Sinnamen_Success's Blog Entertainment LLC is a company founded by Sinnamen Success to assist artists and companies in branding, interview grooming, and overall media presence. It is considered to be the "Foundation for Success". SinnderBlock Entertainment LLC is becoming one of the hottest, and newest entertainment companies specializing in public relations and artist management.en-uscomsinnderblockent@gmail.com Can Do Anything by sinnamen_success0, 27 Nov 2013 02:39 GMTAt the age of 22, I took a major chance in life. I packed up everything I loved, that wasn't a person, in the biggest suitcase I could find and moved thousands of miles away from everyone I ever knew and loved. I first went to New York, but it was in the harsh months of December and January and I hated it. I then left New York and came to Atlanta, where I still reside. I've been through SO MUCH!! From having no place to stay, except for a CHEAP motel room in a bad area, to not knowing how I was going to eat next! I never told my family anything because I didn't want them to worry and try to talk me into moving back to California. I made a promise to myself though. I told myself I would not go back to California, (where I'm from), unless I WANTED to, NOT because I HAD to. God placed some people in my life that helped me through it. I didn't have to compromise my integrity, morality, or pride. I just believed. I believed that God would see me through it. Now, today, I have a full-time job, my own place, a car, and I now own an entertainment company, SinnderBlock Entertainment LLC. I never gave up. I realize it takes a lot of courage to do what I did but anything you want to do badly enough, you can do. Just believe. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.27121God, faith, believeblogs/11-2013/27121-god-faith-believe-s.jpgBeing Humble Goes A Long Way by sinnamen_success0, 27 Nov 2013 02:15 GMTI definitely know first handedly that being humble goes a long way. As an artist manager, I have many artists approach me constantly. Most of which are very humbled and respectful. Every once in a while, I run across an independent artist that knows it all, has done it all, and doesn't need anyone for anything. I politely ask them, "What's your reason for contacting me?" They then reply with something along the lines of wanting to work with me and maybe me helping them in some areas. My thoughts? No, thank you. If that's your mentality already, I do not want to work with you! I would be delighted to take an inexperienced, ambitious, humble artist over an artist who "knows everything" any day. My advice? Stay humble my friends!27118Humble, humbled, artist, approachSuccess is My Destiny by sinnamen_success0, 27 Nov 2013 01:53 GMTAs I got off my 9 to 5, I came home and made myself comfortable. I grabbed my lap top, in which the screen is broken so I have to use an HDMI cable to hook it up to my t.v. I also grab my iPad, and all the chargers. I pour myself a glass of vino and began to work on my future/destiny, SinnderBlock Entertainment LLC. Ironically, I actually started working on my mobile app! Then I had a vision... a flash... I saw a glimpse of my success. I could see it. It was so real that I could nearly feel it, touch it, and taste it!! It was so awesome that it made me cry. It made me cry for success!! I can''t wait till the day I can look back on today and smile to myself... remembering.27114sinnderblock, success, entertainmentblogs/11-2013/27114-sinnderblock-success--s.jpg