Team Trans4mation's Blog loss isn't easy, but Team Trans4mations is here to support and help you during every step of your transformation! You can do it!en-ustrans4mationsinc@aol.com Bad Do You Really Want It? by trans4mations0, 12 Sep 2013 04:50 GMTWhat do you want and how bad do you really want it? I've recently started coaching a lot of different people and it's interesting to say the least. They start off telling me their goals and how fast they want to reach them. But, then when I ask them their "why"... most provide a very vague answer. Almost immediately, I have them re-evaluate it. Because in a nutshell, you will not have the motivation, drive, and push you need within yourself to hit your target if your "WHY" isn't strong enough. It all goes back to your why. So many things can try to deter us from achieving our goals... what is the very thing that is going to make you not give up? That will make you lose sleep? That will make you miss a meal? That will make you prove everyone wrong? What is it? What is your why? When you figure that out... nothing can stop you! Like us on Facebook: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Follow us on Instagram: @lareesainc24576why, dreams, vision, goalsblogs/9-2013/24576-why-dreams-vision-s.jpgAre you insane? by trans4mations0, 12 Sep 2013 04:38 GMTInsanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. I can admit I was insane at one time. Not only with my eating habits, but with relationships as well. No longer! I had to realize that if I wanted better, I had to do better! I had to love myself enough to start making healthy choices that were going to feed my happiness. It's a process... everything is a process...but, at least now I'm in control of the process. Small changes create huge results. What small change will you make right now that will make a huge difference in your future? <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> @lareesainc24575insanity, healthy, differentblogs/9-2013/24575-insanity-healthy-diff-s.jpg30 Minute Workout by trans4mations0, 12 Sep 2013 04:27 GMTExercising can be fun! Here is a quick 30 minute workout that mixes things up! Turn on your favorite music and get to it. The time will fly by! Check it out and let me know what you think! Check us out on Facebook: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>24572fun, workout, 30 minutes, exerciseblogs/9-2013/24572-fun-workout-30-minute-s.jpg5 Miles! This is so funny :) by trans4mations0, 12 Sep 2013 04:23 GMTThis was so funny to me! LOL Get that cardio in... at least 3 times a week!! Start off small. You can do it! Like us on Facebook: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Follow us on IG: @lareesainc24570funny, joke, exerciseblogs/9-2013/24570-funny-joke-exercise-s.jpgIt's Not a Diet!! by trans4mations0, 12 Sep 2013 04:11 GMTHello everyone! Welcome to our first blog! My name is Lareesa Fonville Willis, founder of Team Trans4mations!! We are a group of people who have decided that enough is enough. We've let issues with our weight hinder us for much too long and we're doing something about it! One day, one choice, one pound at a time. This is NOT a diet. This is NOT a phase. This is a permanent lifestyle change. We will not beat ourselves up in the process. We will ask for help. We will provide support to others. We will live the healthy lives that God intended for us to live!! All are welcome... let's go! Like us on Facebook at: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Instagram: @lareesainc24567weightloss, healthy, weight, fat, journey, transformation, lose weightblogs/9-2013/24567-weightloss-healthy-we-s.jpg