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Recently, the two butted heads during a press conference to promote the fight, and in true Jake Paul fashion, <a href="" target="_blank">he is already trying to throw his opponent off his game</a>. Mental tricks might be his best bet for the lead-up to the match although if Woodley has proven anything over the years, it's that he is hard to rattle. Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty ImagesDuring the conference, <a href="" target="_blank">Woodley and Paul agreed on a bet involving tattoos</a>. Essentially, the loser must get the winner's name tattooed on them. This means Paul could very well be wearing "I Love Tyron Woodley" on his body for the rest of his life. Of course, this also goes for Woodley who might have to bear the embarrassment of "I Love Jake Paul." In an interview with TMZ, Woodley acknowledged just how childish this all is, however, he doesn't seem to care as he is confident that he'll be knocking out Jake Paul very early on in the fight. "I&rsquo;m just not finna just let you act like you run the show," Woodley&nbsp;said. "Yeah, I bet because I&rsquo;m confident I&rsquo;m going to win. I have no plan on getting an 'I Love Jake Paul' tattoo. [...] I&rsquo;m knocking him out." With all that being said, Woodley has a lot on the line come late August. If he loses this match, no one is going to let him live it down. [<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215426article, Tyron Woodley Divulges On High Stakes Tattoo Bet With Jake Paulblogs/7-2021/215426-tyron-woodley-divul-s.jpg1Polk County Police Show Off Seized Jewelry After Drug Trafficking Arrests by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 15:09 GMT The Polk County Police Department<a href="" target="_blank"> arrested</a> over two dozen people as a resulted of&nbsp;a reported 16-month long sting operation. According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, investigators confiscated a notable amount of evidence from the scene that included $88,000 in cash, $89,000 worth of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">jewelry,</a> and $283,000 worth of narcotics and drug paraphernalia. Bruno Vincent/Getty ImagesOther than stating the facts of the arrest, Judd made a concerted effort to mock the suspects that were arrested. "That's right, they thought they were cool. Well, how cool are you today?" the Sheriff said during <a href="" target="_blank">a press conference.</a>&nbsp;"Can ya'll make a rap song about this? Well, I'll help you out," the sheriff&nbsp;continued while holding up pictures of the alleged drug dealers who were arrested.&nbsp; The Polk County Sheriff transitioned into holding seized jewelry that was confiscated during the sting as he continued to mock the alleged culprits., "We got ya gold, we put ya tail in the county jail," he mockingly rapped. The microaggressions didn't end there. He continued, "Think about that, brothas.&nbsp;You can call it the 'Bell Gang Blues' rap song. How about that?" "You might think it's cool, but it'll end up with you arrested every time," Grady concluded during the press conference. Check out the videos below. <a href="" target="_blank">[Via]</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215427article, Polk County Police Show Off Seized Jewelry After Drug Trafficking Arrestsblogs/7-2021/215427-polk-county-police-s.jpg1Pop Smoke's "Faith" First Week-Sales Are In by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 14:49 GMT Pop Smoke's second posthumous album&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Faith</a>&nbsp;arrived with much anticipation and little information available. In the months leading up to its release, fans largely relied on Pop's management team to <a href="" target="_blank">offer updates </a>whether a follow-up to&nbsp;Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon was set to drop this year. Digital posters were plastered in major cities where fans were able to hear snippets of the album while the tracklist was released through a virtual scratchcard. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesThe album dropped with features from some of the biggest names in music: Kanye West, Rick Ross, Dua Lipa, Chris Brown, and more. While the excitement was particularly high upon its release, it slowly dwindled as the days passed. Initial first-week sales projections suggested that&nbsp;Faith would move&nbsp;between 100K-110K&nbsp;in its first week&nbsp;but&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">a more recent forecast predicted that it would move less than 100K.</a> The numbers are officially in, per HitsDailyDouble, who revealed that Pop's&nbsp;Faith moved 91K in total. That's a significant decline in comparison to both predictions but it's still the highest-selling album of the week.&nbsp;Faith&nbsp;is still expected to debut at the top of the Billboard 200 this week.&nbsp; The album later received the deluxe edition treatment to commemorate what would've been Pop Smoke's 22nd birthday. The deluxe featured appearances from G Herbo, Onpointlikeop, Travi and more.&nbsp; What's your favorite track off of&nbsp;Faith? <a href=";id=327493&amp;title=CHART-FINAL%253A-SMOKE-RISES-TO-THE-TOP" target="_blank">[Via]</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215428article, Pop Smoke's "Faith" First Week-Sales Are Inblogs/7-2021/215428-pop-smokes-faith-fi-s.jpg1Boosie Expresses Frustration As Deers Invade His Home by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 14:30 GMT When it comes to their social media presence, <a href="" target="_blank">no one is as funny and as polarizing as Boosie</a>. He is a man who has been kicked off of Instagram in the past and while these bans have angered him, he has always found a way to come back with a vengeance. Recently, Boosie was able to remake his Instagram account with the handle @boosienewig. On his account,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Boosie has been promoting new projects while also showing off new music and venting to his audience.</a> On any given day, <a href="" target="_blank">you never know what kind of entertainment Boosie is going to provide you with</a>, and there is no doubt that fans weren't ready for what the artist gave us today. Simply put, Boosie has a deer problem and no, we're not talking about the Milwaukee Bucks. Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BETIn the Instagram clip found below, Boosie reveals that about 10 deer have infiltrated his property and that it is becoming a real issue because of his kids. Boosie is looking to get the deer taken care of right away, and he has no issue doing it in a violent way if it means dealing with the problem sooner rather than later.&nbsp; "I NEED A HITTER ??<a href="" target="_blank">#goattalk3</a>&nbsp;WOKE UP TOO 10 DEER ON MY FOOTBALL FIELD need help U CAN HAVE THE DEERS ?? they startin to walk up to the estate.&nbsp;I GOT LIL KIDS N THE YARD THEY OPPS NOW," Boosie wrote. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BETMany of his fans found the Instagram rant humorous although, for Boosie, the situation isn't all that funny. Hopefully, the deer go away on there own as no one wants to enact such drastic measures. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215429article, Boosie Expresses Frustration As Deers Invade His Homeblogs/7-2021/215429-boosie-expresses-fr-s.jpg1Drake, Isaiah Rashad & Lil Nas X Holds Down This Week's "Fire Emoji" Playlist by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 14:08 GMT It's been an eventful week in music, largely because we were fooled to believe that we'd actually have a new Kanye West album on streaming services by Friday morning. Clearly, that wasn't the case and we are now forced to wait until August to hear&nbsp;DONDA&nbsp;in its entirety. However, even with Kanye lacking this week, we received an abundance of new music to ride out to over the weekend. As usual, we've highlighted everything that you gotta hear on the latest Fire Emoji playlist. Here's the breakdown: Certified Lover Boy might not have a release date set but Drake is finding many different occasions to pop out. This week, he formally announced the signing of Toronto rapper Smiley to the OVO imprint with their new collaboration, "Over The Top."&nbsp;The single is produced by Tay Keith and follows a string of excellent releases from the newly signed OVO artist such as "In My Zone" and "Moving Different." As fans anticipate the release of Isaiah Rashad's third studio album, he came through with another taste of what we should expect next week. On Friday, he shared his new single, "Wat U Sed" ft. Kal Banx and Iamdoechii. We also have the new banger from Lil Nas X. He and Jack Harlow teamed up for "Industry Baby" which boasts production from Take A Daytrip and Kanye West. Chances are, Lil Nas X has another #1 on his hands.&nbsp; Other records included this week are new releases from EST Gee, Belly, and Young Dolph. Peep the latest Fire Emoji update below.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215422article, Drake Isaiah Rashad & Lil Nas X Holds Down This Week's "Fire Emoji" Playlistbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Pop Smoke's "Faith (Deluxe)" Turns Up The Energy With Killa-Assisted "Money Man" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 14:03 GMT Just last week, <a href="" target="_blank">Pop Smoke's second posthumous album&nbsp;Faith was released</a> to the world. Unfortunately, the album came with some controversy as some of Pop's closes friends were upset with the direction of the project. Very few of his fellow drill artists were on the tape, and it seemed like mainstream artists were simply trying to jump on the wave. Recently,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Faith received a deluxe version that brought forth some of Pop's drill</a> sensibilities from the past. One such song is the effort "Money Man" which features Killa on it. Overall, this is the song OG Pop Smoke fans have been waiting for as we are met with some high-flying production all while Pop Smoke and Killa bring some hungry energy to the mix. Many fans have noted that this is the type of song they wanted all along, and it's easy to see why that is the case. Let us know what you think, in the comments below. <strong>Quotable Lyrics:</strong> See this rappin' shit? It's new to me&nbsp;(Baow, nah), but the street shit ain't new to me (Woo) Runnin' the streets like a true MC (Woo), when you see me, better "Woo" to me (Grrt) Even my teachers "Woo" to me (Hahaha) and that bitch who used to tutor me Walk in the streets with a tool on me (Woo) 'cause I ain't with the foolery (Grrt, baow) via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215423song, Pop Smoke's "Faith (Deluxe)" Turns Up The Energy With Killa-Assisted "Money Man"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Young Dolph's Gifted Lambo Gets Sold By Dallas Family by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 13:53 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Young Dolph</a>'s lavish gift to a lucky fan&nbsp;from Dallas, Texas, is now being sold by their family for almost half a million dollars, with the rapper's approval. The Dallas family received the expensive whip, a 2018 Lamborghini Aventador, from Young Dolph after winning the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">"Rich Slave Lambo Contest" in 2020.</a> The contest was held in the promotion of Young Dolph's <a href="" target="_blank">highest-charting album,&nbsp;</a><a href="" target="_blank">Rich Slave</a>. After news of the car sale emerged, Dolph simply wrote, "GET PAID." &nbsp;(Paras Griffin/Getty Images)&nbsp;A member of the Dallas prizewinning family, Jack DaVila,&nbsp;expressed gratitude to Young Dolph for the car&nbsp;in a since-deleted post.&nbsp;"Young Dolph and his team were humble and treated me so kind, they congratulated me and thanked me for being a big fan, I was so speechless I couldn&rsquo;t and still don&rsquo;t believe it," the post read. "He is definitely a role model, someone I have looked up to for years, and a huge motivation. This is a tremendous blessing for my family and I. I thank God for everything and hope one day I can be in the same position as Dolph to give to others."&nbsp; Since&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Young Dolph's a</a>nnounced he won't be retiring&nbsp;after all and his forthcoming studio album&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Paper Route Illuminati</a>&nbsp;on the way,&nbsp;maybe the rapper will hold another contest that will see another lucky family winning such a luxurious prize.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215424article, Young Dolph's Gifted Lambo Gets Sold By Dallas Familyblogs/7-2021/215424-young-dolphs-gifted-s.jpg1Derek Chauvin's First Mugshot Since Sentencing Unveiled by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 13:31 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Derek Chauvin became one of the most hated men in the entire country</a>&nbsp;last summer after he was caught on camera killing George Floyd in what was a disgusting example of police brutality. Floyd's death sparked widespread protests all across America as many were fed up and tired of the role police play in our daily lives.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Since the killing of George Floyd,</a> various other people of color have been killed by the cops and with each new story that comes out, more protests pop up in response. Just a few months ago, Floyd's family was given justice after Chauvin was convicted on multiple charges including second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and third-degree manslaughter. Chauvin was then sent back to jail where he awaited his sentence. Many were hoping for a harsh sentence although, in the end, Chauvin received some leniency. In fact, <a href="" target="_blank">Chauvin will now have to face 22.5 years in jail</a>, however, with good behavior, he can be out in just 15 years per Minnesota law. Scott Olson/Getty ImagesNow, new images are surfacing from the&nbsp;Minnesota Department of Corrections via TMZ. These two photos, which can be found below, are of mugshots taken of Chauvin on June 28th. These images were taken not long after his sentencing, and they are the first&nbsp;pictures of Chauvin to make their way online since said sentencing. Many theorized that prison would be rough on Chauvin and these photos seem to confirm that suspicion.&nbsp; [<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215425article, Derek Chauvin's First Mugshot Since Sentencing Unveiledblogs/7-2021/215425-derek-chauvins-firs-s.jpg1BigWalkDog & Big Scarr Rep 1017 On "Vert" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 13:12 GMT The 1017 imprint was rising to the top but faced an unfortunate setback recently with the incarceration of both Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano, the label's most prominent stars. However, Gucci Mane's continued to keep their names alive in the streets while pushing the other members of the roster towards the limelight. This week, BigWalkDog, the latest signee to Gucci's label,&nbsp;teamed up with his labelmate Big Scarr for their latest collab, "Vert." Tackling eerie piano keys and booming 808s, BigWalkDog and Big Scarr deliver a menacing banger detailing their wealth and the women that frequent their lives. With the latest from BigWalkDog, it looks like we'll hopefully be receiving a new project from him in the near future. Check out his latest track, "Vert" ft. Big Scarr below.&nbsp; <strong>Quotable Lyrics </strong>She go dumb, I just ran me up 100 on verses I just threw like 50 thousand in the trap, I get dirty I just flipped a quarter pound, it come with onion, no burgers And you just reachin' for this chain, it gon' come with nothin' but murder via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215418song, BigWalkDog & Big Scarr Rep 1017 On "Vert"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Travis Scott Previews New Song & Music Video: Watch by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 13:01 GMT After the release of&nbsp;Astroworld back in 2018, <a href="" target="_blank">Travis Scott quickly became one of the biggest artists in the world</a>. He is leading the youth movement in hip-hop and his cache has led to an immense amount of brand deals that have only helped to leverage his standing in the hip-hop world. From Jordan Brand to McDonald's to Sony, Travis' name is attached to some pretty legendary brands, <a href="" target="_blank">and with his album&nbsp;UTOPIA dropping in the near future</a>, fans couldn't be happier about what's to come. In addition to all of this, Scott <a href="" target="_blank">will play a major role on Kanye West's&nbsp;DONDA album</a>. During the listening party in Atlanta on Thursday, Scott could be heard on the song "Praise God" where he was also rapping alongside of Baby Keem who has proven to be a rising star in the rap world. Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for McDonald'sAs far as&nbsp;UTOPIA is concerned, Scott has given us a few details here and there, although today, he seemingly dropped a bombshell on all of his fans. Just a few minutes ago, Scott tweeted "OK IM UP TODAY NO GAMES. I WANNA SEE THE RAGE SWEAT AND TEARS." He then followed this up with a one-minute clip of a brand new music video with the caption "HMM SOME ONE ASK ME HOW IM STARTING I SAID THIS IS HOW. WHO CAN REMEMBER THIS BY TONIGHT." Based on this tweet, it could be theorized that Scott will be dropping this music video either tonight or sometime this week. This is a song that has been previewed on runways recently and fans have been waiting patiently for it. Now, it looks like said patience is finally paying off. Let us know what you think of this new snippet, and be sure to stay tuned to HNHH for more news surrounding the release of&nbsp;UTOPIA. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The New School via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215419article, Travis Scott Previews New Song & Music Video: Watchblogs/7-2021/215419-travis-scott-previe-s.jpg1DaBaby Pays $10K To Perform Full Set For His Fans by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 12:49 GMT No matter how successful <a href="" target="_blank">a festival is</a>, they must comply with local bylaws pertaining to sound. Unfortunately, there's plenty of places in the world where loud music can't continue after 11 p.m. and for festivals, that could mean that fans receive shorter sets than<a href="" target="_blank"> their money's worth</a>. However, few artists actually make sure that their fans are getting what they paid for. Bennett Raglin/Getty ImagesFans of DaBaby were treated to a&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">high-energy performance</a> this week but unfortunately, he nearly didn't have enough to wrap up his set. The rapper was on the stage when&nbsp;he was told he was running out of time. "So, they just said we got 8 minutes left or anything after 12 o'clock, that's $10,000," the rapper told the crowd. However, he decided that he wasn't going to pull the plug on the show just yet. "So if I pay the $10,000 out my pocket, I could get 'em the full show?" the rapper asked the promoters who were on the side of the stage as the crowd erupted in cheer. "Y'all mothafuckas thought you were paying to see me. I'm 'bout to pay to see y'all," the rapper said before asking the audience&nbsp;whether any of them paid that much to attend the concert. "Okay, then. On the count of three, let me hear you say, 'Thank you, Baby,'" he prompted the crowd.&nbsp; Check out the clip below.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215420article, DaBaby Pays $10K To Perform Full Set For His Fansblogs/7-2021/215420-dababy-pays-10k-per-s.jpg1Fan Expertly Sneaks Into Kanye West's "DONDA" Listening Party by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 12:45 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Kanye West is one of the biggest artists of all time</a>&nbsp;and when he hosts an exclusive event, you can be sure that fans are going to do everything possible in order to attend. On Thursday, Kanye hosted a live listening experience at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where he got to show off his new album&nbsp;DONDA. The entire event was live-streamed on Apple Music and for the most part, fans were surprised to hear that the album sounded unfinished. Various songs lacked structure and&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">some were even clamoring for some drums that never actually came.&nbsp;</a> Regardless, the hype for&nbsp;DONDA has reached new heights which means in many ways, Kanye's mission has been accomplished. With the album <a href="" target="_blank">supposedly set to drop on August 6th</a>, we are going to be in for a rollercoaster ride of an album cycle, and it will be interesting to see if the artist delivers. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Universal Music GroupAs for the fans at the listening event, there was at least one person who got there through devious means. In a now-viral TikTok, one man went on photoshop and was able to make himself his very own&nbsp;DONDA press pass. From there, he made his way to Mercedes-Benz Stadium and pretended as though he had special access. No one at the stadium batted an eye and eventually, he ended up with better seats than Kim Kardashian. It was a pretty fantastic story and we're sure the fan will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hopefully, there are no repercussions as a result of posting this. As you all wait for the album, you can check out some clips from the listening party, below. Also,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">check out our piece on the experience, below.</a> View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by HotNewHipHop&reg; (@hotnewhiphop)</a> View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by HotNewHipHop&reg; (@hotnewhiphop)</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215421article, Fan Expertly Sneaks Into Kanye West's "DONDA" Listening Partyblogs/7-2021/215421-fan-expertly-sneaks-s.jpg124kGoldn & HVME Recruit Quavo For New Track "Alright" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 12:32 GMT Hailing from Spain,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">HVME first came into prominence</a> earlier this year for his deep house remix of Travis Scott's "Goosebumps." Now, the producer has teamed up with&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">24kGoldn for "Alright"</a>&nbsp;ft Quavo which is set to appear on the&nbsp;forthcoming deluxe version of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">El Dorado</a>. Over HVME's bright production, 24kGoldn comes through with his signature melodic rap flow. He evokes feelings of warmth and romance&nbsp;with boastful bars throughout the record.&nbsp;"Let's take the jet/ I'm feelin' fly/ What we gon' do? I'm in your city for the night," he raps on the track.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Quavo</a>&nbsp;effortlessly glides on the track,&nbsp;all while complimenting&nbsp;24kGoldn's&nbsp;delivery. This fresh track from 24kGoldn is the first off of the forthcoming deluxe edition of El Dorado.&nbsp;The album&nbsp;also has the hits "Mood," "<a href="" target="_blank">Love or Lust</a>," and "<a href="" target="_blank">Company</a>." Meanwhile, Quavo is still riding the high from <a href="" target="_blank">Culture III</a>, his latest album with <a href="" target="_blank">Migos</a>.&nbsp; Check out HVME and 24kGoldn's latest new drop below! <strong>Quotable Lyrics: </strong>Why you tryna fall in love when I'm leaving now? You can't come around, still don't wanna leave you out Baby, don't put up a fight I promise you'll be alright via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215412song, 24kGoldn & HVME Recruit Quavo For New Track "Alright"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Unvaccinated NFL Players Could Be Subjected To Fines: Details by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 12:22 GMT When it comes to COVID-19, no sports league was hit harder by the virus than the NFL, which struggled to contain the virus amongst its players last season. With 52 players on a roster, <a href="" target="_blank">it's hard to get every single member of a team to adhere to COVID-19 protocols</a>, and as a result, the league was forced to reschedule numerous games, all while accommodating teams that had outbreaks. Now, the league is cracking down on its COVID protocols and they are taking aim at unvaccinated players and staff. Recently, a coach for the <a href="" target="_blank">Minnesota Vikings was fired for not taking the vaccine</a>, meanwhile, teams who have outbreaks amongst the unvaccinated will have to forfeit games and not get paid for them. Christian Petersen/Getty Images<a href="" target="_blank">Players like Deandre Hopkins and Leonard Fournette</a>&nbsp;have come out against these rules, and they aren't backing down. They believe the vaccine is useless and they simply don't want it in their bodies. In fact, Hopkins would even consider retirement before being subjected to a jab. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Twitter<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image2"><img id="bvimg2" src="" title="" /></div> Image via TwitterAccording to ESPN, the league will be looking to fine players without the vaccine if they end up breaking protocols. Those who are vaccinated will not have to jump through as many hoops this season, however, the unvaccinated need to adhere to last year's rules. If such players break the rules, they could be fined upwards of $14,000 for their troubles. Considering how much these guys make, the amount is fairly insignificant. The NFL season could prove to be very interesting as a result of these protocols, and only time will tell whether or not some players decide to protest. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image3"><img id="bvimg3" src="" title="" /></div> Patrick Smith/Getty Images[<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215413article, Unvaccinated NFL Players Could Be Subjected To Fines: Detailsblogs/7-2021/215413-unvaccinated-nfl-pl-s.jpg1Usain Bolt Has An Urgent Message For Aaron Rodgers by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 11:57 GMT These past few months have been&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">incredibly difficult and confusing for Green Bay Packers</a> fans as there is a ton of uncertainty surrounding Aaron Rodgers. Just last week, it was reported that Rodgers declined a massive contract that would have made him the <a href="" target="_blank">highest-paid player in the entire NFL</a>. Rodgers remains absent from Packers camp and based on his recent actions, it remains clear that this holdout has absolutely nothing to do with the money aspect of football. For Rodgers, this is all about the respect, and the Packers seem content on playing keep-away with him until the season starts. It's a sad reality for the team although it is one that could have been avoided had the team drafted a wide receiver as opposed to a quarterback in the first round of the 2020 draft. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty ImagesWhile speaking with Sports Illustrated, legendary Olympic sprinter <a href="" target="_blank">Usain Bolt spoke about the Packers' situation as he is a huge fan</a>. Bolt expressed concern about what is going on with Rodgers and explained that he would do absolutely anything to keep Rodgers on the squad. &ldquo;I would beg Aaron Rodgers to stay,&rdquo; Bolt&nbsp;said. &ldquo;Last year we were very close. We were so close. I think that this year we had the draft and we got a lot of good players. And a lot of guys have stayed. Davante Adams and everybody. So, I need Aaron Rodgers to stay. Aaron Rodgers, please stay at Green Bay. We need you.&rdquo; Many Packers fans feel the exact same way as Bolt, however, it could be a while before this entire situation is revolved. Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will bring you all of the latest from the world of football. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215414article, Usain Bolt Has An Urgent Message For Aaron Rodgersblogs/7-2021/215414-usain-bolt-has-urge-s.jpg1Yhung T.O. Shares New Project "On My Momma 3: Angels & Demons" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 11:57 GMT The era of SOB x RBE might be over but they remain family. Regardless of the defunct status of the West Coast collective, each member had their own solo successes that they've focused on. Yhung T.O. has been delivering a consistent stream of music over the course of the past few years. In 2020, the rapper delivered four projects in total including his collaborative effort with DaBoii,&nbsp;Demon And Mufasa. This week, the rapper came through with his latest project,&nbsp;On My Momma 3: Angels &amp; Demons. The project boasts 12 tracks in total and finds Yhung T.O. swapping bars alongside artists like OMB Peezy, Edi Mean, and Lil Sheik. Make sure to check out Yhung T.O.'s latest project below and sound off in the comments with your favorite track.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215415mixtape, Yhung T.O. Shares New Project "On My Momma 3: Angels & Demons"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1DJ Drama, Hardo & Deezlee Connect For "Fame Or Feds 3" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 11:44 GMT DJ Drama's reign continues, as does the Gangsta Grillz mixtape series. Just weeks after Drama hosted Tyler, The Creator's new album,&nbsp;Call Me If You Get Lost, he's now back with a brand new project alongside Hardo and Deezlee. Drama cements the third installment in Hardo's&nbsp;Fame Or Feds series with the&nbsp;Gangsta Grillz stamp of approval. "Somebody told me the people tryna see what the trenches sound like," Drama yells at the top of the project. "Welcome back to Pittsburgh!" Hardo and Deezlee deliver a hard-hitting thirteen-song body of work that includes appearances from Pooh Shiesty, Benny The Butcher, Tay Keith, Doe Boy, and FTR Drama. Filled with tales of the streets and muddy production,&nbsp;Fame Or Feds 3&nbsp;is the best installment of the series yet. Check it out below.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215416mixtape, DJ Drama Hardo & Deezlee Connect For "Fame Or Feds 3"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Fedd The God Drops New Track "Activated" Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 11:18 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Fedd The God</a>&nbsp;is arguably one of the most consistent members of <a href="" target="_blank">Wiz Khalifa'</a>s Taylor Gang imprint. Still riding off the high from the release of April's&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Speed Racer</a>,&nbsp;Fedd The God is showing no signs of stopping. This week, he returned&nbsp;with the release of "Activated" ft. Taylor Gang head honcho Wiz Khalifa, and fellow labelmate Chevy Woods.&nbsp; On&nbsp;"Activated," <a href="" target="_blank">Fedd The God</a>&nbsp;puts his unrelenting flow on full display with a barrage of excellent sh*t talking. He's soon joined by fellow&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Taylor Gang members Wiz Khalifa</a> and&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Chevy Woods</a>&nbsp;who dive into the exhilarating trap production and complement Fedd's braggadocious bars.&nbsp; Fedd The God is among the newest signees to the label. The release of "Activated" offers a glimpse of a promising trajectory ahead.&nbsp; Check out Fedd The God's latest release below.&nbsp; <strong>Quotable Lyrics </strong>I'm a pimp, don' test my patience YSL, my daily fragrance NIKE dunks while ya'll be skatin' B-Rad told ya'll don't be hatin' Paper is the common language Freak bad b**ches, Charlie's Angels via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215401song, Fedd The God Drops New Track "Activated" Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woodsbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Maria Taylor Makes Her NBC Debut After ESPN Fallout by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 10:56 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Maria Taylor found herself in the midst of a controversy</a>&nbsp;just a couple of weeks ago after a clip of Rachel Nichols making disparaging remarks about her was revealed online. In these comments,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Nichols claimed that Taylor got her job at ESPN</a> as a result of diversity quotas and that she didn't deserve to be taking Nichols' spot. These remarks came with quite a bit of outrage and rightfully so especially considering Taylor has proven herself to be one of the more talented hosts at the network. One of the key elements to the story was the fact that&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Taylor was negotiating a new contract with ESPN.</a> Reports surfaced that she wanted Stephen A. Smith money, which eventually led to her leaving the network. It was quickly revealed that Taylor would be joining NBC Sports and would get to be a part of football and Olympic broadcasts. Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for IMGYesterday, NBC Sports introduced Taylor to its Olympic audience, and she made her mark right away as she presented a long-form piece on the United States women's gymnastics team. The host was introduced by Mike Tirico, who said &ldquo;We are thrilled to welcome a new member to our NBC sports and Olympic family: Maria Taylor.&nbsp;Maria, welcome to Tokyo and the team.&rdquo; According to the&nbsp;New York Times,&nbsp;Taylor expressed just how excited she is about the opportunity, saying "Literally, hosting the Olympics, &lsquo;Football Night in America,&rsquo; and the Super Bowl is what I dreamed of when I started in television." Needless to say, it seems as though she is happy to have escaped the toxicity of ESPN. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215402article, Maria Taylor Makes Her NBC Debut After ESPN Falloutblogs/7-2021/215402-maria-taylor-makes-s.jpg1Lil Durk Addresses Home Invasion Shootout In New Song Snippet by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 10:44 GMT Lil Durk has been one of the most <a href="" target="_blank">successful rappers this year</a>. The release of&nbsp;The Voice, along with his recent collaborative effort with Lil Baby,&nbsp;The Voice Of The Heroes, cemented the 10+ year run he's been on. Unfortunately, with as much success as he's seen in recent times, there's been a few unfortunate incidents that he was involved in. Most recently, there were reports that he and his girlfriend India Royale were&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">involved in a shootout</a> after someone broke into their home. Paras Griffin/Getty ImagesDurk and India are both safe,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">as seen in an IG post</a> shared days after the shootout. However, neither one of them has&nbsp;responded or shared any more details on the report with the exception of a&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">cryptic message</a> from Durk about moving in silence. Durk recently hit Instagram where he previewed new music&nbsp;where he seemingly addresses the shooting. "Get back to your mans, you in court like he ain't dead/ Got these ski mask for the COVID the only time you n***as wear it/ N***as ran inside my crib but the Glock 10 was by the bed," he raps over ominous production. In related news, Durk surprised fans this week when it was revealed that he had worked with Kanye West on&nbsp;DONDA. The rapper previously stated that he didn't end up catching a flight in time to record for the album but it turned out that he did record a verse for the project which debuted at the Atlanta listening party on Thursday.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215403article, Lil Durk Addresses Home Invasion Shootout In New Song Snippetblogs/7-2021/215403-lil-durk-addresses-s.jpg1Lil Xxel Recruits Coi Leray & Tyga For "What U Want" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 10:27 GMT Lil Xxel's new track "What U Want" is a perfect summer vibe that's bound to blare through speakers across BBQs and pool parties in the coming weeks. On his latest single, The Florida artist tackles&nbsp;Bankroll Got Its and Hitmaka's infectious production with some assistance from Tyga and Coi Leray. Lil Xxel puts his effortless swagger and charisma on full display on "What U Want." His catchy rap-sing triplet flow meets the smooth talk of a player as he details his luxury spending habits on his ady. "I'll take you on trips, you just tell me the city, yeah/ In the islands, we be chillin'/ I got me a ch ck so you know we be litty," he raps.&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank">Tyga </a>and&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Coi Leray</a>&nbsp;perfectly complement the pop-friendly tune&nbsp;with equally infectious delivery and&nbsp;quotable bars to fill up your IG captions for the summer.&nbsp; The music video is full of drip as it shows Lil Xxel, Coi Leray, and Tyga living the good life and spitting&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">their respective verses.</a> Check out the music video for "What U Want" below! <strong>Quotable Lyrics: </strong>We gon' get rich, babe, huh (Uh-huh) We gon' have rich sex, huh (Ooh Lord) We gon' get lit, babe, yeah (Get lit) We get big checks (We get big checks) via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215404song, Lil Xxel Recruits Coi Leray & Tyga For "What U Want"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Almighty Jay Sounds Hungrier Than Ever On "No Label" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 10:25 GMT After the breakup of YBN, many fans were curious to see how each of the individual members would respond. Almighty Jay, Nahmir, and Cordae all have their own unique sounds, and it was going to be interesting to see their navigation throughout the music industry. All three of these men are savvy when it comes to industry politics, and for Almighty Jay, it has always been important to separate himself from the pack. On his brand new track "No Label," that is exactly what the artist does as he expresses the importance of doing things on his own. Jay delivers melodic verses about thinking about his business acumen and detaching himself from those who have held him back. The artist is hungrier than ever on the track and it makes for a solid effort that fans will appreciate. <strong>Quotable Lyrics:</strong> Had to lock in with myself Had to focus on my business I know you fucked my dog But lied and said you didn't God forgive and I don't So don't ask me for forgiveness via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215405song, Almighty Jay Sounds Hungrier Than Ever On "No Label"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Giannis Antetokounmpo: The Unlikely Superstar by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 09:59 GMT When the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Championship all the way back in 1971, the franchise was full of hope. Their superstar player was none other than Lew Alcindor, who everyone now knows as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Just a few years after the Bucks' big win, Alcindor was able to lead his team to yet another NBA Finals appearance, although they would eventually lose to the legendary Boston Celtics in seven games. A year later, Alcindor left Milwaukee for the Los Angeles Lakers, and he eventually went on to win five more titles all while cementing himself as one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. Unfortunately for the Bucks, Alcindor's absence put the entire franchise in a deep and dark hole that last decades. In the early 2000s, the Bucks were able to find some success with Ray Allen, however, once he went to the Celtics, their reign came to an abrupt end. From there, the team drafted Brandon Jennings with the 10th overall pick in the 2009 draft, and for the most part, he was nothing short of fantastic. If you're a Bucks fan, then you probably remember how Jennings ran into injury problems which ultimately led to a shortened career. With all of that being said, it's clear that the Bucks had been struggling to find a superstar who not only had staying power but a desire to remain in a small market like Milwaukee, as well. In a shocking turn of events, the Bucks somehow found that player in the unlikeliest of places: Greece. With the 15th overall selection in the 2013 NBA Entry Draft, the Bucks took a relatively unknown scrawny 18-year-old by the name of Giannis Antetokounmpo. At the time, this selection was scrutinized by critics who felt as though Giannis hadn't done enough to prove himself. In fact, it was a common opinion at the time that Giannis wouldn't even see any playing time in his first season and that there were no guarantees he would grow into his body and become the man we see today. What many didn't account for at the time, was Giannis' determination. His background shaped him into one of the most determined young men the game had ever seen, and while it would take a few years for fans to realize this, there is no denying that a storm was brewing within him. Antetokounmpo was born in Greece and raised by two Nigerian immigrants who didn't have a lot of money to their name. As Giannis described himself, there were times where he didn't know where his next meal would be coming from. He would help his mom sell items in the street and would even sometimes play games on an empty stomach. These experiences ultimately shaped his mentality and forced him to work harder so he could one day realize his dream, and become an NBA Champion.&nbsp; Mike Stobe/Getty Images&nbsp; As a European player, Giannis was always going to have to go the extra&nbsp;mile to prove himself. When it comes to scouting, teams usually prefer guys who have been through the American college system. One could just look at the discourse surrounding Luka Donic to understand what we mean. Having played for a club team in Greece, the expectations surrounding Giannis were fairly low, although the Bucks felt like they had struck gold, and in the end, they were right. Throughout his first season, Giannis would log about 24 minutes per game and averaged a respectable 6.8 points and 4.4 rebounds. Over the next few seasons, Antetokounmpo would steadily improve his numbers as it became clear that the Bucks were building their entire future around him. During the 2016-2017 season, Giannis' physique matured to the point where he was no longer the frail kid from Greece that he once was. Now, he was a grown man with a ton of muscle and athletic capabilities that could rival any player in the league. Fans began to call him "The Greek Freak" and his numbers backed up the nickname. After averaging 22.9 points and 8.8 rebounds per game in 2017, Giannis received Most Improved Player honors and he only got better from there. In 2019 and 2020, Giannis was crowned league MVP, and he even picked up a Defensive Player of the Year award in 2020. All of these accolades were piling up at an excessive rate, however, there was one thing missing: playoff success. In 2019, Giannis led the Bucks to the Eastern Conference Finals where they had a 2-0 lead on the Toronto Raptors. Eventually, the Bucks lost four straight games to Kawhi Leonard and company, while being shut down by the Raptors' defensive wall. It was one of the biggest disappointments of his career and it was only exacerbated by a horrific showing in the bubble where the Bucks lost in 5 to an underdog Heat squad in the second round. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Stacy Revere/Getty ImagesAt the start of the 2020-21 season, there were questions surrounding Giannis' ability to be the best player on a championship team. Sure, he had the accolades, but the results simply weren't there, yet. Not to mention, after signing a $250 million contract to remain in Milwaukee, there were questions as to whether this was a smart idea and whether or not the Greek Freak should consider a trade to a contender. Giannis had no interest in succumbing to the media's rumblings, and instead, he put on a clinic throughout the regular season and stepped up his game even further in the playoffs. By early July, Giannis' team was in the NBA Finals and for the first time in 47 years, the Bucks had another shot at glory. After years of agony, the Bucks finally had their superstar and the fanbase couldn't be more excited about it. Coming into the Finals, Giannis had just suffered a hyperextended knee although he decided to power through things as he had one objective in mind: win. That mentality he had always brought with him since childhood was in overdrive and it led to a pair of 40-point performances in Games 2 and 3. After Game 2, Giannis and the Bucks were down 2-0 to the Suns and things looked bleak. As soon as the team touched down in Milwaukee, the entire series shifted and the Bucks won three-straight matches en route to Game 6 where they had a shot at winning the title in front of their home crowd. Game 6 would ultimately become Giannis' magnum opus. It was a culmination of his days in Greece to his humble beginnings in the NBA when he had very little muscle and was barely a blip on other teams' radar. With five all-star appearances, five all-NBA honors, two MVPs, and a DPOY to his name, Giannis knew this game would be what defines his career, and he showed up. By now, you all know what happened. He recorded a whopping 50 points, 14 rebounds, and five blocks all while making 17 out of 19 free throws. This performance won his team that elusive title, and <a href="" target="_blank">it also won him Finals MVP</a>. It was truly one of the greatest performances in the history of the NBA Finals and it's a game that will forever cement his legacy amongst the all-time greats. Following the match, <a href="" target="_blank">Giannis showed off the goofy side of his personality</a>. In a league where players take themselves too seriously, Giannis isn't afraid to make a fool out of himself. It's what has made him such a fan-favorite and it is ultimately why so many dub him the most likable player in the league. He's a man you can't help but root for and after all he's been through, it's hard to find a player more deserving than Giannis Antetokounmpo. After winning a championship the hard way, there is nothing more for Giannis to do except win more titles. Even if he doesn't win another Larry O'Brien trophy, his legacy will always be bulletproof. He'll always be the kid from Athens who defied the odds and brought NBA glory back to a small market that had been afterthought since 1975. When you consider how Giannis is only 26, you can't help but be impressed. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215396article, Giannis Antetokounmpo: The Unlikely Superstarblogs/7-2021/215396-giannis-antetokounm-s.jpg1Yung Bleu Connects With Moneybagg Yo & Kodak Black On "Angels Never Cry" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 09:57 GMT Boosie Badazz said it best -- Yung Bleu is a megastar. Though he's taken an unconventional approach to climb the ranks, he's essentially your favorite rapper's favorite artist right now. His ability to blend emotionally charged vibrato melodies with moody R&amp;B-trap production has allowed him to occupy space in both genres organically.&nbsp; The release of his debut album&nbsp;Moon Boy&nbsp;arrives after much anticipation and he doesn't disappoint. The 15-song project boasts appearances from 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, and John Legend, among others. One highlight of the project is "Angels Never Cry" ft. Moneybagg Yo and Kodak Black. Bleu delivers an infectious anthem where he reflects on the lavish lifestyle he's earned through his work while also detailing heartbreak and death. Moneybagg Yo and Kodak Black go back-to-back, though the latter dabbles even further with the melodies. It's a possible sign that we might end up seeing 'Yak get his R&amp;B on soon. <strong>Quotable Lyrics </strong>I'mma be thuggin so n***a pull up with your clique and we put holes in that bitch We&nbsp;ain't returnin'&nbsp;you hoes, 'cause we put loads in that bitch We don't go by them new laws, stick to the code in this bitch&nbsp; My diamonds got me froze in this bitch<strong> </strong> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215397song, Yung Bleu Connects With Moneybagg Yo & Kodak Black On "Angels Never Cry"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1James Gunn Laments Over Missed Cleveland Guardians Opportunity by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 09:55 GMT Yesterday was massive for the baseball world as it was announced that the <a href="" target="_blank">Cleveland Indians would officially be changing their name to the Guardians</a>. For years, the team's nickname had been criticized by activists, and just last year, they announced that they would look for a new name that would better suit the community. After a long wait, the name was finally unveiled and we even have some new logos to feast our eyes on. For the most part, fans are happy with the new name although they do feel as though the logo could have been slightly better. One of those people is none other than Hollywood director <a href="" target="_blank">James Gunn who is the man behind&nbsp;</a><a href="" target="_blank">Guardians of the Galaxy</a>.&nbsp;The Guardians name is one that is near and dear to Gunn's heart, and he was hoping the MLB team would pay homage to the movie with their logo. Christopher Polk/Getty ImagesIn the tweet below, Gunn explains how the team should have made Rocket Racoon their logo, and that he could have even been holding a machine gun. A fan even made a nice rendering for Gunn, which definitely looks pretty badass. Of course, the Guardians would have to get the license from Marvel, which probably isn't going to happen anytime soon. Regardless, Marvel fans can only fantasize about what could have been. With that said, let us know what you think of the actual logo, in the comments below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215398article, James Gunn Laments Over Missed Cleveland Guardians Opportunityblogs/7-2021/215398-james-gunn-laments-s.jpg1Travis Scott Gets Fans Lit During 7/11 Meet-Up by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 09:35 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Travis Scott is one of the biggest artists in the world right now</a>&nbsp;and when it comes to his standing in the music industry, there is no doubt he has big things on the horizon. <a href="" target="_blank">If you were listening to Kanye West's&nbsp;DONDA live stream on Thursday night</a>, then you heard Travis on a song with Baby Keem. This track was easily the most complete song on the album, and fans are excited to get a proper version on streaming services. In the meantime, <a href="" target="_blank">Scott is working on his brand new album&nbsp;UTOPIA</a> which could very well drop sometime this year. At this point, Travis fans have a lot to look forward to and it's expected that La Flame will deliver in a big way. Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The New SchoolScott's young fanbase is one of the more energetic ones in all of hip-hop and whenever he goes somewhere, you can be sure the supporters will follow suit. This is exactly what happened recently as Travis made his way to a local 7/11. In the video clip below, you can see that fans had the 7/11 packed and they were even crowded around outside just to get a glimpse of the artist, whose body was hanging out of the front door. It was a pretty wild scene and it only speaks to Scott's stardom these days. Following the release of&nbsp;Astroworld, Scott became a global megastar and with another album coming down the pipeline, there is no doubt his profile will only continue to grow from here. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215399article, Travis Scott Gets Fans Lit During 7/11 Meet-Upblogs/7-2021/215399-travis-scott-gets-f-s.jpg1Dave Taps Fredo, Giggs, Ghetts & Meekz On "In The Fire" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 09:31 GMT It's been two years since Dave released his official debut album,&nbsp;Psychodrama&nbsp;that cemented the 23-year-old rapper as one of the most thoughtful voices in UK hip-hop. The rapper continued to ride high off of the album for two years following its release. Plus, his appearance in&nbsp;Top Boy was the icing on the cake.&nbsp; On Friday, the rapper delivered his official sophomore release,&nbsp;We're All Alone In This Together. With a 12-song tracklist, he does come through with some surprises across the album. On "In The Fire," the rapper comes through with an excellent posse cut with uncredited verses from his close collaborator Fredo, grime OGs, Giggs and Ghetts, as well as budding newcomer Meekz. The 7-minute record leads with Fredo who tackles stadium-size production. The beat switches throughout the record reflect the tone of each MC&nbsp;as they explore everything from feuds to personal accomplishments.&nbsp; Check out the cut below and let us know who had the best verse on the record. <strong>Quotable Lyrics </strong>"Did you come through?" that's the question Affording a burner was never man's problem Adoption, we couldn't find homes for the weapons By the station, we got polls, no election<strong> </strong> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215400song, Dave Taps Fredo Giggs Ghetts & Meekz On "In The Fire"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Drake Officially Signs Smiley To OVO Sound by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 08:59 GMT Drake's&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">OVO</a> label has maintained a small but successful team of game-shifting artists. Popcaan, PartyNextDoor, and dvsn&nbsp;are among those currently part of the OVO roster but it's been a while since they've brought any new artists on board. This week, that changed as they formally announced the latest artist to join the label.&nbsp; Ethan Miller/Getty Images&nbsp;On Friday, Smiley shared his new single, "<a href="" target="_blank">Over The Top</a>" featuring The Boy. Though Smiley and Drake have been close for&nbsp;some time, this collaboration symbolized the official announcement of Smiley's debut on the OVO roster. Per KTT 2, Smiley now appears as an artist on the&nbsp;OVO Sound website. The song's credits also reveal it was released under&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">OVO Sound and Warner.</a> Smiley recently sat down with Complex where he explained that&nbsp;Drake's has been keeping a close eye on his moves since 2014. "A long time ago, it was 2014 or something like that. He heard those songs and I guess he paid close attention,&rdquo; he said of. &ldquo;And then when I took a break and I came back, I dropped this one song called 'Hit.'" Smiley's been delivering a streak of bangers recently leading up to the release of "Over The Top." Songs like "In My Zone" and "Moving Different" arrived earlier this year, along with the release of "Name Brand" with LB Spiffy and 6ixbuzz TV.&nbsp; Check out "Over The Top" below and let us know how you feel about Smiley.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215389article, Drake Officially Signs Smiley To OVO Soundblogs/7-2021/215389-drake-officially-si-s.jpg1Jerry Lorenzo Hits Kanye West With Massive Praise Amid "DONDA" Delay by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 08:55 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Kanye West commanded the attention of the entire hip-hop community</a>&nbsp;this past week as we were all expecting the release of&nbsp;DONDA.&nbsp;After showcasing the album in Las Vegas last Sunday, it was revealed that the album would be dropping on Friday and that a listening party would be broadcasted on Thursday night. In the end,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the live stream took place in Atlanta although</a> it was clear that Ye's new album wasn't entirely finished. Over the last 24 hours, there have been numerous updates on the album, and for a minute, it seemed like we would get the album last night. Instead,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Justin Laboy dashed our dreams as he announced the album had been pushed back to August 6th</a> as Kanye looks to add verses and fix up the mixes. Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Music GroupDespite these delays, Kanye is still receiving quite a bit of praise from his peers. For instance, longtime friend and collaborator Jerry Lorenzo took to Instagram last night with a lengthy paragraph about Kanye's mindset right now and how Lorenzo admires the artist. Per Lorenzo: "None of us know the weight and responsibility of the gift of this level of influence&hellip; i spent nearly 3 and a half years on the road with this dude&hellip; without doubt the hardest working human i&rsquo;ve ever met or worked with. so happy my guy is re-connected to that eternal source&hellip; can&rsquo;t wait to hear the final edit. until then i&rsquo;m on the last train with&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">@johnmayer</a>&nbsp;&hellip;there are many things ye does that i may see differently, but that has zero to do with my love and respect for him&hellip; he might bend slightly, but this cat ain&rsquo;t breaking.&nbsp;&hellip;you don&rsquo;t have to agree to understand. you don&rsquo;t have see things the same way to love." <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company<a href="" target="_blank">Numerous Kanye fans are upset with the delays</a>, and for now, Lorenzo's comments might not sit right with Ye supporters. Regardless, those around Kanye are excited for what's to come, which should be a good sign, moving forward. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215390article, Jerry Lorenzo Hits Kanye West With Massive Praise Amid "DONDA" Delayblogs/7-2021/215390-jerry-lorenzo-hits-s.jpg1EST Gee & Lil Durk Rap Their Heads Off On Collaborative Track "In Town" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 08:35 GMT EST Gee has been one of the artists to watch for this past year as his previous project&nbsp;I Still Don't Feel Nun&nbsp;was a huge success amongst fans. His supporters have been waiting to see what he would come up with next and on Friday, he blessed all of the fans out there with&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Bigger Than Life or Death</a>&nbsp;which is an album that has some big features including Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, and even Lil Durk on the track "In Town." With "In Town" EST Gee can be heard spitting bars over an emotional piano-based instrumental that fits his lyrics and flow perfectly. Here, we have EST Gee rapping about violence and some of the things he has seen throughout his life. It is an emotionally honest look at gang violence, and with Lil Durk offering a verse, we get a cohesive track that is enjoyable all the way throughout. You can check out the song, below. <strong>Quotable Lyrics:</strong> My patience short, I can't go back and forth I passed out pieces of my heart in hopes you leave a corpse This the most murders in history, left the city torched via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215391song, EST Gee & Lil Durk Rap Their Heads Off On Collaborative Track "In Town"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Everything Coming & Leaving Netflix In August by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 08:29 GMT Summer isn&rsquo;t over yet, and Netflix&nbsp;is ensuring we've got a litany of series and movies to binge while on vacation. August will bring plenty of comedy, including all seven seasons of 30 Rock and Pineapple Express. Crime fans will be thrilled to check out <a href="" target="_blank">Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings Of Miami</a>&nbsp;and Narcos. Those good for a cheesy teen romance will love The Edge of Seventeen and the final The Kissing Booth 3. Leonardo&nbsp;Dicaprio fans will soon have two more of his best films to choose from&nbsp;Inception and Catch Me If You Can. Netflix&rsquo;s original content ranges from The Chair starring Sandra Oh as the first woman of color in her position at a major university, to Jason Momoa battling the monster that is Big Pharma in Sweet Girl. The Netflix series The Witcher gets an anime adaptation this round, with the prequel film to the series, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Check out the full list of additions, and below, that subtractions, for the month of August.&nbsp; <strong>Available TBA</strong>Comedy Premium League D.P. <strong>Available 8/1</strong>30 Rock: Seasons 1-7 Beethoven Beethoven&rsquo;s 2nd Beowulf Catch Me If You Can Darwin&rsquo;s Game Deep Blue Sea The Edge of Seventeen Ferris Bueller&rsquo;s Day Off Five Feet Apart Friday Night Lights: Seasons 1-5 Good Luck Chuck The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia Hunter X Hunter: Seasons 5-6 Inception The Lincoln Lawyer The Losers The Machinist Magnolia Major Payne My Girl My Girl 2 The Net The Original Kings of Comedy Pineapple Express Poms Seabiscuit Space Cowboys Team America: World Police <strong>8/3</strong>Pray Away Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified <strong>8/4</strong>Aftermath American Masters: Inventing David Geffen Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami Control Z: Season 2 Car Masters: Rust to Riches: Season 3 Cooking With Paris <strong>8/6</strong>Hit &amp; Run Navarasa The Swarm Vivo <strong>8/8</strong>Quartet <strong>8/9</strong>Shaman King <strong>8/10</strong>Gabby&rsquo;s Dollhouse: Season 2 Phil Wang: Philly Philly Wang Wang Untold Untold: Malice at the Palace <strong>8/11</strong>Bake Squad The Kissing Booth 3 La diosa del asfalto Misha and the Wolves <strong>8/12</strong>AlRawabi School for Girls Lokillo: Nothing&rsquo;s the Same Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild <strong>8/13</strong>Beckett Brand New Cherry Flavor Fast &amp; Furious Spy Racers: Season 5: South Pacific Gone for Good The Kingdom Valeria: Season 2 <strong>8/15</strong>Mother Goose Club: Seasons 3-4 Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: Season 1 Winx Club: Season 6 <strong>8/16</strong>Walk of Shame <strong>8/17</strong>Go! Go! Cory Carson: Season 5 Untold: Deal with the Devil <strong>8/18</strong>The Defeated Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes Out of my league The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student <strong>8/19</strong>Like Crazy <strong>8/20</strong>The Chair Everything Will Be Fine The Loud House Movie Sweet Girl <strong>8/23</strong>The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf <strong>8/24</strong>Oggy Oggy Untold: Caitlyn Jenner <strong>8/25</strong>Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal &amp; Greed Clickbait John of God: The Crimes of a Spiritual Healer Motel Makeover The November Man The Old Ways Open Your Eyes Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes Rainbow High: Part 2 Really Love The River Runner Tayo the Little Bus: Season 4 The Water Man <strong>8/26</strong>Edens Zero Family Reunion: Part 4 <strong>8/27</strong>He&rsquo;s All That I Heart Arlo Titletown High <strong>8/28</strong>Bread Barbershop: Season 2 Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha <strong>8/31</strong>Sparking Joy Untold: Crime and Penalties <strong>Leaving 8/1</strong>American Assassin <strong>8/4</strong>#cats_the_mewvie <strong>8/7</strong>The Promise <strong>8/9</strong>El Cartel: Seasons 1 &amp; 2 Nightcrawler <strong>8/12</strong>Safety Not Guaranteed Scary Movie 5 <strong>8/14</strong>Mother Goose Club: Seasons 1-2 <strong>8/15</strong>Jericho: Seasons 1-2 Wish I Was Here <strong>8/20</strong>Kill the Irishman Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom The Founder <strong>8/22</strong>1BR <strong>8/26</strong>The Angry Birds Movie 2 <strong>8/27</strong>A Princess for Christmas <strong>8/29</strong>Strange but True <strong>8/30</strong>Casino Royale The Eichmann Show Full Out Quantum of Solace Stranger than Fiction <strong>8/31</strong>Adrift Angel Eyes The Big Lebowski Chinatown The Departed Election The Girl Next Door Hey Arnold! The Movie Hot Rod Lemony Snicket&rsquo;s A Series of Unfortunate Events Love Actually Love Happens The Manchurian Candidate Monsters vs. Aliens The Muppets Muppets Most Wanted Nacho Libre Moon Kingdom Pootie Tang The Prince &amp; Me Resident Evil: Afterlife Resident Evil: Extinction The Ring Road to Perdition The Social Network Superbad The Time Traveler&rsquo;s Wife <strong>[<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>]</strong> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215392article, Everything Coming & Leaving Netflix In Augustbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Kevin Durant Pranked By Team USA In Hilarious Fashion by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 08:13 GMT After a year of delays,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the Olympics have finally begun in Tokyo, Japan</a> and fans are curious as to how it is going to play out. There are a lot of unknowns this year and with the threat of COVID-19 looming, there very well could be some big changes. When it comes to Team USA basketball, we have already seen plenty of shake-ups as numerous players were left at home due to positive COVID tests. Now,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the squad is being led by Kevin Durant</a> and there are some serious question marks revolving around whether or not this team can get the job done. Last night, Team USA spent the day at the opening ceremony where they got to see <a href="" target="_blank">Naomi Osaka light the Olympic Cauldron</a>. They are in for a very unique tournament, and as far as team building is concerned,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">they are already playing pranks on one another.</a> Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesIn a video posted to JaVale McGee's Instagram, you can see that various members of Team USA, including the crowd around them, started to sing Happy Birthday to Kevin Durant. If you know anything about KD, then you're well aware that his birthday is actually on September 29th, and not July 23rd. As a result of the whole ordeal, Durant seemed to be extremely confused, and based on the look on his face, he wasn't all that impressed either. It can be embarrassing to have that many people singing to you at once, especially in an enclosed space. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Elsa/Getty ImagesHopefully, KD can find some peace throughout the rest of the tournament. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215387article, Kevin Durant Pranked By Team USA In Hilarious Fashionblogs/7-2021/215387-kevin-durant-pranke-s.jpg1Kanye West Fans Livid Following Lengthy "DONDA" Delay by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 07:57 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">When Kanye West and Def Jam announced that his new album&nbsp;DONDA</a> would be dropping on July 23rd, fans were incredibly excited. Snippets for the album were circulating online and they were all incredibly good. It seemed as though Kanye was taking a whole new direction with the album, and there were plenty of reasons to be excited. Not to mention, on Thursday, Kanye hosted a&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">listening party in Atlanta which was livestreamed by Apple Music.&nbsp;</a> In the end, the listening party seemed underwhelming as every track appeared to be pretty unfinished. A lack of drums and substantial mixing had fans wanting more, and Kanye was well aware of the project's shortcomings.&nbsp;After failing to release the album on streaming services, Kanye went back to work with Mike Dean, and all throughout yesterday, there were rumblings that the album was on the way. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Universal Music GroupLast night, fans got an unfortunate shock to their systems as it was revealed <a href="" target="_blank">that the album had been delayed by another two weeks</a>. The information came straight from Justin Laboy, who has become an insider of sorts ever since&nbsp;DONDA was announced early last week. As you can imagine, the reactions to this news were not positive as fans lashed out at both Kanye and Laboy, who promised the album would be out as soon as late last night. Kanye is notorious for being late with his albums and when it comes to&nbsp;DONDA, we are stuck with what could be a very long wait. You can see what people had to say about the matter, in the tweets below. Also,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">check out our piece on the listening party, right here.</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215388article, Kanye West Fans Livid Following Lengthy "DONDA" Delayblogs/7-2021/215388-kanye-west-fans-liv-s.jpg1Cassidy Feels "Disrespected" By Tory Lanez's Response To Stealing Bars by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 01:45 GMT The war of words between Cassidy and Tory Lanez continues after the Rap veteran issues a response. Earlier this week, Cassidy took to Instagram to share a video that showed that over the years, Tory Lanez has been influenced by his style. The<a href="" target="_blank"> back-to-back clips of Lanez and Cassidy's rhymes</a> proved that bars were borrowed&mdash;or stolen, depending on who you ask&mdash;and later, Lanez admitted that Cassidy was one of his favorite artists. However, Lanez was hit with an onslaught of backlash and returned with another take. "I guess this is what happens when <a href="" target="_blank">you try to pay homage,</a>" said Lanez. "The first freestyle I shouted ya name out because you did inspire me. The second one I went on YOUR beat. Sh*t is sad how you old n*ggas be mad at the young n*ggas for not showing love then when we do...we get responses like this." Andrew H. Walker / Staff / Getty ImagesThat could have been the end, but Cassidy let his feelings be known during a chat with Hip Hop Uncensored. "I feel disrespected that he feel like just because he [an] artist with some songs out, that him rappin' to my beat is like,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">I should feel privileged.</a> Like I should feel like he doin' something for me, like I should feel grateful. F*ck outta here," said Cassidy. "N*ggas been rappin' to my beats. I been doin' this sh*t way before you came around. I don't give a f*ck about you rappin' to my beat... Pay homage for real, n*gga. Pay homage for real." "Pay homage and let n*ggas know I'm the reason why you sound and rap like that. Don't just f*ckin' rap on my beat. And I don't need no f*ckin' shoutouts from n*ggas. I ain't never asked for no shoutouts. I go plenty of relationships and I don't ask n*ggas to shout me out... I don't give a f*ck about none of that, man." Cassidy added that he has real responsibilities, a family, a company, and "people that I gotta take care of." He reiterated that shoutouts from other artists and rapping over his beats aren't things he necessarily cares about, but he does "give a sh*t about n*ggas stealing my sh*t, running with my sh*t, not giving me the credit." He added that had he not posted the video calling out Lanez, "the majority of people that heard that freestyle wouldn't have even knew he took my sh*t." The fanbase that has been rocking with&nbsp;Cassidy&nbsp;for years recognized it, but mainstream Rap fans didn't notice. "The average person ain't even know he was taking sh*t. They just thought they liked it. They just giving it the thumbs up and thought he was killin' it 'til they realized he was robbing sh*t." Check out the clip below and let us know if you agree with Cassidy. View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by Hip Hop Uncensored Podcast (@hiphopuncensoredpodcast)</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215379article, Cassidy Feels "Disrespected" By Tory Lanez's Response To Stealing Barsblogs/7-2021/215379-cassidy-feels-disre-s.jpg1Eazy-E's Daughter Ebie Called Out By DJ Speed For Tense Moment At Rapper's Gravesite by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 01:21 GMT We're set to receive a new documentary about the controversial life and death of Rap legend Eazy-E, but first, it was time to make sure his gravesite was taken care of properly. The late N.W.A. rapper's daughter Ebie is spearheading<a href="" target="_blank"> the docuseries The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E</a>, and as fans await the premiere next month, Eazy's loved ones recently gathered at his resting place to reportedly celebrate the rapper's headstone getting an update<a href="" target="_blank"></a> with the correct information. DJ Speed was there with Eazy's loved ones, including <a href="" target="_blank">several of the rapper's children</a>, and there was a tense moment when Ebie said a few words about her father's gravestone getting an update. "It's been almost twenty-five years that this tombstone has had the wrong birth year on it," Ebie began. "How that happened, I have no idea, makes no sense. I don't know how you couldn't have known your husband's birth year but okay." Ebie was told it was a simple mistake. "Our dad is Eazy-E. There's no such thing as a simple mistake," she replied. "It shouldn't have taken twenty-five years to change. This is a legend. This is our father. It should have been done as soon as we asked." She then mentioned that her sister fought for the change for many years and "had to do some things to make this happen." DJ Speed shared a video of the awkward moment and he wasn't happy with what took place. "Here you guys go,you get to see EB act like her mother in front of<a href="" target="_blank"> Eric&rsquo;s whole family</a> including his mother," he wrote in the caption. "This is the type of energy they bring,I never wanted to post this but you guys need to see how childish &amp; ignorant she acts,shout out @wrknwn0feelns @lileazy_e for keeping things going even with this interruptions." Despite the minor uncomfortable moment, Eazy-E's loved ones were happy to see that the headstone issue is now a thing of the past. Watch DJ Speed's clip below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215380article, Eazy-E's Daughter Ebie Called Out By DJ Speed For Tense Moment At Rapper's Gravesitebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Grimes Get Dragged For Admitting Elon Musk Doesn't Help Fund Music Career by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 00:43 GMT She has been dating a billionaire mogul for years, but Grimes recently clarified rumors that her beau, Elon Musk, was helping her financially fund her career. Grimes and Musk have been together since 2018 and just last year, they welcomed<a href="" target="_blank"> their son,&nbsp;X &AElig; A-Xii Musk</a>, into the world. The unconventional, yet wealthy couple has often stolen attention for their controversial moves and remarks, and the public seemed to assume that Grimes was funding her music career with the help of Musk's reported $160 billion net worth. The singer has worked as an independent artist but on TikTok, she was seen dancing to her song "100% Tragedy" and mentioned that she inked a record deal. "My label thinks this isn't a single what do y'all think?" she asked. Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty ImagesSoon, her comments were filled with questions regarding why she would sign to a label if Musk could help her financially. "Need to get out of the gate-keeping of indie music and I need $ for music videos etc haha contrary to popular belief my bf doesn't fund my career," Grimes replied. The response opened Grimes and Musk's romance up to becoming the butt of jokes from people who questioned what connects the two, but they seemed to be happily in love. Grimes even appeared alongside<a href="" target="_blank"> Musk on Saturday Night Live </a>during the tech mogul's hosting gig on the long-running, late-night sketch comedy show. Months ago, Grimes reportedly sold her<a href="" target="_blank"> crypto-art for $5.8 million</a>, so she certainly isn't hurting for cash.&nbsp;Check out Grimes explaining herself below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215378article, Grimes Get Dragged For Admitting Elon Musk Doesn't Help Fund Music Careerblogs/7-2021/215378-grimes-get-dragged-s.jpg1Dak Prescott Declines To Share Vaccination Status: "I Think That's HIPAA" by itstheboombap0, 24 Jul 2021 00:11 GMT As the Delta variant of COVID-19 sweeps across the United States, the<a href="" target="_blank"> NFL is taking drastic measures</a> to ensure the safety of its players. Whether or not one decides to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice, however, NFL executives are making it difficult for players and teams who <a href="" target="_blank">opt to remain unvaccinated</a>. This evening (July 23),&nbsp;Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was questioned about his vaccination status following the new set of strict rules enforced by the league. During a news conference, a reporter mentioned to Prescott that running back Ezekiel Elliot stated that the quarterback had yet to be vaccinated. When asked about it, Prescott seemed hesitant. Tom Pennington / Staff / Getty Images&ldquo;I don&rsquo;t necessarily think that&rsquo;s exactly important.<a href="" target="_blank"> I think that&rsquo;s HIPAA</a>,&rdquo; Prescott answered. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act enforces that health care professionals and industries protect a person's medical information against theft or fraud.&nbsp; &ldquo;I understand everybody&rsquo;s opinion and I think everybody has that right," Prescott reportedly added. "We wouldn&rsquo;t live in this country and we wouldn&rsquo;t be in the position that we&rsquo;re in if that wasn&rsquo;t the case. Obviously, we all have to do better jobs of educating ourselves, of educating our neighbors. Just on this whole pandemic, just this whole situation,<a href="" target="_blank"> the vaccine</a>." People noted that Prescott is quick to offer updates regarding his injuries and recoveries without citing HIPAA in the past. Many also called him out for misusing the term. Watch Dak Prescott give his response and read through a few reactions below. [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215376article, Dak Prescott Declines To Share Vaccination Status: "I Think That's HIPAA"blogs/7-2021/215376-dak-prescott-declin-s.jpg1Kanye West's "DONDA" Delayed As Justin Laboy Reveals New Release Date by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 23:31 GMT In the latest <a href="" target="_blank">kid-who-cried-DONDA-wolf</a> update, it doesn't seem that fans will be receiving the anticipated album just yet. Earlier this week, Kanye West announced that DONDA would arrive Friday (July 23), however, the record<a href="" target="_blank"> did not materialize</a>. There was first a listening event at the <a href="" target="_blank">ChurchLV in Las Vegas </a>and later,&nbsp;thousands of people made their way to Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium to watch the rapper deliver DONDA&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">at a listening party</a>. Tickets for the event reportedly sold for $20 or $50, not including the food items and merchandise that was for sale. Now that Friday has come to an official close in much of the U.S., it is clear that DONDA won't be released anytime soon. Justin Laboy has been offering updates about West and the album's release, even just hours ago saying that Ye is in the studio <a href="" target="_blank">making last-minute magic </a>and DONDA may arrive anytime. Now, Laboy is back, and this time, he has yet another <a href="" target="_blank">update about DONDA,</a> tweeting that the album will be released in two weeks. "KANYE WEST WILL MOVE THE RELEASE DATE OF DONDA TO AUGUST 6TH," tweeted Laboy. "THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE Red heart HE WANTS TO GIVE HIS FANS THE BEST POSSIBLE PRODUCT WITHOUT RUSHING ANYTHING.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">HE LOVES YALL</a> WITH ALL OF HIS HEART. GOD BLESS&nbsp;[praying hands emoji] #DONDA #RESPECTFULLY." We'll just have to wait and see what happens in the weeks to come. Check out Justin Laboy's tweets below and make sure to read our article:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Kanye West's Album Rollout Has Become An Experience.</a> View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by HotNewHipHop&reg; (@hotnewhiphop)</a> View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by HotNewHipHop&reg; (@hotnewhiphop)</a> v [<a href=",the%20NBA%20Finals%20this%20week." target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215377article, Kanye West's "DONDA" Delayed As Justin Laboy Reveals New Release Datebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Casanova Treats His Wife To Weeklong Birthday Celebration From Behind Bars by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 23:12 GMT He may be behind bars, but that doesn't mean Casanova won't go all out for his wife's birthday. In December 2020, Casanova&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">surrendered to federal authorities</a> after he was charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and firearms possession. The rapper has denied the allegations and issued a warning to his peers, telling them that <a href="" target="_blank">they are a target </a>and should move carefully because the authorities are watching closely. The rapper's wife, Jasmere Corbett, has repeatedly vocalized her dedication to her man, even taking to social media to&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">call out the so-called friends</a> who promised to be there for Casanova but mysteriously disappeared when things got tough. Casanova's current legal troubles aren't enough to keep him from spoiling Corbett, and she shared a few of her birthday shenanigans, courtesy of the rapper. It seems that Casanova planned a full week of fun activities for his wife and kicked things off with an intimate dinner with friends and family. Of course, luxury gifts were bestowed to the birthday girl before the crew partied the night away at a club. Corbett even shared a clip from her birthday last year when Casanova celebrated his leading lady<a href="" target="_blank"> as a free man.</a> "I didn't want to do nothing for my birthday and my man still planned me a surprise dinner yesterday," Corbett wrote on her Instagram Story. "And today he booked 10 flights for me and my friends 3 suite's and a yacht&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">all from in jail</a> lol I still got the realest n*gga out here! Free @bigcasanova_2x You n*ggas could NEVER! [finger peace sign emoji][red X emoji]." Check out a few highlights from Jasmere Corbett's birthday celebration below. Instagram<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Instagram<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image2"><img id="bvimg2" src="" title="" /></div> Instagram<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image3"><img id="bvimg3" src="" title="" /></div> Instagram<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image4"><img id="bvimg4" src="" title="" /></div> Instagram via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215371article, Casanova Treats His Wife To Weeklong Birthday Celebration From Behind Barsblogs/7-2021/215371-casanova-treats-his-s.jpg1R. Kelly Accused Of Bribery, Having Sexual Relationship With 17-Year-Old Boy: Report by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 22:41 GMT The cases being built against R. Kelly read like a fiction novel, but this is the disgraced singer's reality. Kelly has been behind bars as he awaits his trials in several states, and according to the Chicago Sun-Times, federal prosecutors are accusing the singer and his team of a slew of "uncharged crimes" including bribery, <a href="" target="_blank">the sexual abuse of minors</a>, physical abuse, and paying "hush-money" to keep people quiet. Prosecutors are hoping that a judge will allow them to mention these alleged crimes in court during his upcoming trial in Brooklyn that is slated to begin in August. Prosecutors reportedly made claims that R. Kelly had someone on his team "pay an Illinois state employee $500 to create a fake ID in 1994" for late singer Aaliyah to marry Kelly when she was just 15-years-old. Kelly is accused of marrying the young teen in order to keep her from testifying against him. Additionally, Kelly also&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">faces accusations</a> that in 2006, he met a 17-years-old boy at a McDonald's and invited the teen to his studio after the boy expressed that he wanted to get into the music industry. While there, Kelly allegedly asked the teen how far he would go in order to make it in the industry before the pair are said to have <a href="" target="_blank">engaged in sexual contact</a>. Later, the teen reportedly introduced Kelly to a "close male friend who was 16 or 17," and the singer is accused of having a sexual relationship with them, as well. A person who was reportedly a crisis manager for Kelly also allegedly paid off a Cook County clerk in 2019 after Kelly was charged with aggravated<a href="" target="_blank"> criminal sexual abuse</a>. The clerk was allegedly given $2,500 and a burner phone to report back with any information about Kelly's case as it developed. Federal authorities claimed that they obtained a recording of the conversation from R. Kelly's cellphone. Watch a news report about these allegations below. [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215372article, R. Kelly Accused Of Bribery Having Sexual Relationship With 17-Year-Old Boy: Reportbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Blueface Punches Person Who Jumped Into Ring Following Boxing Match by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 22:02 GMT Yet another rapper took to the ring, and this evening (July 23), Blueface went toe-to-toe with&nbsp;Kane Trujillo, a controversial TikTok star who was previously outted for stealing Black creators' content without credit. The rapper <a href="" target="_blank">was the expected victor </a>in the weeks leading up to the fight, and once they stepped into the ring, viewers accused Trujillo of either not giving any effort or treating the boxing match as a joke. Blueface put his skills on display and landed a few headshots that <a href="" target="_blank">seemed to stun Trujillo</a>&nbsp;once or twice, but the real action occurred after the match was over. View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by @bluefaceboxingcamp_</a> Trujillo and his team are seen in a viral clip congratulating Blueface as the victor, and as people were making their way <a href="" target="_blank">inside of the ring</a>, a random person rushed the rapper. It looked as if the person was trying to grab or hit Blueface, and security quickly came to his aid and pushed the assailant away. However, Blueface&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">was visibly angry</a> and went after the person. The video shows Blueface throwing, and landing, a few punches <a href="" target="_blank">before chaos ensued</a>. Police made their way to the ring as security was trying to get things in order, and the brief moment is being hailed as more exciting than the actual fight. Of course, there have been allegations that this was all staged, but you can take a look at the video and judge for yourself. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215362article, Blueface Punches Person Who Jumped Into Ring Following Boxing Matchbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Kanye West Fan Sells Bag Of Air From Listening Party In Atlanta by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 21:38 GMT You can almost hear Jeopardy's timer music playing worldwide as fans await the release of DONDA. The&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">listening party at the Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta</a> has been the talk of Hip Hop for the last 24 hours, and while Kanye West's fans believed they would receive his illustrious project in the wee hours of Friday (July 23) morning, they were left with another broken album release promise from Ye. However, the rapper's supporters were e<a href="" target="_blank">xcited to view snippets</a> of the listening party, and it was reported that before the event began, there were people already hawking merchandise on eBay for ghastly prices. Aside from the t-shirts and sweatshirts that were reportedly for sale, at least one person wanted to capitalize on their attendance by selling a bag of air from the event.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">The starting bid</a> reportedly came in at $3,333.33, plus $4 in shipping costs. This comes following memes and jokes about DONDA&nbsp;being a phantom album that won't actually have any music, just titles of songs. However,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Justin Laboy returned on Friday</a> evening with promises that DONDA will arrive today, noting that Ye and his team are making some last-minute additions while mixing and mastering at the last minute. Check out the ad for the bag of air below and let us know how much you believe this will sell for. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215363article, Kanye West Fan Sells Bag Of Air From Listening Party In Atlantabvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1JT Receives Backlash For Taking Saucy Santana's Mic During Rolling Loud Miami Performance by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 21:22 GMT For the first time in their career, the City Girls appeared on the Rolling Loud stage together. Quality Control Music's hitmaking Florida artists&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">appeared at Rolling Loud Miami</a> today (July 23), and they delivered renditions of some of their favorite tracks to a screaming audience. During their performance, the ladies showed off their dance skills and even allowed their good friend Saucy Santana to have a moment as he performed&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">his viral track, "Walk,"</a> a song that is allegedly a diss track about his online foe, Rolling Ray. A video of Santana's performance quickly went viral after JT was seen in the clip approaching him before taking the mic. Soon, social media users accused the City Girls rapper of "snatching" the microphone away from her friend, but she clarified what happened. "No&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">I was rushed</a> to get my mic back from DJ because our set was getting cut don&rsquo;t do that I would never I gave him my mic too perform &amp; was excited STOP," JT told a Twitter user. She added, "Happy for you they was too excited to see you @SaucySantana_." After Santana's Instagram profile was mysteriously deleted, it only intensified the controversy. Check out the Rolling Loud Miami moment below along with a few reactions. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215364article, JT Receives Backlash For Taking Saucy Santana's Mic During Rolling Loud Miami Performancebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Cardi B Denies She Was "Queer-Baiting" In "Wild Side" Visual With Normani by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 20:52 GMT The <a href="" target="_blank">steamy music video for "Wild Side" </a>has been on heavy rotation for Cardi B and Normani fans, but an article by Rolling Stone suggested that the pair of artists were "queer-baiting." The publication mentioned other artists like Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande who have been accused of performing actions or using imagery that <a href="" target="_blank">would entice LGBTQIA+ </a>audiences, and because Normani and Cardi were getting close in their "Wild Side" visual, their names were added to the list. "Most recently, Normani was criticized on Instagram by a user and accused of something similar, which was later shared across Twitter," Rolling Stone reported. "In her recent video for her song 'Wild Side,' featuring Cardi B, the two are pictured naked and gyrating against one another." Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty ImagesAfter the outlet tweeted a link to their article, Cardi quickly clapped back. "Uuummmm @RollingStone queer baiting? You do know we was trying to hide a whole baby bump right ?" she wrote. "Also I&rsquo;m married to a man but I have express soo much&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">about my bisexuality</a> and my experiences wit girls .All of a sudden 'queer baiting' is the new word &amp; people use it to the ground !" The rapper also expressed a dislike for the term because she claims it almost forces people to out themselves. "I don&rsquo;t like this new 'queer baiting' word," Cardi added. "I feel like it pressure artist to&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">talk about their sexuality</a> or their experiences that they don&rsquo;t feel comfortable speaking about.If a artist kiss a girl on a video does that means she gotta show videos &amp; text wit wit other women?" Rolling Stone hasn't responded to Cardi's tweets, but you can check out the exchange below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215359article, Cardi B Denies She Was "Queer-Baiting" In "Wild Side" Visual With Normaniblogs/7-2021/215359-cardi-b-denies-she-s.jpg1Kevin Hart Was Invited To Travel To Space But Turned Down The Offer by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 20:24 GMT We're not sure how your 2021 Bingo Card is going, but<a href="" target="_blank"> the billionaire space race </a>is an unexpected turn of events. We've watched as both Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have paid top dollar to launch themselves into great heights, and while both multi-billionaires have shared stories of exhilarating moments in the sky, they've been heavily criticized for how they've opted to spend their money. On his&nbsp;Sirius XM show Straight From The Hart, Kevin Hart revealed that he was offered a spot on an spacecraft, but the father of three ultimately decided against it. Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff / Getty Images"I was offered a seat <a href="" target="_blank">on a shuttle to space</a>, and the offer came with wanting to document a celebrity's experience," said Hart. "They said they wanted to document my experience from start to finish and have me complete it. It was like&nbsp;thirty, forty-five days of spending time with a team, and then you're looking at a sixty to ninety-minute trip." These space trips come with serious health hazards that can prove to be fatal and in this time of his life, Hart is more concerned with his growing family. "I said, 'I would love to know the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">record of space shuttles</a> that made it versus the ones that didn't. What's the record of success versus non-success?' And that's my reason," Hart said. "That number is too close. It's not a crazy upside-down number one way or the other. It's too f*cking&nbsp;close, and that's that for me." That doesn't mean that Hart has tossed out the idea of making his way into space altogether.&nbsp; "Now, if I'm on the other side of life &mdash; if I'm sixty, sixty-five &mdash; my kids are a certain age, I've seen all the flowers blossom, and I'd have lived life, [then] that's something that you punctuate it with," he said. "At this point, when you've got these little ones &mdash; nah, I can't f*ck around with space at this point." Check out Bezos's video of his experience below. View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos)</a> [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215360article, Kevin Hart Was Invited To Travel To Space But Turned Down The Offerblogs/7-2021/215360-kevin-hart-was-invi-s.jpg1Justin Bieber Asks Court For $10Mil Default Judgment Against Sexual Assault Accuser: Report by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 19:47 GMT While we were in the middle of a global pandemic and locked under quarantine, two women named Danielle and Khadidja came forward to <a href="" target="_blank">accuse Justin Bieber of sexual assault</a>. They shared their alleged encounters with the Popstar on social media, and immediately, Bieber fired back, denying the allegations. We previously reported on the scandal and at the time, Bieber reportedly stated that he had receipts to prove that he wasn't near the locations the women claimed he was during their encounters. Bieber reportedly<a href="" target="_blank"> sued both women for $10 million</a> and on Friday (July 23), Radar Online reported that the 27-year-old singer is calling on a court to award him his money. Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty ImagesBieber has filed lawsuits citing defamation, and now, he wants a Los Angeles judge to issue a default judgment against Khadidja Djibrine. She claimed that on May 5, 2015, Bieber assaulted her "around 2:30 a.m. at the Langham Hotel in New York." Bieber called foul on the allegations, calling Khadidja a "superfan" who has repeatedly been seen waiting "outside of his hotels." On the evening in question, Bieber attended the MET Gala and while he did appear at an event at the Langham Hotel that night, he left to attend a private after-party that lasted un 4:00 a.m. His attorney called Khadidja's story an "impossibility &mdash; <a href="" target="_blank">a poor, but damaging, fabrication</a>" because there is plenty of evidence to prove it could not have occurred. It appeared that Bieber's team has stated that Khadidja has yet to respond to the documents filed on the singer's behalf and they are hoping that the courts will award him a $10 million default judgment. [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215357article, Justin Bieber Asks Court For $10Mil Default Judgment Against Sexual Assault Accuser: Reportblogs/7-2021/215357-justin-bieber-asks-s.jpg1YN Jay Crafts One Of The Fattest Blunts In "How To Roll" History by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 19:41 GMT Coming out of Michigan, breakout artist YN Jay has been having himself quite the run thanks to a plethora of unique singles and mixtapes. Nicknamed "The Coochie Man," you can probably guess what YN Jay loves to rap about. He has plenty of songs with "Coochie" in the title including "Coochie," "Coochie Land," and "Coochie Language." He even dropped his tape Coochie Chronicles a few days ago, which just goes to show what type of time he's on right now. YN Jay just so happens to be a connoisseur when it comes to the world of weed, and to help spread this knowledge, YN Jay found himself on the HNHH couch for a brand new episode of our recurring series "How To Roll." Right off the bat, YN Jay expressed his distaste for Gorilla Glue #4. As the Michigan rapper explains, he's moved on to other things and that at this point, GG4 is simply overplayed. Image via HNHHYN Jay eventually explained his distaste for dispensary weed, which has been lackluster in the Michigan area since he can remember. "I never really liked the dispensary weed my whole life," he said. "I'm from Michigan, we ain't got no good dispensaries at all." When it comes to rolling, YN Jay has proven to be a master of his craft as he prefers to roll the biggest blunts possible. Throughout the episode, YN Jay explained that this allows him to save his blunts for later if he starts to get a bit too high. Unfortunately, this philosophy has led to some less than ideal conditions when staying at hotels, as they are constantly kicking him out. "Like I'm banned from like 56 hotels," he said. "I made the water come out of the [ceiling]. The sprinkler comes on in the hotel and everybody runs out. Shit happens man." The Michigan artist has a hilarious personality and it truly shines in this latest episode of "How To Roll," which you can catch right here. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Image via HNHH via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215358video, YN Jay Crafts One Of The Fattest Blunts In "How To Roll" Historyblogs/7-2021/215358-yn-jay-crafts-one-f-s.jpg1Olympics Opening Ceremony Director Fired For 1998 Holocaust Joke: Report by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 19:07 GMT A 1998 comedy show has come back to bite the Olympics in the behind. Kentaro Kobayashi acted as the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Tokyo Olympics</a> opening ceremony director and was looking forward to finally kicking off the worldwide sports event today (July 23), but he was reportedly fired this week after it was revealed that back in the late 1990s, Kobayashi made an insensitive joke about the Holocaust. The&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Olympics organizing committee</a> stated Kobayashi was let go &ldquo;after a joke he had made in the past about a painful historical event was brought to light."&nbsp;The committee's president Seiko Hashimoto said, "We found out that Mr. Kobayashi, in his own performance, had used a phrase ridiculing a historical tragedy." &ldquo;We deeply apologize for causing such a development the day before the opening ceremony and <a href="" target="_blank">for causing troubles </a>and concerns to many involved parties as well as the people in Tokyo and the rest of the country," Hashimoto added. Later, Kobayashi shared that he was regretful for the resurfaced remarks. "Entertainment should not make people feel uncomfortable. I understand that&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">my stupid choice</a> of words at that time was wrong, and I regret it," he said. The opening ceremony continued without Kobayashi and the torch was carried by Naomi Osaka who lit the cauldron to mark the beginning of the&nbsp;events. According to NBC News, Kobayashi wasn't the only person fired; earlier this week, musician Keigo "Cornelius" Oyamada, a key member of the opening ceremony creative team, was let go after accusations of him bullying his disabled classmates circulated on social media. His music was also removed from the ceremony. [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215349article, Olympics Opening Ceremony Director Fired For 1998 Holocaust Joke: Reportbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Spencer Dinwiddie Reportedly Interested In Joining Lakers by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 19:05 GMT Heading into the NBA offseason, there are various&nbsp;free agents who are set to make a huge splash on the market. One of those players is none other than Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets. <a href="" target="_blank">Dinwiddie has proven himself to be a highly effective point guard </a>who can be a starter on a team that needs one. At this point in his career, he is not looking to be a backup, and instead, would much rather be the starting guy on a championship-contending roster. Over the last few weeks,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Dinwiddie has been vocal about how much money he's looking for.</a> For now, it seems like he won't settle for anything less than the $20 million per year range, although we'll just have to wait and see whether or not a team is willing to pay that price.&nbsp; Sarah Stier/Getty ImagesIn a new report from Broderick Turner of&nbsp;The Los Angeles Times, it was theorized that Dinwiddie is taking a hard look at the Los Angeles Lakers, who could very well be in need of a point guard if they decide to move on from Dennis Schroder. Schroder was not a good fit for the Lakers, and if the purple and gold&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">can't get Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, or Kyle Lowry,</a> then Dinwiddie could be a prime option. With free agency beginning soon, be sure to keep it locked to HotNewHipHop as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest updates. In the meantime, let us know where you think Dinwiddie should land, in the comments below. [<a href=";__twitter_impression=true" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215350article, Spencer Dinwiddie Reportedly Interested In Joining Lakersblogs/7-2021/215350-spencer-dinwiddie-r-s.jpg1Kanye West's "DONDA" Is Being Completed Right Now, Says Justin Laboy by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 18:40 GMT The Respectfully Justin host was the first to kick off the DONDA hype and now,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Justin Laboy is offering updates</a> about the album. Last night, Kanye West descended on Atlanta to host a&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">massive listening party</a> at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Thousands of people gathered for the historical moment as Ye took to an open, empty field to share his anticipated project. Ye promised that DONDA would arrive on Friday (July 23), but at the stroke of midnight, DONDA was suspiciously missing. People refreshed their streaming services continuously hoping for an update, but it's apparent that West wanted to&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">work on a few more things</a> before giving us the album in all of its glory. Laboy returned to Twitter to <a href="" target="_blank">offer up a few updates </a>while keeping the hype alive for a despondent fanbase. A Twitter user said that people shouldn't have believed Laboy in the first place. "Bxch if I said the album coming then it&rsquo;s coming [sideways crying laughing emojis] the days not over yet [shout emojis] #Donda #Respectfully." "<a href="" target="_blank">DONDA WILL BE RELEASED</a>. THE DAY IS NOT OVER YET. LAST MINUTE MAGIC IS BEING ADDED IN ATLANTA. God Bless [praying hands emoji] #Respectfully," he added. "This Kanye x Chris Brown record&nbsp;[mind blown emoji] how tf is CB this great dog it&rsquo;s not even fair&nbsp;[facepalm emoji] #Respectfully." So, for those of you who have been waiting impatiently, keep your fingers crossed. Check out Laboy's tweets below. Twitter<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Twitter<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image2"><img id="bvimg2" src="" title="" /></div> Twitter via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215351article, Kanye West's "DONDA" Is Being Completed Right Now Says Justin Laboyblogs/7-2021/215351-kanye-wests-donda-i-s.jpg1Leon Bridges Delivers Some Silky Smooth R&B Aesthetics On "Gold-Diggers Sound" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 18:33 GMT Leon Bridges is one of the best and most consistent r&amp;b artists in the world right now, so it only makes sense that fans would be highly anticipating his next body of work. For months now, fans have been waiting on the release of&nbsp;Gold-Diggers Sound which has seen a multitude of singles including&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">"Motorbike,"</a> and&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">"Why Don't You Touch Me."</a> All of these songs contain Bridges signature songwriting ability and on the finished album, we get a smooth r&amp;b album that provides us with various moods and vibes. Throughout this project, Bridges gives us some light instruments that allow his vocals and feelings to fully thrive. Lyrically, Bridges touches on heartbreak and all of the feelings and emotions that come with that. For the vast majority of the album, Bridges takes on most of the heavy lifting although there are some features near the end from Terrace Martin and Ink. You can stream the new album, below. <strong>Tracklist:</strong> 1. Born Again 2. Motorbike 3. Steam 4. Why Don't You Touch Me 5. Magnolias 6. Gold-Diggers (Junior's Fanfare) 7. Details 8. Sho Nuff 9. Sweeter (ft. Terrace Martin) 10. Don't Worry (ft. Ink) 11. Blue Mesas via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215352mixtape, Leon Bridges Delivers Some Silky Smooth R&B Aesthetics On "Gold-Diggers Sound"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Jack Harlow Fully Supports Lil Nas X "Industry Baby" Nude Shower Scene by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 18:19 GMT As conversations regarding whether or not DONDA will finally be revealed to the world continue, critics have taken aim at Lil Nas X. The "Old Town Road" chart-topper released a single on Friday (July 23) that has caused a bit of a ruckus. "Industry Baby" features&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">a look from Jack Harlow</a> and in the music video, the pair&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">play the roles of prisoners</a> who take over a jail. Lil Nas X warned people before the song's release that the video wasn't for children, yet still, the public was surprised to see an all-male shower scene that showed Lil Nas X and Co. pulling off their best choreography in the nude. Nas X has been<a href="" target="_blank"> open about his sexuality </a>since coming out and he's made sure to incorporate all facets of his life into his art. However, not everyone was accepting, and fans attempted to drag Harlow for approving of the music video's concept. The Kentucky rapper&nbsp;came forward on Twitter to share that he fully supports his collaborator. "Nas wrote the whole treatment for this video and I followed his lead every step of the way. If he had asked me to&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">be in that shower scene</a> I woulda been in that shower scene. I just let the mastermind cook. Honored to be apart of it." After seeing Harlow's tweet, Lil Nas X added that he wanted a do-over. "Wait!!! i didn&rsquo;t know! let&rsquo;s shoot it again! please jack harlow!!! please," he joked. Then, the pair traded suggestive tweets and quips that <a href="" target="_blank">further fueled the critics' </a>controversy, but they didn't seem to take much notice. Check out these two hitmakers having fun on Twitter below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215353article, Jack Harlow Fully Supports Lil Nas X "Industry Baby" Nude Shower Scenebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Nike Air Max 97 Gets Bright New "Multi-Color" Offering: Photos by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 17:53 GMT Back in 2017, Nike celebrated the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">20th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 97</a> by dropping a retro version of the "Silver Bullet" colorway. As soon as this shoe was released, it was gobbled up by sneakerheads and as a result, a massive Air Max 97 resurgence was placed upon us. Over the past few years, there has been a plethora of new Air Max 97 colorways and fans are always eager to get their hands on a pair. It is fairly easy to see why this is the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">case when you consider how the Air Max 97 has a streamlined silhouette</a> that works with a multitude of outfits. In the official images below, you can see that the latest Air Max 97 model is a multi-color offering that has some crisp lines on top of a white base. From the bottom up, we have a nice shade of blue, some yellow, red, and then mint green to add the cherry on top. These are great for summer and will prove to look nice alongside an all-black or all-white fit. No release details have been released for these although they will be hitting stores within the next couple of weeks for a price of $170 USD. Let us know in the comments below what you think of these and whether or not they are a must-cop. Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image2"><img id="bvimg2" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image3"><img id="bvimg3" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image4"><img id="bvimg4" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image5"><img id="bvimg5" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215345article, Nike Air Max 97 Gets Bright New "Multi-Color" Offering: Photosblogs/7-2021/215345-nike-air-max-97-get-s.jpg1Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe" Coming Soon: Official Images by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 17:32 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Ever since the Air Jordan 1's inception in 1984</a>, it has received some pretty incredible colorways. If you're a Michael Jordan fan, the best offerings are those that pay homage to his Chicago Bulls. Of course,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">these colorways are always some sort of mixture</a> of red, black, and white. While the High OG is the most popular vessel for these colorways, there is no denying that the Air Jordan 1 Low also has its merits, as well. In fact, the Air Jordan 1 Low is getting yet another Chicago-inspired colorway,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">this time in the form of the "Bred Toe" aesthetic,</a> which just so happens to be a shoe that dropped all the way back in 2018 on the Jordan 1 High OG. The official images below showcase a shoe that has red on the toe as well as the back heel and outsole. From there, the shoe has white side panels all while the overlays are made of black leather. Overall, it is one of those timeless Air Jordan 1 colorways that does the low-top silhouette wonders. There is no concrete release date for these although you can expect them to drop sooner rather than later for $90 USD. Let us know what you think, in the poll and comments below. Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image2"><img id="bvimg2" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image3"><img id="bvimg3" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image4"><img id="bvimg4" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike<div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image5"><img id="bvimg5" src="" title="" /></div> Image via Nike via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215346article, Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe" Coming Soon: Official Imagesblogs/7-2021/215346-air-jordan-1-low-br-s.jpg1Doodie Lo & Pooh Shiesty Call Out Phonies On Their Fiery New Track "Bodies" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 17:03 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Doodie Lo</a>&nbsp;and Pooh Shiesty have officially joined forces for a new&nbsp;single, and while&nbsp;their names being listed side by side may be humorous to some, there's nothing funny about&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the Chicago and Memphis artists'&nbsp;collaboration.</a> Titled "Bodies," the new&nbsp;brief track boasts hard-hitting production from&nbsp;AyoJarii, and the song finds Doodie and Pooh calling cap on the phonies and internet thugs who claim to have caught bodies in the past. <a href="" target="_blank">Unfortunately, Pooh Shiesty</a>&nbsp;is currently behind bars and unable to celebrate the release of "Bodies," but in honor of his collaborator's absence, Doodie Lo took to Instagram to commemorate the&nbsp;Shiesty Season rapper. "FREE SHIESTY,"&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the OTF rapper</a> stated. "WE GONE TURN UP FOR YOU SLIME VIDEO COMING SOON BODIES BODIES BODIES BODIES." Following Pooh Shiesty's hit&nbsp;single&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">"Back in Blood"</a> with Lil Durk, "Bodies" marks yet another collaboration between the 1017 artist and the OTF camp,&nbsp;so watch the music video for Doodie Lo and Poosh Shiesty's "Bodies" below and let us know what you think about Doodie and Pooh's on-wax chemistry. <strong>Quotable Lyrics</strong> I b with the killers' killer killers Do you understand me? (I do) Shootin' at the crib and at your opps Do you love your family? via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215338song, Doodie Lo & Pooh Shiesty Call Out Phonies On Their Fiery New Track "Bodies"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Patrick Mahomes Receives Critical Injury Update Ahead Of NFL Season by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 16:54 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Patrick Mahomes is the highest-paid quarterback</a>&nbsp;in the entire NFL and it makes sense as to why this is the case. In his short career, Mahomes has already led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory and two Super Bowl appearances. Moving forward, Mahomes is expected to win more championships and when it comes to his stats,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">he is easily one of the most dominant forces in the entire NFL.</a> Last season,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Mahomes hurt his foot during the postseason</a> and he even played through the injury during the Super Bowl. At the end of the season, Mahomes was forced to have surgery and since that time, Chiefs fans have been waiting for an update in regards to his status for the start of the season. <strong>Patrick Smith/Getty Images</strong>Today, it was reported by Adam Teicher of ESPN that Mahomes is feeling just fine and that he will get to be a full participant in training camp. As you can imagine, this is some fantastic news for the Chiefs who need Mahomes healthy if they want any real chance of being successful throughout the year. The Chiefs will be one of the contenders in the AFC this season and it's hard to picture another team giving them a hard time. Either way, the Chiefs faithful have a lot to be excited for this season. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215339article, Patrick Mahomes Receives Critical Injury Update Ahead Of NFL Seasonblogs/7-2021/215339-patrick-mahomes-rec-s.jpg1"NBA 2K22" Will Now Feature Hip-Hop Career Side Quests by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 16:35 GMT One of the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">biggest video game franchises in the world is NBA 2K</a> and every single year, the game gets a brand new iteration that represents the current NBA season. With each passing year, the game receives some graphical updates all while new features are added to appease gamers who want to justify spending $60 on the same game every year.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">While 2K has received criticism in the past,</a> "NBA 2K22" is looking to right the wrongs from last year, and it seems like some interesting modes could be introduced. As always, there will be a career mode where you can create your own player and have them rise up the ranks from high school to college all the way to the pros. Once you get drafted by an NBA team, you can lead your squad to victory and maybe even win some championships. In "NBA 2K22," however, there is going to be an added component to the career mode. John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20According to Screen Rant, the game is set to have side careers that your character can participate in if they so choose. One of those paths is to pursue a career in hip-hop. Over the years, various basketball players have made music, including the likes of Damian Lillard, Andre Drummond, Lonzo Ball, and Marvin Bagley, just to name a few. With that being said, this mode could prove to be a unique addition to the game. "NBA 2K22" is set to drop in just a couple of months from now, and below, you can find all of the various covers which include Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and even Candace Parker. Also,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">check out our long-form piece on the history of NBA rappers, right here.</a> [<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215340article, "NBA 2K22" Will Now Feature Hip-Hop Career Side Questsblogs/7-2021/215340-nba-2k22-will-now-f-s.jpg1Childish Major Fills The Release Day Void With An Incredible New Project by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 16:20 GMT Announcing your project's release date weeks in advance and then finding out days before it drops that <a href="" target="_blank">an artist as huge as Kanye West</a>&nbsp;has commandeered your release date must be a difficult pill to swallow. That exact situation happened to Childish Major earlier this week when Kanye emerged from the mythical Donda sessions and announced that&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">his tenth studio album</a> would be releasing on July 23. Nevertheless,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Childish Major</a> took the news in stride and decided to make a light-hearted competition out of it. After posting his fair share of memes to Instagram, Childish Major continued to remain confident in his latest body of work, and by the time midnight rolled around, his release date competitor's album was nowhere to be found. While many fans are understandably bummed out about&nbsp;DONDA being nowhere to be found, this is the perfect time to listen to Childish Major's Thank you, God. For it all. Executive produced by Don Cannon, the seven-track project features quotable features from Yung Baby Tate and ScHoolboy Q, and it also finds <a href="" target="_blank">the&nbsp;Dirt Road Diamond artist</a> back in his element.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Childish Major's</a>&nbsp;versatile new offering also boasts impeccable production courtesy of Hollywood Cole and JetsonMade. Plus, with a lean runtime of under 20 minutes, you'll have plenty of time to run&nbsp;Thank you, God. For it all.&nbsp;back a couple of times, because after one listen, you'll definitely want to. <strong>Tracklist:</strong> 1. Player's Prayer 2. Check (feat. Yung Baby Tate) 3. Money Power Respect 4. Down South 5.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">F Yah Job</a> 6.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Disrespectful</a> (feat. ScHoolboy Q) 7. Thank you, God. For it all. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215341mixtape, Childish Major Fills The Release Day Void With An Incredible New Projectbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Considering Leaving Clippers, Fans React by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 16:18 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">After winning a championship with the Toronto Raptors in 2019</a>, Kawhi Leonard quickly became the hottest commodity in the entire NBA. He was pursued by numerous teams in free agency and in the end, he had his choice between the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Raptors. Eventually, Kawhi decided to go home to Los Angeles and play for the Clippers,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">who went out and got Paul George to complement Kawhi's skill set.</a> While the Clippers have been a good regular-season team, Kawhi and PG have yet to lead the team to the NBA Finals, despite being title favorites over the last two seasons. Now, Kawhi has a player option for next season and&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">it is expected that he will decline the option</a> so that he can get paid more, all while testing free agency again. Alex Goodlett/Getty ImagesMany felt like this was simply a formality and that Leonard would be back with the Clippers no matter what. According to Marc Stein, this might not be the case as sources are saying that there are no guarantees when it comes to Leonard's status. Teams like the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and Dallas Mavericks are preparing themselves for this reality, which is yet another indicator that Leonard might be serious about moving teams. This would certainly be a drastic move, and for now, fans aren't buying it. As you can see in the tweet below, NBA fans believe it would be weak for Kawhi to leave Los Angeles and that as it stands, the Clippers give him the best shot at winning the title. Let us know what you think Kawhi should do, in the comments below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215342article, Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Considering Leaving Clippers Fans Reactblogs/7-2021/215342-kawhi-leonard-repor-s.jpg1Iggy Azalea Says She's No Longer Posting Her Son Onyx Following His Outfit Backlash by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 15:58 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Iggy Azalea</a>&nbsp;has reached the peak&nbsp;of her <a href="" target="_blank">frustration with social media trolls</a>. In what was supposed to be a simple, yet endearing post on the Gram <a href="" target="_blank">about her son</a>,&nbsp;has instead, became a target for online haters to express their negative opinions about Onyx's outfit and <a href="" target="_blank">Azalea's parenting</a>, respectively. Soon after venting her frustrations on social media,&nbsp;Iggy announced, "I've decided I won&rsquo;t be posting about onyx or sharing images online anymore. Y&rsquo;all not about to be out here playing with my baby on my watch, nope!"&nbsp; Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesIggy Azalea's now deleted Instagram post&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">included a picture of&nbsp;the one-year old son Onyx</a>&nbsp;she shares with Playboi Carti,&nbsp;dressed in a dinosaur costume with the caption "His outfit of choice today." The scathing comments in response to his 'fit then ensued, with users on Twitter clowning the young child's&nbsp;outfit, questioning&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the "Kream" rapper's</a> parenting skills, and asking&nbsp;on the whereabouts of <a href="" target="_blank">Playboi Carti</a>, Azalea's former love interest.&nbsp; Iggy Azalea fired back, including&nbsp;some roasts of her own, and after giving it a day to mull over, <a href="" target="_blank">it seems she's taken Safaree's advice.</a> Check out the tweets that&nbsp;led&nbsp;Iggy to remove her son's likeness from social media below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215333article, Iggy Azalea Says She's No Longer Posting Her Son Onyx Following His Outfit Backlashblogs/7-2021/215333-iggy-azalea-says-sh-s.jpg1BJ The Chicago Kid Brings It All Together On "4 AM" EP by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 15:52 GMT For the past few weeks, BJ The Chicago Kid has been blessing us with a slew of new singles. Evidently, each single was drawn from the same source -- his brand new EP, simply titled&nbsp;4 AM.&nbsp; In a statement leading up to the project's release, BJ elaborated on his inspiration for landing on this particular name: "I am naturally a night owl and for creatives that stay up like me, 4 am in the morning is like the magic hour where all your best ideas flow. These songs are without a doubt some of my strongest!&rdquo; Though it's likely that die-hard fans of the talented melodist have already heard this nocturnally-charged batch -- which<a href="" target="_blank"> includes "Fancy,"</a> "Type Of Day" with Eric Bellinger, "Make You Feel Good,"&nbsp;and "Love You Slow -- it never hurts to have a batch of loosies tethered as a singular body of work. Now, they can be listened to in one sitting, and perhaps new themes may reveal themselves in the process. In case you missed it, or if you're simply looking for a new reason to give BJ's music another spin, be sure to check out&nbsp;4 AM,&nbsp;officially released in one cohesive package today. We can only hope this is a precursor to a longer project, as BJ appears to be locked in a creative stride at the moment. What's your favorite track off his new EP? via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215334mixtape, BJ The Chicago Kid Brings It All Together On "4 AM" EPbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Joe Rogan Accuses "SNL" Of Stealing Material: "It's Horrific" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 15:46 GMT Joe Rogan's vendetta against&nbsp;Saturday Night Live continued this week when he spoke with <a href="" target="_blank">short-lived&nbsp;SNL&nbsp;contributor Shane Gillis</a>. <a href="" target="_blank">After making comments about the overly-woke atmosphere around the show a few months ago</a>, the host of the&nbsp;Joe Rogan Podcast&nbsp;took an alternative angle to attack the show, this time calling it "a den of thieves." Rogan was referring to the&nbsp;show's&nbsp;writers and comedians habit of stealing material and jokes, which was corroborated by Gillis who worked on the show for only a four-day period. "You hear Jim Breuer&rsquo;s&nbsp;account of the climate in that place and it&rsquo;s horrific," Rogan starts, referencing his own interview with Breuer, an SNL&nbsp;cast member&nbsp;in the 90s. "They&rsquo;re all stealing from writers, they&rsquo;re stealing from performers. If you&rsquo;re a writer and you submit your packages, the higher-up writers will steal your shit, according to Breuer," Rogan said. The host continued to describe the process by which the show steals material: "If you submit a package, they own that package, even if they don&rsquo;t hire you. So if you have some great premises, they decide they&rsquo;re just going to take your premises and not hire you, they own all those bits.&rdquo; Gillis corroborated the accusations and echoed Breuer's claims that cast members would take content from each other or those who would send in ideas. Gillis was fired from SNL 2019 after working there for just four days after a video surfaced of the comedian using racial slurs.&nbsp; There has been no response from the show, and there probably won't be. Check out the full episode with Gillis and Rogan below, or stream the clip in particular about SNL. <a href="" target="_blank">[via]</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215335article, Joe Rogan Accuses "SNL" Of Stealing Material: "It's Horrific"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Roddy Ricch's Feature On "DONDA" Addresses His Past Frustrations With Kanye West by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 15:37 GMT Even though new&nbsp;albums don't&nbsp;always get a proper physical release,&nbsp;music is still one of the most long-lasting forms of media. Where interviews or videos on YouTube may disappear, the albums, EPs, and singles that artists leave behind tend to stand the test of time.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Roddy Ricch may agree</a> with that sentiment because on <a href="" target="_blank">Kanye West's imminent tenth studio album&nbsp;Donda</a>, the&nbsp;Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial artist&nbsp;took a moment to officially squash&nbsp;any lingering differences between the two Grammy award-winning rappers. For those unfamiliar with <a href="" target="_blank">the tension between Roddy Ricch and Ye</a>, the former artist found himself in a befuddled state after stumbling across the video that&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Kanye West</a> posted to Twitter that featured him urinating on one of his Grammy trophies. The video reportedly irritated Roddy to the point that the typically anti-social media artist ranted about&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">West's actions</a> on Instagram. "If I get nominated for six Grammys, and a n***a I look to have twenty-five of these muthaf*ckas, and I come in here and I want to get nominated for six this year," Roddy can be heard saying in the clip. "I feel that's a good number. And this year, the n***a just piss on that sh*t. How you think that made the world look at my accomplishment? That I worked for. I did all this sh*t! And you pissing on sh*t. That sh*t be lame." <a href="" target="_blank">Roddy Ricch's criticism</a>&nbsp;eventually went viral, and&nbsp;months later,&nbsp;he hit&nbsp;Big Boy's Neighborhood for an interview and discussed the situation further.&nbsp; View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by HotNewHipHop&reg; (@hotnewhiphop)</a> When speaking to&nbsp;Big Boy, Roddy explained that he had initially just reacted off of pure emotion, and he&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">clarified that there was no bad blood</a> between him and <a href="" target="_blank">the Jesus Is King artist</a>.&nbsp; "I feel like what I was saying, I needed to gather my thoughts more and say it how I wanted to say it. What I was saying was I grew up looking to a Kanye or Jay as like, if I do this, I wanna have twenty [Grammys] because that's what they did," the 22-year-old artist remarked. "When I seen [Kanye] pissing on a Grammy, it kinda rubbed me wrong 'cause I was like, damn n***a, now that I'm getting nominated, I feel like everybody's sh*tting on the accolades....In that moment, that's more so what I was thinking. No disrespect to Kanye because he's a legend. He's the guy. I pulled up on him, we chopped it up so it ain't no disrespect to him." Although he didn't talk in further detail about what pulling up on Kanye was like, it turns out that the two creative forces eventually teamed up for one of the songs on&nbsp;DONDA. A snippet from&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the listening event in Atlanta</a> has surfaced that previews Roddy's contribution to the album, and during the clip, you can hear Roddy&nbsp;recounting that aforementioned moment on wax. In the snippet, Roddy airs out his grievances with Ye once and for all, rapping, "They said I was mad at the Grammys, but I'm looking at my Grammy right now/Pulled up on Ye and said they don't understand me, I just want my dog to pipe down." The audio quality of Roddy Ricch's feature isn't the best, but seeing that&nbsp;we're still awaiting the official release of DONDA, it will have to do for the time being. Check it out below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215336article, Roddy Ricch's Feature On "DONDA" Addresses His Past Frustrations With Kanye Westbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Brady Watt Unites Westside Gunn & DJ Premier On "The Narcissist" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 15:23 GMT Producer slash bassist Brady Watt has linked up with Westside Gunn and DJ Premier for their new collaboration "The Narcissist," a track that lives up to what the stacked lineup promises. Upon laying the foundation using three of his basses, Watt sent the beat to Premier, who added his signature drums and scratches. As he explains in an official statement (shared by <a href="" target="_blank">Pitchfork</a>), Primo "deemed it worthy enough to send to the one and only, Westside Gunn." Speaking of which, the Griselda visionary's presence is all over this one, and by now he's made a&nbsp;welcome habit of gliding over Premier production. Though he doesn't always get the credit he deserves as an emcee, few rappers come close to Gunn's charisma, nor can they rival his unique penchant for high-fashion brutality. "Fiends drooling and scratching, Mac 10 action," he raps. "Wait till Sunday, catch you coming out church lacking." In addition to having a stacked roster on deck, "The Narcissist" also comes equipped with an animated video hand-drawn by&nbsp;Jim Warren, who spent five months bringing the visuals to life. Check it out now, and sound off in the comments below. <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Fiends drooling and scratching, Mac 10 action Wait till Sunday, catch you coming out church lacking Who you pray to? Out the CLS, shout to K Smooth The ambulance playing the same tune, I can't lose via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215337song, Brady Watt Unites Westside Gunn & DJ Premier On "The Narcissist"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Lupe Fiasco & Royce Da 5'9" Podcast Is Officially Done by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 15:00 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Hip-Hop legends Lupe Fiasco and Royce Da 5'9" have treated fans to hours of laughs, freestyles, and commentary since they launched their joint podcast last fall</a>. The podcast's future has been in question recently as tension between the partners have increased. However, diss tracks posted by both rappers against each other have put the nail in the coffin, as Lupe Fiasco announced that the podcast would end abruptly this week due to creative differences and tension between the artists. "I think we just reached a state now where that's kind of like an untenable relationship," Lupe Fiasco said in the live about his podcast partner. He also describes how "his heart wasn't in" the podcast from the jump, and the breakdown of their relationship broke the camel's back. "This is something that has been building up for a little bit," Lupe continues, though notes that their final episode is one of their best and it's "nice to go out on top." Lupe has no plans in doing a solo podcast in the future.&nbsp; Still, the Chicago rapper expresses the fun he had and wishes no ill will on his partner. "It was great. I hope you loved it... overall it was a great experience."&nbsp; Fans took note of beef yesterday, when <a href="" target="_blank">the rappers both released tracks dissing each other</a>. Royce Da 5'9" released the track <a href="" target="_blank">"Silence of the Lambda"</a>&nbsp;and attacked Fiasco: 'You forgot the dude who was about the chi who was locked inside/&nbsp;Without him you'd be dead, probably dread standing beside you." Just two hours later, his podcast partner responded with <a href="" target="_blank">"Steve Jobs SLR 3 1/2"</a>, talking down on Royce Da 5'9" and speaking on their relationship: "And all your hyper-technical hypotheticals In life I never met with you, from a distance I accepted you From the podcast, I&rsquo;ve been kind of skeptical This ain&rsquo;t our first clash, this is just one of the several" Suffice it to say, it's a sad day for fans of the podcast. Check out Lupe's live here. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215325article, Lupe Fiasco & Royce Da 5'9" Podcast Is Officially Donebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Just Blaze Unearths Kanye's ASR-10 Used On "Blueprint" & "Black Album" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 14:54 GMT There's a reason why Roc-A-Fella is also known as&nbsp;The Dynasty.&nbsp;Their legacy -- that of their sound, artists, and projects -- endures to this day. A large reason behind that stems from the sonic foundation laid by the power tandem of Just Blaze and Kanye West. Though both producers had distinctive musical instincts and approaches to production, they managed to co-exist on many&nbsp;of the label's albums, blessing JAY-Z, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Cam'ron, and more with hits.&nbsp; Just Blaze in 2008. Ray Tamarra/Getty ImagesToday, Just Blaze took a moment to showcase a small piece of Roc history, taking to Instagram to share a recent discovery. While searching through his storage room, Blaze actually stumbled upon an old Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler that belonged to none other than Kanye West. As Blaze tells it, West actually used that very ASR-10 to craft some of his early classics.&nbsp; <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images"Went to storage today," captions Blaze, alongside a picture of the vintage sampler. "This is the actual ASR-10 Kanye used during the Dynasty, Blueprint, BP2, and Black Album sessions @ Baseline." As Roc-loving hip-hop heads know, those sessions yielded such Kanye classics as "This Can't Be Life," "Takeover," "Heart Of The City," "Poppin Tags," "03 Bonnie &amp; Clyde," "Encore," and "Lucifer." While <a href="" target="_blank">we sit on the precipice of&nbsp;</a><a href="" target="_blank">Donda,</a>&nbsp;an album that many predict will mark new production territory for the veteran visionary, take a moment to look back on some of his earlier work -- when he was still actively sitting behind the sampler and bringing his visions to life. It may seem like a lifetime ago, but it's fair to say that his&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">pre-College Dropout&nbsp;work remains among his most important,</a> positioning the young Chicago artist among the game's most promising producers in only a few short years.&nbsp; <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image2"><img id="bvimg2" src="" title="" /></div> Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, and Just Blaze. Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty ImagesShout out to Just Blaze for sharing his findings on Instagram, a&nbsp;treat for hip-hop historians and those who appreciate the art of vintage gear -- look no further than the response issued by Jay Electronica, who once called the ASR-10 his favorite machine.&nbsp; Check out Just's post below, and for more Roc-A-Fella history, Memphis Bleek recently received an iced-out chain from JAY-Z; <a href="" target="_blank">you can read more on that right here</a>.&nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215326article, Just Blaze Unearths Kanye's ASR-10 Used On "Blueprint" & "Black Album"blogs/7-2021/215326-just-blaze-unearths-s.jpg1Lakers Receiving Interest From These Two Former Teammates by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 14:53 GMT If you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">then you probably know the purple and gold need at least another star player</a> if they want to keep up with the rest of the league. The Los Angeles Clippers are a better team now all while the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, and Denver Nuggets are teams that will be at the top of the Western Conference for years to come. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are phenomenal players, however, they're going to need help if they want to win another title. This offseason, the Lakers are expected to make some big moves and some believe that guys <a href="" target="_blank">like Dennis Schroder and Kyle Kuzma could very well be on their way elsewhere</a>. After all, these players struggled in the postseason and the Lakers need some more veterans that can match the energy of the championship-winning team from 2020. Steph Chambers/Getty ImagesAccording to reporter Broderick Turner of&nbsp;The Los Angeles Times, the Lakers could very well find that veteran presence in <a href="" target="_blank">Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan</a>. Both players can go where they want this summer and both former Raptors stars have been linked to the Lakers. After all, these two used to play together and they were best friends while on the Raptors. If these two were to come to the purple and gold, it would be a match-made in heaven. <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Jason Miller/Getty ImagesOf course, the Lakers would need to clear out some cap space in order to make this work, however, it seems like both Lowry and DeRozan are content with taking a pay cut if it means competing for a championship in the city of Angels. Stay tuned to HNHH as we will continue to bring you the latest updates from around the NBA. [<a href=";utm_medium=feed&amp;utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fsports%2Fbasketball%2Fnba%2Flakers+%28Lakers+Now%29" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215327article, Lakers Receiving Interest From These Two Former Teammatesblogs/7-2021/215327-lakers-receiving-in-s.jpg1Master P & Lebron James Bond Over Their Kids At AAU Basketball Game by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 14:46 GMT Rapper, former NBA player, and <a href="" target="_blank">potential NBA coach Master P</a>&nbsp;linked up with LeBron at the their kids' Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) game yesterday and&nbsp;dropped some wisdom for other parents out there. After the <a href="" target="_blank">release of the&nbsp;Space Jam&nbsp;sequel</a> and a <a href="" target="_blank">tumultuous Lakers season</a>, LeBron and P spoke on the struggle of managing a busy schedule and setting aside time for their kids, as well as how to pass on their strong worth ethics to the next generation.&nbsp; "[LeBron] and I sit court side at our kids AAU game and talk fatherhood. You can get money back, but you can&rsquo;t get time back," read the caption on the Instagram video posted by Master P. "You can get money back, but you can't get time back" was a consistent theme in their conversation as they juggle high-profile careers and their parental roles. Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLTMaster P has remained a busy man as well,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">receiving a Doctorate degree from Lincoln University</a>&nbsp;and pursuing a job as an NBA coach. Still, the fathers emphasized the importance of presence, "presence and time, that's all it is. When they see you around they know you care," LeBron offered.&nbsp; While their schedules sometimes get away, the fathers still value the hard work they put in to their careers and try to instil that same work ethic into their children. "We know all the stuff we had to go through to get to where we at. It's not gonna be easy... I'm gonna keep pushing 'em, keep showing 'em work ethic. Show them they gotta work hard for this," Master P shared. "There it is, Amen," LeBron replied. Both Bronny Jr. and Master P.'s son Mercy Miller are seeking careers in the NBA with the help of their fathers.&nbsp; Hopefully parents out their tune in to the message the fathers are sending. Check out the clip below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215328article, Master P & Lebron James Bond Over Their Kids At AAU Basketball Gameblogs/7-2021/215328-master-p-lebron-jam-s.jpg1Kanye West's "DONDA" Outfit Was Reportedly Inspired By His Favorite Anime "Akira" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 14:43 GMT Although they may not seem to have anything in common on paper, Hip-Hop and anime regularly intersect.&nbsp;Prominent&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">rappers&nbsp;like Megan Thee Stallion</a> have&nbsp;professed their love for their favorite animes,&nbsp;and Big Sean recently fulfilled a childhood dream after&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">meeting the Goku voice actor</a> in person. It has even been heavily documented that&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Kanye West is also a fan</a> of the genre,&nbsp;with 1988's&nbsp;Akira&nbsp;being his anime of choice. Back in 2018, the controversial artist &mdash; <a href="" target="_blank">who has still yet to release&nbsp;DONDA</a>&mdash; went on a Twitter spree and <a href="" target="_blank">praised the&nbsp;Katsuhiro Otomo-directed anime</a>, calling it the "greatest animation achievement in history" and revealing that it has inspired "every stage show [he's] ever worked on." Now, it appears that&nbsp;Akira may have once again influenced Mr. West, as many fans are pointing out the similarity between his outfit at <a href="" target="_blank">Thursday night's&nbsp;DONDA&nbsp;listening event in Atlanta</a> to&nbsp;Akira's main character&nbsp;Shotaro Kaneda. <strong>Paras Griffin/Getty Images</strong>The character from&nbsp;Akira&nbsp;famously sports a multi-tone all-red outfit, and it definitely&nbsp;favors what Yeezy recently wore <a href="" target="_blank">to the listening event</a>. Beyond the outfit, it appears that even the stage design (or lack thereof) was also inspired by a scene in&nbsp;Akira in which&nbsp;Shotaro Kaneda stood on a sparse, chalky landscape. Check out the side-by-side comparisons below. Do you think Ye was pulling outfit inspiration from&nbsp;Akira? Or do you think&nbsp;the similarity is just a coincidence and Kanye&nbsp;was actually going for something else entirely? via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215329article, Kanye West's "DONDA" Outfit Was Reportedly Inspired By His Favorite Anime "Akira"blogs/7-2021/215329-kanye-wests-donda-o-s.jpg1Dave Releases New Album "We're All Alone In This Together" Featuring WizKid, Snoh Aalegra, Stormzy, by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 13:56 GMT Santan Dave has returned with his latest studio album, titled We're All Alone In This Together. His sophomore album is very cinematic, marking a drastic shift from Psychodrama. The album's title comes from a Zoom conversation that Dave shared with film composer Hans Zimmer. It signals a new mark in UK rap that has yet to be explored, showing Dave's progression as a writer over the years. The album has been trending all day as fans react in real-time. We're All Alone In This Together&nbsp;features guest appearances from WizKid, Stormzy, James Blake, Snoh Aalegra, and Boj.&nbsp; "I want to say thank you to my supporters and everyone that&rsquo;s ever believed in me," wrote Dave on Instagram. "My friends my family. I put my heart and soul into this, my ups my downs, my insecurities my pain, my truth, my family, my relationships, my everything. I have nothing left. I put it all on here." Listen to the new album below and let us know what you think. <strong>Tracklist</strong>: 1. We're All Alone 2. Verdansk 3. Clash (feat. Stormzy) 4. In The Fire 5. Three Rivers 6. System (feat. WizKid) 7. Lazarus (feat. Boj) 8. Law Of Attraction (feat. Snoh Aalegra) 9. Both Sides Of A Smile (feat. James Blake) 10. Twenty To One 11. Heart Attack 12. Survivor's Guilt via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215320mixtape, Dave Releases New Album "We're All Alone In This Together" Featuring WizKid Snoh Aalegra Stbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Bizzy Banks Releases New Project "Same Energy" Featuring PnB Rock by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 13:39 GMT Bizzy Banks is putting pressure on the game, promising to be the next up out of Brooklyn. The latest voice to come out&nbsp;of the drill scene in New York, Bizzy Banks follows up his standout feature on Pop Smoke's posthumous album Faith&nbsp;by dropping his own project, coming through with Same Energy. The 22-year-old rapper continues to prove why he's one of the most influential voices in Brooklyn drill with his new mixtape Same Energy, which features PnB Rock and Leeky G Bando. Bizzy shows off his versatility on some records, bringing raw energy to songs like "City Hot" while swooning the ladies on records like "Adore You."&nbsp; If you're just learning about Bizzy Banks now, check out his new mixtape below and let us know what you think. <strong>Tracklist</strong>: 1. Sturdy30 2. City Hot 3. Adore You (feat. PnB Rock) 4. Azul 5. My Shit 6. Bandemic 7. Driftin' 8. Genesis 9. Pessimistic 10. Hot Sauce 11. City Hot, Pt. 2 (feat. Leeky G Bando) 12. Just a Letter via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215321mixtape, Bizzy Banks Releases New Project "Same Energy" Featuring PnB Rockbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Pop Smoke "Faith" Significantly Decreases In Sales Projections by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 13:19 GMT The world was excited about <a href="" target="_blank">Pop Smoke's second posthumous album Faith</a>, and while the smoke may never clear, enthusiasm has dropped significantly toward the album, resulting in a drop of over 10,000-20,000 projected sales units this week. People aren't quite sure how to react to the feature-heavy new album from Pop Smoke, and with <a href="" target="_blank">some of his closest friends, including Mike Dee and producer 808Melo, disavowing the project</a>, the public seems destined to grow sour on Faith too. When the album first dropped, people were quick to tune in but many fans never got past the first listen, marking a drastic reduction in first-week sales figures. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images&nbsp;While Faith was first <a href="" target="_blank">projected to bring in 110,000 to 120,000 units in the first week</a>, those projections have decreased and it looks like the album will only move 98,000 copies. Despite the drop, Pop Smoke is still expected to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200. John Mayer will take the #2 spot with his new album Sob Rock, which sold 87,000 units. Popstar Olivia Rodrigo follows in third with 80,000 copies sold of her debut album. This is still a big win for Pop Smoke's team, which includes his label boss Steven Victor. However, the fans seem to have turned on his base, which means that numbers will likely continue to drop as time goes. What did you think of Faith? <div class="content-image" id="divBlogPage_Image1"><img id="bvimg1" src="" title="" /></div> Image via HitsDailyDouble <a href=";id=327441&amp;title=TOP-20%3A-SMOKE-IS-STILL-FIRE" target="_blank">[via]</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215322article, Pop Smoke "Faith" Significantly Decreases In Sales Projectionsblogs/7-2021/215322-pop-smoke-faith-sig-s.jpg1Conway The Machine Snaps On JAY-Z Beat With "Ignorant Sh*t" Freestyle by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 13:08 GMT Conway The Machine recently <a href="" target="_blank">shared the tracklist to his new album&nbsp;</a><a href="" target="_blank">God Don't Make Mistakes,</a>&nbsp;which all but guarantees that his anticipated Shady Records debut is destined for an imminent release. Now, Machine has emerged to keep the momentum rolling with a brief new freestyle, delivered courtesy of REVOLT's new series Off Top, hosted by Rapsody and Big Tigger. Opting to go over a JAY-Z beat, specifically&nbsp;American Gangsta&nbsp;highlight "Ignorant Shit" featuring Beanie Sigel, Conway proves that he would have thrived in any era. Perhaps inspired by the track title, Machine lets fly a series of impressive flexes from the jump. "Look in the driveway you see a fleet of foreigns, like the U in the eighties the coupe green and orange," he spits. "We ain't squashing the beef, we gon' keep it going / feds keep watching our house but they gon' need a warrant." Check out Conway's full Off Top freestyle now, and sound off if you're excited for&nbsp;God Don't Make Mistakes.&nbsp; <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Look in the driveway you see a fleet of foreigns Like the U in the eighties the coupe green and orange, We ain't squashing the beef, we gon' keep it going Feds keep watching our house but they gon' need a warrant via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215323song, Conway The Machine Snaps On JAY-Z Beat With "Ignorant Sh*t" Freestylebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Tinashe Teases New Album With "I Can See The Future" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 13:02 GMT Riding off of the massive success of <a href="" target="_blank">her latest single "Bouncin"</a>&nbsp;and anticipating her new album, Kentucky singer Tinashe is looking towards the future. Not only is her highly anticipated&nbsp;333&nbsp;full-length release around the corner, but "I Can See The Future" finds Tinashe foreseeing a romantic future with her lover. "I Can See The Future" sees Tinashe as confident and comfortable as ever, over a simple trap beat.&nbsp; The new release follows Tinashe's signature R&amp;B formula with airy vocals over an atmospheric trap beat. The hook is almost hypnotic in its repetitiveness and gentle melody, with Tinashe repeating "I can see the future/&nbsp;And it looks like you and I." The verses feature some of Tinashe's most impressive rapping performances yet. She moves seamlessly between aggressive and complex flows and more focused vocal riffs as she separates her commentary about haters and toxicity from the passion she feels in her relationship. If 333 sounds even remotely similar to "I Can See The Future" or "Bouncin", fans are in for a treat.&nbsp; Check out the track below as well as our <a href="" target="_blank">R&amp;B SEASON</a>&nbsp;playlist on Spotify. <strong>Quotable Lyrics:</strong> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; I got drip from next season, exclusive or custom It's a cold world, I'm smothered in Moncler What you see in me, it's not her and it's not fair I got money like the boys, I pull up, they all stare&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215313song, Tinashe Teases New Album With "I Can See The Future"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Tom Brady & Bucs Show Off Insane Super Bowl Rings by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 13:00 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were hard to predict</a>&nbsp;last season as no one knew what version of Brady we would be getting. After a shaky start to the season, the Buccaneers came into their own and quickly became one of the best teams in the entire league. From there, Brady led his team to the Super Bowl where they blew out the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 31-9.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">This win gave Brady his seventh Super Bowl title</a> and at this point, it is impossible to dispute he's the GOAT. On Thursday,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the Buccaneers were given their Super Bowl rings</a> and as you can see in the video below obtained by TMZ, these are some incredible pieces. Jason of Beverly Hills is the man responsible for these rings and as you can see, there are 319 diamonds to commemorate the final score of the Super Bowl. From there, the ring even opens up to reveal a miniature version of Raymond James Stadium. Every single player on the Buccaneers was hyped about the new ring and it is very easy to see why. For a lot of these guys, this is their first-ever championship and when you get some hardware like this, it is always incredibly special. As for Brady, he told his teammates that he is already looking forward to getting his eighth ring and that new hardware is always what is at the top of his mind when he gets his most recent rings. Heading into this season, the Buccaneers are favorites to repeat and if Brady can bring back that magic from last year, then there is no doubt an eighth title is on the horizon. [<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215314article, Tom Brady & Bucs Show Off Insane Super Bowl Ringsbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Most Streamed Artists Of 2021: Drake, Juice WRLD, NBA YoungBoy & More by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 12:53 GMT One of the steadfast truths in Hip-Hop is that <a href="" target="_blank">numbers don't lie</a>, and with the latest report from HitsDailyDouble, fans can now see which artists have so far been excelling in the streaming game this year. According to XXL,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Drake continues</a> his&nbsp;reign&nbsp;over the music industry&nbsp;with over 3.6 billion streams in the six month period from January to June, and the next Hip-Hop artists to on the list are <a href="" target="_blank">Juice WRLD </a>and NBA YoungBoy, ranking in at #4 with 2.7 billion streams and #5 with 2.5 billion streams, respectively. <a href="" target="_blank">After NBA YoungBoy</a>, the remainder of the top 10 is as follows, from top to bottom: The Weeknd, Rod Wave, Pop Smoke, Polo G, <a href="" target="_blank">and Lil Baby</a>. See the full ranking below. According to XXL, the recent data ranking doesn't&nbsp;specify which tracks or albums that attributed to these streaming numbers, but seeing that many of the artists featured in the list have released music this year, it's not too hard to pinpoint where a bulk of those streams may be coming from. Drake, for example, released the popular three-pack&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Scary Hours 2</a>&nbsp;earlier this year, and his Lil Baby-assisted&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">"Wants and Needs"</a>&nbsp;was streamed over 200,000,000 times on Spotify alone. NBA YoungBoy continues to surprise the music industry because the young rapper has managed to elbow his way into the top five streamed artists of the year, all without dropping a project. According to XXL, NBA's most-streamed song is his <a href="" target="_blank">"Bandit" collaboration with Juice WRLD</a>. While the top 10 spots in the streaming ranking are dominated by Hip-Hop acts, the list gets a bit more varied as you go down. Eminem is followed by Lil Durk, J. Cole, Post Malone, and Moneybagg Yo in the positions between 11 and 19, with <a href="" target="_blank">pop&nbsp;stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande</a>&nbsp;separating them. Elsewhere in the list, Future, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Pooh Shiesty, XXXTentacion, Travis Scott, Lil Tjay, Rihanna, Cardi B, NF, and Lil Wayne land in&nbsp;the 30s, and late rappers Mac Miller and King Von make the cut as well, ranking at #40 and #49, respectively. Are you surprised to see how some of the biggest artists in Hip-Hop match up to each other in terms of streams this year?&nbsp; [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215315article, Most Streamed Artists Of 2021: Drake Juice WRLD NBA YoungBoy & Morebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Rick Hyde & Heem Say A "Hustler's Prayer" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 12:38 GMT Fresh off a scene-stealing verse on Benny The Butcher's The Plugs I Met 2,&nbsp;BSF lyricist&nbsp;Rick Hyde has come through to deliver a hard-hitting new single called "Hustler's Prayer." Produced by The SoulMonsters, the track immediately conjures a nostalgic and grimy tone -- evocative of some of the early work of Mobb Deep, who often scored their tracks with a darker style of boom-bap. Off the rip, Hyde establishes gravitas through unflinching depictions of street life. "Stir it in the water like it's Nesquick," he spits. "The last 50 was my best flip, then I made an exit / I was bold enough to sell that shit and man enough to just quit / the feds started sweeping like its crumbs all in the kitchen." Fellow BSF affiliate Heem keeps the same energy throughout his own verse: "we witnessed dead bodies, just another day on Warren / just kill em' fuck a warnin' / the undercovers swarmin'."&nbsp; Fans of the BSF movement would be wise to check out "Hustler's Prayer" now, brought to life by two formidable&nbsp;emcees in Rick Hyde and Heem. Do you think these two are next up? <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Stir it in the water like it's Nesquick The last 50 was my best flip, then I made an exit I was bold enough to sell that shit and man enough to just quit The feds started sweeping like its crumbs all in the kitchen via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215316song, Rick Hyde & Heem Say A "Hustler's Prayer"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Conor McGregor Remains Unbothered Despite Broken Leg by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 12:36 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Conor McGregor used to be one of the best talents</a>&nbsp;in the entire UFC although these days, he has been suffering a lot more losses than wins. The reason behind this is quite simple. The talent pool in the UFC has gotten considerably better and with McGregor getting up there in age, he simply doesn't have the magic he once had. Regardless, McGregor is still an entertainer at heart and when it comes to his off-time,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">you can always expect him to be in a jovial mood.</a> For instance, McGregor has been all over Instagram as of late, where he has given fans updates on his recovery and how he fully expects to be back in the Octagon sooner rather than later.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">He even got himself a massive Lamborghini yacht</a> as a way to reward himself for his troubles. More recently, McGregor was on his Instagram story where he could be seen lounging around in the sun, all while his barber gave him a crisp fade. In the clip courtesy of TMZ, which can be found below, McGregor is all smiles, and at this point, you can tell that the loss hasn't really&nbsp;affected him all that negatively. Moving forward, <a href="" target="_blank">no one really knows what's in store for McGregor</a>, although he will need to get that behemoth cast off before he even thinks about doing anything else. Let us know who you think McGregor should fight next, in the comments below. [<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215317article, Conor McGregor Remains Unbothered Despite Broken Legbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Kyle Kuzma Reportedly Believes He's As Good As Jayson Tatum by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 11:39 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">Kyle Kuzma is one of the most scrutinized players in the entire NBA</a>&nbsp;and over the years, the scrutiny and the slander has steadily gotten worse. At the start of his career, Kuzma was perceived as a player who could one day be one of the best young players in the entire NBA. Once LeBron James and Anthony Davis touched down in Los Angeles, Kuzma's role with the Lakers was diminished,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">and since that time, he hasn't looked like the same player.</a> Now, Kuzma's future in Los Angeles is up in the air, and with this in mind, <a href="" target="_blank">numerous reports and rumors are floating around in regards to Kuzma and how he perceives himself within the league</a>. For instance, on the&nbsp;&ldquo;The Lakerside Chats&rdquo;&nbsp;podcast, reporter Eric Pincus revealed that Kuzma believes he is a similar talent to Jayson Tatum. Patrick Smith/Getty Images&ldquo;I think that Kyle Kuzma&nbsp;perceives himself as someone like Jayson Tatum,&rdquo; Pincus explained.&nbsp;&ldquo;I think that&rsquo;s how he views himself. And that&rsquo;s great. You should view yourself as one of the best young players in the league.&rdquo; Unfortunately for Kuzma, this belief isn't exactly being taken well by other NBA fans. In the tweets below, you can see that some fans believe that Kuzma is delusional here and that there is no way he is as good as someone like Tatum. At this point, their salaries reflect a large discrepancy between the two, however, it's good to see Kuzma is still confident in himself. You can check out some of the reactions, below. [<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215298article, Kyle Kuzma Reportedly Believes He's As Good As Jayson Tatumblogs/7-2021/215298-kyle-kuzma-reported-s.jpg1Lil Tecca Drops New Single "Money On Me" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 11:35 GMT Lil Tecca first emerged onto the scene with "Ransom," as breakout a hit as one might imagine. What he lacked in lyrical complexity he made up for in impish charm, casual swagger, and a keen mind for infectious melody. Now, Tecca has returned with another new single "Money On Me," opting to stick to themes he's already well familiar with. Which is to say, balling at an unrelenting pace. Over a whimsical instrumental, Tecca floats as he sing-raps tales of&nbsp;paradise and the benefits of the lavish lifestyle. Still, there's a faint melancholy hidden within the production, perhaps inviting listeners to look a little deeper; beneath the trappings of wealth, is Lil Tecca truly satisfied -- or does the young sensation want something more? Either way, he's rich enough to pen songs about it, and that's proven to be a successful formula thus far.&nbsp; Check out Lil Tecca's "Money On Me" now, and sound off if you're excited to see where the rapper goes on his next project. <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Think you at the top, but we at a new height She wanna drop, she got a new Sprite Rockin' with influence just to get by Had to cut her off, but she knew why I just woke up, it's a new life via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215299song, Lil Tecca Drops New Single "Money On Me"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1JAY-Z Teases "Watch The Throne 2" On New Kanye West Album by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 11:34 GMT The tenth anniversary of Watch The Throne is arriving next month, and we may be getting the long-awaited sequel before the end of this year. Kanye West and JAY-Z haven't been on the best terms in recent years, but last night, they seemingly&nbsp;repaired their relationship and now, there's the possibility that WTT2 could actually happen. <a href="" target="_blank">With JAY-Z being featured on Kanye's new album DONDA</a>, anything could happen now regarding the highly-anticipated second chapter of Watch The Throne. Knowing full well that people would be tuned in to listen to his words, which were reportedly recorded mere hours before the listening party, JAY-Z hyped up the next installment of WTT, bringing joy to millions of rap fans' lives. "Told him to <a href="" target="_blank">stop all that red cap</a>, we going home/Cannot be with all of these sins casting stones," raps JAY-Z on one of Kanye's new songs, which premiered last night. "This might be the return of The Throne, Throne/Hova and Yeezus like Moses and Jesus/You&rsquo;re not in control of my thesis." Kanye previously tweeted that <a href="" target="_blank">he missed Hov last year, and he also teased the arrival of WTT2</a>. However, there have been no updates on the project since then. Could we be nearing the arrival of Ye AND Jay season? Here's hoping! Check out what people are saying below. <a href="" target="_blank">[via]</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215300article, JAY-Z Teases "Watch The Throne 2" On New Kanye West Albumbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Alina Baraz Drops Intimate "Alone With You" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 11:32 GMT <a href="" target="_blank">R&amp;B singer Alina Baraz</a>&nbsp;made waves in 2020 with the release of her <a href="" target="_blank">debut album&nbsp;It Was Divine,</a>&nbsp;featuring collaborations with&nbsp;Nas, Smino, 6LACK, and Khalid. The emerging singer certainly proved herself as a force to be reckoned with, though largely stayed out of the spotlight this year. However, after linking&nbsp;up with UnitedMasters and becoming an independent artist, Baraz has finally treated fans to a new track with the passionate&nbsp;"Alone with You." "Alone with You" feels as intimate as the title suggests, with lush production and a gentle lead melody from Baraz. The track finds Baraz in the peak of a carefree relationship, finding that she's "home with you,/ no matter the place." Whether they're just going for a drive or dancing, there's no place Baraz would rather be.&nbsp; Baraz's voice is definitely a showstopper on the track as well with it's airiness and pleasant tone. Whether you're in a similar relationship or seeking one, "Alone With You" is certain to set the mood.&nbsp; Check out the song below as well as out <a href="" target="_blank">R&amp;B SEASON</a>&nbsp;playlist on Spotify for more. <strong>Quotable Lyrics</strong> Alone with you That's all that it take I'm home with you No matter the place via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215301song, Alina Baraz Drops Intimate "Alone With You"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Warriors Superstars Reportedly Pushing For Bradley Beal Trade by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 11:17 GMT These past couple of years have been incredibly difficult for the Golden State Warriors as their team has faced significant injuries to its best players.&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Klay Thompson has been particularly dealt a rough hand</a> as he tore his ACL in the 2019 Finals and even tore his Achilles in training camp prior to the 2020-2021 season. As a result, the Warriors haven't seen the postseason since 2019 and fans are&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">starting to get worried about the future of the franchise.</a> Thompson is expected to be back this season although it appears as though the Warriors aren't happy with keeping the roster the same. There have been rumors that the Warriors want to get rid of guys like James Wiseman and that they even want to shop their seventh overall pick in the draft. Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesIn a new report from The Athletic, it was revealed that Steph Curry, Thompson, and even Draymond Green are urging the Warriors&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">front office to make a trade for Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal,</a> as they believe he could fix a lot of their problems. Per The Athletic: "The Warriors&rsquo; trio of stars &mdash; Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson &mdash; have made it clear to management they want the franchise to focus on the pursuit of a championship, even to consider using their two lottery picks to get someone who can help immediately, sources confirmed. Warriors general manager Bob Myers said their goal this offseason is to add more of a veteran presence. Should the Warriors go that route, Beal, the Washington Wizards&rsquo; guard who made third-team All-NBA, is deemed to be the best player and best fit for the Warriors among the players who could potentially be available this offseason." Acquiring a player like Beal isn't going to be easy, especially when you consider how the star has yet to announce any sort of ill will towards the Wizards franchise. As it stands, Beal wants to remain a Wizard and until that changes, the Warriors can forget adding him to the roster in any capacity. With the NBA offseason just around the corner, keep it locked to HNHH as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest news and updates. [<a href="" target="_blank">Via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215302article, Warriors Superstars Reportedly Pushing For Bradley Beal Tradeblogs/7-2021/215302-warriors-superstars-s.jpg1Young Dolph, Key Glock & Snupe Bandz Drop "Blu Boyz" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 09:58 GMT Young Dolph recently announced his <a href="" target="_blank">new album&nbsp;</a><a href="" target="_blank">Paper Route Illuminati,</a>&nbsp;confirming it to be a compilation effort featuring his Paper Route Empire roster. Now, Dolph has kicked things off with a new single "Blu Boyz," enlisting his longtime collaborator Key Glock and Snupe Bandz for the assist.&nbsp; As you might have guessed, the track is a hard-hitting banger, the exact sort of instrumental over which Dolph tends to shine. His deep baritone cadence remains among rap's most commanding, and he quickly puts in work as he fires off flexes. The energy is met by his collaborators, who keep the momentum moving with a healthy dose of luxurious gangsta rap. It's likely that "Blu Boyz" will set the tone for&nbsp;Paper Route Illuminati&nbsp;when it drops on July 30th. Check this one out now, and sound off if you're excited for Dolph's next endeavor.&nbsp; <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Paper Route Frank, that's me Paper Route the gang, that's we Ugly black-ass n***a but my bank account on fleek Baby come let a rich n***a beat<strong> </strong> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215282song, Young Dolph Key Glock & Snupe Bandz Drop "Blu Boyz"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Lil Nas X Speaks On "INDUSTRY BABY" & Being An Outlier Compared To Travis Scott & Future by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 09:56 GMT There's a sense of togetherness in hip-hop, with artists including Travis Scott, Future, Young Thug, Gunna, and others all&nbsp;collaborating often and contributing to each other's respective albums. On the other end of the scale though, Lil Nas X seems to be more of an outlier to that trend. Many of his recent singles, including the #1 hit "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)," have been solo smashes. Aside from his latest record "INDUSTRY BABY" featuring Jack Harlow,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Lil Nas has been somewhat of a lone wolf</a> as of late, but he's seeing that as more of a blessing. Speaking with Zane Lowe&nbsp;for New Music Daily on Apple Music about&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">his new song and video "INDUSTRY BABY,"</a> Lil Nas offered an update on his upcoming debut album and spoke about collaborating with Jack Harlow, as well as being an outlier in music. "I love Jack Harlow. I feel like he's one of those people that I can see like truly appreciating what they're creating and where they want to go," said the pop star about his new record. "I love people that have these <a href="" target="_blank">aspirations for a much bigger place than where they already are</a>, you know? I feel like he's very much kind of in a situation right now where I feel like I was at a point where like... you know, like he's already had like a huge moment and more light ahead and I just want to help give him that boost. That's what I'm hoping this is for him." On being an outlier, Lil Nas said, "I feel like I didn't really grasp that until last year and this year, you know? Because at first I&nbsp;was very much wanting to be with my peers, like you know how Travis Scott and Young Thug and Gunna, they're all always on each other's albums and Future and whatnot, but it's just like I'm in my own place for my own reason. And that gives me more room to step out of my comfort zone." As for his upcoming album, he said it's finished but not coming right away. "I'm pretty much <a href="" target="_blank">finished with the album</a>. But you know, secretly, as we were just talking about moments and whatnot, I pushed the album back from where I was originally going to drop it because of that fact that I want to give these singles some more time to breathe before I drop music videos for songs that already been out for a long time or whatnot. But yeah, I'm really in a great space. I'm in a happy place. I'm in a super creative place. Really just going with the flow, making the best out of any situation that's thrown at me right now." Watch the music video for "INDUSTRY BABY" below. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215283article, Lil Nas X Speaks On "INDUSTRY BABY" & Being An Outlier Compared To Travis Scott & Futurebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1The Kid Laroi, Polo G, & Stunna Gambino Team Up On Emotional "Not Sober" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 09:49 GMT It wasn't too long ago that&nbsp;The Kid&nbsp;LAROI and Polo G were new kids on the block in the rap game, finding their own lane with mentoring from the likes of Juice WRLD. However, the two artists are now the music industry and radio's favorite young stars. With the help of LAROI's friend and New York up-and-comer Stunna Gambino, the duo prove their dominance over the melodic rap sound will remain on the heartfelt and mellow "Not Sober". "Not Sober" finds 17-year-old LAROI&nbsp;struggling with the same issues that have lined the lyrics of his&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Fuck Love EP trilogy</a>-- relationships, loss, and haters. Over an elegant piano beat,&nbsp;LAROI seems to channel his late mentor's coping mechanisms with a powerful hook, "Okay, hold up, baby, roll one Can we light it?/ Can we smoke one? Can we pour up?/&nbsp;Mix the&nbsp;Hennessy with the cola/&nbsp;I feel better when I&rsquo;m not sober." Polo G flows in effortlessly as he describes the pain he carries from his experience with gun violence and a tumultuous rise to the top. The beat's simple piano and drum pattern, sounds similar to beats on a number of Polo G tracks, so he seems like a perfect placement on the song.&nbsp; Stunna Gambino also adds significantly to the track as he wraps up the backend of the song. The young New York rapper's high-pitched voice seems halfway between Laroi's and fellow New Yorker A Boogie, making for not only a well fitting feature but a great way for Gambino to to reach new fans.&nbsp; Check out the track below. <strong>Quotable Lyrics:</strong> They tryna bring me down, gotta stay focused When I get sad, I get the Hennessy and pour up Fuck dirty Sprite, I get the liquor and the cola And fuck my ex bitch, she did me dirty, I got no trust via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215284song, The Kid Laroi Polo G & Stunna Gambino Team Up On Emotional "Not Sober"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Kanye West Called Out Over $65 Snacks At "DONDA" Event by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 09:27 GMT Kanye West didn't make a billion dollars by selling $2 waters and $3 snacks at his concerts. He's always been a hustler, pricing his merch at high prices because he knows people will spend their hard-earned dollars on him. While that's all good and well (as long as the full YEEZY x GAP collection releases soon), his snack bar prices from the DONDA event last night were seriously something else. As the internet was going crazy over JAY-Z's feature on the album, Kim Kardashian's arrival at the event, and more, reactions started pouring in from inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium where people were asked to pay disturbing prices to fill their bellies. According to Van Lathan and others, the stadium was charging an insane price for snacks, including brownies and cookies at FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS (!!!!) and chicken tenders at FIFTY DOLLARS. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images&nbsp;It's pretty difficult to justify why anybody would pay so much money to get a simple plate of food, but Kanye was really out here charging people $50 for chicken tenders, $45 for cookies and brownies, $35 for sweet and salty kettle corn, and an assorted snack basket for $65. Van Lathan posted the menu to his page, laughing about the prices as people complained in the comments. As one person wrote, "This. Is. So. Kanye." You got that right. Check out the menu below. <a href=";utm_medium=feed&amp;***" target="_blank">[via]</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215271article, Kanye West Called Out Over $65 Snacks At "DONDA" Eventblogs/7-2021/215271-kanye-west-called-o-s.jpg1Logic Keeps The Tracks Coming With "Call Me" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 09:22 GMT It's easy to assume that Logic is steadily rolling out a new album, but at this rate, he's already released a handful of possible inclusions. Perhaps he's taking a page out of his pal Joyner Lucas' playbook, deconstructing his new project's tracklist before dropping it off in its entirety. Either way, it's a fruitful time to be a Bobby Tarantino fan, especially if you're invested in his emotional well-being. The family man has never sounded happier, and though his new releases have explored some unconventional sonic territory, there's a notable sense of artistic freedom that cannot be denied. The same applies to his latest drop "Call Me," a smooth glimpse at Logic back in his reflective bag. "Addiction's like a mud bath without a bar of soap," he raps, addressing themes he holds close to heart. "In other words, it's impossible to stay clean / For people like us bein' happy is just a daydream."&nbsp; Check out "Call Me" now, and sound off if you're excited to see a new album from Logic. <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Addiction's like a mud bath without a bar of soap In other words, it's impossible to stay clean For people like us bein' happy is just a daydream via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215272song, Logic Keeps The Tracks Coming With "Call Me"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Boldy James & The Alchemist Reunite For "First 48 Freestyle" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 08:59 GMT Boldy James and The Alchemist have established themselves as a duo to be feared, further cemented by the release of their 2020 album&nbsp;The Price Of Tea In China.&nbsp;Now, the pair are <a href="" target="_blank">gearing up to deliver yet another album</a>, setting the stage with the release of "First 48 Freestyle." On the production tip, Alchemist sets a grimy and cinematic tone, loading up a vintage guitar sample and blessing it with the exact drum pattern it deserves. Lyrically, the perpetually weary Boldy remains as sharp as ever, the type of observer who can break down a man's character with a singular glance. "Tellin' ni*gas that he gang, no he motherfuckin' ain't," he raps. "Free my brother Hank, I&rsquo;ll get you hit up with a rusty shank /&nbsp;All these self-proclaimed real niggas just a bunch of flakes." As his extensive verse continues, it becomes clear that he's riding this rhyme scheme all the way to the bank, finding clever ways to keep the bars heavy. If this is the energy the pair are bringing to the next effort, it's likely we'll have another underground classic on our hands. <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Dead body parts from the river floatin' up the lake Zombies in the trap spendin' tens on a dub of base Auntie kickin' back with her stem, smokin' up the shake Uncie askin' what they payin', wanna know how much I make Them bitches get behind me, I'ma take 'em on another chase via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215273song, Boldy James & The Alchemist Reunite For "First 48 Freestyle"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Action Bronson Shares Shirtless Photo After Losing Over 150 Pounds by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 08:55 GMT Action Bronson has always been a bigger guy but when the pandemic first hit, he made it a priority to focus on his health. The rapper has been extra focused on his weight loss goals, achieving greatness and losing over 150 pounds. At his highest weight, the New Yorker hovered around 400 pounds but this week, <a href="" target="_blank">he reached a new milestone in his journey, weighing in at 240 pounds</a>. He celebrated the moment by posting an <a href="" target="_blank">updated shirtless picture, flexing his muscles for his fans</a>. Proudly taking off his shirt and showing off his biceps, Action Bronson looks like a new man after losing so much weight. He's earned congratulatory messages from a slew of folks in the music and entertainment industries, including&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Joey Bada$$</a> who said he looks "beautiful,"&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Anthony Anderson</a> who offered praise,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">CC Sabathia</a> who told the rapper he's proud of him, and Fat Joe and George Lopez, who both said his transformation has been "incredible."&nbsp; With the rapper also being an <a href="" target="_blank">established author and television star</a>, he's been in front of our eyes for years and it's truly a blessing to see him get healthy. During an interview with Men's Health a few months ago, Bronson explained why he wanted to get fit, saying, "This journey started way long ago.&nbsp;I was born heavy. I was a heavy child. This transformation was long overdue.&nbsp;There was a lot of shit like prediabetes, eczema, asthma, all kinds of fucking dumb stuff that I had given myself.&nbsp;If I made something that was a big, round dish, I would eat the big, round dish. I wouldn&rsquo;t just have one piece." In the same interview, he said that he's "known" to fall off the wagon, but he clearly hasn't given up on himself yet. Check out his updated shirtless picture below, and tell him congrats in the comments. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215274article, Action Bronson Shares Shirtless Photo After Losing Over 150 Poundsbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Chiiild Floats From Genre To Genre On His Debut Album "Hope For Sale" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 08:41 GMT Roughly four months after signaling the start of his next musical chapter with "<a href="" target="_blank">Sleepwalking</a>," sensational multi-hyphenate Chiiild has officially unveiled his debut album&nbsp;Hope For Sale, out now via Avant Garden. The album doesn't boast many high-profile features, but Mahalia and Jensen McRae do make stunning guest appearances. Also featuring the previously heard singles "<a href="" target="_blank">Gone</a>," "<a href="" target="_blank">Eventually</a>," and "<a href="" target="_blank">Awake</a>,"&nbsp;Hope For Sale boasts 11 tracks and clocks in at just over 30 minutes. Fans of Chiiild's genre-fluid style will be met with even more experimental soundscapes, and songs like "Lotus" and "Wasting Time" are&nbsp;shining examples of&nbsp;how gorgeously produced Chiiild's debut album is.&nbsp; <strong>Image via Label</strong>When speaking of&nbsp;Hope For Sale, Chiiild said, "The time has come for the debut. The culmination of what we&rsquo;ve become. Thank you to all those who came together to bring this to life." Following an album rollout that spanned several months, Chiiild's debut album is finally here. Scroll down to listen to&nbsp;Hope For Sale on your preferred streaming service, and let us know what you think about the Montreal-born artist's project in the comments. <strong>Tracklist:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">1. Sleepwalking</a> 2. Hold On Till We Get There 3. Weightless <a href="" target="_blank">4. Awake (feat. Mahalia)</a> <a href="" target="_blank">5. Eventually</a> 6. 13 Months of Sunshine 7. Lotus <a href="" target="_blank">8. Gone</a> 9. Wasting Time 10. The Best Ain't Happened Yet 11. Gone (feat. Jensen McRae) via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215275mixtape, Chiiild Floats From Genre To Genre On His Debut Album "Hope For Sale"blogs/7-2021/215275-chiiild-floats-genr-s.jpg1Kim Kardashian Slandered On Twitter After Kanye West "DONDA" Premiere by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 08:33 GMT We're still waiting for Kanye West to upload his new album DONDA to streaming services, but fans got an exclusive chance to hear much of the project last night&nbsp;at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. DONDA features new music with Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby, Don Toliver, Travis Scott, Pop Smoke, and more. Most surprisingly though, JAY-Z has an incredible new verse on the album, reuniting with his little brother and teasing Watch The Throne 2. After Hov's verse played over the stadium's loudspeakers, Twitter went absolutely nuts, and, unfortunately, some people got a little carried away, dragging Kanye's ex-wife Kim Kardashian with tweets about how the music legend "traded" her in for his friend again. As the world continues to react to Kanye West's new album, there is an increased number of tweets slandering Kim Kardashian being sent out. The billionaire&nbsp;reality television&nbsp;mogul was in attendance at the event with her family and their children, being welcomed by fans, but online, it was a different story. A quick search for "Kim/Kanye" on Twitter will show you exactly how people are reacting to last night's exciting event, placing a focus on the people joking that Kim has been "traded in" for JAY-Z's friendship, and those saying that Hov only reunited with his bestie because Kim is no longer in the picture.&nbsp; Check out what people are saying below and stay tuned -- DONDA is still on pace to release today on DSPs. via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215263article, Kim Kardashian Slandered On Twitter After Kanye West "DONDA" Premierebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Isaiah Rashad Delivers "Wat U Sed" With Doechii & Kal Banx by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 08:31 GMT The House Is Burning&nbsp;is set to release next Friday, kicking off what fans can only hope to describe as a&nbsp;TDE&nbsp;hot streak. While that's certainly not guaranteed, Zay's return will be a triumphant event in itself, as his last solo album arrived&nbsp;in 2016 with&nbsp;The Sun's Tirade.&nbsp;Following a string of new single releases, including&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">the tone-setting banger "Lay Wit Ya,"</a> Zay has come through to drop off another song from the album in "Wat U Sed." Featuring Doechii and Kal Banx, Isaiah's latest features a laid-back yet uptempo groove, the exact sort of beat on which he tends to excel. Once again, he deftly rides the instrumental with some braggadocious bars. "Bet my bitch eat me up while I'm drivin', and I?swear?it's?a show, not?a riot," he raps. "And I?had a nightmare last night that I wasn't countin' up / We had too many hoes in this bitch, I had to round 'em up." More of an immersive vibe than a lyrical showcase, this latest drop will likely sound even better in the context of&nbsp;The House Is Burning.&nbsp;Be sure to check back next Friday, July 30th.&nbsp; <strong>QUOTABLE LYRICS</strong>Bet my bitch eat me up while I'm drivin' And I?swear?it's?a show, not?a riot And I?had a nightmare last night that I wasn't countin' up We had too many hoes in this bitch, I had to round 'em up via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215264song, Isaiah Rashad Delivers "Wat U Sed" With Doechii & Kal Banxbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Kevin Hart Pranks Nick Cannon, Posts His Phone Number On Massive Billboards by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 08:09 GMT Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon are friendship goals. This year for Kevin's birthday, Nick decided to wild out and <a href="" target="_blank">get his friend an exotic new pet, surprising him with a llama</a>. It took a few weeks but K-Hart has officially gotten his payback, plastering his friend's phone number all over massive billboards in major cities across the United States and telling his fans to <a href="" target="_blank">ask the serial father for parenting advice</a>. "Since my brother @nickcannon decided to buy me a lama for my B Day I decided to do something nice for him as well&hellip;.Here is a digital billboard in Los Angeles&hellip;.I also did some in ATL &amp; NY," said Kevin, encouraging his fans to ring up his best friend. "If&nbsp;u want any advice on fatherhood please call my BEST FRIEND @nickcannon &hellip;.I&rsquo;m sure his phone has been ringing nonstop [laughing emojis] GOTCHA BACK BITCH #PRANKWARS." Indeed, Nick's phone was ringing nonstop. The comedian shared a video of himself answering phone calls on FaceTime, keeping the interactions short because a bunch of other calls kept coming in. He actually said that his phone's battery was faltering because of the increased volume of calls. Do you need a friend like Kevin Hart? Was he out of line for <a href="" target="_blank">sharing Nick's phone number like this</a>, or is it all fair in a prank war? via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215265article, Kevin Hart Pranks Nick Cannon Posts His Phone Number On Massive Billboardsbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Kanye West Doesn't Deliver "DONDA" But Fans Are Hyped To Hear Jay-Z by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 02:14 GMT After&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">a weeklong hype</a> about the album's release, DONDA has yet to hit streaming services. Fans are holding out hope that when Kanye West said it was arriving on "Friday," he possibly meant later on in the day and not at the stroke of midnight as everyone expected. Thursday (July 22) evening was an incredible moment for those that were able to make their way to the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta because they, at least, were <a href="" target="_blank">able to hear DONDA</a> in all of its glory at the mega-listening event. There were plenty of noteworthy moments as attendees&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">took to social media</a> to share that Lil Baby, Playboi Carti, Pusha T, and *possibly* Kendrick Lamar were on the record. However, no one expected Jay-Z to make an appearance, and when his voice boomed over the speakers,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Hov stole the show.</a> Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty ImagesThere are reports that Mr. Carter had only completed his verse on Thursday afternoon, which may play into DONDA's delay. There have been speculative reports regarding the alleged dissolution of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Ye and Hov's friendship</a> over the years, and with this DONDA collaboration comes<a href="" target="_blank"> talks that Watch The Throne II</a> may actually arrive. Kanye and Jay-Z's<a href="" target="_blank"> 2011 joint album </a>has been hailed as arguably one of the best Hip Hop records to date, so to hear these two back in action has fans excited. Keep your fingers crossed that Ye has some sort of DONDA surprise as the weekend moves forward. Check out a few highlights from the listening event on Thursday in Atlanta along with several disappointing responses from the public after learning DONDA has yet to drop. View this post on Instagram<a href=";utm_campaign=loading" target="_blank">A post shared by HotNewHipHop&reg; (@hotnewhiphop)</a> &nbsp; via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215251article, Kanye West Doesn't Deliver "DONDA" But Fans Are Hyped To Hear Jay-Zblogs/7-2021/215251-kanye-west-doesnt-d-s.jpg1Kiana Led Creeps Around With Kehlani On "Ur Best Friend" by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 01:30 GMT There's some "sneaky link" behavior going on on "Ur Best Friend." There have been several standout R&amp;B offerings this year and now, Kiana Led&eacute; is hoping that her Kehlani-assisted single will become the<a href="" target="_blank"> next to climb the charts</a>. The pair of singers take their turns sharing their viewpoints in this story, and it sounds as if Kiana is in a relationship with a man but creeping around with his best friend, Kehlani. Led&eacute; shared a still from the forthcoming visual that looks as if the ladies are going to turn up the heat. Recently, one of Kehlani's fans took to Twitter to ask her when she would be delivering a lesbian-centered album now that she's <a href="" target="_blank">come out to the world</a>, and the singer hinted that it may already be in the works. Until we hear more news about that, stream Kiana Led&eacute;'s "Ur Best Friend" featuring Kehlani and let us know what you think. <strong>Quotable Lyrics</strong> Hey, he had the courage to step up and pull up 6 speed, like Put in so much work, just to make it worth And he&rsquo;s almost perfect and that why it hurts And he calls me family, that&rsquo;s what make it worse Oooooh It&rsquo;s wrong, but I make you feel right You texting my phone while right beside him Wish it was anyone besides him via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215252song, Kiana Led Creeps Around With Kehlani On "Ur Best Friend"bvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1The Kid LAROI Drops "F*ck Love 3: Over You" Ft. Juice WRLD, Lil Durk, Justin Bieber, NBA YoungBoy by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 00:46 GMT Last year, we received the first installment of The Kid LAROI's acclaimed F*ck Love mixtape series, and here we are with Part 3. The 17-year-old Australian star has collaborated with some of<a href="" target="_blank"> the most coveted artists</a> in the industry, and on F*ck Love 3: Over You, he isn't slowing down. Yet, he did tell Billboard that this latest mixtape would mark the end of his series. "Just because of what&rsquo;s happening in my life -- I have a girlfriend now and I really love her. It&rsquo;s time to close the F*ck Love show," he said. Ahead of his project's arrival, LAROI also spoke about learning that Kanye West planned on releasing DONDA on the same day as his record.&nbsp;&ldquo;I&rsquo;m kind of sad for myself, but I&rsquo;m happy for Kanye,&rdquo; LAROI said with a laugh.&nbsp;&ldquo;I love Kanye more than I love myself.&rdquo;&nbsp; Fans can also expect to receive The Kid LAROI's<a href="" target="_blank"> debut studio album</a>&nbsp;sometime in 2022, but a tentative date or time of year remains a mystery. F*ck Love 3: Over You is a multi-disc project that includes features from Polo G, Stunna Gambino, G Herbo, Lil Durk, Mustard, NBA YoungBoy, Internet Money, Marshmello, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Mosey, Corbin, and Juice WRLD. Stream F*ck Love 3: Over You by The Kid Laroi and let us know what you think. <strong>Tracklist</strong> 1. Over You&nbsp; 2. Not Sober ft. Polo G, Stunna Gambino 3. Stay ft. Justin Bieber 4. Same Energy 5. Don't Leave Me ft. G Herbo, Lil Durk 6. Bad News 7. Still Chose You ft. Mustard Disc 2 1. PIKACHU 2. SO DONE&nbsp; 3. TRAGIC ft. NBA YoungBoy, Internet Money 4. ALWAYS DO 5. FEEL SOMETHING ft. Marshmello 6. F*CK YOU, GOODBYE ft. Machine Gun Kelly 7. WITHOUT YOU Disc 3 1. BOOTY CALL (skit) 2. MAYBE 3. WRONG ft. Lil Mosey 4. I WISH 5. NOT FAIR ft. Corbin 6. BATHROOM (skit) 7. GO ft. Juice WRLD 8. TELL ME WHY 9. SAME THING 10. NEW GUY (skit) 11. ERASE U 12. RUNNING 13. WISH YOU WELL (skit) 14. NEED YOU MOST (So Sick) 15. SELFISH [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215250mixtape, The Kid LAROI Drops "F*ck Love 3: Over You" Ft. Juice WRLD Lil Durk Justin Bieber NBA Youngbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Polo G & Gunna Team Up On "Waves" From Kawhi Leonard's "Culture Jam" Project by itstheboombap0, 23 Jul 2021 00:15 GMT While the world continues to await<a href="" target="_blank"> Kanye West's DONDA</a>, Kawhi Leonard has delivered yet another single from his Culture Jam project. We previously received <a href="" target="_blank">NBA YoungBoy and Rod Wave's </a>"Everything Different," and on Friday (July 23), Gunna and Polo G shared their collaboration, "Waves." &ldquo;Culture Jam will always be a platform where creators&rsquo; ideas and talents come to life and serve our family and our communities,&rdquo; Leonard said of the Hip Hop project. &ldquo;As an athlete that loves family, music, culture, and community, it was extremely important for me to build a space where all these elements thrive." He added, "Culture Jam&rsquo;s significance is not only timely but it is also necessary. Equally, it is extremely important to support youth. My donation to the Mamba &amp; Mambacita Sports Foundation is just the beginning of that support and connection." Stream Gunna and Polo G's "Waves" and share your thoughts. <strong>Quotable Lyrics</strong> D&amp;G down to the kicks (D&amp;G), made your ho send me a flick (Yeah) On a light day, I'm throwin' a nick', she wan' show me her ass and t*ts (Ass and tits) I used to sell bags of grits, hit me back on the first or the fifth (First or the fifth) F*ckin' a bag up of fifths, I run through a ten again (Again) I roll in the Maybach Benz (Benz), or the coupe, it just really depends ('Pends) [<a href="" target="_blank">via]</a> via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215248song, Polo G & Gunna Team Up On "Waves" From Kawhi Leonard's "Culture Jam" Projectbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow Are Jailbirds In "Industry Baby" Visual by itstheboombap0, 22 Jul 2021 23:56 GMT Once again, Lil Nas X puts his acting skills on display in his latest music video. Earlier this week, the singer let it be known that the music video for his latest single "Industry Baby" wasn't made for the faint of heart&mdash;an announcement that he hoped would sway critics from complaining about inappropriate content. "Industry Baby" arrives with a feature from Jack Harlow, and in the visual, Lil Nas X&nbsp;makes light&nbsp;of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">his recent legal drama</a> with Nike. He also leans more to the Rap arena this time around and flexes his accomplishments including his Grammys and RIAA certifications. Lil Nas X sets the scene of his "Industry Baby" visual&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">behind bars</a> where he doesn't skimp at making references to his sexuality, including the fully nude dance scene in the shower. Harlow makes an appearance, yet he's surrounded by female guards who abandon their posts for some private time. This one is certain to kick up dust, so stream "Industry Baby" (produced by Kanye West, Take A Daytrip, and Nick Lee) and share your thoughts. <strong>Quotable Lyrics</strong> Need to get this album done Need a couple numb r ones Need a plaque on ev ry song Need me like one with Nicki now Tell a rap n*gga I don't see ya, hah I'm a pop n*gga like Bieber, hah I don't f*ck b*tches, I'm queer, hah But these n*ggas b*tches like Madea, via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215249song, Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow Are Jailbirds In "Industry Baby" Visualbvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1Smiley Taps Drake For "Over The Top" Single by itstheboombap0, 22 Jul 2021 23:33 GMT If there is an artist who is going to give shine to others on their way up, it's Drake. There have been plenty of jokes about the "<a href="" target="_blank">Drake Stimulus Package</a>" and how people find their come up thanks to a nod, mention, or feature from Drizzy. On Friday, Smiley, who has been releasing music for some time, shared his single "Over the Top" featuring Drake, and this isn't the first time the two have made an appearance together on wax. In a recent interview with Complex Canada, Smiley spoke about grabbing the<a href="" target="_blank"> attention of&nbsp;the OVO mogul</a>. &ldquo;A long time ago, it was 2014 or something like that. He heard those songs and I guess he paid close attention,&rdquo; he said. &ldquo;And then when I took a break and I came back, I dropped this one song called 'Hit.'" "That was the first time I&rsquo;d ever seen that Drake knew who I was or anything; one of his boys posted my song, and he commented under it and said, &lsquo;Smiley = G.O.A.T.&rsquo; And then that&rsquo;s when I was like, &lsquo;Oh f*ck,&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">this guy knows who I am</a> and sh*t.&rsquo; So then, probably a couple of days later, he follow me on Insta." Tay Keith holds down the production on "Over the Top," so stream Smiley's Drake-assisted single and let us know what yout hink. <strong>Quotable Lyrics</strong> I slide with some bread on the jam, that's just who I am Customs just wavin' at us from the window They don't even come on the plane when we land Anyone else would retire but I'm not content I wanna bury these n*ggas like twenty feet down So no one can find them again [<a href="" target="_blank">via</a>] via: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>215244song, Smiley Taps Drake For "Over The Top" Singlebvc/187/40384-wrbb-return-boombap.jpg1