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More About Tamar Braxton
DividerTamar Braxton (pronounced Tay-Mahr) (born March 17, 1978) is an American R & B singer, she is the youngest sister Grammy Award-winning R & B singer Toni Braxton and was the lead singer of the now defunct R & B group The Braxtons

Braxton was born in Severn Maryland to Michael and Evelyn Braxton The youngest of six children, Braxton, Tamar started singing as a young opera singer Evelyn herself recognized her children's talents when one days Tamar sang "Can you give me some toilet paper!" Evelyn quickly started training her girls, and eventually enrolled them in singing lessons Braxton The children also would eventually enter in their church choir, where Michael Braxton was pastor

Raised in a strict Christian household secular music was originally frowned on that cause children to sneaka and sing along to Soul Train when their parents were out of the house they would soon begin to harmonize to form a girl group Tamar says of this period "I was always the highest note," Her voice was in sharp contrast to her older sister's husky alt one days Toni was pumping gas at a local gas station while singing when she was noticed by a producer, he heard her sing and was surprised and decided to pull the five sisters in a group, he envisioned a female version of the Jackson 5 They released a single on Atlantic Records in 1990 as "The Braxton's" and attracted the attention of producer Antonio "LA" Reid and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds They had just embarked on a then newly established record label with Arista Records LaFace guys went to the group that they had written a newtrio called TLC, but they were looking for a female solo artist and loved Toni voice So the girls talked it over and Toni decided to her now famous solo career

sisters worked as a backup singer for Toni (you can see them at Toni's Video seven full days) Eventually, the girls (minus Toni) would release an album for Atlantic, which the group was signed in 1996 are still entitled So Many Ways

In 1999, Tamar first explored her gospel side on TD Jakes Love Songs album Later, Tamar would meet up by Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, a rapper / producer (also known for bringing Blu Cantrell to national attention) based in Atlanta, Georgia, she recorded her solo debut album ridiculovi so named because of the variety of mouseikstilar on the album The album would be retooled and released by Dreamworks as Tamar January 18, 2000 It was the lead in the first single on the album "Get None" with guest appearances by Jermaine Dupri and rapper Amil and featured the second single "If You Do not Want Love Me The Singles failed to gain significant radio and video airplay and ultimately the album did not sell well, and Tamar was dropped from her contractit is also worth noting that Tamar proved that she could make the alarm registers Money can not buy you love the Tamar Lev album

Tamar sang for the Kingdom Come soundtrack with Toni Braxton is in the movie as Juanita Slocumb Currently she sang background for Toni's album More Than A Woman (released 2002) and 2005 album Libra, and resides in Atlanta, she Hearingndlade also presented a new contract with Tommy Mottola's Casablanca Records and is working to record a new album, she also sang backup on her sister Toni's famous headlining show in Las Vegas entitled "Toni Braxton: Revealed", but was replaced by singer Sparkle She currently working on a new album and her own record label with fiance producer Vincent Herbert

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