Teyana Taylor And Her Iconic Acting Roles

Teyana Taylor-multi-talented artist; fans know her as an incredible singer, brilliant dancer, and talented actress. While she has achieved tremendous success in the music industry, she has also made a name for herself on the big and small screens.

With roles in films like The Trap and TV shows like The Breaks, Taylor has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with in the acting world. And her star continues to rise.

In 2023, she is set to star in the highly anticipated movie A Thousand and One, which is already generating buzz among fans and critics alike. But in the meantime, here is a list of the roles that have already set her up as a rising icon.

#10 Stomp the Yard: Homecoming (2010)

Teyana Taylor plays Rena in the movie Stomp the Yard. Critics praised Taylor's performance, noting it brought energy and charisma to her role. Taylor's performance during the freestyle dance scene, where the characters engage in a dance battle, was phenomenal.

She was electric as she executed each move with precision and grace. Her dance style was unique, blending hip-hop and contemporary dance moves, and her energy was infectious, igniting the entire dance floor.

#9 The After Party (2018)

Taylor and The After Party

In After Party, Taylor plays Blasia, a record label executive who becomes an important figure in the show. Taylor's character is tough and savvy, and Taylor's performance adds credibility to the movie.

Fans and critics applauded Taylor's performance, noting that she brought depth and complexity to Blasia. Some even dubbed Taylor a "scene-stealer" Her performance was seen as one of the film's strongest elements, adding nuance to a complex character. Taylor's performance when Blasia confronts Owen is powerful and emotional, as she conveys her feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

At the same time, Teyana Taylor also exhibits a sense of compassion and understanding. Her acting in this scene is subtle and authentic. Additionally, it highlights Taylor's ability to bring strength and vulnerability to her characters, making her performance all the more captivating.

#8 The Trap (2019)

Taylor plays Mya in the crime comedy The Trap. Mya is a loyal and supportive girlfriend, and Taylor brings layers to a character that could easily have been a one-dimensional damsel in distress. When Mya confronts Mike about his involvement in criminal activities, Taylor's acting mastery glows.

Taylor, nevertheless, delivers her lines with conviction and intensity. She demonstrates a range of emotions, from anger and frustration to vulnerability and love. The scene highlights Taylor's ability to portray strong, multidimensional characters.

#7 Brotherly Love (2015)

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Brotherly Love

In Brotherly Love, Taylor plays Tastytaste. Tastytaste is strong-willed and independent but has her own dreams and ambitions. Critics and fans noted that Taylor was the best thing about the movie.

When Tastytaste confronts June in a heated argument is a fantastic representation of Taylor's acting ability. Tastytaste stands up for herself and demands respect. Her performance is raw and emotional.

As the argument escalates, Taylor's performance becomes more powerful, and she asserts her character's agency and autonomy in an empowering way.

#6 Taylor in Honey: Rise Up and Dance (2018)

In Honey: Rise Up and Dance, Taylor portrays Skyler. Skyler is a talented, formidable dancer and mentor. Taylor's performance was a standout in the film, and her impressive dance skills were an impressive highlight.

​​In the final dance competition scene, Skyler takes the stage and delivers a high-energy routine that incorporates a variety of styles, including hip-hop and contemporary dance. Taylor's dancing is both precise and expressive, as she effortlessly moves through the choreography with fluidity and grace.

In addition, she exudes confidence and charisma, commanding the stage with every step and gesture. This scene highlights Taylor's impressive dance skills and showcases her ability to captivate an audience in any setting.

#5 Madea's Big Happy Family (2011)

Taylor played the character of Sabrina in Madea's Big Happy Family. Despite her limited screen time, Taylor received praise for her emotional performance. Her performance was described as compelling and raw, adding a much-needed layer of vulnerability to Sabrina.

One amazing scene that showcases Taylor's performance is a dramatic confrontation between Sabrina and her boyfriend. Taylor delivers a heart-wrenching performance that captures the character's pain and vulnerability.

Moreover, her emotions feel exposed and genuine, and her acting is subtle yet powerful. This scene showcases Taylor's range as an actress, allowing her to explore her character's dramatic and emotional depths and elevating the film beyond a typical Tyler Perry comedy.

#4 Hit the Floor (2013-2018)

In Hit the Floor, Taylor played the character of London, a wild-child dancer who joins the team and causes drama both on and off the court. Taylor received praise from fans and critics for her natural charisma and chemistry with the other cast members.

Above all, her impressive dance skills and magnetic stage presence shone brightly. Taylor showcases her skills in performance in the episode "Blow Out." London struggles to keep up with the others and falls behind.

However, when the time comes, Taylor's dance moves are sharp and precise, and her energy is infectious. The scene spotlights Taylor's incredible dance skills, but it also highlights her ability to bring a sense of fun and excitement to any character she is playing.

#3 Star (2016-2019)

Taylor plays Joyce Sheree in the TV series Star. Taylor's experience as a singer and rapper in real life undoubtedly added a layer of authenticity and energy to the series.

Taylor's acting and rapping skills are fully displayed in the episode "Mrs. Rivera" from the second season. She effortlessly commands the stage with her presence.

Her performance is full of charisma and attitude, and the camera captures her dynamic movements. Overall, the scene highlights Taylor's talents as a performer, showcasing her ability to bring a high level of realism and vitality.

#2 Coming 2 America (2021)

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Taylor and Coming 2 America

In Coming 2 America, Teyana Taylor plays Bopoto, one of the dancers who perform at the royal wedding. Taylor's role was initially written as a smaller, non-speaking part, but the film's director expanded it after seeing her perform.

In general, Taylor's energy brought a fresh and compelling element to the film's musical numbers. Taylor effortlessly transitions between dance styles, from traditional African to modern hip-hop, showcasing her versatility.

In addition to her dancing, Taylor's scene with Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler) allowed her comedic timing to be fully demonstrated. She shines as she delivers her lines with perfect timing and sass.

#1 Taylor in The Breaks (2017)

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Taylor as Imani X

In The Breaks, Taylor plays Imani X, a highly talented rapper introduced as a competitor. Imani is a confident and skilled rapper with her own ideas about succeeding in the male-dominated industry.

Additionally, Taylor's natural acting ability impressed the show's creators, and they decided to expand her character's storyline beyond the initial plans. Critics noted Taylor as appearing entirely at home on screen.

Her rap scenes were exciting, and her acting ability brought a powerful presence to the show. Teyana Taylor brings energy and confidence that is palpable as she effortlessly delivers her lines and rhymes with precision and attitude throughout the show.


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