulked and collected a hefty paycheck without contributing much work after Jackson's Discipline album wasn't received as well as the label hoped.)

"It was a situation where it felt very stagnant to me," Dupri said of Island last year. "As a person who is used to putting out new records and continuing to do that, it just wasn't turning over as being that place to me where I should stick to it and see if it was going to turn around."

Dupri discovered Dondria via YouTube a few years ago, and the...More JERMAINE DUPRI/DONDRIA

Jermaine Dupri

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BET To Air Benefit Concert For Haiti


Queen Latifah, Diddy and Pharrell are hosting a concert and celebrity telethon entitled, "SOS Saving OurSelves Help for Haiti," aimed at several organizations providing immediate relief in Haiti, including Yele Haiti, CARE, Project Medishare and Children's Safe Drinking Water.

The two hour telecast concert will be held at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. The program will be aired on BET and Centric, as well as MTV Networks' MTV and VH1 on Friday, February 5, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT.

It will also be streamed live on for desktop and mobile viewers. Proceeds from the broadcast will go directly to each of the charitable organizations.

Queen Latifah


Pharrell William

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Lupe Fiasco has been lying low for the past few years, but after dropping a mixtape toward the end of 2009, the Chicago MC is ready to release his next solo album, the forthcoming Lasers. The LP will be his first since 2007's The Cool.

On Monday, Fiasco appeared on Green Lantern's Invasion Radio on Sirius XM and confirmed that he just turned over the completed Lasers material to his label, Atlantic Records. (No release date has been set yet.) He also revealed that the long-delayed CRS collaboration, featuring himself, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, might soon see the light of day.

"Pharrell hit me the other day, and he was like, 'Yo, we really need to do this Child Rebel Soldiers project,' " the rapper said during his Shade 45 interview. "We did, like, four songs [so far]. So that's four songs of Lupe Fiasco that your punk ass don't got. Hopefully, it's coming soon. But I'm not gonna stray anybody off [their own projects] like that. Pharrell hit me the other day and said we need to go back into the studio and do some more songs. I don't know what Kanye's doing, but we'll figure it out."

The supergroup first came to fruition from a song that appeared on a previous Fiasco mixtape. The rapper initially put together a track for himself to feature West and U.K. artist the Streets. When the British rapper never got back to him, however, West forwarded the song to the Neptunes producer.

From there, the collabo took on a life of its own.

"Pharrell came up with the idea - 'Let's do a group, Child Rebel Soldiers,' " Fiasco told MTV News in April 2008. "So I did a song. Took Thom Yorke's 'Eraser,' cut it up, put 'Us Placers' on it, because I was...More LUPE FIASCO

Lupe Fiasco

Kanye West

Pharrell William

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Vid: DRAKE Talks About Working With KANYE WEST


Drake speaks about his videos and Kanye being back in "music-mode."

MTV Shows

Source: MT

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Vid: New LIL WAYNE! "On Fire"


Lil Wayne is really taking his rock aspirations seriously. Are you??? Let us know what you think of the video below!

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On Monday, in a prank as brazen as it was odd, the Web site of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was hacked by a dissident who also happens to be a Michael Jackson fan.

A message posted on the site addressed God, who had taken Jackson from the Earth in 2009, suggesting that he should take Ahmadinejad in '10.

"Dear God, in 2009 you took my favorite singer - Michael Jackson, my favorite actress - Farrah Fawcett, my favorite actor - Patrick Swayze, my favorite voice - Neda [a reference to Neda Agha-Soltan, an Iranian who was killed during last year's protests of the country's presidential election]," the message read. "Please, please, don't forget my favorite politician - Ahmadinejad, and my favorite dictator - [Iranian cleric Ali] Khamenei in the year 2010. Thank you."

Ahmadinejad's site has since been taken offline - either intentionally or because its servers were overloaded by visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the hack - but screen captures of the hack quickly spread throughout the Internet, as commenters marveled at the audacity of the attack and its message.

The hack comes in the wake of last year's election protests, in which Iranian students and others took to sites like Twitter - which the Iranian government reportedly attempted to ban - to post footage of marches and convey their outrage to the rest of the world. In December, a group calling itself...More MICHAEL JACKSON

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Lil Wayne performed his last hometown show Monday in New Orleans before he's scheduled to be sentenced to prison in New York on February 9.

Wayne, clad in a crimson-red fitted hat and matching winter coat, arrived onstage at the New Orleans Arena to thunderous applause.

"I'm nothing without you," he told the crowd in response to his ovation, according to The Associated Press.

The rapper has been on a promotional tour with Young Money since earlier this month in support of the recently released We Are Young Money compilation.

The outing kicked off December 17 in Texas but hit a few speed bumps along the way. Earlier this month, the rapper and his entourage were detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Lone Star State. Officials found marijuana on Lil Wayne's tour bus, but after being held for hours, he was later released and was never charged in the incident.

The New Orleans show went off without a hitch. During Young Money's performance of "Every Girl," the crowd cheered with approval. Stripped down to a tank top, Wayne was joined by Mack Maine, Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda for the number. Weezy pulled double-duty subbing for a missing Drake.

Wayne has a...More LIL WAYNE

Lil Wayne's mugsho

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MICHAEL JACKSON's FBI Files Reveal Death Threats


During more than a decade of monitoring, the Federal Bureau of Investigation helped set up interviews over child-molestation allegations and investigated a possible terror attack and an alleged assassination plot against Michael Jackson, according to newly released FBI files.

Despite monitoring Jackson for more than a decade, the files don't contain any major revelations about the late pop singer's private life and the bureau never uncovered any solid evidence against him in connection with two different molestation allegations, according to The Associated Press.

The documents made public on Tuesday date from 1992 to 2005, and though the FBI said they number about 600 pages, only 333 were released due to privacy rules and a desire to protect investigative techniques.

Though they don't contain many bombshells, they do reveal that the 1993 sentencing of Frank Paul Jones - a man allegedly obsessed with Michael's sister, Janet Jackson - was tied to death threats he made against Michael, then-president George H.W. Bush and late mob boss John Gotti, whom he claimed was his father. In a letter obtained by the FBI, dated July 6, 1992, Jones wrote, "I decided that because nobody is taking me serious, and I can't handle my state of mind, that I am going to Washington, D.C. to threaten to kill the President of the United States, George Bush," adding, "Michael (Jackson) I will personally attempt to kill, if he doesn't pay me my money."

Among the documents is one written by the L.A. City Attorney's office, which claimed that on June 22, 1992, the letter's author "arrives in Calif." and "threatens to kill." The FBI interviewed an unidentified "victim," whose name is redacted but the AP said was presumably Michael Jackson, who told authorities that he was aware of the threats and took them seriously. Jones was arrested June 22 and held on $15,000 bail for investigation of trespassing in the driveway of the Jackson family compound in Encino, California, and sentenced in 1993 to two years in prison for "mailing a threatening communication."

The federal government's investigative agency continued its probe into Jackson in 1993, after the Los Angeles Police Department asked the FBI if it was interested in working on a possible case against Jackson for transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes. The request came after an LAPD investigator traveled to Manila, Philippines, to speak to two former Jackson employees who claimed they saw the singer fondle young boys; the FBI did not join the investigation because the U.S. Attorney's Office declined to get...More MICHAEL JACKSON

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QWANELL "QUE" MOSLEY Explains Why He Left DAY26


After a video appeared online over the weekend of Day26's Qwanell "Que" Mosley announcing he was no longer with the band, his manager confirmed the split to MTV News on Monday (December 21). Que said the split had nothing to do with Diddy or Bad Boy, which his manager also confirmed.

In the video, Mosley, speaking from a recording studio where his management said he is currently working on solo music, says: "I love Day26 and I just wanted to move forward with my management. I feel bad for my brothers because they don't get it, and they making me seem like the bad guy. But no, MTV don't got control of this no more, I'm telling the world the truth, it's [Day26 manager Joseph 'Screwface' Charles] Screwface, it's not Puff.

"I love all my fans and I want y'all to know I think y'all should know the truth. I'm not here trying to put anybody down but the fans deserve the truth. I love y'all and I support Day26. I just want to move on because they don't want to get their business in order. God bless them. I'm in the studio working. I'm just moving on. I wish them the best."

On Monday, Mosley spoke to MTV News about the split, adding that the friction between him and his band took place earlier this year and came to a head recently, causing him to post the video announcing his departure from the group.

"I was so confused and lost because I never had an issue with Day26," he said. "We just had to fix our business. I have nothing bad to say about them. I just want to move forward because they sent me a letter saying they don't want to work with me. ... I only had the issue with management. I don't feel protected around them now. I don't feel safe. I don't feel like they're my brothers anymore.

"They kicked me out," he continued, adding that any other negotiations with the label were made without him. "This is...More QUE/DAY26

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