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michael feliciano

Basic Information
Location:Wilmington, DE
Birthday:Jul 28
Short Desc:Dj/Barber
Description:DJ Mizzo I started out Djing in the late 80’s early 90’ a lot house parties for high school friends. In the 96 I wanted to make music so I stated making beats. In 2003 I took part in a small record label by the name of R&M empire. A friend of mine was doing music as well so we decided to form a label we had 13 artist all local we did everything from contest to open for groups in New york , Pa , and of coarse Delaware. I started DJing again in 2005 I just purchase serato with a set of poor turntables so it didn’t last long. 2013 I decided that I wanted to come back home and start Djing again no sync for me. I also dj some local club spots Shades of Blue and Sharp Shooters. I still do tracks I mix vocals and also mix music I use logic, maschine, Protools ,Video and graphics. I also got a nice fade with them thing (clippers).

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