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Najee Murphy
Basic Information
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Birthday:Dec 24
Short Desc:Hip Hop Artist
Description:ATLANTA, Ga. -- August 20, 2013 - Hip-hop artist and Newburgh, NY native Naj Murph has released THE BUFFET. This is his sophomore original project with a host of new features and production. Murph epitomizes a strong blend of wordplay, wittiness, and rawness throughout the mixtape that rivals the lyricism of other summer and major releases such as J. Cole's "Born Sinner" or Wale's "The Gifted".The mixtape has production from Nick the Quick, Brandon Phillips-Taylor, Wino Willy, $tribb, and Bentley Haze. This is resurgence of hip-hop, the soul force of lyricism, and storytelling skill attributed to the pioneers of hip hop.

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