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Learn how a 21 year old Dj became founder of a huge social media marketing firm

Learn how a 21 year old Dj became founder of a huge social media marketing firm


In January of 2010 Social Media platforms were just becoming main stream but many business, large and small, didn't know how to manage them. That soon changed when a young twenty one year old local Atlanta DJ discovered and proved how powerful they actually could be.

Almando Mcfadden

.Almando Mcfadden known as Djmondoent was working as a street team club promoter and DJ in Atlanta for various night clubs. He learned first hand how to manage offline marketing like radio, flyers, billboards, etc.
One day while on Twitter he noticed females tweeting bout what great time they had at a club last night. This sparked his idea to make 100 female Twitter accounts and talk about the clubs he worked at and how they were going back every week. He would blast the flyer on all accounts with hashtags #Atl or #ATLANTA so everyone in the city or out of town using those tags would see it. He soon found out that it would work exceedingly well. To attract the local artists to attend the nightclubs he was promoting, Almando started Tweeting every song played in the club using hastag #Nowplaying and tagging the artist twitter account. This worked well and soon made his parties and promotion career successful. The #Nowplaying and #Atl hastags are some of the most use on Twitter & other sites thanks to him. Almando knew that soon all businesses big or small would use social media to gain customers. Almando also knew social media would evidently need to be placed on offline marketing materials like flyers, wrapped vehicles, billboards, Tv and radio commercials.

Twitter ham Inc

After getting calls from clubs all over town to help with promo he came up with a company for this new type of service promo he would provide. He called it #Twitterham or on Twitter @Tweeterham a new online & offline Social Network promotion and ORM (Online Reputation Management) one of the first of its kind . They offer many services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Event promotion, Twitter ads management, Mobile Device apps & more. They were the first mass Twitter promo team. Now with many clients and a growing business Almando watches his predictions come true over the next two years. Now you can't even turn on a radio or news channel without seeing or hearing about social media in some form or another. Almando also predicted right before Twitter went public that the stock price would double and continue to rise. When asked why he felt Twitter was so important to social media, why he named his company around it and why he preached twitter stock as a great idea to investors. He said "Twitter is the fastest way to communicate with the world on any platform whether its web, email, text or mobile and with 200 million users and growing its not going anywhere. I plan on helping the USA by using twitter to create millions of jobs in online and offline marketing." DJmondoent's Twitter ham Inc is growing very fast and has plans to be a big marketing firm making millions of jobs world wide follow @tweeterham on twitter get updates & more info!

Checkout Almando Mcfadden Twitter and website @DJMONDOENT
For the best social media online & offline marketing check out Twitter Inc Twitter and website @Tweeterham

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