Kanye West's Birth Chart: An Analysis


Kanye West's Birth Chart: An Analysis

Kanye West is one of a kind – there’s no denying that – but, have you ever wondered exactly what makes him the celebrated, although controversial figure he is today? Like each and every one of us, the Yeezus hitmaker has a completely unique birth chart-- a blueprint of what the sky looked like the moment he was born, if you will-- that helps make sense of his eccentric personality and sheer star power.

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In celebration of Ye’s birthday (June 8, 1977), we’ve analyzed some of the most important aspects of his natal chart, from his infamously “hot and cold” Gemini sun that allows him to seemingly channel alter egos to his highly emotional and intuitive Pisces moon, that keeps his bond with God and spiritual world strong.
No matter if you’re an astrology fanatic or a complete skeptic, it’s easy to see that the stars line up with West’s real-life strengths and struggles over the years, now more than ever.

Gemini Sun (self, main concerns, vitality)

A person’s sun sign is the one that the masses are generally most familiar with, representing your core self, your main concerns, as well as your joy and vitality. Gemini rules intellect, making it a highly witty, sociable, and adaptable sign – usually with excellent communication and teaching skills, and it seems that Yeezy is at least aware of his sign's reputation, as he rapped about it on "Half Price" back in the day.

  • In Kanye’s case, one of the most obvious examples of his sun sign is the childlike energy which has stayed with him all through life. He remains in constant search of excitement, as we saw in the way that he bounced from Kim to Julia to Chaney to possibly now, Monica, in his love life; in fact, his work ethic as a whole seems to reflect this energy.
  • Sometimes called “Einsteins of the Zodiac,” again due to their quick wit and inherently clever nature; all you need to do is shuffle through his discography for a few minutes to find countless examples of genius lyrical play.
  • Gemini’s symbol is “the twins,” so it’s not uncommon for these people to have two completely different personalities, adopt alter egos, or quickly pick up new personality traits. Hot and cold is the best way to describe them, and coupled with West’s bipolar disorder this can become even more intense, as we’ve seen in some of his less flattering interviews.
  • Also known as a “jack of all trades,” Kanye definitely is between his endeavors in music, fashion, sports, and politics.

Pisces Moon (emotions, instincts, habits)

The moon sign gives us a deeper look into a person’s soul, touching on their emotions, instincts, habits, subconscious, and sensitivity. Pisces, being the 12th sign of the zodiac, is one of the most evolved placements in this planet intuitively, however, they do have a history of lacking personal boundaries, which we’ve definitely witnessed with the father of four.

  • Pisces moons are emotional, sensitive people who spend most of their time daydreaming; to some, they may even seem out of touch with reality because of how grand their aspirations are. When Kanye talks about his plans and visions for the future, there are many who doubt him and see him as delusional, but he remains unbothered.
  • Also known to be romantic (which is obvious as he’s no stranger to grand gestures for any of the women that he’s been involved with) as well as compassionate and empathetic, though they do have jealous and possessive tendencies – remember his desperate bid to reconcile with Kim Kardashian once her and Pete Davidson began spending more time together?
  • Deeply creative and intuitive people. Ye’s relationship with God is arguably the strongest one he has in his life, and he always marches to the beat of his own drum, choosing to follow his faith no matter how much hot water he might land in.
  • Since they are so kind-hearted to people they love, this may see Pisces moons be taken advantage of, as the “Mercy” rapper has been with sample clearance countless times in the past, which Pusha T expressed his frustration on during a recent interview.

Cancer Rising (personal potential, appearance)

While some people think that your sun is the most important, other astrologers place a lot of weight on a person’s rising, which has an influence on things like your personal potential and your appearance. Kanye is a Cancer ascendant, which, as a water sign (just like his moon), comes with a natural sensitive, maternal energy.

  • Cancer risings give off the impression of emotionally reacting to everything, although they are still highly home and family-oriented. In recent months, we’ve seen the 45-year-old express how, not being able to spend time with his children makes him makes him emotional, even rapping about it on his most recent release, “True Love” with XXXTentacion.
  • As we said, this placement also carried maternal energy, and Donda, the creative’s mother, played a huge role in her son’s rise to success, always showering him with words of affirmation and giving him everything he needed to become the star she knew he was meant to be. Her passing took a huge toll on him, and he continues to carry that weight to this day, even naming his most recent albums after her.
  • At times of self-confidence, Cancer risings will carry themselves gently, being protective of others, but when they feel insecure or threatened, they become overly sensitive and moody.
  • With this placement there is also a strong need for security; this seems to even come through in his romantic relationships as if he needs his girlfriends to look and act a certain way for him to feel safe. He needs to see his kids a specific amount of time, he needs his album to be perfect before he can drop it, etc.
  • And to boot, Cancer risings also have a reputation for creativity, which explains why Ye has so much of it to work with.

Taurus Mercury (communication, intellect, reason)

A person’s mercury sign gives an idea of how they communicate with the world and think. So far, we’ve only seen air and water signs in Kanye’s chart, but his mercury is in Taurus, which brings a grounded (albeit stubborn) earthy energy that’s only going to be continued later on, as you’ll soon find out.

  • When the Atlanta native committed to his presidential run, he refused to back out, no matter how many people looked down on or doubted him – that is the energy of a Taurus mercury. Perhaps slow to commit initially, but when they do sign up, they will go down with their ship.
  • Material and financial security are high priorities for these people. Though he’s had struggles with money in the past, Kanye eventually turned his luck around and seems to be financially stable in more recent years. He has strong working relationships with some of the biggest names in nearly every industry, which makes perfect sense since Taurus mercuries are known to be strong negotiators with good business acumen.
  • Those with Venusian Taurus placements are also said to have a pleasing “tell it like it is” communication style and voice that make people enjoy listening to them; no wonder he’s got an impressive collection of 24 Grammy awards (and 75 nominations).

Taurus Venus (love, beauty, art)

Venus represents all things love, beauty, and art. It gives us an idea of what someone will be attracted to, what sort of romantic relationship they’ll desire, and what sort of life they’ll want to make for themselves. Just like his mercury, Yeezy’s venus is in Taurus, carrying more grounded, practical energy (though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love luxury).

  • Here, we see that romantic relationships require dependability and predictability. Again, this is probably why he likes to style his girlfriends and keep them looking as aesthetically pleasing to him as possible.
  • Comfort and luxury are major priorities, and Taurus venus placements love treating their partner with practical indulges. He and Kim focused on acquiring tons of luxurious but practical things for their family, and everyone he’s dated since has gotten an expensive treat or two as well.
  • One thing you can count on with someone like Ye? He’ll introduce you to the finer things in life. Julia Fox talked about how much of a whirlwind their relationship was and how quickly he was able to make things happen, and even Kim K has expressed how no longer having her co-parent in her life as a stylist has been a huge adjustment.
  • Taurus venus can be demanding and possessive (once again, all the Pete drama), and requires a partner who can match that energy; he seems reluctant to fully commit to any of his more recent flings, so perhaps he’s waiting out for someone with more of that headstrong Taurus energy.

Taurus Mars (action, desire, aggression, sexual energy)

Finally, we’ll examine Kanye’s mars placement, which also happens to be in Taurus; seeing as he has three placements in the same sign, the rapper has a stellium, marking extra intense stubborn, luxury-loving energy that’s worth taking note of. The planet of mars is all about action, desire, aggression, and sexual energy. 

  • One of their strongest desires is to be surrounded by beauty. Seeing as Ye's constantly curating everything in his life to the point that his latest album is a “living breathing” piece of work that can evolve in real-time along with him, things are lining up pretty clearly.
  • One of Taurus mars’ strengths is their ability to use their energy in a controlled, disciplined, and rationed way. When West is in album mode, he locks down in the studio to focus on creating the perfect product, and he won't hesitate to delay it until his standards are met.
  • Ye’s stubborn, opinionated nature causes feuds with others over ridiculous things, such as the one with Kid Cudi and the countless others that were attacked along with Pete Davidson on IG earlier this year. 
  • It usually takes a while for them to snap, but when they do, it’s intense – for example, the "Eazy" video above.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/kanye-wests-birth-chart-an-analysis-news.153226.html

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