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WTF was Ronald Reagan wearing?How you get called out about your weave payment on Instagram?Banzai skydiving anyone?
Why do women do this?The truth hurts...Apple and Windows
Need some Ginkgo BilobaNow that's love...Worst. Mugshot. Ever.
How the dead communicate...Hood iPad caseSay something nice...
Even prisoners need cakeEven the animals are catching up to technologyWhy would she pose in a casket?
How dudes threaten their side chicksHave you ever seen a zip-on weave?I wonder what this guy wants to do to Rihanna?
Seems legit...Hopefully you never ended up in the 2nd van...Chris Farley lives!
This is the R rated version of the children's bookWell...Mexicans have heroes too...
Waka Flocka Flame, the covergirlFor the ladies who rock their hair naturalBritney Spears, Rihanna and Lady Gaga in 2045
Who remembers the crayon box with the built-in sharpener?Do you remember the store Montgomery Ward?The Derrick Rose doll
Even pedophiles need girl scout cookiesWhen rappers try to make it by any means necessaryWhy would he do that???
For you ladies with chipped teethName the top lies women tellHow Jesus watches over Detroit
Heard it was an egg-celent funeralEaster Sunday is also 4/20When the Easter Bunny gets gangsta
A quick guide to Southern grammarWhen the Lion King goes wrong...Animal humor
How you gonna arrest Santa?Old Man Winter is reaching for you...A flying scorpion? Yeah that's creepy...
Sorry Tyrone...Grilled teddy bear, anyone?Old Man Winter has died...and risen...
Are you scared of clowns?A snake eats an alligatorWould you stand on this rock?
I'm sure the cops believe thisWho told her those eyebrows were a good idea?What not to say to your wife...
Remember this dumb chick? So glad she got firedIs this why rap is struggling right now?Have you seen Coolio lately? Should he just cut the rest of his hair off?
Khloe and Lamar...oh the irony!Sarah ain't shit...Heard this is the most popular cereal in Colorado now
He's trying to figure out how to tell her she can't stay overnightEver had sex while campingChicks get married and then be like...
How you look when you turn off the lights and try to make it back to your bedSmoothie King is happy Lil Boosie is home!Wonder how he feels about Brenda?
All I can say is "wow"Worst way to tell a guy you're pregnantPancakes, anyone?
Would this be considered reverse racism?This is how you make it rain on them hoes!Why would someone do this to their car?
Do you know women with profiles like this?Do you think she knows she's doing that wrong?Did you know body wraps actually work?
Shout out to the babies with grown folks' facesWanted: One Night StandThe dish struggle is real
Ladies, don;'t ask for a foot rub if your feet are dirtyHow ladies act when it snowsThe strip club struggle is real...
Swallow not spit ladiesWhat you know about them Crown Royal pants?Is this what Big Sean will look like 40 years from now?
Condoms be like...Is your relationship as strong as this?How sistas be when they've taken out their weave and their hair appointment gets cancelled...
Can you pass the bathtub test?Is this the perfect girlfriend?How porn stars relax after "work"
Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin and Jordan DavisHow many men own this book?How men shower
Her lipstick is called what?Sometimes you have to keep things in perspectiveNothing ventured, nothing gained
The more you know ladies...When yoga pants go wrong...Why is grandma sitting in the buggy?
Why would his loved ones allow him to wear this shirt?How females mark their territoryAndre The Giant holds the record for alcohol consumption
Sometimes the truth hurtsHis nose has scoliosis#FactsOnly
Well that narrows it down...The perfect woman does exist!Need to text in the middle of the winter?
Would you try this hot pepper?Would you watch this show?Is this true?
The mixed messages delivered on TwitterJesus is everywhere, right?Now that's just cold...
He's not even bashful about exploiting this chickAwesome man utensilsDo you agree with George Carlin's views on religion?
30-day napping challenge...can you handle it?TrueHave you ever been this deep in the friend zone?
Jose Mestre, the man with no faceHow do you know if a woman is mad at you?Sometimes your name leaves no other choice...
Weight loss failLadies tell the truth...would you do this?Would you want this cake for your next birthday?
What type of album cover is this?Sometimes you gotta crawl before you walkLadies you can't go everywhere with your man
Do you talk a lot of shit?World's most expensive cognac, available in New York City for $156,000This is how pro athletes end up on ESPN's 'Broke' documentary
How do you know if you're the side chick or jump off?What would you do if you're on the bus and this guy does this?A great way to know what type of person you're dating
This is how the Snow Challenge ends upSarah has some explaining to do!Did you know Miley Cyrus was in Men In Black?
How To Turn On A Guy vs Turn On A GirlIs the type of relationship you want?Is this the truth about Marilyn Monroe?
Do zombies have digestive issues too?Polite sex talkStill don't understand why people do this
Well if the shoe fits...Have you ever been friend zoned this bad?Is this how you woke up on New Year's Day?
How to reheat a Subway sandwichWhy do hood mamas do this to their babies?The Message
Her husband can't be that gullible...can he?Was Rosa Parks also known as Rosetta Stone?The ideal girlfriend and boyfriend according to society
A book for the parents of bad childrenWhen keeping it real goes wrong...10 Words and Phrases that too many folks say incorrectly
How Michelle Obama watches Scandal...Name that cityBaby got what???
For those who don't know how to park...Weight loss failBlack women...how do you feel about this?
Atheists gonna learn today!When females post paternity test results online...What if you could deduct from the bill for bad service?
Old school racismDifference between a man and woman...Does your phone use fingerprint identification? The gov't thanks you...
Ladies, could you date a man that looks like white Jesus?The reality about lifeDo you agree?
When Hip-Hop and tennis meet...Your network determines your net worth...what are you worth?The official Ohio State University struggle face
Don't you wanna do this to people sometimes?Coach Handbag and Shoe Cake, courtesy of CEO Custom Cakes in AtlantaIs this true ladies?
This is how hood chicks share good newsDon't let this be your kid...That gut!
This is the future for a lot of highly successful womenThe official Alabama Crimson Tide struggle face after losing to Auburn on Nov. 30, 2013Chit'lin seasoning?
Slutmouth mamas be like...Snake swallows man whole in IndiaWTF
How light skinned dudes get drunkRacism is alive and well...Have you ever seen a zonkey before?
What if you walked up to a door and this was the doorknob?This is pretty sad...Hey mama...I gotta tell you something...BURRRPPP!!!
This turtle believes he can fly!What's going on with James Harden's teeth and feet?The face your dog makes when he's caught in a sex scandal
When bananas get dirty...Awesome Beetlejuice Halloween costumeIs this what rap has come to?
Do you like this Gucci Mane costume for Halloween?This is how folks do you on Halloween when they don't believe in itNow that's advertising!
Serge Ibaka of the OKC Thunder's Halloween costumeWet pussy anyone?Tell like it is old man
Is this true about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?Watch out for that pothole!Every man has got this look from his lady
Why I love being an entrepreneurDo you really trust your woman?Keep your eyes open woman!
Ladies, have you ever been caught doing this?If ya man is coming over, take care of himDo you save people with different names in your phone?
There's no more honor amongst thieves anymoreDon't end up in the Friendship Zone...Yeah...basically...
Dodge the Friend Zone!I asked a question for a reasonPoor Redskins fans and RG III
This is how the fast food industry will reduce their costSistas, what say you?Is Bishop Desmond Tutu telling the truth?
Holiday Party EtiquetteLadies, would you wear these boots?Jehovah's Witness Training School
Let's be honest...What if you could have your own personal walk-in fridge at home?Is that my hair?
This is way past ridiculousAin't this the truth...So it was considered hot once upon a time to blow smoke in a chick's face?
Like a boss...Look how she's been passed aroundThis is what's wrong with America.
This is awesome! Salute to the children's hospitals that do this!Ha! Exactly!Ladies, make it happen!
Sometimes the truth hurts fellas...Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, huh?What are dudes wearing these days?
What's going on with Lebron James' feet?Evolution of the sporkPrelude to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
In case grandma and grandpa are a little dirty...Add this book to my Christmas listI dare you...
Sometimes you gotta lay it down just like this fellasHow to draw an owlApparently this dude raped a girl named Katie; when he got to prison, the inmates did this
There's so many jokes here...Best idea everFunny indeed
They didn't warn him...You know this is trueNow THAT's a face tattoo!
What is her dress made from?Cocaine Toothache Drops ad from the 1890sEven Anita Baker knows something ain't right with Miley Cyrus
They must be shooting a new Fantastic Four filmThe sooner ladies realize this, the betterShout out to Uncle Elroy!
Get some air!This time is always the right time!Yeah whatever ladies
Lift like a bossNow the fellas are thinking about how many times they've heard this...Yeah...not a good feeling
North West be like...What borough of NY are they from?Does your church call out the non-tithers?
Shout out to pregnancy boobies!It's that simple...Ain't this the truth...
Produce markupThis is hilarious!Who's church is this?
Are you hitting it right?How many people know about this?Don't try to understand women...
Who knew Rick Ross had slinkys for legs?Good point...How light skinned cats show up to the club
Exactly! Ha!Hilarious yet true!How you at the grocery store with ya piss bag showing?
Ladies, would you try to wear these?Even Aunt Jemima works out. You have no excuse.How scary is 'The Conjuring'?
Have you seen Beyonce after the incident with her weave and the fan?What if No Limit Records had a white artist in the '90s?For the gospel twerkers
The coolest dogAre you a strong, independent woman? How's that working out for you?Is this the 2014-2015 Los Angeles Lakers?
Twerkers for Trayvon? Make it stop!WTF? Who thought this was okay?Epic bike fail
Grandpa was getting it inThe silent birth controlWonder if Paula Deen and Oprah are still cool...
Allegedly this is Sao Paulo, BrazilThis isn't gonna end well...How they gonna do Stevie Wonder like that?
Stop trying to make apples and oranges workPaula Deen Bingo...gotta love it!Who created this Stevie Wonder Twitter account? This is just wrong...
This is what happens when you mix a bird with Fruity PebblesNow see...this that bullshit...Well...is it?
Would you do this?Let a playa play!Why do women like the shower so hot?
Why should a man keep condoms in the car?Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?Do you think he misunderstood when they told him he needed some ass?
Ladies, how do you feel about this?Have you seen this lady's butt implant fail?Well...why didn't someone warn him?
Would you do this in a parking lot?What if the two Jokers met?toothbrush love
At least get bed frame...Well...ladies...what do you think?Would you help her up?
How bad do you think that hurt?Wouldn't this be awesome if this was how the food pyramid was really set up?Definitely doing it wrong
Hey ladies, can we cuddle?Ladies, is this how you feel?Some type of drill between the U.S. Army and Thai Army
If he had been able to open his sauce, the killing wouldn't have been as bad...Dogs are doing twerk workHave you ever seen a fold-up bicycle?
Why do we handicap our children with these "exotic" names?It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dogWhat's really going on with his hair? He looks like Mega Man
The comment is hilarious!We not gonna make it y'all...For you ladies looking for a good man...
Hey brothas...is this true?Ha! Shout out to the chicks with the wack jewelry linesYeah...pretty much...
We dare you to do this...That's right ladies...keep waiting...he'll find you one of these yearsIt's so close!
Hey, I don't remember this part of 'The Lion King'Could you use this at work?Could you sleep in this "bed"?
...and this is just volume 1...and you thought he was a nice guy...The most awesome resume ever
Crayons for adultsWhat do you see?This pic brings forth all types of thoughts
Not exactly what you had in mind, right?Hilarious!Gotta know your boundaries...
WTFThat can't be even remotely comfortableWho throws a party for someone's death?
In 1986, Bill Buckner allows a ground ball to roll through his legsAwesome display adChewbarka
We dare you to do this...Ahh...we'll pass...The Moody Couch by designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting
The Moody Couch by designer Hanna Emelie ErnstingThe Moody Couch by designer Hanna Emelie ErnstingThe Moody Couch by designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting
So correct yet so incorrectReggie Miller...WTF???LOL! Wonder what Jay and Beyonce were really looking at?
Yeah you're laughing...cause it's funnyNow that's a helluva warning!The Sandusky Penn State costume...wow!
Katt Williams and Kevin Hart in 'Stepbrothers 2: Stepbrothas'?  It could happenIs this the new way to become Christian?I bet you never thought about this...
Weed toasterLadies, are you booking your trip to Africa?Everyone has someone like this at their church...
Age is no excuse for ignoranceYeah, this is realSo true...
That rainwater sure does smell funnyThat's what friends are forFight the power!
This may actually be true...Where should we start? Why are her arms so long?
It just got McRealPaging child protective services...Do you have trouble with math word problems?
The escape key has escaped!Tongue in cheek...A pink snake?  Is this real?
Score one for the fellasLacoste?Yeah...f**k yo childhood!
She's not the smartest little girlLadies, do you agree?Forever....80?
At least she's proud of her workYes they do!Do you think he can name all of his kids?
Stay thirsty ladies!Clearly not the smartest person in the worldKissing = a trip to hell?
First things firstGood Morning!...or notWow!
One Chain!IndeedIs that like 1st to the 3rd power?
We're guessing he slept on the couch that nightWho's gonna try this?Always check her out
Somebody's deacon is doing wrong!The more you know...When being a gentleman pays off
Ladies, put your stripper name below in the CommentsSo...which one is it?Kanye West is a lurker...LOL!
When drive-thrus go wrongShort folks need love too...Watch out for the big girls!
I cheated but it was an accident *wink*Got asthma? Love bacon?  Here you goShe might be just a little too big for the grocery cart
Yes, ladies. You need to recognizeThe sad reality is this is how welfare has worked in many parts of the United StatesFor every mother who wants to put hands on their children (and/or husbands)
Really? C'mon this is too easy!Yeah...pretty much...Now that's what we call getting to the point
Wow... Beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the boneHey, at least he's honestWhat part of the Middle East is this?
Well...do you agree?OKC Thunder clapbackOh that's an a*s whupping waiting to happen
Ladies, how permanent is your love?Is Ray J telling the truth?She's in someone's office looking like that?
High-Larry-UsHow to stay in touch while working from homeWhy even bother wearing draws
Men's Rules For WomenMaybe I will donate my body to science...Why would somebody do this to a child?
Proposed Facebook buttons...which ones would you want?This is just wrong!The Real Hunger Games
What is Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing?!?Here's one way to get out of a ticketOhio State forward Jared Sullinger is wearing a dress
Gotta love a hood partyWonder if he remembered them?Why ladies hate the male digestive system
Hey, we're cool with either shirtTimeout just got realR.I.P. Trayvon Martin
Ladies, is this true?MESSAGE!Grasshopper Que
A few trannies for your pleasureNBA Hair at 2012 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando, FloridaDon't you just love a slut?
The WNBA meets the Miami HeatNot a good look for the NupesSharing is caring?
Did he catch the bouquet?If the Kardashians were cartoons, is this how they'd look?Make your own Christian Louboutins!
Application for a Night Out with the BoysThe infamous booty popThey didn't have to do Jesus like that
A family portrait at the funeral?Ancient SUV?Individuality
Back boobs...ewww!Does your child need to know EVERYTHING about your job?Open casket sharp
At least she knows she's a bitchI don't think this is what Kanye and Jay-Z meant by going "H.A.M."The edge of a hurricane...WHOA!
He's trying to pick up the quarter with his faceWould this be considered self-snitching?A misspelled tattoo is the worst...
Man's Best FriendHere's one way to get rid of your wifeWeezy F. Baby
How do you feel about McDonalds?A good woman will give you balanceWould you take a drink from this fountain?
Your presents shouldn't be bigger than your Christmas treeWhat's really good with her big toes?He missed a spot
Condom socks? Ewww...buckshot bootyApplication for Girlfriend
Oh she got fugged up!Outlet sexLadies, how will you break through the glass ceiling?
We just know this has something to do with weed and money...Now that's a classy broad right there...How often do you enjoy sex?
Who can you trust?Grandma...tell us how you really feel???crazy prison chick
Pringles solve all of life's problemsSometimes you gotta sniff it out...For the lonely women...
The value of THE PILLSo much contrast...so disturbingShe should wear socks everywhere!
Before you eat it...Ridiculous tattoo and the word they misspelled "staring"...smhA lot of lonely men at Tennessee State University
The white man's worst nightmareI used to like Oreo'sThe new child support
Sometimes you have to get in where you fit in...Do you procrastinate?Definitely a part of the 1%
Former adult film star Jazmine Cashmere showing off her pregnancyThe dick bedPimps up!
Who's momma is this?You are the light of my lifeLooks like a pair of Hammer pants and a slinky made love
What happened to the blue Power Ranger?Fishnets...at the beach???You messed with the bull, you get the...
Halloween costumes are getting cheaperThat's a big ass bug!Sounds like my kinda hostel
She has her own set of airbagsA spidey nutWatch for the baby bitch slap!
The best divorce letter everEating ice cream on a roller coaster. Bad idea. Period.Belly button beer opener
Is this the new water modeling?Eat the box!Got allergies?
Old school camera phoneTommy Hilfiger til I die...literallyIf the pump is broken, let someone ELSE make the sign!
A great way to dieSeriously...She's gonna set herself on fire
Smash or pass...on a baby?!?They start so young...Seriously, how does she wipe her ass?
The worst part: this pic wasn't taken on Halloweencondom costumeThink she likes soda?
Mass consumption in the new millenium from birthhealth tipthug girls
C'mon son...the Kappas are gonna have to do better than this!Floyd Mayweather vs Larry Merchant ... lolThe murder of Emmett Till
An enslaved man shows his whipping scarsSomebody did Bobby Brown wrongDennis Rodman...crazy as hell wearing a wedding dress
This n***a...Now this is fine dining!President Obama and the White House superheroes
What kind of soda does your cat drink?Racial McDonald's hoax = bad PRIs this how Wendy Williams gets down on her day off? J/K
Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter, sniffing a lil nose candyLil Wayne + Justin Bieber = ???Awesome tattoo...but is it permanent?
Rocks, Papers, Scissors and ???Worst weave everJapanese tsunami
Somebody took the "little piggies" game too seriousCan't find your baby daddy?Gucci Mane's ice cream cone face tattoo
Mile High Flights in Britain offers sex flightsHow do you attach a wooden door to your truck?Pregnant Christina Applegate strips!
How much would you pay for this lapdance?Old school cross-dresser...She's well prepared for Easter
It's protect and serve not protect and sleepWow! Her belly has a crack!Lest ye forget...
Beat down UGGsWho says you can't be fat and flexible?What the f**k is a Snooki?
Teachers feel free to print this signHow disturbing is THIS tattoo?MESSAGE!
Hurricane Katrina's wrathDon't steal my wheelchair!The coolest urinals ever!
Now THAT's a birthday cake!"Big things come in small packages bitch!"Black Monopoly (this is so wrong)
MESSAGE!2 bologna biscuits...that's just good eating right thereHis head's shape is similar to a...
How anal is your state?If that's my upgrade, my life sucksAwesome T-shirt
Now they just sleep with each otherEwww....back boobsWhen you ask for the trick, here's your treat
Guessin she don't wear socks...everNow that's a political protest!When you win, everyone wins!
Don't we all feel this way sometimes?Know the differenceIs this Rick Ross before he got famous?
Only official hood chicks and strippers wear theseThis chick should wear socks in the showerHood shit...period
Superheroes done fell offMy type of drinkGot gas?
Ronald McDonald can't escape the recession'nuff saidPres. Obama and his chicken...not a good look
Sesame Street on 24'sChick gets The Roots' lyrics tattooed on her backWhite guy dressed in black face as Kanye West
New Paul Pierce jersey?A lion dog?
ghetto weddingPeriodic Table of SwearingSo much for being polite...
OhMiBod - the iPod Vibratorhood bluetoothHow big is your "manhood"?
Debrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexyDebrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexyDebrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexy
Debrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexyDebrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexyDebrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexy
Debrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexyDebrahlee Lorenzana - claims she was fired from Citibank for being too sexyIs he auditioning for a hair show?
2010 Guatelmalan sinkholeIs this what Lil Wayne was like as an infant?Why you should wear a condom
Crack cocaineBack boobsThis is how Santa's deer check to see if you've been naughty or nice...
Disturbed shirt on kid = disturbed adults as parents2010 Devon GTX - $500,000How can you work at a restaurant and misspell "meat"?
Man embalmed on replica racing bikeMan embalmed on replica racing bikeMan embalmed on replica racing bike
Former Blaque member Natina Reed's mugshotGet rich or die trying?All kinds of sexiness...NOT!
Who's mama is in the club?Do you think she celebrates Easter?One of these is not like the others...
Got milk?Is that an ashy Oompa Loompa?What's really hood?
She makes the KFC Chicken bucket look small!Mordecai!Got more crack than Harlem!
Nicki MiNOTWhen did Sumo wrestlers start wearing jerseys?That ain't a teddy that's a grizzly!
Famous funeral quote: "She look like she sleeping, don't she?"first name: Crack, last name: HeadThat's a whole lotta thigh!
"I was gettin' some head, gettin, gettin some head!"I hope he doesn't inhaleEase up on the tanning...seriously
Lowered ExpectationsHe's gonna stay busy if he ever goes to prisonIs that piglet?
Swine Flu originsThe Alphas have clearly eased up their intake requirements...lol.Teeth are overrated
Fire the cake man!Bootleg UGGSCan I get some privacy?
How many things are wrong with this picture?He's giving the shocks on that scooter THE BUSINESS!Ghetto Sponge Bob
Haiti stand up!This is where dead strippers are buriedThis is wrong on so many levels
She's missing A LOT of material with this outfitIf you're going to bungee jump, use the bathroom first!Is that a bear with booty shorts on?
That's a special look right thereHood promShe bought ALL the yellow weave!
Bless her heartWesley Snipes...are you serious? Lookin' like a Fanta girlThose heels will be flats in 3...2...1...
Is she drinking from a baby bottle?One of Flavor Flav's long lost childrenWipe...your...ass
Is he wearing a dress too?Wow...just wow.That bathing suit is screaming for help!
I'm gangsta as hell on the toilet!Flush THEN take the picture! Ewww!Do you think they carried the body to the cemetery?
KFC Double Down Chicken SandwichHip-Hop groupie Kat StacksIs that a Skittles wrapper in her hair?
Do you think McDonald's cut him a check for the free advertisement?How many colors does she have in her hair?Look close...she's bald-headed under the visor but has a ponytail. SMH.
George W. Bush. Bless yo heart!Do you think Waffle House paid him for the free advertisement?SMH @ a grown-ass man carrying around the McDonalds doll
Unbe-weave-able!Stop...um...snitchin?"Dude looks like a lady!"
Only in Atlanta...Cocaine is a helluva drug...They start so young these days....
The worst spare tire ever!Watch out for the big girls!Does it have a seatbelt too?
A face only a mother could love...




Easter Sunday is also 4/20

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Easter Sunday is also 4/20


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