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The Core DJs, founded by National Programmer & Mixshow DJ, T.Neal (Tony Neal) is a premier coalition and acts as a union for DJs. Its membership boasts over 500 of the World's most influential DJs & I... Read More


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Bankrupt is a South Florida based Contemporary Mixed-Media artist. He is known for his grandiose, vibrant, geometric pieces often featuring twisted depictions of hip hop artists, fashion and iconic pop figures.

Grails Sports Bar

2800 N Miami Ave

Wynwood, Fl 33127

Thursday night:

Wags @officialwags

Friday Night line up:

Allday K @alldayk

Dj Trap House @dj_traphouse

Dj Efeezy @djefeezy

Live performances by:

King Hoodie @_kinghoodie

Eric Leon @ericleon772

Kent Jones @kentjonesofficial




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Ace Drucci, a known producer and artist, has just released his new EP called 'Watch The Crown'. This project includes a previously released single called 'Bluefacez' featuring Gotti Monroe and has 4 new songs, including the song 'Run It Up' that features hip hop mega star Rick Ross, which is gaining a huge buzz. Radio stations have picked up 'Run It Up' for regular rotation. The EP includes 2 new artist, Naomi Key and Atlanta's own 6t33n. The EP is available now on all streaming platforms and is available for digital download on iTunes.

Click Here To Stream via all streaming sites

Connect w. Ace Drucci:

Instagram: AceDrucci

Twitter: @AceDrucci



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Baby Boy Blu "In the Morning" Single


AS Baby Boy Blu explains it, " "In The Morning" is that early morning wake up and grind music, talking about the hardships of raising a family in between I85 and I95 by any means necessary. To help family and uplift yourself and grind, got to punch that clock, no sleeping around and complaining. This story is about me and anyone else that feels like putting in the road work to be successful in the music business. I travel back an fourth from Atlanta to DC .. Something like the YoungBloods Anthem."

Check it out below!

Stream "In The Morning" at the sites below:

Connect w/ Baby Boy Blu:

Twitter: @babyboyblu82

Instagram: babyboyblu82


Booking Email :


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Silence Da 5th, Mister Fitzwell, and Gran Wyzrd also known as Manz Rivalz is a unique Hip-Hop group born and raised in 3 of the 5 major of boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Their musical backgrounds and influences also include, Classical, Jazz, and Latin, while being raised in the North East Hip-Hop Scene. Manz Rivalz original sound brings a fresh chapter to Hip-Hop's Style, Trend, and Influence.

Checkout the album Below!

Click Here to Stream via Spotify

Connect w/ Manz Rivalz:

Twitter: @Its_ManzRivalz



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Ryan B is back with part 2 of his Ladies Edition mixtape series, hosted by TampaMystic. Ryan and Tampa released Vol 1 together so it was only right to collab on Vol 2!

Click Here to Stream/Download via Live Mixtapes

Click Here to Stream/Download via Spinrilla

Connect w/ Ryan B:

Twitter: @Its_BeezyBaby

Instagram: Its_BeezyBaby

Connect w/ Tampa Mystic:

Twitter: @TampaMystic

Instagram: TampaMystic


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#NewMusic > Yung Los - #GucciMoncler prod by Hummingboy


Gucci/ Moncler - This song talks about wearing Moncler and Gucci and how money brings about better swag and the perks that come with dressing better. It takes money to dress in designer.

Click Here to Stream via Apple Music

Connect w/ Yung Los:

Twitter: @Yunglos54

Instagram: Yunglos54



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Welcome Roland Page to Mollies World


Welcome To Mollie's World, Roland Page, author of "Eating The Forbidden Fruit"

1. First and foremost, please give us a small synopsis of your book.

Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a fictional novel based on true events in my life of a St.Louis police officer convicted of federal drug crimes stemming from my childhood affiliation. It's a tale of karma and redemption. The book will take the reader on a roller coaster ride of humor, drama, crime, and romance. I confess how my immoral behavior lead to criminal acts.

2. WOW!!! Talk about a "Must read"...what prompted you to put your story on paper?

There are a few reasons. First, I wanted to tell my side of the story because when the public hears about a police officer being indicted they think of corruption, like who was he shaking down. My case wasn't like that, when I was in uniform I did my job well; however I do admit I didn't have the commitment to the badge. Another reason, writing served as therapy for my occasional depression from Lupus. I have been battling the disease for a while. All personal reasons which fueled my passion to complete the book.

3. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

As a former tattoo artist I have a visual advantage to see things and put it on skin. My hand and eye coordination is off due to Lupus but since I began writing I realize I have a artistic talent to translate my words. I guess once a artist always a artist. With tragedy comes blessings. I anxious to see how its received once I drop it early 2020.

4. Have you received any backlash for writing "The Forbidden Fruit"?

No, I have not. I waited until my statue of limitations was up before releasing my book. I also changed names to protect people's privacy; therefore I won't get caught up dry snitching. Even though the story is true, I switched a few things up just to be safe. As far as repercussions from the justice system I don't bash the feds or the police department. My demise was my fault, so i don't shift the blame I keep real and took it on the chin.

5. Do you believe people embrace you more now that you've opened up and told your story?

I've always tried to be a stand up dude, even when I was a cop. My tattoo company, Black Pearl, has been around since 1995. I had people come up to me and say you locked me up years ago, but you were professional. All a person has is his word. My story illustrates that everybody falls from grace at some point. I believe the readers will relate to my honesty. The main approval I had to get was from my wife and kids because I don't want them to feel some type of way. I reveal a lot of shady things I did, so I had to get their nod. My wife actually proof read it for me.

6. If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently?

Well probably not be so trustworthy. A family member that I was trying to help out actually turned CI (Confidential Informant) and snitched on me. The situation tainted some of the relationship among my family. To this day I feel some type a way toward some. Let me say this though, I believe everything happens for a reason. I got away with some things I'm not proud of even before my career in law enforcement, therefore I felt I had it coming. God pushed me to get on the right track.

7. Redemption is definitely available to everyone, but do you feel being convicted is what stopped you from living a double-life?

It was one of the factors that woke me up. You got to realize, you can't go through life always trying to hustle. I'm that type of guy that when I do foul things it comes back on me ten folds. Karma is real. The fed situation was a nightmare, yet I see guys locked up and all of the sudden they find religion or tell their loved ones how they're sorry for cheating and realize who's in their corner. As soon as they are released, they go back to doing the same old thing. I look at my family as a whole and think no one can ever replace them.

8. How has your family dealt with the lifestyle changes through the years?

We deal with problems together so their my support unit. When I discovered I had Lupus I didn't think I was going to make it. I still go through it that's one reason they encourage me to write. Even after my ordeal I still make mistakes the difference is keep open communication with my family. Majority of my family is in Japan so my immediate family is all I got and that's all I need.


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Infamous Thierry "Projects" Audio


Cameron Thierry is better known to his fans as Infamous Thierry. The name "Infamous" was given to him by an OG when he was young, and it stuck when he later found it was a synonym for "notorious."

Thierry explains that "Infamous is a representation of the hoods across the world, about having enough ambition to make it out." With "I Remember" at 2.5 million views on YouTube, he has scheduled his new single "Projects" to drop early summer. "It's a song for everyone in the world, whoever came from where they were to prosperity," he says, "it explains a lot of what I had to do and what I lost to make it out." Infamous Thierry represents his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana where Boosie Badazz, Webbie, and Kevin Gates originated. He states, "I grew up listening to Webbie's "Savage Life," Lil Boosie's "Badazz," Kevin Gates' "All Or Nothin'," and Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter." Listening to these artists inspired Thierry to start making music around the age of seven, leading to his career in the entertainment and music industry, which he feels to be his greatest achievement so far.

The sound he brings to his music has been influenced heavily by Boosie, Webbie, Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Meek Mill, Drake, Future, Nipsey Hussle, and Wiz Khalifa. As of right now, his playlist consists of Meek Mill, Young Dolph, Drake, Kevin Gates, and Dave East. "If I could collaborate with any one artist living or dead it would have to be Jay Z. I chose Jay because I know it wouldn't jus' be a song he'd give me so much knowledge making that one track. Plus the song would be a classic," Thierry says. One of Thierry's favorite aspects to his music career is the opportunity to inspire his fans.

He remarks that "The response I get from my fans and DJs is phenomenal. I love the way they are embracing my music, putting it into their everyday lives." Infamous Thierry has worked hard to conquer the obstacles of the music industry, get the needed exposure, and find the right people to take his career to the next level. He says, "I guess just not my career, but in life knowing that I have a God-given gift I must use to inspire...I want people to get inspired. I want to bring my own style to the industry and make great music and let the listeners witness my evolution."

Connect w/ Infamous Thierry



Management: @hypejustjay



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Las Vegas Rap Duo ALVMNII


ALVMNII is a hip-hop duo consisting of the emcees Coherent and AJ. Both developed their styles around the local underground scene in Las Vegas before meeting and creating together. Originally the duo started the hip-hop platform Rebel Underground Network, to spread Las Vegas Hip-Hop and the culture. The two soon started making music together, combining two raw emcee styles into a prolific lyrical duo.

What are your musical influences?
Both Coherent and AJ are inspired by a variety of hiphop artists and the culture itself. Both are inspired by the legends who paved the way, their conscious street messages, and the creativity of lyricism that allows them to expressive themselves. In particular, some emcees ALVMNII looks up to are Black Thought of The Roots, Tech N9Ne, Nas, Tupac, and a plethora of rappers from both the East and West coasts.

Where are you guys from?
Coherent grew up in Northern Maine, and moved to Las Vegas in 2014, where most of his music was created and published. AJ was born in Covina, California before moving to Las Vegas a young child. Both emcees have been rapping for 10+ years, really pursuing music since there teens.

What was the creation process like for you guys in creating your project?
This is ALVMNII's debut project, but as solo artists, the duo has been dropping music for years. Coherent has 3 albums under his belt, where AJ has several singles, contest entries, and has been opening for underground legends in Las Vegas the past couple years. What's new is the dynamic and energy they bring to the mic. Their styles are similar lyrically; wordplay, metaphors, and punchlines are both strengths of the duo. They approach their flow and lyrical content a bit differently, where AJ is influenced by the chopper-style, where Coherent is more a conscious/poet East coast emcee.

Tell us about where you guys orginated?
Both spent most of their music careers as solo artists, but that didn't hinder the creative process. Coherent and AJ really challenged each other lyrically and made each other better emcees through this association. Many hooks and verses were written together. Coherent has really taken the promotion and marketing details into his fold, where AJ was the executive producer of the album - mixing, mastering and producing many songs on the album.

Social Media :


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