'Bury The Hatchet' Exclusive: Boss Baddie Cristyl Kimbrough Talks Her Comical Court Show

'Bury The Hatchet' Exclusive: Boss Baddie Cristyl Kimbrough Talks Her Comical Court Show

There's a new episode of a comical court show airing tonight and it features a familiar face.

TV personality/luxury real estate law firm owner Cristyl Kimbrough has returned to TV in a new capacity.

Source: Bury The Hatchet 

After having a public clash with her friend on Ladies Who List: Atlanta, she learned valuable lessons about the highs and lows of friendship as she had to decide whether to end things or move forward and bury the hatchet.

Now, she's applying her skill set on Peachtree TV's Bury The Hatchet. The new court show features Cristyl serving as a judge helping others make similarly tough decisions. She's not alone however, she's joined by comedians Kelly Kellz, Henry Coleman, and Angel Starks who serve as the jury.

Below, Cristyl tells BOSSIP what to expect from the show that features warring parties seeking solutions with a twist.

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Tell us about Bury The Hatchet and your role as the judge on the program.

Let me just start out by saying that Bury The Hatchet was so fun filming and the crew who decided to cast on the show is just pure genius. So shout out to them. This is a judge concept show, there's the judge, which is yours truly and I am mediating disputes between two litigants. Litigants can range from friends, family members, ex-husbands, and wives-there's a wide variety of people that come in needing some mediation. And the really fun thing about this show is that I am accompanied by three members of the jury and all of them are hilarious, like in real life. They offer that comedic relief and I offer my guidance and mediation and we see people either bury the hatchet or let it go.

So let's talk about some of the situations we're going to play out on this show. I already saw a clip and there was somebody in a cheating sweater, which I have never heard of...

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So without spoiling anything, tell us about some of the things that we'll see this season on Bury the Hatchet. Is it always about someone possibly cheating or is it more about friendships?

It's literally some of everything. So, we've had a couple of litigants on there who were ex-husband and wife and the ex-husband had four kids on his wife, but the wife was accused of being a pimp and so the husband wasn't really fully satisfied with their arrangements, so he decided to have four kids and now she's upset. And we have other litigants where a friend borrowed without permission another friend's car, but then gets in an accident and the car is still totaled, let's just say that.

And then we have another situation where it is girlfriend, boyfriend, and they decide to become a throuple and so they're just trying to navigate the nuances of being a throuple instead of a couple. So it's really a wide variety and range of real-life scenarios and it just, it kind makes you look at your life and say, maybe I'm a little more vanilla than I thought.  So yeah, it's entertaining. I'll say that.

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In your professional opinion, when it comes to things like friendships, what are some signs that it might be time to like let it go? What are some signs when it's gone too far and you think it should be over?

You know, Dani, I obviously have this experience based on my experience with the first show [I was on] and you know I am not necessarily a relationship expert, and being a trained lawyer could not have prepared me for this show, but I will say, listen to yourself. How do you feel when you're around that person? Do you feel energized or do you feel depleted?

And if you find yourself consistently feeling depleted, then it may be time to let it go. But if you find that there's just a one-off experience of something bad, then maybe you should bury the hatchet and keep the relationship and salvage it. Really for me, it's a matter of how this person makes me feel. When I'm around them, am I completely depleted? Am I energized? That's one of the key indicators.

Cristyl Kimbrough--Bury The HatchetSource: Bury The Hatchet 

I would love to relate this to a celebrity story that is going on right now. There's a whole "Scandoval" happening on Vanderpump Rules between  Raquel, Ariana, and Tom Sandoval.

Ariana's now ex-boyfriend Tom was sleeping with her best friend, Raquel, behind her back for months. So if Ariana came to you on Bury The Hatchet and said, 'What advice do you have for me? Should I bury the hatchet and let this girl continue to be my friend? Or is it time to let it go?' What would you say?

I would ask a follow-up question; Ariana, did he have one slip-up or several? And based on your description, she would answer several. And my response to that would be, you need to bury the hatchet. People are going to do what you allow them to do. And if he is a habitual cheater then that's just a character flaw. And that has nothing to do with you as a person. It's not your fault, but it also doesn't mean that you have to be, the recipient of all of that trauma that Tom is obviously experiencing. There's something within Tom that he needs to work on that he would even allow him to sleep with his girlfriend's friend. You need to not bury the hatchet.

Back to you, you're very busy with Bury The Hatchet, but what else are you working on?

So, we closed on our commercial building and we are partnered with the architectural firm Hansen, and we are building a seven-story building. That's where the new office for Kimbrough Law is going to go, so we're really, really excited about that! We are also operating on a closing in Florida. And I am also just trying to be more present and I'm making a concentrated effort to enjoy things outside of business because that's something I have to purposely do.

I'm naturally wired to go, go, go and work, but I have to remind myself to sit and be still. So that's what we have going on over here. We're sitting and we're building!


Cristyl Kimbrough--Bury The HatchetSource: Bury The Hatchet 

Bury The Hatchet airs every Tuesday at 8:00 PM on Peachtree TV and streams on Atlanta News First.

via: https://bossip.com/2327862/bury-the-hatchet-crystyl-kimbrough/

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