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The 2 Bros Show

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Birthday:Jan 1
Short Desc:We are the #2BrosShow and we are the ESPN of your creative community!
Description:The co-hosts of the #2BrosShow, @NavadaTaylor (Hulk BROgan) & @TobariFingal (The Brilliant BROfessor) are extremely excited about this new and innovative podcast... made BY CREATIVES, FOR CREATIVES. We have an amazing lineup of creatives from full-time gigging musicians, to Grammy Nominated & Stellar Award winning producers & songwriters; successful people that are equally excited to drop some real-world knowledge and application to those of us who are still on our way up.

Our goal is to educate the DIY artist and all home-based creatives, to learn from those who are "living the dream", and to build up the "Do-It-Yourselfers" with real conversations with real people in the Entertainment Industry, not just targeting the "stars", but those that make it possible to become a STAR.

We talk about everything from a new standard of categorizing legendary artists and other influential people in the music and entertainment industry, to the essential processes for being an effective and professional home creative, all the way to the psychological profiling of Hip-Hop.

We will also be creating awesome video content including segments like: "Mind Ya Business" (a segment created to educate about and highlight stories within the music business), "Studio Crashers" (a segment where "the BROS." showcase recording facilities from home/project studios, to the multi-million dollar setups), The "2 for 10" (a segment were we review, rate, and if it's good enough... even buy your products, music, and more), and even celebrity news & interviews...

So if you call yourself a "CREATIVE", and are looking for some clear, real-world based strategies to take the next step with your dreams and goals, if you wanna hear the stories of those who have "made it", or if you just love that "barbershop-style" conversation about what you're passionate about... then remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE...
Because SHARING is CARING... and it's FREE!

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