Maid of Honor Duties


Maid of Honor Duties

Maid Of Honor Duties to Consider for Your Best Friend's Wedding

Congratulations! Your best friend is getting married and she asked you to be her Maid of Honor! Being

asked to take on this role basically means that you are someone that is closest to the bride. She trusts

you the most to help her prepare and keep her cool for the biggest day of her life. Even though there

may be so many responsibilities to take on it is sure an honor to stand next to your best friend as she

says "I Do" to the love of her life. This will only bring the two of you closer than ever and the bride will

be so appreciative for all you have done for her. Not sure where to start to get things done in timely

manner? The wedding could essentially be in your hands so it is important to know which duty to tackle

first. No worries, we are here to help to give you the best advice possible. Here is a list of duties that the

Maid of Honor must perform to make that wedding day one to always remember.

Maid Of Honor Duties before the Wedding Day

1. Help be the personal shopper!

The bride needs your help when picking her wedding dress that all guests will be seeing her in. Your

advice and opinion is important to her and picking a gown is a decision that should take time since

she will be wearing it on one of the biggest days of her life. When shopping, the bridesmaids dresses

will also be chosen so it essential to help the bride decide which gown will look good on the entire

bridesmaids party that also fits the wedding style and personality. Besides dress shopping the bride

will also need your support when shopping for other wedding essentials such as invitations, party

favors, when choosing the venue, music, and which vendors would be the perfect fit for planning

the wedding. As the maid of honor make sure to be completely honest with your advice since this

one day where the bride should feel her absolute best.

2. Host the Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower

Both of these events are equally important to have in order for the bride to feel extra special and

more excited than ever that she is getting married. It is the Maid of Honor's duty to host both of

these gatherings to the best of your abilities, to make sure all friends and family are all invited, and

most importantly to make sure the bride-to- be has the time of her life! Be sure to communicate

with the bride on what she wants during her bridal shower, where she would like to be registered,

and to understand what type of style she is ultimately looking for. During the bridal shower a big

duty for the Maid of Honor is to record all gifts that the bride receives so that later on she will know

exactly what everyone got her and will be an helpful aid for her when writing thank you cards. For

the bachelorette party, plan something that the bride would enjoy doing the most with all her best

girlfriends. Make it one she will never forget since it may very well be her last night going out as a

single woman. If everything goes accordingly the bride will be so surprised and she'll have the best

night or getaway with all her best friends. The bride will sure to remember what an amazing job you

did hosting both the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

3. Spread the registry list out

The bridal shower is one event where the bride will be receiving all her gifts from all those that are

invited. Before the bridal shower make sure to spread the registry list to all those invited so that

they can get the bride exactly what she asked for. This makes it easier for everyone when shopping

for the bride as well. On the bridal shower invitation you can include where the bride will be

registered as well as an online link that will show those invited what gifts are still available to buy

and what gifts have already been bought. This is a great way to make sure that everyone gets the

bride different gifts so no one will mistakenly buy the same gift. When the bride receives her gifts

she will be so happy that she got everything she could possibly ask for.

4. Be a helping-hand

When planning the wedding the bride will need you there for support, advice and most importantly

to help to make any final decisions. Her best girlfriend's opinion matters to her and since you are her

closest friend you both may have the same style in mind that would be perfect for the wedding. The

Maid of Honor may also be the one that knows all those that are invited and can certainly help to

make the best decisions that caters to all guests in attendance. Collaborating ideas and thinking as a

team is probably the best way to make all the final decisions such as the guest list, the seating

arrangements, what photographer to hire, what catering company to choose from, what

entertainment is the most important to have, as well as what other vendors to hire to make the

reception and ceremony a complete success.

5. Organize all Bridesmaid Duties

Since the Maid of Honor is the head bridesmaid it is your duty to make sure each bridesmaid and all

those involved in the bridal party know exactly what their responsibilities are prior to the wedding

and during the wedding. To be more organized assign each bridesmaid one duty so that everything

runs smoothly. This can be anything from making dress shopping appointments, to making sure all

bridesmaids show up early to all wedding pre-events, to bringing all party favors for guests, and

most importantly that all bridesmaid are on time on the wedding day to help the bride with

anything she needs. The more support the bride has, the less stressed she will be by having all her

closest friends there to assist in planning her special day.

Maid of Honor Duties on the Wedding Day

1. Take on manager duties during the big day

Even if a wedding planner is hired it will still help for the Maid of Honor to make sure that everyone

is on track so that the bride doesn't have to stress about anything at all . You want to make this day

one she will never forget so taking on this responsibility will be so helpful for the bride to ensure

that she enjoys her day to the fullest. Some managerial duties to take on may be to communicate

with all vendors involved, to make sure all bridesmaids are on track with their duties, to answer all

guests questions that they may have such as, sign-in books or where to sit, and to make sure that

you are there if any problems were to arise. A good idea is to have a list of all vendor numbers and

contact information so that you can handle any situation that needs to be addressed without having

to bother anyone else. You should be the main person that people should go to with any questions

or concerns. Taking on all responsibilities will improve all guest experiences and can achieve the goal

of keeping the bride as happy as can be.

2. Get the bride for the big day!

Maybe one of the most important duties a Maid of Honor will take on is assisting the bride in getting

ready the morning of the wedding. Remember this is her special day so she will need you to be there

to make sure her makeup, hair, and wedding gown are all looking flawless to the tee. Everyone will

be watching her walk down the aisle so she only wants to look absolutely gorgeous for all her family,

friends, and especially, for her future partner whom, she will be tying the knot with. During the

wedding day the bride may have multiple dresses to change in and out of so make sure to be there

every time she needs to change into a different dress.

3. Feed the bride & have champagne on deck

Eating may be the very last thing on any bride's mind on the wedding day from so much anxiety and

excitement. As the Maid of Honor, you should make sure the bride has enough snacks to munch on

to keep her energized and to give her the most nutrients before she walks down the aisle. This way

the bride will be in the best state of mind and we all know no one wants to see a cranky bride. For

many nervous brides a glass of champagne or wine while getting ready may help to lower any

anxiety and can help her to relax. In this case, it may be a good idea to have a champagne bottle on

deck. However, at the same time, you don't want the bride to drink too much but just enough so she

relaxes and can enjoy the day ahead of her.

4. Assist with the bride's veil, train, flowers, and keep the groom's ring safe

As the time approaches for the bride to walk down the aisle she will need your assistance in making

sure that her veil is perfectly placed and will need you to hold the train of the dress if it's long

enough. This will avoid the risk of having the bride trip over her gown and the big walk will look like

absolute perfection. During the ceremony, the Maid of Honor will also need to hold the groom's ring

in a safe spot until it is time to exchange the rings. While the vows are being exchanged it is a good

idea to hold the bride's bouquet since it may be a little heavy and that way the bride will be more

comfortable when reciting vows to the love of her life. This is one moment to cherish therefore,

assisting the bride in the ceremony process will help her out a ton in order to grasp every moment

while tying the knot.

5. Be the rock to lean on

You're the Maid of Honor and are one person that the bride considers to be one of the closest

people to her. Also take in mind that the bride is putting all her trust in you to deliver the best day

possible which is such an honor so in return make sure to be there as her emotional lifeboat. A

wedding is probably one of the most stressful days in a girl's life and having her best friend next to

her for moral support is the best medicine possible. Having a rock to lean on such as yourself will

help her to keep her composer, can keep her anxiety level down, can push away any nervousness,

and can avoid any cold feet the bride may be feeling about getting married. Anyway to keep the

bride calm and anyway to giving signs of encouragement can all aid the bride to be in the best

positive state of mind during the wedding day. The bride will appreciate it so much and will be so

thankful that she has a person like you in her life.

6. Make a toast at the reception

Now that the ceremony is over and the reception has started it is around that time that everyone

will be sitting down for dinner. Before everyone digs in a couple toasts will be happening to wish the

best for the new married couple. Besides the parents and the best-man, it is the Maid of Honor's

duty to make a toast to the newlyweds. When making the toast the Maid of Honor wants to make

sure to express to the bride how much you cherish the friendship and bond you have towards one

another. This can be tagged along with a funny story or experience you had together that everyone

will enjoy listening to. Last but not least and the very most important part of the toast is to wish only

the best marriage for the happy couple for years to come. Your toast may bring tears to the bride's

eyes but don't worry it will only be happy tears. The bride will be sure to cherish your friendship

more than ever.

These are all just a few ways to be the best Maid of Honor possible for the bride-to- be. Your help,

assistance, and guidance can create one incredible day that the bride will never forget. You will be

more than honored that you took on the role to make the day as magical as can be. Here at Mystical

Entertainment, we are here to help with any duties that the wedding party or Maid of Honor may

have to get done so don't hesitate give us a call to cater to any of your planning necessities.

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