Renewing The Mind Change Your Life


Renewing The Mind Change Your Life

Listen, every day the mind is influenced by our environments, our social and family circles and our cultural dynamics. Theses influences whether positive or negative affect the way we think, feel and act. They affect our emotions and feelings about many aspects of our lives. They affect the way we perceive other people, the decisions we make or DON'T make for our own lives, the way we raise our children, relationships, so on and so forth. Many of our thoughts as a result of these influences can take root in our mind. Although we can't necessarily prevent these thoughts from happening, we can decide the thoughts that are allowed. Meaning it is our own decision as to the kind of thoughts we will allow to be intertwined in our cerebral vortex. There is an old saying, "Thoughts will come and thoughts will go, but thoughts that are not put into word or action will die-unborn." You can't always choose what you see in hear most times, but you can choose what you continue to reflect on as a result of what you see or hear. So what are you going to allow to remain stuck in your thoughts? What are you going to allow to influence the way you think, the way you act, how you feel? Who is the owner of your mind? You or the environments you're apart of? Your social circles? The media? Facebook? It is important to understand that whatever we fill our minds with eventually manifests in our lives. It's been said, "Show me your mind and I'll show you you're future." Filling your mind with negative thoughts like fear and the beliefs that you are unable to accomplish goals or achieve dreams, will only prevent the promises God. There are several tools that can help anyone change their mindset in order to live a more abundant life of substance. They are simply the components of your own mind that are utilized daily to process thoughts, feelings and emotions, but you have determine how you're going to use these same tools to renew the way you currently allow your thoughts to be processed as a result of outside influences. Components of Your Mind are 1. The Intellect (The mind's "library") -The intellect has the capacity to gain knowledge and use it in thought. It has the ability to learn and associate. 2. Imagination (The mind's "eye") -The imagination has the capacity to create possibilities and form new ideas with the mind, and to envision them internally. It has the ability to create pictures in the mind. 3. Memory (The mind's "flash drive") -The memory has the capacity to recall information, experiences, events, feelings, and thoughts experienced by the mind. It has the ability to remember. 4. Emotion (The mind's "voice") -The emotions have the capacity to experience inner passions in association with particular events, memories, experiences, or thoughts. It has the ability to feel. Emotions are the voice of our thoughts. Emotion "tells" us what and how we are thinking. Emotion may also arise in response to physical events occurring in the body-hormonal changes, illness, or various stressors. 5. Reason/Will (The mind's "judge") -the will has the capacity to consider information, make judgments between conflicting options, viewpoints, or courses of direction, and initiate action by the mind or body. It has the ability to choose. So what does all of this mean? There is a saying, "You are what you eat." If you eat consistently in a way that is unhealthy, then you become unhealthy right? You gain weight, become sluggish, physical illnesses manifest or worse case death can occur. The same applies to the way we think, therefore, You Are What You Think! As we change the way we think, we will change the way we behave. What we allow in our daily thoughts will become who we are. Think about this. Who we are right now is a direct reflection of our habitual thoughts regarding our life experiences, environmental factors, social circles and cultural values. As time progresses, the thoughts we dwell on become imbedded in our subconsciousness. We become what we think thus attracting those same qualities from others. If there're certain situations or characteristics of your life that you don't quite like it is up to you to make the proper adjustments to change. If you can't necessarily change the situation you'll have to change the way you perceive them. Change your mind. Change your life. We are ultimately responsible for our own mind and what we allow in it. Therefore, we have to maintain control of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions we experience. This is probably one of the most important steps of renewing the mind. How are you to make the proper changes for the betterment of your life if you do not first accept some accountability? Awareness of the thoughts that are limiting you from reaching your full potential is key to renewing the mind and focus, with clarity, on the purpose God has for your life. Until next time...No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING! ~MSKeepItMoving

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