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Lil Wayne performed his last hometown show Monday in New Orleans before he's scheduled to be sentenced to prison in New York on February 9.

Wayne, clad in a crimson-red fitted hat and matching winter coat, arrived onstage at the New Orleans Arena to thunderous applause.

"I'm nothing without you," he told the crowd in response to his ovation, according to The Associated Press.

The rapper has been on a promotional tour with Young Money since earlier this month in support of the recently released We Are Young Money compilation.

The outing kicked off December 17 in Texas but hit a few speed bumps along the way. Earlier this month, the rapper and his entourage were detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Lone Star State. Officials found marijuana on Lil Wayne's tour bus, but after being held for hours, he was later released and was never charged in the incident.

The New Orleans show went off without a hitch. During Young Money's performance of "Every Girl," the crowd cheered with approval. Stripped down to a tank top, Wayne was joined by Mack Maine, Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda for the number. Weezy pulled double-duty subbing for a missing Drake.

Wayne has a...More LIL WAYNE

Lil Wayne's mugsho

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MICHAEL JACKSON's FBI Files Reveal Death Threats


During more than a decade of monitoring, the Federal Bureau of Investigation helped set up interviews over child-molestation allegations and investigated a possible terror attack and an alleged assassination plot against Michael Jackson, according to newly released FBI files.

Despite monitoring Jackson for more than a decade, the files don't contain any major revelations about the late pop singer's private life and the bureau never uncovered any solid evidence against him in connection with two different molestation allegations, according to The Associated Press.

The documents made public on Tuesday date from 1992 to 2005, and though the FBI said they number about 600 pages, only 333 were released due to privacy rules and a desire to protect investigative techniques.

Though they don't contain many bombshells, they do reveal that the 1993 sentencing of Frank Paul Jones - a man allegedly obsessed with Michael's sister, Janet Jackson - was tied to death threats he made against Michael, then-president George H.W. Bush and late mob boss John Gotti, whom he claimed was his father. In a letter obtained by the FBI, dated July 6, 1992, Jones wrote, "I decided that because nobody is taking me serious, and I can't handle my state of mind, that I am going to Washington, D.C. to threaten to kill the President of the United States, George Bush," adding, "Michael (Jackson) I will personally attempt to kill, if he doesn't pay me my money."

Among the documents is one written by the L.A. City Attorney's office, which claimed that on June 22, 1992, the letter's author "arrives in Calif." and "threatens to kill." The FBI interviewed an unidentified "victim," whose name is redacted but the AP said was presumably Michael Jackson, who told authorities that he was aware of the threats and took them seriously. Jones was arrested June 22 and held on $15,000 bail for investigation of trespassing in the driveway of the Jackson family compound in Encino, California, and sentenced in 1993 to two years in prison for "mailing a threatening communication."

The federal government's investigative agency continued its probe into Jackson in 1993, after the Los Angeles Police Department asked the FBI if it was interested in working on a possible case against Jackson for transporting a minor across state lines for immoral purposes. The request came after an LAPD investigator traveled to Manila, Philippines, to speak to two former Jackson employees who claimed they saw the singer fondle young boys; the FBI did not join the investigation because the U.S. Attorney's Office declined to get...More MICHAEL JACKSON

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QWANELL "QUE" MOSLEY Explains Why He Left DAY26


After a video appeared online over the weekend of Day26's Qwanell "Que" Mosley announcing he was no longer with the band, his manager confirmed the split to MTV News on Monday (December 21). Que said the split had nothing to do with Diddy or Bad Boy, which his manager also confirmed.

In the video, Mosley, speaking from a recording studio where his management said he is currently working on solo music, says: "I love Day26 and I just wanted to move forward with my management. I feel bad for my brothers because they don't get it, and they making me seem like the bad guy. But no, MTV don't got control of this no more, I'm telling the world the truth, it's [Day26 manager Joseph 'Screwface' Charles] Screwface, it's not Puff.

"I love all my fans and I want y'all to know I think y'all should know the truth. I'm not here trying to put anybody down but the fans deserve the truth. I love y'all and I support Day26. I just want to move on because they don't want to get their business in order. God bless them. I'm in the studio working. I'm just moving on. I wish them the best."

On Monday, Mosley spoke to MTV News about the split, adding that the friction between him and his band took place earlier this year and came to a head recently, causing him to post the video announcing his departure from the group.

"I was so confused and lost because I never had an issue with Day26," he said. "We just had to fix our business. I have nothing bad to say about them. I just want to move forward because they sent me a letter saying they don't want to work with me. ... I only had the issue with management. I don't feel protected around them now. I don't feel safe. I don't feel like they're my brothers anymore.

"They kicked me out," he continued, adding that any other negotiations with the label were made without him. "This is...More QUE/DAY26

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After less than a month, Kid Cudi's opening stint on Lady Gaga's Monster's Ball Tour is over. On Wednesday (December 16), Cudi announced via a statement that due to time conflicts, he has decided to leave the tour.

"Kid Cudi has decided to take an early leave of absence from Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour, in order to balance his schedule surrounding the recording of his next album and acting commitments," the statement reads. "Cudi does not want to disappoint his fans and will move forward with his individual show dates in December and throughout the month of January."

While it wasn't addressed in the statement or by reps, Cudi's altercation with a fan in Vancouver over the weekend may have played a role in his departure from the tour. At Saturday night's show, Cudi put down his mic and leaped off the stage after a fan threw a wallet onto the stage and Cudi threw it back into the crowd. Spectator Michael Sharpe told TMZ that he caught the wallet, but it was not his, so he threw it back onstage. That apparently infuriated Cudi, because there is online footage of the MC taking out his ear monitors and jumping toward the barricade that separated the crowd from the stage. In the footage, Cudi appears to throw a punch into the crowd. Sharpe told TMZ that Cudi hit him but he had no plans to press charges.

Ironically, Cudi was named by GQ magazine as a "gangsta killer of the year" for helping, along with Drake and Wale, to break the stereotype of gangsta rappers.

As for Cudder, the album...More KID CUDI

Kid Cudi

Lady Gag

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NICK CANNON Launches Multimedia Company, New Projects


In an effort to centralize his many industry hats, Nick Cannon has announced today (December 15) the formation of NCredible Entertainment to handle his projects in TV, film, music, digital music, publishing and radio.

Cannon adds the NCredible CEO position with his role as Chairman/CEO of TeenNick, the 24-hour Nickelodeon network.

NCredible offices have opened in New York and Los Angeles, with a supporting cast of industry veterans in Ray Brown (Music Division), Tracy Nguyen (PR and Marketing), Dorian Graham (Television Division), and Cannon manager Michael Goldman.

First up for the versatile entertainer will be a currently untitled Hip-Hop puppet project for Adult Swim.

The show, which is said to hold similarities to HBO's hit series Entourage, will revolve around members of a Hip-Hop group who live as roommates and struggle to become stars in the industry.

In partnership with MTV, Cannon's NCredible collective has produced a docudrama pilot on Bronx emcee Cory Gunz entitled "Son of a Gun: A True Bronx Tale."

Gunz is signed to Cannon's label, and at press time additional episodes are being filmed.

Other music acts in...More NICK CANNON

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CHRIS BROWN Slams Music Business On Twitter


Despite projections that his new album will debut at #1 on the Billboard albums chart next week, Chris Brown doesn't seem happy with the way Graffiti is being handled by retailers.

on Friday (December 11) and in several posts made claims that he's being "blackballed" by stores that aren't carrying or displaying the album. The remark appears to be in reference to outlets that have been slow to embrace Brown's return to the music world following his February assault against Rihanna.

"I'm tired of this sh--," Brown tweeted. "Major stores are blackballing my CD. Not stockin the shelves and lying to customers. What the f--- do I gotta do..."

An hour later, Brown returned to Twitter to reiterate his stance. He tweeted that he would not be "retracting" his comments, which rapidly spread online. His tirade was laced with profanity as he lashed out, saying the music industry can "kiss his ass."

He followed these an hour later with a tweet that reads, "Thx again to my real fans. U don't go unnoticed. Love y'all."

Representatives for Brown and his label, Jive Records, were not available or had not responded to MTV News' requests for comment at press time.

Brown has caused waves with his Twitter use recently. During the American Music Awards he tweeted a disparaging comment directed at no one in particular, simply writing "cornball." But the timing of the tweet coincided with Jay-Z's appearance on stage to accept an...More CHRIS BROWN

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GAME Warns 50 CENT: "JAY-Z Is Not To Be Toyed With"


Game has thrown disses at both 50 Cent and Jay-Z, so who does the Compton rap fanatic think would win if Fif and Jay ever engaged in a war of words? In a recent interview with, Game says he gives it to Jigga.

"Jay-Z will f--- 50 up in a battle!" Game predicted. "It would be so fast and over with. 50 is funny, but Jay is witty. Jay-Z is not to be toyed with. If he responds, if he feels like you're really pissing him off and he responds, he's gonna f--- you up! He would f--- me up, I'm just glad he didn't respond, so I didn't have to go dig in my bag and try to f--- him up. Widgets

"I definitely think that Jay-Z didn't come at me like he came at any other rappers because I definitely would have been more disrespectful," he continued. "Once you start a beef with me, you better be ready to go the whole 12 rounds. I will try to chew your f---in' ear off, like Mike Tyson. I'll do it and I think he knew that - I'm disrespectful! So Jay, he did the right thing and just kinda let it die down and I let it die down 'cause it wasn't anything, really. It was fun and I really admire Jay's career. I just really don't care too much for the man himself."

The onetime G-Unit member also said he's open to working with 50 Cent again - although 50 recently said he isn't - but he does think Fif is just following his footsteps by beefing with Young Hova.

"I already did that Jay-Z thing," Game said. "50's just doing what I'm doing. Nobody went at Jay; I went at Jay. Now everybody wants to get at Jay - not saying anything about Beanie Sigel, that's personal and I stay out of that. He's just a man and he's got all the right in the world, but I feel like I did something that people have been wanting to do, but everybody is scared because Jay-Z is so lyrically inclined to cut your throat and your career in half that nobody wanted to do it. But me? I just don't give a f--- sometimes."

Both Game and 50 Cent have been in the lab with Dr. Dre lately. The Doc was in New York on Thursday at Best Buy promoting his headphones. During a press conference, asked him about...More GAME, 50 CENT & JAY-Z

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As we predicted back in January, Wale, Kid Cudi and Drake have had a huge impact on hip-hop this year. They've not only built a buzz for themselves, but they've found themselves standing alongside the likes of Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West and 50 Cent. And, as GQ magazine points out, they've helped to quell hip-hop's gangster persona and usher in a real-life focus. The three MCs are featured in the GQ's Men of the Year issue in an article titled "Gangsta Killers."

"Anybody from Cleveland will tell you, I wasn't in the street," Kid Cudi said. "Ask them, they'll say, 'Scotty was the goofy class clown.' " Widgets

The article points out the contrast between songs about "duct-taped kilos, exotic firearms, and freaky girls" and the lyrics of this up-and-coming generation of rappers. Cudi's introspective raps have helped secure him a dedicated following that propelled his single, "Day N' Nite," into a top-five hit and stoner anthem, and his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, sold over 100,000 thousand copies in its first week. Wale's attention to lyrical detail has established him as D.C.'s first major hip-hop artist, and his live show earned him a spot as the leader of this year's VMA house band and touring with Jay-Z. And Drake, whose So Far Gone mixtape and "Best I Ever Had" single made him the object of a label bidding war this summer, stood verse-for-verse with Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West on "Forever."

While they have each helped to establish a new aesthetic for rap, they aren't too keen on being called "Gangsta...More "Gangsta Killers"

Drake - through the years


Kid Cud

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JENNIFER HUDSON To Play Winnie Mandela In Biopic


Jennifer Hudson won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Dreamgirls" in 2007, and a role she's recently signed on for looks like a strong contender for another big win.

According to Variety, Hudson will play the title role in "Winnie," a South African film about the former wife of Nelson Mandela. The film, which is adapted from Anne Marie du Preez Bezdrob's biography "Winnie Mandela: A Life," will be directed by Darrell Roodt, whose film "Yesterday" was nominated for the foreign language Oscar in 2005. Widgets

Winnie Mandela should be a challenging character to play. She's a heroine of the anti-apartheid movement, having fought the South African government first alongside her husband and continuing while he was in prison. But she's also far from being a complete role model. In addition to being unfaithful to Nelson Mandela, leading to the couple's divorce, she's been scrutinized for promoting violent action. She was convicted for her connection to the kidnapping and murder of a 14-year-old boy.

"Winnie" begins filming next May, which means...More JENNIFER HUDSON

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JANET JACKSON Blames Doctor For Michael's Death


Add Janet Jackson to the chorus of Jackson family members who believe Michael Jackson's June death involved some nefarious activity. In a segment from , ABC's upcoming interview with Janet Jackson, the singer said she believes Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, should shoulder the blame for her brother's death.

"He was the one that was administering. ... I think he's responsible," Jackson said in the interview, slated to air Wednesday, apparently referencing the fact that Murray was the one who provided what officials called a lethal dose of the surgical anesthetic propofol to Jackson.

Though Murray has not been charged in the case and his lawyer said he did not administer anything that "should have" caused Jackson's death, Janet reportedly tells ABC's Robin Roberts that she believes Murray should not be allowed to practice medicine anymore. Widgets

A spokesperson for Murray's attorney, Ed Chertoff, said in a statement to MTV News: "The Los Angeles investigation into Michael Jackson's death continues. We continue to maintain Dr. Murray neither prescribed nor administered anything that should have killed Michael Jackson. Any theory to the contrary is premature and not based in fact."

The Los Angeles Police Department has not yet concluded its investigation into Jackson's death, but Murray is the sole focus of their probe into what caused the singer to succumb to cardiac arrest in June.

Janet said Michael continues to be on her mind all the time, admitting that "a day doesn't go by that I don't think about him." Unlike some of the other Jackson family members, Janet was not in Los Angeles on June 25 and she recounted for Roberts the difficulty of dealing with Michael's passing long-distance.

"I was at my house in New York. ... And I get a call. ... [My assistant] said, 'Your brother's been taken to the hospital. It's on CNN right now,' " she recalled. "I called everyone. There's a line busy or - someone wasn't picking up. I spoke to Mother. I spoke to Tito. I spoke to my nephew Austin. I spoke to my sister La Toya. ... I told them to call me when they got to the hospital. And I remember...More JANET JACKSON

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NEW YORK - Beyonce's new video for "Video Phone" will have its global premiere on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 across 60 channels on MTV networks. The showing will reach 168 countries around the world, from South East Asia to Europe and on MTV and VH1 in the US.

Starting at 12:01 AM/EST Tuesday, fans can log on to, and all MTV international websites for an early view of the spectacular clip, directed by Hype Williams. Then later in that day the video will premiere on MTV, mtvU, MTV Hits, MTV Jams, MTV Tr3s, VH1 and VH1 Soul in the US and on all MTV international channels.

Lady Gaga teams up with Beyonce in the "Video Phone" video for a high-energy, visually stunning clip that marks the performers' first collaboration. The single for "Video Phone (Extended Remix)" with Lady Gaga is available on "I AM...SASHA FIERCE" Deluxe Edition, which will be released on Monday, November 23.

Beyonce was the big winner at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs), held at the O2 World in Berlin, Germany on November 5. The global music icon walked away with three of the night's biggest awards -- Best Female, Best Song, ("Halo") and Best Video, ("Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)." She had been nominated for four EMAs, including Best Live Act. The win for Best Video repeats her win at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), held in New York September 13, where she walked away with Video of The Year, Best Choreography and Best Editing.

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BEYONCE Wins 3 Awards At MTV EMAs


Beyoncé was the big winner at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs), held at the O2 World in Berlin, Germany tonight. The global music icon walked away with three of the night's biggest awards - Best Female, Best Song, ("Halo") and Best Video, ("Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)." She had been nominated for four EMAs, including Best Live Act. The win for Best Video repeats her win at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), held in New York last September 13. Beyoncé used the occasion in Berlin to thank her husband, Jay-Z for "putting a ring on it."

The audience at Berlin's O2 World was treated to a mesmerizing performance of "Sweet Dreams," by Beyoncé and television viewers across Europe tuned in to the live telecast. MTV US channels, mtvU and MTV2, will air a one-hour version of the Awards on Sunday, November 15; 12:00 AM on MTV2 and 8:00 PM on mtvU. MTV Tr3s will also air a one-hour version on Saturday, November 21 at 2:00 PM and the full show will air on Palladia on Saturday, November 28 at 9:00 PM with a repeat at Midnight. All times are Eastern Standard. Widgets

Since its release on November 18, 2008, Beyoncé's latest album, "I AM…SASHA FIERCE," has topped the album charts around the world and spawned five #1 singles, including EMA winners "Halo" and "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)."

The "I AM…" world tour continues it's successful run with stops in Egypt (11/6), Greece (11/8) and three shows at London's 02 Arena starting on November 14. Beyoncé will mark the one-year anniversary of the release of "I AM…SASHA FIERCE" onstage at MEN Arena in Manchester, England. On November 2, "I AM…SASHA FIERCE Platinum Edition," was released in Europe. The CD/DVD collection features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, four new songs and all eight videos, including "Sweet Dreams."

Music World Music/Columbia Records will release "I AM…YOURS An Intimate Performance At Wynn Las Vegas"-- a concert performance DVD and Live CD that captures a never-before-seen performance from Beyoncé on Monday, November 23. It will be available on DVD (amaray) and Deluxe Edition 2 CD/DVD (digipack) and Blu-ray on December 15.

Filmed at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas on August 2, 2009, this extraordinary concert features performances of over 30 songs from Beyoncé's three multi-platinum solo releases, Destiny's Child catalog and a few surprises. On Thanksgiving night, November 26, the ABC Network will air the one-hour television special, "Beyoncé-I AM…YOURS." It is the first network special from the superstar. The airing is scheduled for 9:00 PM/EST.

Also available on Monday, November 23 is the "I AM…SASHA FIERCE" Deluxe Edition which will feature five #1 hits and two bonus tracks which include "Video Phone (Extended Remix)," featuring Billboard magazine's Rising Star for 2009, Lady Gaga.

The video premiere of "Video Phone," originally scheduled to air on MTV channels across the globe, including the US, following the airing of the EMAs from Berlin, will air at a later date in November.

According to Billboard magazine, the "Video Phone" debut on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart makes "I AM…SASHA FIERCE" the first album in a decade to yield six entries which include "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It"), "If I Were A Boy," "Diva," "Halo," "Ego" and "Video Phone". Beyoncé also extended her current lead to 13, for most top 10's on the Hot 100 Billboard chart by a female artist this decade when "Sweet Dreams" entered the chart at number eight.

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Jigga is truly an international star. Does he look worried about Beanie Sigel?

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It seems like celebrities even turn to Twitter to make birthday wishes come true. Drake turned 23 years old on October 24, and one of the gifts he asked for was a serenade from Keri Hilson. Drake posted the request on Twitter, saying, "I wish Keri Hilson would call me and sing 'Slow Dance' to me for my birthday. That's my jawnt."

Ms. Keri spoke to MTV News last week and assured us that she definitely tried to grant Drake his request, but the Young Money young gun would not answer the phone. Widgets

"I tried," Hilson explained. "Drake ... for his birthday he asked me to sing my latest single 'Slow Dance.' I just randomly saw it. I rarely check my updates, but I did. ... You know, Drake rarely tweets. That's why I said, 'It feels like my birthday with you tweeting and all.' He said, 'For my birthday, I really wish Keri Hilson could sing me "Slow Dance." ' So he said, 'Keri, you should call me and sing "Slow Dance" a cappella.' So I was like, 'He's gonna call me out?' So I called him and [the phone] went straight to voice mail. I tried. I told him I tried and he put on Twitter, 'She actually tried.' "

Drizzy did give...More KERI HILSON/DRAKE

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EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey - Rihanna's Rated R will come out November 23 and feature new collaborations with the man behind her biggest hit so far. The-Dream, who wrote "Umbrella," penned a couple of tracks for the new LP.

"Me and Rihanna, she just cut the last of the two records we did. It's a record called 'Rock Star,' " the singer-song writer divulged earlier this week, backstage at the Izod Center in New Jersey. "The first record is a record called 'Hard,' which features [Young] Jeezy. Both of those records are pretty insane." Widgets

Dream declined to go into much detail about the tracks, but said the Rihanna/ Jeezy collaboration is one for the record books.

" 'Hard,' I want that song to explain itself," he said. "Most of the stuff I wrote - still to this day what I write - I try to find out through people - what they're going through or what they gotta say. Then we put that in."

Dream also said that nobody has to worry about Jeezy's verse. The Snowman delivered as always.

"Oh, c'mon, he killed it! You know Young killed it," Dream smiled. "That's ATL right there. That's all we do."

Last week, Rihanna released the single "Russian Roulette," which was written by Ne-Yo.

"I trust Rihanna to be Rihanna, and she trusts me to...More RIHANNA

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