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It appears troubles for the three high-profile former Nike designers served by the Swoosh aren't going away anytime soon. Allegations of impropriety, breaking of non-compete agreements, and behind-the-scenes workings are coming to light as findings from Marc Dolce, Denis Dekovic, and Mark Miner's Nike-issued computers are being revealed. In a story from The Oregonian, the computers were sent to CyTech Services Inc., a forensic support service specializing in data recovery, located in Manassas, Virginia, by Nike assistant general consul Holly Hearn back in October. What came back was a whopping 32 pages of recovered emails and text messages which shows possible evidence of improper conduct and communications.


Some of the details included in the report was an email involving Dolce advising Dekovic to purchase more Twitter followers to make himself more attractive to potential clients, Nike paying the designers half their annual salaries $187,275 for Dolce, $181,290 for Dekovic, and $152,445 for Miner, during their non-compete period and the most interesting of all, an email dated August 29 from Dekovic to Tauna Dean, adidas director of talent acquisition. In the email Dekovic lays out the parameters of the proposed Brooklyn design studio complete with a requested base salary of $500,000, $200,000 signing bonus, performance bonus, $60,000 for housing, and $500,000 annually for retention of services. Dekovic referred to these terms as the "5 big topics."If you've driven down Northeast Brookwood Parkway in Hillsboro lately, you probably couldn't miss Nike co-founder Phil Knight's brand-new flight hangar, complete with two private jets, at the Hillsboro Airport.


The hangar, at approximately 30,000 square feet, sits next to another hangar that Nike previously built in 2002 at Brookwood and Northeast Penny Way, according to the Port of Portland. The Portland Business Journal reported that Knight's new hangar is worth $7.6 free 5.0 clearance In September of 2013, the Port approved a 30-year ground lease at the property with "Ochoco Administrative Services LLC" and will charge more than $53,000 in annual rent. Ochoco also paid a development charge of about $177,000. The hangar is listed in Hillsboro public records as the "Ochoco Private Hangar." At a September 2013 meeting, Port staffer Scott Kilgo said the hangar would house a Gulfstream V and a "brand-new Gulfstream 650."


The Gulfstream G650 has been touted as Gulfstream's biggest, fastest jet and can reach speads of Mach 0.85, or more than 90 percent of the speed of sound. Another email obtained reveals a gloating Dekovic who expressed excitement regarding a meeting with adidas CEO Herbert Hainer. The release of the new Air Jordan shoe is a reason to get in the Christmas spirit. Nike and Michael Jordan continue to put out the most anticipated sneaker on an annual basis, which is remarkable when you consider how fickle the market is and that Jordan has been retired since 2003. Fans salivate at the prospect of getting the new shoe, the Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue, to the point where the lines outside of some stores is reminiscent of what you see when the new Call of Duty or Madden video game comes out.


Buzz is building for the release of the Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue shoes, which will release on Saturday in time for the upcoming holiday. Of course, you don't have time to wait if you're planning to get them for yourself or someone air max thea fluo green Here's all the latest information on the release of Nike's Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue shoes, including photos and early analysis from around the Internet. On September 22, Ornstein, along with several top Nike executives met with Dekovic who revealed he was no longer interested in negotiating a contract with Nike, but still expressed love for the brand and a desire to work with the business again in the future. His plans were to leave to start a design studio in Brooklyn for adidas.


Later in the afternoon, the same group - less one member, met with Miner, who also communicated that he too would be leaving Nike for the adidas studio. Orstein, in an unscheduled meeting late afternoon, sat down with Marc Dolce who also mentioned the adidas studio, but was torn considering how much Nike meant to him and the fact that his family loved Portland. On September 23, Dolce met with Nike Design vice president John Hoke and an offer was made to for Dolce to stay with Nike. As we all know, Dolce subsequently turned the offer down. See the entire new Nike ACG collection in the slidshow above. According to Matthew Millward, Nike sportswear senior design director, Hugh demonstrated their capabilities to the brand’s CEO, Mark Parker, by letting fly a karate kick in Parker’s Portland, Oregon, office.


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But the hardest part was still to follow. Our wonderful judges got together at UGG Australia’s London Head Office to make some tough decisions.After a preview of the UGG Australia 2013 A/W collection (which is stunning), the judges revisited the design brief and viewed the shortlist. With judging criteria on design, practicality and originality, each design was scored out of 10 by each judge.Each judge looked at the shortlisted designs from a different perspective and there was much to debate over – all in good hearted spirit of course. Once the scores were totaled our top 3 were announced. For a one minute recap you can watch our video of the campaign here. UGGs are made in Australia, where the wool industry is known for forcing lambs to endure “mulesing,” in which chunks of skin and flesh (the size of dinner plates) are cut from the animals’ backsides using gardening shears, often without any painkillers.


Yes, gardening shears. WTF! Also, wool shearers are paid by volume, not by the hour, which often results in frightened sheep getting kicked and punched with shears to get them to “cooperate”. Like the reality of factory farming, once you see it with your own eyes, you can ignore no longer. So if you need more convincing, watch this.It's been a while since we checked in on New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and his most recent "This Is UGG" advertising campaign for the Australian footwear company. Since premiering an initial add that showcased Brady's regular golf outings with his father, UGG has released a series of 60-second spots featuring Brady in non-football settings, all filmed in black and white and set to the music of a solemn piano while Brady's narration chimes in with different variations of "It's moments like these."The scene in the second UGG commercial for Brady's campaign features a nice moment between Brady and his mom in the kitchen, whipping up a batch of pancakes.


Here's the YouTube description from UGG: There aren't a lot of things Tom Brady doesn't do well. He grew up playing golf, was a standout baseball and football player, add to that he also cooks up a pretty good pancake. He has his mom to thank for that. In this spot, he shares a moment with her, making pancakes, a tradition he continues with his kids to this day. Following the trend of the first commercial, Brady adds the type of inspiring dialogue that you'd expect in a commercial about footwear: We spend a lot of time chasing the big moments, the memorable plays, the highlights . Buying sheepskin products from Australia directly supports their cruel wool industry. For a pair of boots that can easily be made with alternative, NON-bloody matIt's been a while since we checked in on New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and his most recent "This Is UGG" advertising campaign for the Australian footwear company.


Since premiering an initial add that showcased Brady's regular golf outings with his father, UGG has released a series of 60-second spots featuring Brady in non-football settings, all filmed in black and white and set to the music of a solemn piano while Brady's narration chimes in with different variations of "It's moments like these."erials Come on now. Delivering Design, Art & Creative Direction in a number of different disciplines including fashion, footwear, textiles, brand identity, photography and many more. She partners & collaborates with a number of industry experts which allow her to achieve an international presence.For those of you who thought UGG Australia was the perfect match just for the cooler months, think again. With a range of sandals and other summer essentials they’ve teamed comfort and style this year. We love the Moroccan inspired collection!


The Classic Mini UGG boots look cute with skirts and dresses and they are not as heavy duty as the higher models. These black ones are great matched with a leather skater skirt, Nordic jumper and thick tights.Having worked with a range of magazines, brands, bands and celebrities (and more!), London based stylist Aradia Crockett has worked her way up through the industry from her initial years as a model. With a love for the studio environment, fashion and travel, she leads a thrilling and glamorous lifestyle, networking along the way as she continues to build her impressive resume of clients.ugg boots tall black As a specialised print designer within the footwear industry Seetal Solanki has worked on numerous creative collaborations with high street brands and designers. She brings a wealth of experience of over 10 years within the creative and fashion industry.Need little more inspiration We caught up with Sue Saunders, one of our brilliant judges involved with the competition, director of Footwear Design at London College of Fashion.


DETAILS So, whether you’re headed to the gym or posing for paparazzi, we’ve outlined the best ways to incorporate the tried-and-true Ugg—the boot that somehow, against all odds, seems to have risen above its one-time trend status—into your look. Adds Sailer: “Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I just might start wearing them all the time!” 1 / 5 With UGG Australia's commitment to accessible luxury, every boys' and girls' UGG style is sure to impress thanks to of-the-moment designs and fashionable colors and patterns.A collection of children's sheepskin boots and slippers with sizes from infants and toddlers to big kids, the Kids UGG? collection is sure to have your child looking and feeling their best. Same goes for a classic pair of UGGs for you and your maids getting ready at a winter wedding or perhaps getting through the snow to the ceremony venue or for photos out in the woods after the wedding. Just check out these gorgeous brides in their Uggs.Pre and post wedding UGGs make sense to me…UGG boots down the aisle? Not so much.


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