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Maynard Kudakwashe Manyowa is a Zimbabwean born Website Entrepreneur, Social Commentator, Analyst and Opinion writer. He writes for Zimbabwean local Newspaper, The Zimbabwe Mail, online publications; ... Read More


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In Defense Of Liberalism and Gay Rights


In Defense Of Liberalism and Gay Rights

Denigration of Gay Rights Point-blank Hypocritical & Condescending

By Maynard Manyowa

A huge chunk of disenchanted Zimbabweans carol perpetual melodies of the homeland's disgraceful human rights record. They lament, with some semblance of nous that for 35 years vital human dignities have been repeatedly violated, often with arrogance and brutality.

Examples that easily come to mind are, the Gukurahundi massacres, extra-judicial killings, abductions, pre / post-election violence between 2000-2009, and if the MDC-T are to be believed, strategically impotent, skewed and 'Nikuved' voting systems and processes.

It is easily acceptable that our civil rights repertoire is questionable to say the precious least, and this is a view I both lament, and sympathise with. But I somewhat find this overt criticism to be quite two-faced, especially considering many if not all sectors that lambast repression with regards to the right to decide, the right to life, and the right to freedoms readily support our government when it extends that disregard to the right to consensual sex.

Whether the Zanu PF government has openly and repeatedly violated the rights of its citizens may be a matter of open debate, but it is documented fact that the President has compared gays to 'worse' than pigs and dogs, and he has downright condemned gays to something other.

However the same people that finger him in accusations of tyranny, bullying, kidnappings and anarchy, atypically esteem him for the defilement of the rights of LGBT's. This is a double standard. I dare say.

A few have argued that, should Zimbabwe go to a referendum on the matter of LGBTs, then the common people would overwhelmingly vote against gay rights. While this forecast may be audaciously accurate, it is very ignorant of liberalism and it represents a fundamentally flawed and hopelessly jaundiced approach to individual rights.

Human rights cannot and can never be matters of public opinion, debate, or choice. In allowing the majority to choose the rights of minorities, we are in bold effect perpetuating inequality and prejudicing the rights of minorities. As one scholar put it across, asking the masses to vote on the rights of minorities is much like asking four wolves and one sheep to decide what is for dinner!

We cannot as a liberal society force individual or majority preferences on minorities, and yet cry foul when one man decides to reverse the playing field and violate the rights of 'others', in favour of say, 'minority Zanu PF Big Wigs'.

The society we have presently is one that allows heterosexual couples, and individuals, like me, to dictate what rights minority homosexual couples may and may not enjoy. Anyone who supports this, heterosexual or homosexual, and yet wakes up and accuses Mugabe of violating other human rights is a hypocrite that lacks knowledge and understanding of what civil liberties truly are.

The same goes for capital punishment, which presents a serious infringement of absolute rights to life. Regardless of the crimes purported, or committed, another individual, or collective cannot be allowed to dictate what privileges one can and cannot enjoy anymore, especially the irreversible right to life.

I am certain I have the support of Zimbabwe's periodical Acting President, Emmerson Mnangagwa on the death penalty. But, sadly and paradoxically I most probably attract his ultimate condemnation for my support of the entirety of citizens' rights especially gay rights.

For a country that prides itself as the 'intellegisia of Africa' we are gloomily and impolitely uneducated on rights and condescendingly hypocritical. We collectively denounce the oppression, and ostracism of some interest groups like the Kalangas, nonetheless we readily embrace the depravation of rights of one particular minority; homosexuals.
Someone please scream double standard!

It makes little sense to countenance freedom of worship, yet adopt values of one or two religions and use those to dictate what people otherwise uninterested in that religion should and should not do. If one is neither a Christian, a Traditionalist, nor a Muslim, why then should he/she be forced to adhere to principles of a religion he is not a part of?

We should advocate for a society that is devoid of lofty attitudes, and protects the rights of all its citizens. If one supports Zanu PF, they must not demand that their neighbour do the equivalent. If one marries a woman, and enjoys a fruitful heterosexual relationship, they must not mandate that their fellow citizen do alike. Every citizen of this beautiful country should be allowed to pursue happiness, in whatever shape of form he prefers.

And if one allows his neighbour to the left to routinely steal from the neighbour adjacent to his house, and even supports the treachery, then one must not complain when the bandit visits his own garden to violate his rights to property.

We ought to create a society which respects human rights, all of them. Once we allow one to be violated, once we allow certain people the liberty to decide what rights others may not enjoy, then we should not cry foul when we create super power minorities/majorities that decide what rights we may not enjoy either.

We cannot be a truly democratic country that upholds the values of men, if we stand up against violation(s) of all but one human right.
Enough said, This Is Africa!

Maynard Manyowa is a political & social analyst. You can reach him for feedback via his website , via email - , on Twitter - @iAmKudaMaynard or by liking his FB page - Maynard Kudakwashe Manyowa

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Magaya Lacks Wisdom & His Reputation Casts Doubt on His Prophetic Title

By Maynard Manyowa

Wisdom is something which is very vital in Christianity, business, or life for that matter. When King Solomon was granted one wish, the bible states that he chose wisdom, and that because of that alone, he became the greatest men, and king to grace the times of his existence.

Self-styled and self-proclaimed contemporary Prophet, Walter Magaya is by contrast a cult hero figure who divides opinion all across Zimbabwe's predominant Christian society. Largely because his meteoric rise into religious stardom has coincided with a never ending series of scandals.

Magaya's popularity has been punctuated, if not fuelled by scandalous rumours, accusations of promiscuity and fraud, provocative attacks and battles with various organs of society like the media, tragedies that have resulted in loss of life, and monumental deception.

The clamour around his person is probably warranted too. Right from the beginning, Magaya impishly sought attention through melodrama. Before Magaya's meteoric rise, he sought to ride on Prophet TB Joshua's attractiveness by naughtily juxtaposing himself right next to the revered Prophet and his brand. He shockingly tried to entice a potential following by imprinting signatures on his posters that read, "Recently back from SCOAN in Nigeria".

This was plain gutter advertising and a hoax of all sorts since TB Joshua's SCOAN frowns upon this practise. The Synagogue Church of All Nations recurrently warns its viewers and devotees against men of cloth who claim to carry a special grace simply because they visited the church. Yet Magaya did it anyway, and in truth this particular action was disreputable, and almost rogue.

Fast forward a few years later, Prophet Magaya's TB Joshua farce hit the headlines after he allegedly claimed that he would bring TB Joshua to Zimbabwe. A fictitious declaration peddled as fact, which Prophet TB Joshua embarrassingly refuted.

His rebuttal, was striking. In his broadcast, Prophet TB Joshua even refused to acknowledge Magaya was a Prophet. He referred to him as 'Mr' Magaya. A spiritually incriminating indictment, that a man Prophet Magaya claims is his spiritual father refuses to acknowledge his own son's prophetic ability.

Prophet TB Joshua also took a wise swipe at Magaya, by drawing the attention of his followers to the fact that his church did not have a single Prophetess! Yet Magaya's wife is considered a prophetess by Walter Magaya himself and his entire church.

Following this incident, Walter Magaya was back in the headlines, for famously converting socialite and dirty dancer 'Bev Sibanda'. That 'marriage' catapulted Magaya into local stardom. Bev, a star, an erotic dancer of rare pedigree in a conservative nation, who upon Magaya's intervention was quitting the night life in favour of Jesus.
People flooded Magaya's church after this 'miracle'. A Prophet who had turned a belly dancer into a saint was always going to command huge audience.

That marriage did not last long nevertheless. In no time, Bev Sibanda turned on Walter and his church. The business Magaya opened for her flunked spectacularly, there was discontent among church members who questioned why the 'stripper' was afforded such high luxury and special attention.

Bev quit Christianity, and 'divorced' the Prophet. She was back shaking her abdomen in Zimbabwe's night spots, and taking ironic digs at PHD Ministries at every chance, for long ensuring Magaya remained in the press, albeit for the wrong reasons.

In the preceding months Magaya remained front-page news. He was accused of bedding a man's wife, and was subsequently sued. That saga in question only ended with a reported out of court settlement. This is not only ironic, but very telling. Innocent people do not negotiate with terrorists. Right?

In preceding days, scandal after scandal followed Prophet Magaya. A stadium disaster claimed many lives, he was accused impregnating a girl in Botswana who was to later die in mysterious circumstances, and he allegedly bribed journalists to inflate figures of attendance at his all night prayer, among many other indignities.

All the while Magaya engaged in shock tirades, attacking journalists, threatening them with unspecified actions, as his followers harassed, intimidated and beat up anyone who dared life a finger of criticism against the self-proclaimed leader.

As you read, Magaya is engaged in a fierce battle with The Apostolic Sects of Zimbabwe. They have exchanged insults, allegations, and gut piercing blows. Although the Vapostori allegedly initially provoked Magaya, he sadly lacked the foresight to realise that they wanted a bitter brawl. Magaya's responses have only ignited the scuffle, and for the umpteenth time in 2 years, Walter Magaya finds himself caught in an avoidable storm and quoting controversy.

Prophet W Magaya has disgracefully enjoyed the coverage of media in Zimbabwe for all the immoral reasons. His reputation, his own conduct, and the things he stands accused of, all point to the subject at hand, that he is afflicted by a serious deficiency in fundamental wisdom commensurate with the title of "prophet" and out of sync with the entire creed of Christianity.

Jesus is a very wise man, so is the trio of Ezekiel Guti, Emmanuel Makandiwa, and TB Joshua. Suffice to say had all these enticements fallen to these men, these indignations would have been avoided. But because they fell to Magaya, they see the light of day.

I am not saying Magaya is a very unscrupulous man, No. For all I know, he could just be a gullible man of mercy who has repeatedly trusted the wrong people. But either way, his wisdom would be subject to scrutiny, and as dusk approaches, Prophet Walter Magaya may yet again be involved in another scandal, or I could suffer some mysterious fate because of my point of view.

But the realities will remain engraved in the minds of many. For a man who claims to be a Prophet, a man who claims to talk to Jesus himself, Walter Magaya surely has seen far too many otherwise avoidable scandals.

If he is genuine prophet, he is a very impulsive prophet with a bad reputation, and that would be strange, because imprudence is not a quality that is consistent with the Kingdom of God.
Enough said, This Is Africa!

Maynard Manyowa is a political & social analyst. You can reach him for feedback via his website - , via email - , on Twitter - @iAmKudaMaynard or by liking his FB page - Maynard Kudakwashe Manyowa

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Atrocious Murder: Is It a Lesser Crime If the Offender Is Female?

By Maynard Manyowa

The republic of Zimbabwe is a somewhat unified nation with an innate propensity and facade of societal peace and civil civilisation. Though the nation has been regrettably afflicted by unpalatable combinations of periodical bouts of political violence, instability and displacement; perpetual reigns of hunger, food shortage and proliferating destitution; as well as tribalism, homophobia, and corruption, the land of the of bright flame lily commendably and against all remains one of Africa's safest destinations.

Given that Zimbabwe is effectively a banana republic, its populace deserves compliment for not pursuing delinquency in the quest for miraculous survival. After all, as in most places, widespread poverty is appropriately a massive push factor for criminal predispositions

Crime is fundamentally infrequent and rare. Infact two of the land's most dreaded serial killers were executed well over a decade ago, and the nation state has not seen grand crime of the levels of Chidumo & Masendeke again, let alone the ranks of Johannesburg, Rio, etc...

While we remain no match for even the mildest of murders in Mzansi, over the last few years there has been a genuinely worrying rise in heinous domestic crime. The increase is not in frequency, but rather an escalation in the levels of violence characterised in each of the few circumstances.

In 2012, the entire nation woke up to the horrific FrontPage cover of Monalisa Chinomona, murdered in her parents' home by a jilted lover.

Her body had been stabbed 15 times and lay lifeless in a pool of chilling bright red blood. The penetrating knife was left stuck in her breast. It was especially painful for those of us who idolise peace, and who knew the couple personally.

The reaction was spectacularly loud. I, like many, fiercely leapt in attack of the killer. All organs of society united in rage and condemnation. This was a heinous wasting, we would all have none of it, and we made everyone know. For ours is not a society that can tolerate the murder of defenceless women.

In 2014, after spending a near three years in remand prison, the killer, Pritchard Zimondi was slapped with an effective 18 year jail term. No part of his sentence will be commuted and the man monster will leave prison in 2032, thereabouts. He will be 42.

During the course of the lengthy trial, Zimbabweans condemned any attempt to afford Zimondi any respite. There was reverberating uproar when he was granted temporary bail, and even after his sentence, the public still felt he had been granted enormous clemency.

Which is probably warranted, the man stabbed an innocent, beautiful and bright young woman a sure 15 times. That is vampire like, and he was monumentally lucky to escape the death sentence.

Inversely, just few months after Zimondi was sentenced. A woman, Fortunate Nsoro, sick of her husband's promiscuity, cut off her husband's genitals. He died of the unimaginable wounds.

The grisly pics of the man's privates in a plastic, and his lifeless body were stomach-turning, but, what was prodigiously appalling was the deafening silence of the nation.

The vivacious civil organisations and outspoken social leaders who had led the 'justice for Monalisa campaign', and rejoiced in a conviction just a few weeks preceding the murder were now conspicuous in their muteness.

Even as Fortune was awarded mere $50 bail, with very relaxed conditions, there was no justice for Petros (the victim) brigade, no fuss, no complaints. It is almost as if society had judged that, because the victim was a man, and promiscuous, he deserved to die, in a manner so cold.

This past month, the nation is once again grappled by two similar murders. In Fortune Nsoro style, a few weeks ago, a callous Mutasa woman, Pamela Bhowa axed her husband Manners Bhowa in the face several times, ultimately condemning him to death. Nauseating pictures of the victim's gashed face are circulating on social media, amid the murderer's unfeeling blatant claims that she gave the man what he deserved.

In Zimondi style, a Glen View man, Collen Jamu, killed his girlfriend Mitchell Chipere in her mother's house. He raped her, and murdered her by bludgeoning her head with a metal hoe handle.

After Monalisa's murder, one would have never imagined beholding a homicide much more revolting. Collin, the killer, should never see the outside of a maximum prison again. He should only ever leave the state penitentiary in a body bag destined for a pauper burial. He frankly deserves nothing less.

As expected, and rightly so, justifiable widespread outcry has followed these two murders. But, what is shocking is that, that there is little talk about the axe murderer. All the clamour is about how hoe the wielding bandit Collin Jamu must be handed a no nonsense death penalty.

Observably there is a lot amiss with this. Fortunate Nsoro, and Pamela Bhowa, like Pritchard Zimondi, and Collin Jamu are all cold blooded killers. All of them, never mind the sex, gender, or circumstances must be rebuked in the most undulating manner.

All the homicides were calculated, dreadful, upsetting and of the most disturbing order. It is grossly improper for the crimes to be seen as any different.

It is deeply and regrettably ironic that society cares little when a man is raped, or killed by his significant other, but it unites in echoing rage if the victim is female. It is difficult to understand, how, or why, that is the case.

Hence my question, is it a lesser crime when the perpetrator is female, and the fatality is male?

Enough said. This is Africa!

Maynard Manyowa is a political & social analyst. You can reach him for feedback via his website , via email - , on Twitter - @iAmKudaMaynard or by liking his FB page - Maynard Kudakwashe Manyowa

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Mujuru, Mutasa: The Legend of the Boy Who Cried WOLF!


Mujuru, Mutasa: The Legend of the Boy Who Cried WOLF!

By Maynard Manyowa

It is said that many a time ago, a revered village shepherd fell ill, and hence could not render his service, which was so critical as to be sacrosanct in ancient animal rearing society. As ill fate would have it, all able men were either absent, unwell, or both. A young mischievous boy, the only alternative, was given the unenviable task of herding the village sheep.

Dreadfully, the task predestined the young boy, lacking obvious stamina with a potential daunting task of fending off any stalking beasts which had intentions of devouring the treasured livestock and pride of the community.

The elders, wisely mindful of this disequilibrium that pitted wild faunas against a pitiful boy, decided that it was best the sheep graze, and be herded in the hill just adjacent of the village. This was to allow the village inhabitants to intervene and fend off any beasts, should they approach the herd and the boy, because both were biologically lacking the necessary endowment to defend themselves.

The mischievous boy was given implicit instruction to scream at the first sign of a 'wolf', and the village would swarm the hill and defend the boy, and the herd. The little toddler, sensing an opportunity to prank the populace engaged in a series of intentional false alarms that left the entire village incensed.

It did happen, that, given his record of 'lies', when the wolf eventually came to sample the delights of the herd, and the boy, the community ignored the boy's yells, and yelps for relief. The legend has it that the wolf devoured the boy, and the entire herd.

This is a story that most resonate with well. Hardly any child goes through any education system, no matter how bad, and escapes the legend of the boy who cried wolf.

The moral of the story carries two stern messages. One, if you engrave lies, treachery, corruption and cunningness into your persona, you lose your credibility, and on the day that you have something of sense and value to say, people will not lend even their rabbits ear to you. In their eyes, you will be no more than a petty liar! That label will consume even your most sincere truths, and you will never enjoy the attentive attention, even of the most senile citizen.

Secondly and metaphorically, the legend of the boy who cried wolf has become the custom label for a person, who, despite living with, and in abject peril, decides to scream 'horror' only at their immediate convenience.

Following their expulsion from Zanu PF and for some government, Didymus Mutasa, Joice Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Ray Kaukonde and many others have been quoted in various press in varying degrees of scathe directed at, and very critical of Zanu PF, and Zimbabwe's first citizen, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Ex-Vice President Joice Mujuru and company have issued apologies to the Zimbabwean people for 35 years of misrule, and aiding Zanu PF in its destructive regulation that has created unfathomable levels of unemployment, a vendor economy, dead industry and zero commerce.

Joice Mujuru apologises for her part in perpetuating tyranny, corruption, running down of state enterprises and parastatals, and violent crack downs on civil society and dissenting voices. A crumbling education system, an unproductive and unremittent agricultural sector, very poor and treacherous road infrastructure, deplorable standards of living, and almost 10 million living in near destitution.

The atrocities don't end there, neither do the apologies. Didymus Mutasa expresses cunning innocence over his role in the Gukurahundi massacres that left a conservatively estimated 20,000 Ndebele people dead, murdered, maimed, and flung into mass graves.

The list is near endless, yet insufficient, and lacking justice to the true gravity of the grave past Zimbabwe has been dragged through several years of bad governance, poor policy, and plain cruelty.

Zimbabweans live in utter fear of the next violent crackdown. Even my very mildly critical but objective reproach of Zanu PF attracts incredibly worrying yet credible and warranted warnings from those who care about my welfare. For fear has become the center pin of the Zimbabwean psyche because in Zimbabwe, freedom of speech often breeds captivity after speech.

The daily news was shelled several years ago, and a ruthless crackdown saw the paper shut down. MDC offices too were strategically bombed, and set ablaze in the years between 2000 and 2002. Several activists simply disappeared, and some died. Itai Dzamara is just but the latest addition to a trend, a worrying one that is.

Zimbabwe's only globally reputable and profitable company, Econet Wireless would be a mere pipe dream had Joice Mujuru had her way in the 1990's. Strive Masiyiwa's account of the torment, protracted assault, and resistance he faced from a then cold, calculating, and unsympathetic Joice Mujuru led Ministry of Telecoms is a graphic description of Mujuru the Zanu PF warrior.

From the early 80's, government ministers were involved in one corrupt binge after the other, with no consequence at all. Parastatals were run dry, and milked by greedy officials. Development funds and monies were channelled and used for personal businesses, while poor policies were generated at the speed of light.

In the year 2008, an unprecedented splurge of violence was unleashed at the Zimbabwean people for their choice to vote overwhelmingly for Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC. Today the actual number of fatalities and casualties remains largely unaccounted, amid reports of people having their hands, fingers, and arms chopped off by Zanu PF youth militia.

Certain sections of the country remain run by informal mafias with links to top ranked government officials. Taxi ranks, and bus stations are manned by 'strong men' who demand a none-government aligned tax / affiliation fee of $2 per trip. The mafias even have the audacity to assault police, and soldiers.

For Joice, it is especially damning because she was a government minister for all of the 34 years preceding her axing. In those 34 years she was at times the conspicuous enemy of progress. The econet saga is just but one of the mildest accusations. Her husband's hand in illegal forex dealers that were counterproductive to Gideon Gono's efforts to delay the demise of the economy are another.

Temba Mliswa is categorically quoted as saying that General Solomon Mujuru pointed a gun at the ex-Governor, after he had launched operation sunrise, with the intention to cull forex dealers. An initiative that provided temporary respite to Zimbabweans, but cost the Mujuru Empire of a good dubious revenue stream, at our obvious expense.

In 2012-2013, media was awash with reports of Didymus Mutasa's hand in the burning of a primary going toddler in a hut. The baby's crimes was that he was the son of an MDC competitor.

After 35 years of active participation, preservation, and support of Zimbabwe's never ending dark days, it is convenient at the very least, that the once comrades now notice Zanu PF's badness, especially after a change in personal fortune.

The same group of purged officials were for such a long time the poster boys of Zanu PF's tenet. They campaigned and endorsed the very ethos they are all of sudden so critical of. Ironically, it has only taken this insincere crew a 5min taste of their own medicine to realise just how bad Zanu PF is, or was.

With mafia monies gone, and the coldness of isolation outside the revolution Mujuru et al are all of a sudden the friends of the people, a people they exploited, tormented, and tortured. A people whose destinies they ruined, futures destroyed and livelihoods annihilated, at times without the consent and to the dismay of Mugabe. (See the disinformation campaign of 2008 when Mugabe was told all is well, while the purged officials unleashed hell on the people)

It would be purely naïve to believe that Joice Mujuru, or Didymus Mutasa were either held at gun point and forced to endorse the madness, nor that for 35 years they were silently critical and disapproving of the reigns of terror, corruption, and bad governance. If anything they were at the forefront.

Having accumulated huge personal fortunes that amass into near billions, at the expense of the general people and the nation. And while accused of many a many gross human rights violations, and abuse of office, the Gamatox is all of a sudden the vanguard of the people?

Surely after 35 years of systematic exploitation, cruel administration, and institutional deception, the Zimbabwean people cannot, and will not lend even the proverbial rabbit's ear to Mujuru, Mutasa, and Gumbo et al.

As noted earlier, even if what one has to say is credible, their own reputation will work against them. Mujuru and Mutasa are to some degree correct that Zanu PF has run down the country, albeit with their help. It is plain truth, but their own reputations of treachery imply that no one will ever listen.

And in this case, the boy may even be the wolf personified, calling out the masses to the hill, so as to devour them, away from the protection of their huts and closed doors. Mujuru and co are weevils Zimbabweans know all too well, and a weevils they are not interested in.

The people will not run to the hill to save the mischievous boy. Lying, deception, and stealing are the first nature of the boy, there probably is no wolf, and the boy is playing the people for his own gratification. It is a matter of the boy crying wolf, again!

Maynard Manyowa is a political & social analyst. You can reach him for feedback via his website , via email - , on Twitter - @iAmKudaMaynard or by liking his FB page - Maynard Kudakwashe Manyowa

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Tito Mboweni vs Prof Moyo: Reflections on The Fight!


Tito Mboweni vs Prof Moyo: Reflections on The Fight!

Zimbabwe's Information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, and South Africa's first black central bank Governor Tito Mboweni were this week engaged in a bitter, fierce, no holds barred fight on twitter. I showed up a little bit late to assume my seat and enjoy Africa's equivalent / rendition of Mayweather - Pacquiao.

By all means and yardsticks, never mind the vulgar protestations of some quarters, Prof Moyo and Mboweni are giants in Africa. Jonathan Moyo, sparing no reservation, is an immense figure in Africa's political dynamic. Hate him or love him, the Professor is the most uncredited cog in the infamous Zanu PF machine.

History rudely pronounces that during the lengthy time of his unceremonious absence in Zanu PF's politburo and government, the machine lost elections spectacularly, to the point where alleged voter rigging could not help them. (i.e. 2005 Parliamentary elections, and 2008 harmonised elections)

Tito Mboweni on the other hand is one of Africa's most celebrated economists, and a respected voice. The eighth governor of South Africa's central bank, Tito was the first black person to occupy that post.

In a clash not foretold even by contemporary prophecy, the two giants of the south clashed on twitter. As the matter eventually meandered to its natural 'trend death', I could not help but reflect on the entire clash, and weigh in with a decree that I am well entitled to.

While Tito Mboweni may have had the unequivocal support of the masses, and though I, like many, definitely differ with Professor Moyo on a lot of issues outside the bone of contention central to the subject at hand, it must be stated, from a basis of sense, intellect, and debate, that Professor Moyo stripped Mboweni bare to his knickers!

The base of Mboweni's entire argument is daft. According to him, "young people =democracy & old people =dictatorship!"

This is thorough rubbish! Mboweni's tweet easily implies and states as fact, that, democracy is correspondent to age. That young leadership under 50 is defining of egalitarianism, and absolute rule is synonymous with old age. I must say, such reasoning borders on unintelligent absurdity.

Surely Mboweni is an educated economist, but if he believes being long-standing translates to despotism, then he is undoubtedly a hapless 'no-brain' in the political realm.

The fact is, more than a few autocrats are under 50. North Korea's dictator is 32! A good 18 years below Mboweni's superficial timestamp by which leaders spontaneously become dictators. This means that, either Mboweni has somewhat lost his numerical prowess, or he views Kim Jong-un's Korea as a very democratic state. All of which does make him appear very dull!

This has nothing to do with a certain nonagenarian who is repeatedly called a dictator in a certain land north of the Limpopo by the way.

Educated and perceptive minds must discuss and debate fact as it is, and the plain fact here is that Mboweni's belief in age=democracy does not even rise to the levels where it can qualify as bull excretes!

Tito's claim is as silly as they get! Professor Moyo was bang on the money in his factual rebuff. Deep down, a proud but defeated Mboweni knows this, hence he was very quick to drift away from arguing for his 'drunk' hypothesis, which is very deficient of reality I must add, and instead choose to draw on Moyo's poor conduct and record in other matters, which are outside of the initial argument.

Put simply, Professor Moyo stands accused of 'gross things', and that is as polite as one can ever put it. But that does not disqualify him from reprimanding unsubstantiated and ignorant statements, even from a respected economist like Titus Mboweni.

Look, even Mboweni himself stands faulted for perpetuating black impoverishment. Under his watch, poor blacks remain rooted in the slums of Khayelitsha and Diepsloot, while his imperialist 'white masters' lick the good honey off SA.

Should this accusation then disqualify him from making comments about Jonathan Moyo's horrific inadequacies? Probably not, but I guess in a bare knuckle public fight, there are no rules and sense does not prevail. In a political fight, it is not a facts game, after the warm greetings, it quickly becomes about hitting where it hurts the most, and both brawlers held no punches.

Though they were somewhat irrelevant, we cannot ignore the real matters that Tito Mboweni raised. Jonathan Moyo is in some way or another involved in the destruction of a once vibrant and growing Zimbabwe, and for that he deserves a 'talking to'.

It is a fact that Zanu PF Big Wigs trot down to the rainbow to enjoy luxuries that they deny their own people, largely through bad governance and poor policy. In that regard, Mboweni is correct to call Moyo to order! Moyo cannot be highly critical of a government and a people who are doing so much better than him, and his (sic).
It is also undebatable fact that at least 3 million Zimbabwean migrants in South Africa agree with Titus. The good life is in Mzansi, not in sovereign Zimbabwe!

Look, even Professor Moyo's children have reportedly graduated from South African institutions of higher learning, despite his pride in Zimbabwe's education system. While he was enforcing 100% local content on state operated broadcasters, he lavishly enjoyed the extravagance of South African Satellite Broadcaster, DSTV. So I guess, even Professor Moyo too knows the good life is in Mzansi!

Mboweni is spot on to lambast that 'educated' Zimbabweans are waiters all the way from Musina to Capetown. These are highly proficient and intelligent Zimbabweans, failed, not by a supreme education system, but a very corrupt government. Mboweni rightly stresses that his efforts to help Zimbabwean people while governor of SA's reserve bank during the crisis of 2008, were stifled and spurned by Moyo, though he does mean people like Moyo.

In concluding scrutiny, Tito Mboweni is wide of the mark in his deliberation that age = democracy, but he is precise in his conjecture that Zimbabweans are suffering under the brunt of poor governance, from Jonathan Moyo, or people like him if you want to nit-pick!

Professor Jonathan Moyo is dead-on to argue that Mboweni's age = democracy hypothesis is nonsensical, but he is in the wrong to argue that he, and all other Zimbabweans revel in a better lifestyle than South Africans. That is preposterous!

The twar (twitter war) seems to have died down, and I will retreat to further thought.

Enough said, this is Africa! ....

Maynard Manyowa is a political & social analyst. You can reach him for feedback via his website , via email - , on Twitter - @iAmKudaMaynard or by liking his FB page - Maynard Kudakwashe Manyowa

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Mugabe A Remarkable Man, But Dreadful Leader


Mugabe A Remarkable Man, But Dreadful Leader

Comrade Robert Mugabe is highly intelligent, smart, entertaining, funny and revolutionary. I am a massive fan. His speeches are well articulated, and almost always laden with 'real issues'. The man possess unique qualities that even his own enemies by their own admission, admire and respect him for.

His policies, though poorly applied, ludicrously self-serving at times and ultimately no more than mere useless tigers made of paper, are nonetheless still essentially very well thought out indices based on delectable Pan African tenets. ZIMPREST, and ZIMASSET, for example are by all accounts, on paper, impressive.

Mugabe can just about charm anyone anywhere, anytime. He is a super being, with a super presence. A lot of people who despise Mugabe in public, are embarrassingly private fans of the comrade, even if that irks the living crap out of them. Nelson Chamisa was wooed and charmed in minutes, his once vivacious dislike for the citizen of Robert Mugabe replaced by an acquiescent chortling demeanour. So too have many 'white' journalists, and leaders who have stammered and smiled, breath taken by the immense personality of the man.

Mugabe's leadership is now punctuated by his strong personality. Approbation of the nonagenarian is hinged upon, and driven by his unbelievable strength of temperament, charisma and resolve.

While his personality is noticeably deserving of reverence, it is heartbreakingly sorry that it has taken centre stage. Lamentably, the populace's awe with Mugabe the man is overshadowing his unimpressive traits in governance.

Charisma alone is not enough and does not excuse the other mischiefs. Robert Mugabe is a head of state, and a key entity in Zimbabwe's, and Africa's political dynamic. Valuation of the man should, and must include, by and large his performance and aptitude as a head of state and government.

All the niceties aside, Robert Mugabe, as a leader, is all talk, no walk. He is dismally poor at implementing any of his impressive policies, ideologies and principles. He is what my partner calls, a "story teller". A man whose tête-à-tête is more fantasy than reality, whose utterances are promises, yet conveyances are noughts.

2 million jobs of 2013, indigenisation, empowerment, agrarian reform, to mention all but a few, are classic paragons of Mugabe's artistry. The man is good at drawing tigers on paper.

Someone once said, "It is inconceivable that Robert Mugabe knows the situation on the ground, surely those that update him, are lying to him". That could be true, his deputy did question the sanity of a vendor who sells produce on the streets, positing that the man should rather get a job. That is just how arrogantly and ignorantly out of touch with reality he is, that he believes a grown man would willingly sell tomatoes in the middle of the street, under the blazing sun, for less than a dollar a day, because he is too lazy to get a 'real job'
A Job! Yes, you read that correctly! What a lame joke right? What job? Where? In Zimbabwe? Hilarious! There are more chances of finding a rabbit and a mouse in bed!

Nonetheless if his informants are spreading falsities and convincing him that all is well in a country literally crumbling to pieces, and he has the audacity to believe them, then Baba Chatunga is dancing on the frills of blind fantasy and regrettable ignorance.

If President Mugabe is aware of the dire state of the country, but convinced that the present state of affairs is acceptable and in the long term beneficial to the general inhabitants, then he is dancing on the frills of tyranny, zero foresight, and inhumane insensitivity, that is if he has not traversed them already.

Whether Mugabe is unconcerned, or hopelessly misinformed or both, it is still a damning testament of his headship.

You see, governance must, and ought to have deliverables, measurable outcomes. Yet despite the impressive rhetoric used by Bob, which leaves township youths dancing and village folk expectant, the statistics rudely display that he has overseen Zimbabwe's slump from sharing a GDP with Korea, and near that of China in the late 80's, early 90's, to having no GDP to talk of in 2008.

When assessed through the barometer of governance, Mugabe's repertoire is found strenuously inadequate. Zimbabwe's economy is on auto-pilot with no currency of its own, unemployment is at a record high, and we are pumping forced migrants into other countries like a deranged machine gun on steroids.

He has overseen the demise of almost all of Zimbabwe's industry. Companies close daily, millions still live in rural reserves, and Zimbabwe is now a net food importer. What a spectacular fall from grace, for a country that was a bread basket. I won't even touch the 'sacrosanct'; corruption. That minefield needs a part two.

And then the unimpressive 'sanctions' trump card, which is continuously employed in defence of 'bad governance'. A father who makes excuses is in my book, no father at all. Cuba did well under stiffer sanctions, so too has Iran. If one is a leader, they ought to make solutions. I can never negotiate with my 2 year old son to sleep on an empty stomach because of the economy, he will throw a Zulu style tantrum. Yet we have been hoodwinked into accepting a sub-standard lifestyle by Robert Mugabe and his administration.

Secondly, sanctions had nothing to do with Gukurahundi, or the duo of War Veteran pay outs and the war in DRC, which slaughtered the economic stability of Zimbabwe way before sanctions came around. Similarly Sanctions played no part in the decimation of the agriculture sector by angry war vets and thugs. They play no part in grand corruption in parastatals either.

It is distasteful how the entire world is carried away by Mugabe's other abilities, and omits the significant. I refuse, and I will reiterate, Mugabe is a remarkable man, but his governance of Zimbabwe is just bad.

And yes, I said it! An ambiguous indigenisation policy that puts off foreign direct investments is bad governance, so too is persecuting a widow and obsessing with factionalism when millions are hungry. No need for special diction there, it is just dreadful!

Maynard Manyowa is a political & social analyst. You can reach him for feedback via his website , via email - / , on Twitter - @iAmKudaMaynard or his Facebook page

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Bob & Madiba: Heroes With Blemished Records


Bob & Madiba: Heroes With Blemished Records

AFRICA has been endowed with celebrated thinkers, philosophers and revolutionaries. Since the turn of the 19th century, Africa has hogged the protagonist birthing bosom. The likes of Samora Machel, Julius Njerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Col Gaddafi et al... the list is endless. Some famous for Pan African ideologies, and some for 'kissing white bum / promoting peace of equality', literally.

For discussion purposes, I will evaluate the two global giants of the South, Madiba and Bob, I resonate with them better, having been resident in both countries, and having experienced first-hand, the tyranny and brilliance of the leaders.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe is an African hero, a Pan African's epitome of true leadership. For decades he has fought imperialists, colonialists, with bravado, enthusiasm, and the tenacity of a fierce lion. He is a veteran of a two decade struggle against 'evil western mechanisms' that are repressive, and racist.

To some degree, he has done well. In no other country is sovereignty so imprinted in the psyche of the citizens as in Mugabe's Zimbabwe. In no other place do black people enjoy the level of independence, enterprise, and destiny self-determination like Gushungo's nation.

Volatile motor mouth student leaders like Mnqobi Dlamini (Suspended Wits University SRC President) adore Mugabe unapologetically, they revere him, and they almost worship him. To them, he is what Mandela should have been.

The 'white imperialist community' (not limited to) that despise him secretly carry embarrassing admiration of his person, and they respect him. The man is after all a genius, an attractive, determined, certain, able, and eloquent convinced character. Even I like him too.

Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela is an equal, but parallel figure, yet an unquestionable African hero none the less. He is a man of peace, a Nobel Prize winner, a unifying and iconic character that has held together a violent, disorderly and hateful concoction of ever conflicting races for just over two decades now.

Respected political enthusiasts (Mmusi Maimane & co) cling on to his legacy for value, and all around the world his brand is venerated. Some of this adoration is warranted. Mandela successfully avoided South Africa descending into full blown civil war in the early 90's. He led the country briefly, and steadily.


Despite whirling in systematic abject paucity perpetuated by the unchanged institutions Mandela established, impoverished black South Africans hold him dear, while white people respect him.

Robert Mugabe traversed the line of hero to pantomime villain several years ago. Under his watch Zimbabwe was transformed from the horn of Africa, into a banana republic, a failed state. The civil war of the late 80's, pre-election violence and intimidation in 2002, 2005, 2008, abductions, kidnappings, harassment, state sponsored crack downs on civil society, and the elephant in the room; corruption.

Nelson Mandela did have the privilege of dying an 'unblemished' hero, because of a conscious concerted effort by 'western imperialists', whose interests he served, to preserve his heritage. Even so, with recent revelations that, under his watch, and probably with his consent, South Africa suborned FIFA officials about USD $10,000,000 (Ten Million) to win the rights to host Africa's first international soccer showpiece; The 2010 World Cup.

And then there are revelations that the order to open fire on unarmed Zulu demonstrators outside ANC Headquaters in Johannesburg was given by Mandela; the stiff legacy of corruption whose effects are becoming more real than apparent, with Eskom drowning, public service delivery at a standstill, and the ANC in never-ending corruption exposes.

South Africans are in total despair. But How? But Why? Mandela was meant to be a saint, by all accounts, a man who does not even fart! Ironically, he did fart, he was corrupt, and he was no champion leader. Look, Mandela was a great guy. He is still a hero, but a hero with a blemished record.

Zimbabweans are not so much in despair. They have accepted their leader's short comings. Mugabe is a worthy academic, he is the world's most educated president, and his policies mirror the sharp mind that he is.

But, it is under his watch that Zimbabwe has descended into paralysis, creating immigrant crisis in all of the country's neighbouring countries, more than two thirds of the country living in abject poverty, to mention just a few. His fellow comrades have milked the country dry, they reap the benefits of Mugabe' populist rhetoric 'empowerment, indigenisation, agrarian reform', all of which make his rich cadres richer, and the poor masses, poorer!

Oh well, Mugabe is not an angel, and neither was Nelson Mandela. Their policies are dissimilar, and probably contrasting, yet their legacies almost bear the same offspring; corruption, Poverty, and Racism.

That is the sad reality of African politics, and African icons, Heroes with blemished records.

Maynard Manyowa is a political analyst, opinion writer. He can be reached for feedback through hi personal website, or on email, or You can alternatively him on @iAmKudaMaynard or follow his Facebook pag

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Undermining Parliament Undermines Our Democracy


Undermining Parliament Undermines Our Democracy

The advent of human civilisation brought about greater liberty, and a universally acceptable system of governance called Democracy. On the surface, it is seemingly complex, yet democracy is a simple concept, premised on the simple notion of majority rule, and power to the people.

The masses practise it by electing their own leaders, and holding them accountable. This is theoretically simple. Free and Fair elections, as well as accountability are the hinge pins upon which democracy is built upon, and operates on.

For the reason that by enormity, resource, and implementation constraints, it is impossible for a head of state, or minister to stand questioned by 12 million Zimbabweans. It not feasible for The President or members of his cabinet to answer to the entirety of the Zimbabwean population, hence, members of the public elect representatives of their choice to help in policy formulation and implementation as well as hold leaders to account.

Without parliament any democracy ultimately fails, and is nothing more than a glorified farce. Members of the assembly are meant to carry the view of the people, their contributions to the goals of the executive, as well ask important questions. By that interpretation, Parliament as a collective should be the highest and most respectable arm of the government.

The Legislative body is the people. It is not a few hundred elected officials, No, it is every citizen of country. The house is the single most important arm in a democratic structure. It represents the society, it speaks for the populace, and it is the general public.

The events of the preceding few months in South Africa, and Zimbabwe are unfortunate, and alarming.

To begin with, in South Africa, a few lines into President Jacob Zuma's state of the nation address, Economic Freedom Fighters' members of parliament rose on a point of order, to ask when Zuma would pay back tax payer money which was used to build his private residence in Nkandla.

Ignoring the details that followed, this gave birth to a chain of events that in due course resulted in police and armed forces being illegally called into the chambers to escort EFF members out. Violence erupted, MP's were assaulted, and Members of The Democratic Alliance walked out in protest.

The chaos soon travelled north of the Limpopo. In Zimbabwe, government ministers did not attend a question and answer segment in parliament, allegedly choosing to attend a Zanu PF Politburo meeting.

Opposition members were expectedly incensed, and protested. The result; chaos of most unimaginable order.

The two confrontations are of a very dissimilar nature, the whys and wherefores of the melees are nowhere similar, but both events point a large problem within African politics; a sad propensity to undermine parliament, ultimately undermining our democracy.

What happened in South Africa cannot be ignored. The President is meant to be accountable to parliament, and it becomes problematic when members of the police, who report to the president are called into the House of Commons to handle members of parliament. It presents a serious challenge to separation of powers, which is another important facet of democracy.

Such actions intimidate MP's, and stifle all voices of reason, and egalitarianism. Police have no business in Parliament, and their grand entrance is a serious infringement on the people of South Africa, black and white.

What transpired in Zimbabwe is also worth of note. Cabinet members are mandated by the constitution to attend parliament, to answer to MP's. Ministers cannot miss parliament, for any reason. And yes, that includes private party business.

There is a distinction between Zanu PF and The Government of Zimbabwe. The ministers are surely aware that, their priority is the Republic, and its citizens.

Parliament is meant to discuss serious issues that are affecting Zimbabweans all over. To abscond a session which is meant to help in the alleviation of these problems is rather insensitive.

If it is true that they missed parliament to attend to party business, then their actions are frankly arrogant, insensitive, and rude.

Zimbabwe has bigger problems than factionalism, or disciplinary hearings. The majority of Zimbabweans are working in the informal sector, and living beneath the poverty datum line. The country is faced with widespread poverty, unemployment, and a stagnant economy. The President is working his mind off to keep the country afloat, under a barrage of sanctions.

These problems are bigger than any other commitments, and should come first before any other business.

Whenever parliament as a collective is disrespected, the implication is devastating in its simplicity; contempt of the constitution, and a serious dent on our democracy.

Leadership is not about power, it is about responsibility, and serving the people. The leadership in both Zimbabwe and South Africa failed its electorate, infringed the constitutions of the nations mentioned, and undermined all recent efforts to establish the nations as truly democratic states.

Any undermine of parliament in any shape or form is a direct infringement of democracy. It is as simple as that.

Maynard Manyowa is a political analyst, opinion writer and columnist for The Zimbabwe Mail, News 24 Zimbabwe, and New Zimbabwe.Com. He can be reached for feedback on, or You can download his android application by visiting on your mobile device, or visit his website

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Xenophobia Crisis: An Open Letter To President Mugabe

YOUR excellency, Cde President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Your sons and daughters are being put to the sword across the Limpopo by a people you have called your friends.

Mr President Sir, ordinarily and consistent with the values instilled in me, I would not call other African people "those people", I would simply say "we". But this distinction has been heavily handed down in the last few days.

I have been informed that my belief that all Africans are one people is in error. There exists Africa, and South Africa; the latter wants nothing to do with the former.

Your excellency, the people who now promote this self-hate, are the very people whose leaders, and delegates you aided, and housed during the late 80's and early 90's as they fled their country under siege from the white colonialists who wanted their heads on a platter.
Mr President, you postponed the land reform programme in 1990 to prevent setting a precedence of nationalism and deterring the negotiations for a democratic transition in South Africa.

Cde President, the likes of Mbeki, Hani, Zuma, and co were your distinguished guests for years. Your forces assisted them several times. Thabo Mbeki noted your contribution in the South African struggle for independence as stellar, momentous and significant.

Your great friend and compatriot, of whom you have given the freedom of the city of Harare, Cde Samora Machel was murdered by Boer forces as he fought alongside yourself to make sure South Africa attain independence. Today his children are dragged naked in the streets.

Mr President, you and I do not always agree in principle and on policy, but we both agree that a truly liberated Africa is united by pan-African values. We agree that freedom for one without freedom for all is no freedom at all.

I have never criticized your decisions to assist South Africa attain independence; or assist Congo DR defend her democratic sovereignty in the late 90's. Those were selfless decisions borne out of your desire to see Africa as a unified sovereign continent.

Our own country stutters under a barrage of sanctions today, some the result of your decisions to help South Africa, particularly the significant postponement of Land Reform. You are, in that regard, a selfless man Cde President; a true African hero.

But, have you seen the news today Honourable President? They are hunting your citizens like wild animals; they are maiming, burning, mutilating and murdering them, right in the country whose freedom you sacrificed our own economic prosperity for.

I will not demand that South Africa and her citizens engage their collective memory to remember the role we played in their independence. While we were their saviours in their gloomy days, today we have become cockroaches and dogs. We are foreigners, unwanted, unloved, unworthy to live.

But that is well, too, your Excellency. You cannot demand that a people be appreciative of your efforts. It comes naturally; it has a lot to do with how one is raised. I do however wish to see you defend your own people. Mr President Sir, silent diplomacy can no longer work.

I urge you to demand the audience of Goodwill Zwelithini, and Edward Zuma, along with the very same high power delegation that you protected and aided in the 90's. I urge your Excellency to demand that they put an end to the atrocious attacks on our people, including on those not of Zimbabwean roots.

You are SADC chair, African Union chair. What is happening in South Africa is tantamount to Genocide! Murder, Arson, Assault, Rape, Malicious Damage to Property, Theft, and Robbery have become the order of the day. Foreigners are being served this raw dish, under the guise of Xenophobia.

If this is not a humanitarian crisis, then I do not know what is. Mr President, I believe it is within your scope to pressure Jacob Zuma's government to put an end to this.

Your Excellency, I posit that you seek the indictment of Zwelithini Zulu on crimes against humanity, and murder. I ask you all this in the name of your people, from Cairo to Beitbridge!

Yes, I deliberately exclude the Cape because, I am told, Africa is for Africans, but South Africa is for South Africans.

I cannot demand a piece of their country. It is theirs. But I can demand, as a citizen of your country, that you make efforts to make sure the sanctity of life is preserved.

Maynard Manyowa is a political analyst, opinion writer and columnist for The Zimbabwe Mail, News 24 Zimbabwe, and New Zimbabwe.Com. He can be reached for feedback on, or
(this letter was published in local and regional press) -

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Gumbura Is A Pervert, But Not A Rapist


Gumbura Is A Pervert, But Not A Rapist

There is arguably no contemporary figure that has unified opinion, and attracted universal condemnation like Robert Martin Gumbura; the leader of extremist Christian fellowship, End Time Message

About a year ago Robert Gumbura was arrested and hauled before the courts, accused of raping two women married to the same man. The circumstances were that, the women's husband who lives in South Africa had sent money for them through the church leader, and when they went to collect it, he insisted on seeing them separately. He subsequently raped them.

Gumbura quickly adopted the title of the 'Rapist Pastor'. This was just the start of his problems. The beleaguered clergyman would soon make more headlines, as one woman after the other began to approach the police with reports of alleged rape at his hands.

At one point the women who were accusing him of forcibly tapping the cupcake reached a staggering 40. Infact, the number of women who have claimed rape, including those who have not pressed charges has since been reported to be over a 100. Wow!

Zimbabwe has amalgamated as a nation to protect women from all forms of abuse, and sexual abuse is taken seriously in this conservative nation.

The number of women distressed by Gumbura's poking stick is upsetting, and for that he deserved some form of punishment, by karma however, and not by law.

You see, the circumstances around the entire cases(s) are less than convincing. Rape implies that a woman has been forced, and coerced into having sex. The characteristic of the sexual encounter being non-consensual is what constitutes Rape.

In Gumbura's case however, it is nowhere near that. None of the women were forced at knife point, or drugged and date raped. Infact, they consented to the encounters, albeit after being lied to. But is this Rape? I don't think so.

Gumbura lied to the women in question that he had some supernatural powers, and that those who refused to bed him would meet unfortunate and torrid ends. He basically deceived his way into their pants.

But if lying your way into a woman's honeypot is rape, then I am afraid we are all guilty of it. All men do it repeatedly, or at least a handful of times in a lifetime. Men will claim to love a woman, just to get their way with her in bed.

By the Gumbura precedence, then any woman who has ever been deceived by a man can, and should have the deceitful male who deflowered her commuted into a maximum prison for 40 years.

In some cases, Gumbura lured his 'victims' with promises of money, wealth, amenities, and other material things. Promises he often delivered on, because he had the financial prowess to. A few victims narrated how he would pay for their school fees, and basic needs, and then demand sex in return.

This is immoral, an unbecoming, but is regrettably not illegal. Rich men all over are known to use their financial muscle in exchange for sexual favours. It's a horrible order of society, but a real one, and definitely a prominent one. It is wicked, but does not qualify as rape, certainly not by definition.

Robert Martin Gumbura is a horrible man, a glorified sugar daddy, a lying, conniving, and cunning sexual hunter. By all accounts he is a monstrous erotic beast, a man of very corrupt fibre.

Gumbura was a leader in society, a man who people looked up to. He betrayed his followers, he betrayed Christian values. His church is entirely based on very alien values which are not biblical

His mental psyche should be examined. It is alarming to note that he furthered decrees claiming that all women in his church were his. He claimed to have a biblical right to deflower every girl in his church, and to bed every girl before her wedding. He used his position to hoodwink girls into his bed.

Gumbura tricked many women into bed. Some he threatened with aversive spiritual attacks of biblical proportions, some with bad luck. Some he pampered with goodies, and niceties, some he simply threatened to withdraw financial support.

All this makes him a liar, a cheat, a sugar daddy, a horny grandfather with a twisted mind, and a disgusting man with a sexual appetite that can't be satisfied. But to say he is a rapist is misdirected and misinformed.

These women chose to believe Gumbura's lies, some of them chose to accept his gifts, and ended up in awkward positions, needing his financial support. While this sounds insensitive, Gumbura's persecution smacks more of sour grapes than anything else.

Robert Martin Gumbura is a bad man, an immoral man, but because his victims consented to sexual intercourse with him, he is, and cannot be called a Rapist, despite his conviction. He is a pervert, but only that.

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