Christian Keyes Dives Deep For TV One's 'UNCENSORED', Details Abusive Upbringing & Career Journe

Christian Keyes Dives Deep For TV One's 'UNCENSORED',
Details Abusive Upbringing & Career Journe

Ladies, are you seated? Christian Keyes took to TV One’s UNCENSORED and made big revelations about his life. He also exclusively chatted with BOSSIP about his journey to make peace with his troubled upbringing, and what’s next for his career.


UNCENSORED, hosted by legendary actress LisaRaye McCoy, continues to set the standard for diving deep with some of our faves. Sunday’s episode was no different as actor, singer, and author Christian Keyes gave a detailed and transparent look at his journey thus far. Since first gaining fanfare in various stage plays including Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail and What’s Done In The Dark, Keyes has managed to create a lane that is all his own.

Christian Keye, Uncensored TV One
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But it hasn’t come without a price. His early years were tumultuous as he endured unconscionable physical abuse at the hands of his foster mother, whose last name he carries, and making the change from stage to TV and film proved to be an uphill battle.

Today, Keyes is building an empire that includes two TV shows, BET’s All The Queen’s Men and The Family Business, independent music, and a new skincare partnership called Black Don’t Crack. Below he tells BOSSIP all about it and gives us a UNCENSORED take on his life.

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BOSSIP: First, thank you so much for your transparency in the UNCENSORED episode. It’s truly inspiring to see Black men be so open. One of the things that came to mind when hearing your story about the abuse suffered at the hands of your foster mother was how you were able to forgive and find peace to move forward. 

“Forgiveness in that space was tough. I carried resentment from Mrs. Keyes in that particular situation for a long, long time. And even through the early days of me touring with the stage plays and everything, and all the way up until when I moved to L. A. and around 2008, you know, I wasn’t booking work. Making the move, the transition from stage to TV and film was difficult.

And it made me question whether or not I really wanted to do this as my profession. And so what happened was God kept beating me up about it. You know, he’s like, you know, you got to forgive her. And I’m like, I don’t even know how, like I resent her and have so much hatred towards her.

He continued,

He [God] doesn’t send me any text messages or nothing. He just kind of put certain things in our spirit when we listen, when we pay attention. And he did, you know, and he told me, I got to pray for you know, that that she’s blessed that I gotta ask that she’s doing amazing that I gotta forgive her and I gotta mean it in my bone marrow.

Do you feel like being an artist has given you an outlet to say the things you couldn’t say then?

“I’ve found my audacity. If something is out of pocket or uncomfortable, I’ll say it. Whereas even maybe 10 years ago, I would just sit there and be so happy to have a job. You know, I would shut certain things down, but now it’s gonna be some smoke.

If there’s an issue, you know, I’ll bring it up respectfully as as respectful as possible. But I’m gonna speak on it just because I need to get that out of my system. I need to address it.

As an executive producer and someone writing shows and films, it’s super important to be able to create a space to where people can just show up, feel safe, be creative, and not have to worry about things that they shouldn’t have to deal with in any way, shape or form. That’s important to me. Whenever I’m in a leadership position on something, then I want to set that tone.”

A lot of people may not know that you wrote what would become BET’s The Family Business. The show is gearing up for a new season, what can we expect?

“Some mess, some drama, some fun. It’s clever and it’s witty, as always, and that’s what I like about it. And the cast is incredible. Miss Lisa Ray is also on there. It’s a jam packed season and I really think people are going to like what transpires.”

We’re all still waiting to know what will happen with another show you helped to create, All The Queens Men, can you tell us anything about where it stands?

“I can’t say much because nothing official has been released but I am extremely optimistic that we may get new episodes in the near future.”

You discuss your music in UNCENSORED and your track “Under That Veil” definitely seems like you’re trying to manifest a special someone. What is Christian looking for in a partner? Give us “Christian’s prayer.”

“You know what? I don’t have a specific one. I know in this last season or two of my life, it’s been more about trusting God and, you know, self accountability and which may mean, you know, skipping that nightclub event, you know, not going to this party. Some of these parties, I’m so glad I ain’t go to, I’m not going, I digress. I digress. (laughs)

Clearly I can’t fall in love with an atheist. And that’s not bigotry. It’s just, I prefer somebody who believes in a higher power. That’s important to me.

I need to be able to learn from her. A woman teaching me something is one of the sexiest things in the world because that bit of information or that experience can stay with me for the rest of my life, you know? So that’s a wonderful thing. And vice versa, I want to be able to teach her some of the things that I’m more experienced in. Somebody who is already a great human being on their own and they don’t need me. I want to know that she’s going to be fine on her own.

I gotta be able to be motivated when I’m dragging or just have a safe place to vent without fearing that she’s going to throw it up in my face later or use it against me.”

And physically?

“I prefer a natural woman. I’m not knocking anyone for getting enhancements but I prefer a natural body. I want my woman to be active and fit because I take care of myself.”

You’ve never been married. Are you open to it?

“I would like to get married and possibly have another child. My son’s 21. He’s in the army. So, you know, the house is empty. I’m not rushing anything. If I have any more children, it’s going to be after marriage for sure.”

In the episode, you said that sometimes the “aunties” come up and try to cop a feel. That’s crazy!

“The aunties is the ones you got to watch for, because you know, the church hug can turn into them reaching around and cupping your cakes. Sometimes they’ll try to touch the other stuff.

One time I remember someone said ‘Hey baby, can you just give me a kiss on the cheek?’ and I went to like, give her a kiss back here on the cheek. She tried to twist my face and just take it, take a kiss from me. And I’m like, auntie, come on now.

But I love the fan interaction. I love when they say what they want to say, but they also respect your boundaries. I appreciate the love in general and that’s one of the reasons I get to call this my career because of all of those amazing people. But sometimes it does get a little hectic.”

What’s next for Christian Keyes?

“Season 4 of The Boys is coming and I’m reprising my role as A Train’s older brother, Nathan. I’m an independent artist so being able to say that I have two singles, “Under That Veil” and “So Sweet”, that have cracked Billboard’s Top 30 on the r&b charts is a big deal. But my new single “Closer” hits radio next week. The video is out now. I’m looking to get back on stage this summer and hopefully open up for some great artists. I’d like to possibly do another tour too.

I have a rapidly growing business with my partner Debra Hubbard that we started working on about five years ago called Black Don’t Crack skincare. I’m super excited about the way that that’s being received as well. We just launched the facial moisturizer. And we’ve already got testimonials coming in with five star reviews. People are loving it.”


—Iman N. Milner


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