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Get Sincerely,The Boss on Amazon Now By New York Times bestselling Author Wahida Clark & Amy Morford

About The Novel:
Margo Harris was a woman who had it all; family, children, a successful career as an attorney at a prestigious firm and on the fast track to making partner. Margo's world crumbles before her when an associate, Jay Cook, frames her for a crime she didn't commit and she is convicted and sentenced to six years in prison.

A year after Margo's release from prison she lives a monotonous existence in a run-down motel while working three menial jobs to numb the pain of the strained relationship she has with her children and her ex-husband.

Margo looks forward to the morning banter with Sal Mazzillo, a regular in the diner she works at. The flirtation and sexual tension between them is unmistakable but Margo knows Sal is an unattainable married man who lives on the fringes of the law as a powerful mafia boss. When Margo accepts a business proposition from Sal she is thrust into the realm of helping thugs and criminals fight back against the legal system. The same system that screwed her over.

The sexual tension between Sal and Margo continues to build and Margo knows she needs to keep their relationship professional because Sal is not only her boss but a married man. Sal's charm and the desires of the flesh over rule right from wrong. Clients keep Margo busy during the week while Saturday evenings are reserved for Sal who keeps her busy between the sheets. Being a mistress is uncharted territory for Margo who is morally conflicted.

Margo meets Senator Marcus Mazzillo, Sal's nephew, and helps him get a case dismissed. To repay her, Marcus puts the moves on her with a passionate kiss. Margo's body responds and she reciprocates before coming to her senses and quickly putting a stop to Marcus's advances. Margo is immediately guilt ridden and ashamed of her behavior. She vows to stay clear of Marcus and his boyish good looks.

Margo works at rebuilding her relationship with her children but the process is slow. Margo's ex-husband, David, kept the children out of her life while she was incarcerated and lied to their kids. Margo suspects David is lying about more than meets the eye and discovers he's not the man she thought he was. Margo is furious with David but realizes the power has shifted in their relationship.

Sal's organization is under investigation and FBI Agent Jake Richards summons Margo to his office to question her about her involvement with the Mazzillo family. Margo tells Agent Richards nothing but leaves his office shaken to her core. Over the next few weeks Agent Richards tries to persuade Margo to turn against Sal. Margo divulges nothing but as she gets to know Jake she finds herself attracted to him which further clouds her judgment about Sal.

Still determined to clear her name, Margo uncovers more questions than answers and finds herself relying on Sal more than she should. Margo is love with a dangerous man that she can't have and afraid she is falling deeper and deeper in a world she can't escape.

This breathtakingly sensual and suspenseful ride will have you questioning what real love means in a web of intricate stories and. . .are people really who they say they are?

About The Authors:

Amy Morford grew up a country kid in Northern California who from an early age loved to read. After graduating from California State University at Sacramento with a B.A. in Psychology, Amy has published numerous books that touch on behavior issues, caring for, and training dogs and puppies. Amy still resides in Northern California.

Wahida Clark is a New York Times bestselling author who has penned 14 successful novels. She has since become known as the Queen of Street Literature.

Sincerely, The Boss! Is also available on:


For More Information please contact:

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Hailing from St. Louis, MO by way of Memphis, TN, currently residing in  Miami, Devin Hill has been rocking microphones and writing lyrics since the age of 8. Raised by his Mother, has shaped the inspiration bywhich he has molded his sound, drawing influence from Motown artists Stevie Wonder, Teddy Pendergrass, Brian McKnight and mixing it with the new era vibes of R. Kelly, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G and LL.Cool J has allowed Devin to coin his unique sound as "R&B Street,Melodious with an edge of Hip-Hop. Devin has worked with several notable artists in the industry such as: Rocko, Drumma Boy, Zaytoven, Young Dolph, and many others. He has opened up for hip-hop pioneer Too $hort as well as T-Pain and 8Ball & MJG. This work has laid the foundation for his first studio LP "CameUp" which is set to be released in late 2017. The first single off his LP titled "Why You Hatin" was released in winter 2016 and features an appearance by The Migos. Devin says he writes his music to inspire and he believes you can show people that you can come from nothing and become something, no dream is too small and no obstacle is too big. His favorite quote is "It's not how you start, but how you finish."

For more information on Devin Hill please contact his management team 
Management Team: 917-408-3910Email:

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Lil Zae f/ Unique - "Like Dat" (Official Video)


Lil Zae f/ Unique - "Like Dat" (Official Video)

New Genes AKA Lil Zae was born Antoine Tucker, he happens to be an Extremely talented up and coming young Artist that is on the brink of super Stardom. Lil Zae resides in Farmville, North Carolina. It was quoted by producer
Leander Tate that "His style is similar to Platinum selling Artist the Black Eye Peas, He captures the pop act and universal sound, that has kept the Black Eye Peas one of the most requested pop group around the world". Lil Zae also enjoys Acting and playing drums. He describes music as being a constant influence in His life throughout his childhood. He credits his mother, for being the most Inspiring woman he has ever known and without her his career would be just path In the Entertainment Industry would just merely be a fantasy. Among his many Influences, is his aunt Keshia whom he dedicated his song "Love and Dedication", his sisters Nakeyshia and Alexis. Nakeyshia even serves as his backĀ¬- Up dancer, although she suffers from Sickle Cell Disease, he is determined to Help her pursue her career as well as his own, and his producer Leander Tate, Who has been instrumental in molding him as a lyrisit while building his Confidence to be the best Artist and professional that he can be.

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