What Is Your Street Value? (Courtesy of A Suite Collaboration)


What Is Your Street Value? (Courtesy of A Suite Collaboration)

What is your street value? It's whatever you say it is. No one and I mean no one can set or determine that price but you. Learn to "set it and forget it" (in the immortal words of Ronco). Learn to say it with a confident smile. But first, figure out exactly WHAT that value/price is and then dig your heels in. People will balk at what you ask for - that's o.k., they are not who you cater to. Others will not blink - they are your bread and butter, keep them close to the vest, very happy and well taken care of with extra goodies and special treats on occasion (at no extra charge). The squeaky wheel gets the grease and your kindness and niceties to this group of people will go much further in your marketing efforts than any promotional event or flyer ever could because these are your word of mouth Marketing & Promotion team (M&P Team).

If you cannot determine exactly what you believe your dollar value to be, do a couple of things first to begin your calculations (and then if you still can't figure it out - give me a call to set up a Clarity conversation and we will develop that number together). Let's start with the below list. Write a dollar value (or a 'yes') next to each example and this will total up to just the beginning rate of what ballpark you should be charging in (push hard to determine the dollar value and not just a "yes" answer):

Educated in the field your offering
More than five years' experience in the arena
New in the arena
Have a list of happily satisfied customers that wouldn't hesitate to vouch for you
Using personal equipment (computer, printer, phone, camera, etc.)
Purchased software
Using personal office supplies (ink, paper, tape, staples, etc.)
Using personal electricity
Using automobile (gas, insurance, mileage, etc.)
Customer/vendor talking time used (project description, meetings, etc.)
Amount of time spent on project
What are others at your level charging (per: hour, project, day, etc.)

Follow me? This is just your STARTING point, your VALUE goes up from here because you are not out just to make the bare minimum, you are out to make a profit.

Now, you can't very well charge a commanding rate and you aren't very well knowledgeable/educated formally or hands on, have limited experience, not delivering on the goods or can't say yes to 90% of the above! Your professional acumen, demeanor, products, services, quality, attention to details, follow up and follow through must be on point - especially if you want repeat and new business and to spend as little money as possible on M&P because your very satisfied clientele WILL be your M&P Team.

Connect with me today to discover exactly what your commanding value is through a simple Clarity conversation. Also, let's determine how BCC - Small Business Management Services can assist your Entrepreneurial and Small Business endeavors by being your personal Business Concierge.

We will also connect you to the people you should have in your circle of influence by having you discover a different networking activity that you didn't know was possible. Start at "Networking From The Waist - Up!" with us each month. For more information go to: www.BeCrystalClear.net

written by: CL Reed

BCC - Small Business Management Services

(The Entrepreneur's & Small Business Concierge)

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