Jack Thriller x TCOHH pt 2


Jack Thriller x TCOHH pt 2

We hear stories all the time about artist - urban artist in particular - who basically got "got" - whether it be due to the mismanagement of funds, bad contracts or what have you. A lot of this can be contributed to a lack of financial literacy and business savvy. What are your thoughts on the mis-education of artists and how this hurts their careers?

When I was coming up and I was looking for managers and stuff like that I would sign any damn thing. I just wanted to be famous, and I wanted to make some money and whatnot. And when you''re young and desperate and shit, and you ain''t got no money you just wanna get on you like: ''I''ll figure all that other shit out later. Because once I''m famous I can gon'' and pick up the pieces and make money off my fame. How long is my contract? I''mma be famous forever''. 

That''s how you think when you inside of it, but that''s not really how it goes because sometimes when you get in that certain space and you realize that you''re supposed to have this and you don''t have that and somebody who started off at the same time as you they do have the fruits of their labor because they did better business than you. You will feel salty and you would start being bitter and stop working and being creative because you can''t function inside the industry and you''ll start to resent it. 

So, it''s very important to get your business together and understand the business right off the rip, or just stay independent, man. Cuz like I said, they making it so easy for you to do it by yourself now. Back in the day when you had TLC and stuff, they wanted to be famous, and it cost. But they didn''t care and they didn''t educate themselves on the business until they were hanging around other people who were just as famous as them and they was like ''Girl you ain''t got no house? You still got a roommate?'' You don''t be knowing no better. 

Somebody could be giving you a check for $100,000 and you pick up some cash from party to party and you doing features and stuff and picking up $25,000 here and $25,000 there in cash, and you''re thinking you''re rich already, like: ''This will hold me off until the big check comes in'', but when the big check comes in you didn''t realize how much stuff you had signed away and that''s when you start feeling salty. A lot of people would say that them girls was stupid, but no they weren''t. Anybody would have did that, especially if people had said to you ''You know what? If you don''t sign this we can find three other girls.'' That could have been anybody. TLC could have been anybody. 

What has the transition been like going from being a solo host on This Is 50 to now having a full staff on Party and Bullshit?

It''s very liberating. I don''t have to ask nobody - I don''t have to ask 50 what he think about it. ''Can I have this person up there or that person?'' because he don''t get along with them or no bullshit like that. Because I''m not in no gang. I''m a comedian. I ain''t supposed to be not liking nobody because the dude I''m working with not liking somebody. That''s some bullshit, right? 

I remember one time I tried to shake Rick Ross hand - that nigga looked at my hand like he wanted to spit in it. It ain''t have nothing to do with me and I thought that was so unfair. And I couldn''t be on the episode of "Wild ''n Out" that he was on because he didn''t want me on there. I didn''t do anything to this guy, but guilty by association. But it don''t go that way when I have beef with somebody. Like me and 2 Chains had got into it. I was like ''Ay 50, you betta tell that nigga 2 Chains that I ain''t fucking playing with him''. So, he call the nigga up, the next thing I know they doing a song together. I''m like ''What the fuck? Yea, let me gon and start my own shit.'' 

I''m glad I got my own stuff and I''m trying to create more platforms for more people to get on. I''m married now. My wife is my co-host on the show and we''re doing a podcast with Tidal called "Funny and Fine". We have a show called "16 or Better", for up-and-coming emcees. I''m just trying to create my own brands. It''s very important to be your own man and create your own lane. It''s way more rewarding. Because one thing I''ve always hated is when I''m out in the street and somebody points to me and goes: "Ay there go the 50 Cent nigga right there". I wanna be Jack.

How do you balance married life and your career in entertainment?

I''m still trying to figure it out. It''s hard because before I was married I was super far away from being married. Suuupppper! Like people don''t even believe I''m married. I''ve been married for about four months now and I still got women texting me and hitting her in her DMs and trying to see if we really together and stuff. It''s very frustrating. And I didn''t even realize how many hoes I had before I got married. I kid you not, it''s been over 60 something girls, different ones curse us out and all type of shit. 

So, how do I balance it? My fans. A lot of my fans didn''t want me to be married. They wanted Jack "The Sex Room" dude that interview the porn stars and have all the girls and stuff. They were living through me. Now that I got my wife, I try to find a balance to where I can give the people what they want without disrespecting my wife. 

She learning how to deal with it too because on the flip side of that now that I''ve made her famous a lot of guys be trying to hit her up on the low cuz they think ''Well shit, if she out here and married a nigga with one eye I know she''ll like me'', but that''s not the case. Usually when you see a woman dating a man with one eye or one leg.... If he got her that mean he really got her and you ain''t got not one chance in the world. It''s pretty extreme. It''s something over there that you''ll never understand. Leave that shit alone. 

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