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Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:Aug 13
Short Desc:DJ
Description:My name is Tracey "Dj Foolish" Lightfoot. I live in the southside of Richmond, VA. I was born with the soul of music in my blood. I was born in New Rochelle, New York. I moved to the state of Virginia when I was four years old. I've been in the music industry since 1999, when I was signed to A.O.T. (Army Of Thugs), producing beats and making mixtapes for all the artists that were signed to the label. In 2001, the label shutdown and I went back to doing house parties for friends and associates. In 2003, I met up with Dj Vyce Versa he wasn't my manager at that time. We started doing house parties together and some club events. In 2005, we formed Virtual Assassins. That's when we started getting into promotion, djing and hosting clubs. In 2008, we linked up with DonLand Ent., and started promoting events at 321 with On Target Ent. and Dj Shorty. Once that ended, we hooked up with Carleen Presents in 2009. We ran her street team (and others) for over years while dj-ing for numerous bike club events (Southern Smoke, Va Vixen, etc.) While promoting clubs for Carleen, I started perfecting my skills under the direction of Dj B-EZ, Dj Drake, Dj Von, Dj Shorty, and Lonnie B. In 2010, while dj-ing The Top Promoters New Years Party in Richmond I was hit with a situation. So I decide to part ways with Carleen Presents to solely build myself as a Dj, not a promoter. Since then, I have rocked Clubs from VA to ATL to NY. While in the midst of all that, I met up with Dj T Dubb, and linked up with him to combine Spin Syndicate Djs and The Virtual Assassins. Since making that triumphant move, I have become an Atlantic Elite Dj, Team Skyy Dj, T.R.A.P. Star Dj, 730 Dips Dj and etc. Through out all of my improvements, I have perfected my enigneering talent to the extent that I'm mostly chopping up and screwing most of the hottest Djs in the game mixtape. This is my story. I don't call it a bio, because I'm not done. You will see more to come out of Dj Foolish VA


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