It's #JustATouchof_J 's Inspirational Tuesday! This Is My Testimony.


It's #JustATouchof_J 's Inspirational Tuesday! This Is My Testimony.

Hey Kings and Queens! :)
Good Day Loves!

It's Time For #JustATouchof_J 's Inspirational Tuesday! Smile! It looks great on you! :)

Today I was inspired to write about God Grace and Mercy!

Quick story about one of my recent testimonies.

In January I was tested on 88 foods and out of 88 foods I was only able to eat 5 of the 31 foods my blood test revealed I may tolerate. Before the test I lived on a spoonful of white rice a day for like 2 months. (November and December) In January, and February I kept trying different foods but nothing would work. I would go into anaphylactic shock when just a drop of food hit my tongue.. especially vegetables!

Omg.. I love all types of squashes.. Acorn squash is my absolute favorite! In January and February I kept trying to eat it but i couldn't tolerate it. It was such a disappointment. Total bummer. When ever I tried it my throat would close, and my hands and feet would cramp up so bad. It also felt like someone hit me in the face with a brick! SMH scariest feeling ever!

Anyway In February I discovered I had issue with Lectins and Oxalates found in foods (especially squashes) because of the severe mold toxicity that I was exposed to. The 5 molds had destroyed my good gut microbe bacteria. No good growth bacteria was found!

This also created a severe histamine gut issue! Lord! That's a problem in itself! Well.. now it's been 8 months so my doctor said it's time to reintroduce all of the foods that caused the immune reactions.

I damn sure didn't want to hear that! But I did it! For the past month I've been trying 3 to 4 foods a week. So far so good... had some issues but I'm a trooper.

Remember.. I told you that I couldn't have any squash? I also couldn't eat coconut either. Every time I tried coconut I would get skin crawling. It's when your body releases histamine because of the mold and it wold feel like things were crawling all over me for 8 hrs or more! I also had an issue with blueberries! They would make an allergic response that was out of this world.. they affected my breathing!

Well guess what? Now I can eat spaghetti, yellow, zucchini, and butternut squash 2x a week with rotations. Two days ago I tried coconut oil and had no reaction! Yesterday I was due to try Acorn squash. I got it out the fridge, looked at it.. and put it back!

I was like no.. all I could remember was my horrible reactions! I prayed and heard God say.. TRUST ME! You will never know if you don't try. He said to cook it for 40 mins and to eat it like I wasn't afraid.. hmmm? Lol

Well I did it! And guess what NO REACTION! Today I tried blueberries! The ones that caused a breathing issue! I had a few last week but I tried one cup today.. about 70 blueberries! I was terrified! But God said to trust him! Guess what happened! NOTHING!

I'm sharing this testimony because there is a test in every one! I really want someone to know that you can overcome things. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real! You just have to trust God. He didn't give us the spirit of fear. All I can say is.. HELLO GOD! Thank you! Lol..

I know yall have been praying with me! I'm getting better every day. I love you. Remember, healing from anything is a process. Take your time. Seek Gods Guidance and He will help you. Read Gods promise in Matthew Chapter 6 in the Bible too. :)

P.S... I haven't had sugar in a year. In October I introduce that! Keep ya fingers crossed. :)

This is JustATouchof_J
I'm just tryna put it all out there in pieces for you. Oh make sure you read about me in the book I'm in. I submitted everything on September 13th. Author Jillianne Veronica Harris will keep you posted when it's released.

Here's today's inspirational Song! Tamela Mann - Hello God.. feat. Wyclef Jean & Kirk Franklin ~

This is #JustATouchof_J .. I'm just tryna put it all out there in pieces for you Baby!

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Smooches :)

Bible Scripture's of the week is: (Genesis 29:31) - And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb!

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