Duval Club History pt1

Duval Club History pt1


The list of some Legendary Old School Clubs and Street DeeJays of Jacksonville "Duval" Fl,

When it took more than just buying DJ Equipment or Software to be a True DJ.

I remember when it took skill and lots of personality. Street DJ''''''''''''''''s like ''''''''''''''''The Night Hawk", "Eddie Bee and Doctor Do Little", Hosea Small of the Disco Entertainers, Charles "Jazz Co" Scantling, Luck Charms AKA Lucky C, Daddy D"King", Jerome "Get Down" Brown, "Groove City''''''''''''''''s Jay, The Clubs had there DJ''''''''''''''''s Like (Crybaby''''''''''''''''s 747 Lounge - Clifton "Smooth C"Johnson), (The Edgewood Lounge''''''''''''''''s Alberta Productions Super Jock"Larry), (Caduceus  -soutel Kirk"DJ Triple K"Fleming) (Uncle Sam''''''''''''''''s Disco''''''''''''''''s "Funky Finley) (The Post Larry "Georgia Boy) (Mr. P''''''''''''''''s "Lucky C") (Jazzco the Club DJ''''''''''''''''s Bam Bam, Nate "The Great" Bell) (The Spinning Disc) (Club Sassy) giffittis (Nicky''''''''''''''''s Lounge - Bernard B, Jay Don''''''''''''''''t Play, Al Fresh, G-Wiz) ( Trotters'''''''''''''''' MC -Bernard B) (Giorgio''''''''''''''''s Downtown"DJ AJ") (The Original Big Apple - TJ Stafford and Daddy D) (The Leopard Lounge James "TJ" Stafford) (Faces -Magic Mike, Bernard B, David aka " Red")(The Moon- Magic Mike, DJ Chill) (Club Soda- DJ Chill D) (After 11 - DJ BOO) Kenny Leggett, The NightHawk,Grady Johnson ,FUNKY FINLEY, Cool Runnings Bigga Rankins Tony Palmer, Hollywood Shane, Stan) Genesis DJ Twinny Amp lenton Bernard B, Silver Star  DJ Gitt Mike Snow Rodney aka Daddy Rock Black DJ Bernard B Rankin Dan the first reggae show .. 95X Many Many more, but I, has do you stand on the shoulders of some most talented guys that ever touch some turntables and call themselves DJ''''''''''''''''s from back in Duval Days. If someone was forgot please add them for me. THIS A SALUTE TO JACKSONVILLE DJ''''''''''''''''S ONLY THAT MADE THIS CITY JUMP.

Radio Legends in Jacksonville, Fl,

Their talents and skills, rocked the streets, over the years and made them true Old-school Legends, Otis "Gambini" Gamble, "Downtown Hank Brown", "Willie "Captain Groove" Martin, Maxwell Sinclair, Mike Moore"The Voice", Ernie"Sex-Machine" Singleton, FunkyLarry Jones, Don Smith "The Pressure Cooker" , Will Power WERD "Soul Finger" Jackson, Jack "Have Mercy Bellboy, Johnny Shaw "The Devil''''''''''''''''s Son-In-Law", Larry "Hey Now" Brody, Jay Pascal "The Rascal", Reg Henry, "Ur Dan Evans", William Moore"Hollywood 74", Jeffery"The Soul Trooper"Kendall, "King Bee", Steve Fox, CeCe Thomas, Destiny, Ms. Stenson "Brown Suga", "Dorian", These were the Stations WZAZ, WOBS, WERD, WPDQ, WJXT-FM 95X from back in the day. This was the GoldenAge of Radio in Jacksonville, people loved to see them, hear them and follow them, if you ever heard them, now you know how special they were. If anyone was forgotten blame it on the head, Not the heart. And fell free to add them to post.

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