BonaFide Talk you want a candid discussion about all things in and around the Kingdom... The Christian Radio Broadcast&#45;&#45;-"BonaFide Talk" is the show for you. As always&#45;&#45;-Keep God First in your Walk BABY...and THAT'S BonaFide ... With the HELP OF THE LORD...we are TEARING DOWN WALLS....BREAKING CHAINS...and FREEING the Spiritually and Emotionally Enslaved.en-usbonafidetalk1@gmail.comhttp://bonafidetalk.orgbonafidetalk1bonafide.talk0ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/35689314350bonafidetalk & Demons&#45;&#45;-Know Your Enemies featuring Prophetess Karen Brank by bonafidetalk0, 18 Feb 2015 03:48 GMTWORKING ROOTS & WITCHCRAFT!!! (sighing) HOW CAN WE SAY THAT WITCHCRAFT AND ROOTS DON"T EXIST WHEN THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF IT??? People DO HAVE ROOTS worked on them and are under the influence of WITCHCRAFT!!! We must KNOW THE ENEMY...KNOW OUR OPPONENT in order to be EFFECTIVE SOLDIERS during Spiritual Warfare! Frogs lying spirits Revelation 16.13&#45;&#45;&#45;&#45;Snake Genesis 3&#45;&#45;&#45;&#45;Wolves John 10.12 Dr. Karen Brank EDUCATES US ALL on How to understand the various scopes of The Enemy so that we can FULLY prepare for Spiritual Warfare!!! Copy/Paste the link below into your browser to listen to the show <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>40630Witch, Witchcraft, Warlocks, Felana, BonaFide Talk, Church, Gospel Musicblogs/2-2015/40630-witch-witchcraft-warl-s.jpgSOME DON"T WANT A RELATIONSHIP on BonaFide Talk ...Featuring Robin Manley by bonafidetalk0, 1 Jul 2014 05:12 GMTCHURCH ON THE AIR! Call (347) 237-5342 to listen LIVE and/or join in on the discussion. Author of "To Hungry Souls Every Bitter Thang Tastes Sweet", AND "Entangled Again in the Yoke of Bondage"..Co-Owner of ... "I Feel Ya!" Productions, -Robin Manley-Motivational Speaker will be TAKING THE STAGE as the NEXT FEATURED GUEST on "BonaFide Talk"&#45;&#45;-ONE OF THE HOTTEST CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTS IN THE COUNTRY- Copy/Paste the link below to listen to the show and/or go in the chat room Read more: <a href="javascript:launchURL(';&#45;-bonafide-talk-with-guest-robin-manley#ixzz36BbOjdkN')">;&#45;-bonafide-talk-with-guest-robin-manley#ixzz36BbOjdkN</a>34979relationships, friends, dating, God, church, sex, marriage, celebacyblogs/7-2014/34979-relationships-friends-s.jpg"Abortion & Homosexuality"..on BonaFide Talk with Evangelist Christopher Ayers by bonafidetalk0, 19 Apr 2014 15:31 GMT"ABORTION & HOMOSEXUALITY" on BonaFide Talk with your host, Evangelist Felana and her guest, Christopher Ayers. LISTEN live to this two-part broadcast as the host and guest discuss these very important topics. We can't continue to sweep issues like this under our church rugs. We've got to discuss it.....BONAFIDE TALK takes the challenge. Call to listen at showtime: (347) 237-5342 SATURDAY @ 12pm (PST) / 3pm (EST) . Or click the link below to listen and/or chat with other listeners. <a href="javascript:launchURL(';&#45;bonafide-talk-with-chris-ayers-1')">;&#45;bonafide-talk-with-chris-ayers-1</a>32668abortion, homosexuality, alternative lifestyles, end times, jesus, returnblogs/4-2014/32668-abortion-homosexualit-s.jpgAbortion & Homosexuality on "BonaFide Talk"&#45;&#45;-TOMORROW 4/1/2014 at 12pm WEST COAST/3pmEST/2p by bonafidetalk0, 19 Apr 2014 02:26 GMTCALL (347) 237-5342 to LISTEN LIVE More than just a radio talk show...this is CHURCH ON THE AIR! These are TWO of the most talked about topics on the news, in our homes, in our churches..... TWO TOPICS in ONE HOUR! Our featured guest is Evangelist Christopher Ayers. We are relating BOTH TOPICS with The Scriptures. He has info...I have info..But MOST importantly? WE want to hear from YOU. DIAL 347-537-534232654abortion, homosexual, alternative lifestyles, love, peace, christblogs/4-2014/32654-abortion-homosexual--s.jpgBonaFide Talk! One of the HOTTEST CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTS in the COUNTRY!!! by bonafidetalk0, 12 Apr 2014 01:43 GMTIt is with GREAT PLEASURE that "BonaFide Talk" BRINGS to you....FOUNDER/CEO of Kingdom Wurk" &#45;&#45;&#45;&#45;-Evangelist Rod Edwards! TOMORROW at 12pm West Coast Time/3pm EST/2pmCST. Bring your Bibles with you. We FIXIN to have CHURCH! Tell OTHERS about the Radio Broadcast...the saved....the UNSAVED...the Prodigal Son...the Prodigal Daughter....the 'Babes' in Christ....the atheist..the agnostic...EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! TOMORROW dial 347-237-5342 OR copy paste <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Great Gospel Performing Artists&#45;&#45;-Quartets, Hip Hop, Poets, Spoken Word, Groups Great Discussion&#45;&#45;&#45;&#45;with yours truly Evangelist Felana, Evangelist Rod Edwards Great Word from The Bible 32426Radio, evangelism, church, fruit of the spiritblogs/4-2014/32426-radio-evangelism-chur-s.jpg""The Rat Race For Money and Love" by bonafidetalk0, 1 Mar 2014 04:40 GMTAWARD WINNING, Gospel Recording Artist Minister Andre' Bean (aka Simply Dre) will be the NEXT FEATURED GUEST on "BonaFide Talk". What a TREAT this is going to be! THIS SATURDAY, March 1, 2014 at 5pmEST/4pmCST/2pmWest Coast Time. Show Title: ""The Rat Race For Money and Love". FABULOUS MUSIC by our featured guest Minister Andre' Bean (aka "Simply Dre") AND a GOOD WORD. Copy/paste the link below into your browser <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> OR DIAL 347-237-534231096Money, Love, God, Bible, Relationshipsblogs/2-2014/31096-money-love-god-s.jpgOur Youth Are Killing Each Other....NO VALUE FOR HUMAN LIFE" on BonaFide Talk by bonafidetalk0, 24 Feb 2014 04:39 GMTTj Walker it was a PLEASURE to have you on "BonaFide Talk" today. You gave us VALUABLE insight on the thought processes of our youth today and what WE CAN DO and HAVE TO DO to win BACK our youth. You are such a TALENTED young man. Your MUSIC inspires. MANY.....MANY blessings to you! Below is a recording/web address of the Saturday, February 22, 2014 Radio Broadcast. Good discussion....good message....good word.... <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> 30875gangs, youth, homocide, the church, pastors, music, gospel music, gospel hip hopblogs/2-2014/30875-gangs-youth-homocide-s.jpgOur Youth Are Killing Each Other....NO VALUE FOR HUMAN LIFE" on BonaFide Talk by bonafidetalk0, 22 Feb 2014 13:00 GMTMEDIA ALERT!!! He''s BACK. From MY HOME TOWN....Rocky Mount, North Carolina......Gospel Hip-Hop artist Tj Walker returns to "BonaFide Talk". He''s bringing music WITH HIM!! (smiling) We will be discussing his RECENT CD RELEASE!! Gooooooooo Tj!!!!! (smiling) Show Title: "Our Youth Are Killing Each Other....NO VALUE FOR HUMAN LIFE" Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 3pmEST/2pmCST/12pm WEST COAST TIME DIAL 347-237-5342 or listen online. "SEE" you there!!!30811Rocky Mount NC,Gospel Hip Hop,Tj Walker, Killing Livesblogs/2-2014/30811-rocky-mount-nc-gospel-s.jpgHuh??? What did you say?? SLAVERY was used by God as a tool to introduce people to Christ by bonafidetalk0, 2 Dec 2013 04:45 GMTCOULD THIS BE?? Hard for me to grasp initially. But when I look at my life? And all of the HORRIBLE things that God has helped me through. SOME I CREATED...SOME?? A victim of circumstance. COULD Slavery have been a tool that God used to win souls to Christ? Listen to this archive. Tell me what you think......Tell me e-mail or call me at 919 428 4335. I want to hear your opinion. My Mama says this is 'controversial'. My classmate says this is 'rationalization'. Some may find this obsurd. What do you say? Copy/Paste the link below <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>27249slavery, God's chosen, christ, Godblogs/12-2013/27249-slavery-gods-chosen--s.jpgCalling in from Nunga, Volta, Ghana Ev. Francis Bortey by bonafidetalk0, 30 Nov 2013 05:17 GMTSATURDAY, 30th of November 2013 as we look at Christianity in Africa-Ghana to be precised at 3:00pm est and 8:00pm Ghana time. Evangelist Francis Bortey will point out how Slavery brought Christianity in Africa and the State of Christianity today in Africa Go to <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> OR DIAL 661 449 995227209Christianity, Africa, Motherland,blogs/11-2013/27209-christianity-africa--s.jpgKeep God FIRST in your walk baby...and THAT's BonaFide Talk!! by bonafidetalk0, 28 Nov 2013 00:27 GMTStationed at a local jail annex.....Radio Evangelism......Reaching out to alternative schools..............Headed to the rest homes......Street Evangelism......Networking with NonProfit Outreaches ( Extended Hands of North Carolina, Inc. - Resource and Referral Agencywith Carolyn Britt) God I JUST want to be used by you..................With YOUR HELP LORD, we are "Tearing Down Walls....Breaking Chains...and Freeing the Spiritually & Emotionally Enslaved"27160Full-time Ministryblogs/11-2013/27160-fulltime-ministry-s.jpgMy "Son" is incarcerated....facing alot of jail time by bonafidetalk0, 28 Nov 2013 00:09 GMTMy "Son" is incarcerated...Yet he is 'freeier' than many. He has found Christ. He shed tears today..."Ms. Felana I'm trying not to cry....but it's because of you..."....It took EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to not sob with him. I told my "Son"..."It ain' me's the God in me. To God be the glory"..... He was STILL trying to be so "Hard" lol Even after his sobbing... I LOVE that little ole' boy............27159jail, freedom, christ, salvationblogs/11-2013/27159-jail-freedom-christ-s.jpgBlessings are SOMETIMES put on 'Pause' or "Deleted" by bonafidetalk0, 27 Nov 2013 02:29 GMTGod works in SUCH mysterious ways. Sometimes JUST when you think He has forgotten ALL ABOUT YOU....ALL ABOUT your situation.....forgotten ALL ABOUT THE PROMISES He made to you? The BLESSINGS POUR. God's ways aren't like our ways...(THANK GOD FOR THAT). But we have to remember....His TIMING isn't like ours either. When it seems as if our blessings are being 'put on hold'. One or two things are happening !) The blessing you are looking for REALLY isn't a blessing at all. You just THINK it's a blessing..but it's a trap from the 'w'icked one. 2) He setting the stage. God is ALL ABOUT timing! If He KNOWS you are't READY for the blessing?? He will delay if for a while. THAT"S when our FAITH is built upon.....THAT's when we learn to TRUST GOD. Sometimes we get so 'caught up'...we don't even SEE what He is doing before the ACTUALLY blessing takes place. There are 'little bitty' blessings that He has set up for us...a little here..a little there...but we sometimes get SO CONSUMED with the "final product'...that we MISS the blessings in between. We have ALL been let down by people. Sometimes the 'let downs' wee INTENTIONAL.....SOME were unintentional. We are ONLY human. But LOOK AT GOD! He will never LEAVE us NOR FORSAKE US! Be ENCOURAGED!!27119blessings, God, patience, breakthroughblogs/11-2013/27119-bonafidetalk-blessing-s.jpgGOING THROUGH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by bonafidetalk0, 26 Nov 2013 04:59 GMTFor those of us that are 'going through it'. You are under Spiritual Warfare. It's TIME TO FIGHT! He is placing you IN this current situation because AFTER you will have endured this...your FAITH in God will be taken to a level HIGHER than you could EVER imagine. If you DON'T go 'through the fire"...go 'through that firey furnace" that He talks about in Daniel 3......You WOULDN'T have the understanding that you WILL HAVE regarding the REAL POWER of God! See when the NEXT battle comes?? (and it will) BECAUSE, with the help of The Lord, you will have ALREADY ENDURED THIS TRAUMATIC experience....You will be BETTER PREPARED for the UPCOMING BATTLE. You are IMPORTANT to God. THAT"S why 's'atan is coming against you SO BADLY....ATTACKING YOU THROUGH YOUR FAMILY....ATTACKING YOU THROUGH YOU 'friends'.....ATTACKING YOU ON YOUR JOB.....ATTACKING YOUR FINANCES...ATTACKING YOUR HEALTH...BEING VIOLATED SEXUALLY....Making you DOUBT YOURSELF about EVERYTHING!!!! .ANYTHING that rascal can try to come up with to DETER you from CHRIST! The 'd'evil IS A LIE!!! Don't give up now! It's when you feel as if you are about to "BREAK"......that OUR 'BREAKTHROUGH" is coming through!!! BE ENCOURAGED!!!!27088trials, tribulations, persecution, finances, family, friendsblogs/11-2013/27088-trials-tribulations--s.jpgFake "Church Folk" by bonafidetalk0, 25 Nov 2013 06:31 GMTYou know?? As an Evangelist?? It can sometimes get DOWN RIGHT embarrassing to see how CONDESCENDING some of the CLERGY can be at times. They walk around with their noses in the air......chest stuck out....smh I really don't get it.... Being Clergy means you are a SERVANT! You are NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! Our job is to TEACH....NOT judge. We are MERELY the 'mouthpieces'. God is the final authority. We are LOSING our 'sheep' to this. They can't TALK TO US...can't be OPEN with US...smh How can they 'heal' if they aren't allowed to 'reveal". Maybe it's just me....smh 27053church folk, clergyblogs/11-2013/27053-church-folk-clergy-s.jpgMANY are called but FEW are chosen.. by bonafidetalk0, 25 Nov 2013 06:13 GMTWhile walking "in the calling"..God is STILL pruning. He will command us 2 let things go. But you WILL NEED HIM to carry out the command.27052God's Chosenblogs/11-2013/27052-gods-chosen-s.jpg