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E-mail us at UNNEP@blackvibes.comen-usunnep@blackvibes.comhttp://www.UNNEPGroup.comUNNEPgroupUNNEPGroup115970mm150265ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435http://www.blackvibes.com/images/bvc/79/15905-iphone-bg-more-tab.jpg899410unnephttp://www.blackvibes.com/unnep/http://www.blackvibes.com/images/users/16991-unnep.jpgMobile Panels Look at How to Engage Students Through Their Deviceshttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-mobile-panels-engage-students/features/blogs/unnep-mobile-panels-engage-students/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-mobile-panels-engage-students/#commentsSat, 31 May 2014 01:14 GMTWhen it comes to user engagement, the biggest competitor to any online education platform isn't a rival one, said Dan Friedman of Thinkful on stage at this week's M1 ("Mobile First") Summit. It's Netflix. So how can Web-based schools keep the attention of students who'd rather be watching Breaking Bad? The answer might come from mobile. Friedman, the founder of online coding school Thinkful, joined a panel of education platform developers at the...<a href="javascript:launchURL('http://techonomy.com/2014/05/mobile-panel-looks-engage-students-devices/')">click to continue reading</a>34045mobile panels, engage, students, devices, Thinkful, M1 Summitblogs/5-2014/34045-mobile-panels-engage--s.jpg5 Things CEOs Shouldn't Delegatehttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-5-things-ceos-shouldnt-delegate-business-leadership/features/blogs/unnep-5-things-ceos-shouldnt-delegate-business-leadership/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-5-things-ceos-shouldnt-delegate-business-leadership/#commentsWed, 19 Feb 2014 11:32 GMTThere is such a push for leaders to delegate to their subordinates that it would be understandable for a business owner or CEO to think her job IS delegating. Maybe if you're Larry Ellison or Jeff Immelt it is, but for the rest of us mortals, the job of CEO has a lot less glamor and a lot more day-to-day operational involvement. As you grow your business, you will hire great people and should delegate as much of the business as you can and still have confidence. Having said that, there are some things that I believe you cannot delegate until you are much larger in...<a href="javascript:launchURL('http://www.inc.com/tom-searcy/5-things-ceos-cant-delegate.html?cid=sf01002')">Click to continue reading!</a>306495 Things CEOs Shouldn't Delegate, business, leadershipblogs/2-2014/30649-5-things-ceos-shouldn-s.jpgYandex Offers Fee-Free Android Firmware Kit So OEMs Can Ditch Google Serviceshttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-yandex-feefree-android-firmware-kit-oem/features/blogs/unnep-yandex-feefree-android-firmware-kit-oem/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-yandex-feefree-android-firmware-kit-oem/#commentsWed, 19 Feb 2014 11:17 GMTContinuing to diversify beyond search, Russian tech giant Yandex has today launched a complete firmware kit for Android smartphones - called Yandex.Kit - that offers an alternative suite of Yandex services for OEMs and carriers wanting to try their hand at going it alone without Google. How can they do that? By building on the open source flavour of Android that does not come packaged up with Mountain View's software. Yandex then steps in with its kit to make it easier for device makers to ditch the Google-flavoured version of Android by substituting its own suite of essential apps and features. In a blog post announcing the new Kit, Yandex described it as...<a href="javascript:launchURL('http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/19/yandex-kit/?utm_campaign=fb&ncid=fb')">click to continue reading</a>30644Yandex, Fee-Free Android Firmware Kit, OEM, Googleblogs/2-2014/30644-yandex-feefree-androi-s.jpgATTN: Philadelphia - Music Edition East, Sat. Oct. 19th, Drexel Universityhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-music-edition-east-philadelphia-drexel-university/features/blogs/unnep-music-edition-east-philadelphia-drexel-university/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-music-edition-east-philadelphia-drexel-university/#commentsWed, 25 Sep 2013 02:47 GMT<center><div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="http://www.blackvibes.com/images/bvc/42/8275-philadelphia-skyline.jpg" title="" /></div> <b><i>Entertainment Industry Forum presents "Music Edition East" Saturday, October 19, 2013 Drexel University's Urban CNTR 35th & Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA (Blocks from 30th Street Station) Schedule: 9:15AM to 1 0:00AM &#45;&#45; Registration 10:00AM to 11:00AM &#45;&#45; "The Business & Legal Aspects of the Music Industry" featuring Christopher J. Cabott, Esq. 1 1:00AM to 1 1:50 AM &#45;&#45; Gold & platinum, Grammy award-winning songwriters & producers panel featuring Ken Lewis (all genres) , Raymond "Sarom" Diaz (pop and urban genres) , David Ivory (rock genres primarily) , Corey "Latif" Williams (R&B genres primarily) , & Nicole Tranquillo (pop genres) 11:50AM to 12:00PM 12:00PM to 12:50PM &#45;&#45; Imran Majid ( Columbia Records , all genres ), Janel Brown (Cash Money Records , all genres ), Yaasiel "Success" Davis (Atlantic Records , urban genres ), & Eric McLellan (Warner Music Group , all genres) 12:50AM to 1:00PM &#45;&#45; Break 1:00PM to 1:50PM &#45;&#45; Publishing A&R panel featuring David Goldsen ( Warner/Chappell Music , pop & rock genres ), Claribel Caraballo (BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing , all genres ) , Kayley Seder (Ultra Music Publishing , all genres with a focus on electronic dance music) 1:50PM to 2:00PM &#45;&#45; Break 2:00PM to 3:30PM &#45;&#45; One-on-one listening sessions with the above panelists Each attendee will receive three, six minute one-on-one sessions with the above panelists of the attendee's choice subject to first come first serve availability. The conference is limited to 50 attendees. The cost is $250 per attendee. For registration, visit <a href="javascript:launchURL('http://www.entertainmentindustryforum.com')">EntertainmentIndustryForum.com</a></center></b></i> 25029Music Edition East, Philadelphia, Drexel UniversityATTN: Detroit - Zombie Film - Team Writing Eventhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-zombie-film-team-writing-event-detroit/features/blogs/unnep-zombie-film-team-writing-event-detroit/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-zombie-film-team-writing-event-detroit/#commentsMon, 23 Sep 2013 10:39 GMTIt's a Zombie Movie. Just in time for Halloween and the 6th Annual WORLD ZOMBIE DAY-Walk Against Hunger - Downtown DETROIT! (Oct. 13). <a href="javascript:launchURL('http://zombiewalkdetroit.com/2013-Detroit.html')">http://zombiewalkdetroit.com/2013-Detroit.html</a> Let's meet at Azteca, share some chips and salsa, eat Mexican food and drink Mexican drinks while writing our next short film together. The goal is to have a solid story (beginning, middle and end) that is between 4-7 minutes in length with 1-3 locations. The anticipated date for filming will also be discussed at our meeting. Hope to see you there! Azteca 321 West 14 Mile Road, Madison Heights , MI 24940zombie film, team writing event, Detroit, AztecaATTN: Detroit - "The Weight" Short Film Casting Call, Sat. Sept. 28thhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-casting-call-detroit-short-film/features/blogs/unnep-casting-call-detroit-short-film/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-casting-call-detroit-short-film/#commentsMon, 23 Sep 2013 10:35 GMTOrora Filmmakers is currently casting for one lead role and two supporting roles for a short-film shot in the Metro Detroit area. Auditions will be held Saturday, September 28, 1:00 p.m. -3:00 p.m., at the Troy Library Conference room. Conference room is located on the first door on the left from the main entrance. Synopsis: A woman is trying to lose weight and having a hard time getting down past a certain number. Also her bank account is low. Then she sees a flyer for free weight loss for anyone who weighs at least 150 pounds (which happens to be a little HEAVIER than she is right now). So she is trying to GAIN weight, so that she can ultimately lose it for free. Called "The Weight", it's essentially a montage of shots in this person's quest. The piece features the person who's trying to lose the weight and two adults - maybe family members, maybe roommates - who periodically observe the woman's off-balance efforts. No dialogue. Available Roles: Lead Female Role Age: 30-50 Body type: 150-175 lbs. Race: No preference Description of character: Sincere, Earnest, hard working, female who is sometimes clueless and a bit disheveled Supporting Female Role Age: 30-50 Body type: No preference Race: No preference Description of character: Thirty-something/middle-aged slacker #1. Supporting Male Role Age: 30-50 Body type: No preference Race: No preference Description of character: Thirty-something/middle-aged slacker #2. Compensation: These are not paid roles. Production dates: October 5 - Rehearsal (Time TBD) October 12 - Production Shoot (8 a.m. - 8.p.m) October 13 - Production Shoot (8 a.m. - 8.p.m) Nudity: No How to apply: Attend casting call at 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m, Saturday, September 28. Location: Troy Library 510 W Big Beaver Rd Troy, MI 48084 24939casting call, Detroit, short film, The Weight, Troy LibraryWhat Are 10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People?http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-10-paradoxical-traits-creative-people/features/blogs/unnep-10-paradoxical-traits-creative-people/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-10-paradoxical-traits-creative-people/#commentsMon, 9 Sep 2013 16:59 GMTI frequently find myself thinking about whether I am an artist or an entrepreneur. I am simply trying my best to create my own unique path. It is safe to say that more and more entrepreneurs are artists, and artists of all kinds are entrepreneurs. And the trend is only on the rise as all things (art, science, technology, business, culture, spirituality) are increasingly converging. Creativity is the common theme that drives both entrepreneurs and artists alike. But creative people are often also paradoxical. Over this past...<a href="javascript:launchURL('http://www.fastcompany.com/3016689/leadership-now/10-paradoxical-traits-of-creative-people?partner=newsletter')">Click To Continue Reading!</a>2447210 Paradoxical Traits of Creative Peopleblogs/9-2013/24472-10-paradoxical-traits-s.jpgWould You Leave Google? One Employee Did and Lived To Tell About Ithttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-google-employee-entrepreneur/features/blogs/unnep-google-employee-entrepreneur/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-google-employee-entrepreneur/#commentsMon, 9 Sep 2013 16:41 GMTWhen I started telling people that I'd resigned from Google, the first question they asked was never about where I was heading next or what I was doing. Instead, they wanted to know why I had made this seemingly irrational decision. Their subtle inquisitive tone suggested they were expecting to hear something dramatic: I'd been passed over for a promotion, my manager had made a pass at me, I'd heard the food would no longer be free. The simple truth, that I had decided to leave because I felt I'd never get the guts to walk out again, let alone start my own company, seemed even less believable in light of the fact that I wasn't springboarding to a more...<a href="javascript:launchURL('http://www.fastcompany.com/3016938/dialed/why-i-left-google?partner=newsletter')">Click To Continue Reading</a>24471Google, employee, entrepreneur, business, manager, companyblogs/9-2013/24471-google-employee-entre-s.jpgInnovation By Design Conference & Party, Wed., October 2nd, New York Cityhttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-innovation-by-design-conference-new-york-city-fast-company/features/blogs/unnep-innovation-by-design-conference-new-york-city-fast-company/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-innovation-by-design-conference-new-york-city-fast-company/#commentsMon, 9 Sep 2013 16:13 GMT"Good design is good business." For the last ten years, Tom Watson's classic statement has served as a point of departure for Fast Company's peerless design coverage. This year, our Innovation By Design Conference will bring the world's best designers and design-minded business leaders together to practically consider The Business Impact of Good Design. Expect highly visual presentations, smart dialogue, and an engaging setting - all intended to elevate and amplify your creative vision. At the end of the day, celebrate the finalists and winners of the 2013 Innovation By Design Awards, Fast Company's annual recognition of designers who have made groundbreaking contributions in the past year. To register, visit <a href="javascript:launchURL('http://www.fastcodesign.com/section/innovation-by-design-conference?icid=hp020304008IBD')">Innovation By Design Conference and Party</a>24470Innovation By Design Conference, New York City, Fast Companyblogs/9-2013/24470-unnep-innovation-by--s.jpg5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Never Dohttp://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-5-things-entrepreneurs-should-never-do-techcrunch/features/blogs/unnep-5-things-entrepreneurs-should-never-do-techcrunch/Posted by unnep0http://www.blackvibes.com/features/blogs/unnep-5-things-entrepreneurs-should-never-do-techcrunch/#commentsSat, 10 Aug 2013 15:13 GMTI'm breaking all the rules. I'm at a silent retreat for the week. No talking! My wife is two doors down. She said to me before we went silent for the week, "put your computer on airplane mode." It's in a beautiful area. There are paths and trees and birds and flowers and benches to sit on with sprawling landscapes and blah blah blah. I like to stay in my room and write. And I break rules. I won't open my mouth but I will break rules. Don't tell my wife. A friend of mine has a startup. It's a neat little product. He's still in stealth mode so it's not important what the product is. But I thought of a company that could use the product and I like to help my friends. I called the CEO of the company (before the retreat). They have about a billion in revenues and are very profitable. I said, "can you use this?" And I described...<a href="javascript:launchURL('http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/09/five-things-entrepreneurs-should-never-do/')">click to continue reading</a> 233485 Things Entrepreneurs Should Never Do, TechCrunchblogs/8-2013/23348-5-things-entrepreneur-s.jpg