Fresh Radio native of Philadelphia with over 20 years experience in terrestrial radio. DJ Bee bringing turntablism and preserving the power of the mixshow! October 10, 2010 I decided to launch my own station to continue to preserve not only quality radio, but the Hip-Hop culture and soul music. Fresh Radio is the name and we're "Making Radio Fresh Again" Classic and Progressive Hip-Hop, Soul, Mixshows but DJ's across the world, classic mixtapes, classic radio shows from legends and live performances!en-uscomtherealfreshradio@gmail.comhttp://itsFreshRadio.comRealFreshRadioRealFreshRadiochannel/UCfGfPfT64YzU7NDl2XhYV6gRealFreshRadiodjbeeakabeesus RadioUUfGfPfT64YzU7NDl2XhYV6g00 UsYYNfreshradio Is Freshtopia's 2nd Anniversary! by freshradio0, 19 Jan 2021 15:43 GMTThanks for the support over the last 2 years!193276FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,Freshtopiablogs/1-2021/193276-freshradio-internet-s.jpgHBD To The Godfather Of House . Frankie Knuckles Tributes For A Few Hours by freshradio0, 19 Jan 2021 03:31 GMTAnd then a mix from him to kick off Freshtopia's 2nd Anniversary193260FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,House,music,,Frankie,Knucklesblogs/1-2021/193260-freshradio-internet-s.jpgM Is For.... #MotivationMonday 8a ET by freshradio0, 18 Jan 2021 12:28 GMTGet a Fresh Start with the FSMS193177FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,MorningShow,,MotivationMondayblogs/1-2021/193177-freshradio-internet-s.jpgLIVE NOW: Homage To Salt-N-Pepa by freshradio0, 16 Jan 2021 17:56 GMTCutting up all #saltnpepa for today's #homage from 1-4p ET on #FreshRadio ... tune in on the @realfreshradio app or watch the livestream at or #twitch & #periscope (@beesusthedj)193044FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,Homage,,SaltNPepablogs/1-2021/193044-freshradio-internet-s.jpgFriday Night LIVE . All Gangstarr 8p ET by freshradio0, 16 Jan 2021 00:05 GMTFriday Night LIVE 8p ET I'm rocking all @gangstarr . #stepinthearena dropped OTD 30 years ago and I'm in the mood for a shitload of classics! Tune in on the #FreshRadio app or watch the livestream on or #twitch & #periscope (@beesusthedj)192992FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,Gangstarrblogs/1-2021/192992-freshradio-internet-s.jpgStep Into The Arena By Gangstarr Turns 30 Today! @ noon ET .... by freshradio0, 15 Jan 2021 16:59 GMTClassic from beginning to end!!!!192934FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,Gangstarr,,Stepintothearenablogs/1-2021/192934-freshradio-internet-s.jpgTGIF . Get A #FreshStart To Your Friday #45Friday by freshradio0, 15 Jan 2021 12:32 GMTAll #45s in the mix192907DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,MorningShow,,InternetRadioblogs/1-2021/192907-djbee-beesusthedj--s.jpgEboni ATL #Suite404 Episode 250 Now Playing by freshradio0, 15 Jan 2021 01:12 GMTFlava192876FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,EboniATLblogs/1-2021/192876-freshradio-internet-s.jpgDJ Tone Setting The Tone At 6p ET #tonesettershow by freshradio0, 14 Jan 2021 22:45 GMTPerfect for your Friday Eve Evening!!192863FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJToneblogs/1-2021/192863-freshradio-internet-s.jpg#allrequestThursday ALL LL & Slick Rick 8a ET by freshradio0, 14 Jan 2021 12:34 GMTHappy Birthday @llcoolj & @therulernyc . today's #allrequestThursday I'm cutting up your favorite classics by these 2 legendary emcees on the #FreshStart AM Show! Tweet them to @realfreshradio and tune in @ 8a ET on the #FreshRadio app or watch the livestream at or on #twitch & #periscope (@beesusthedj)192805FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,MorningShow,,Allrequestthursdayblogs/1-2021/192805-freshradio-internet-s.jpgWe Are Fresh Radio! Here's An Old Ad Done By Moag by freshradio0, 12 Jan 2021 17:16 GMTWe used to have an event called Fresh Friday's at the Jewish Mother Downtown Norfolk VA where we used to drink Arrogant Bastard's out of 22 oz bottles so this inspired MindOfAGenius with this one!192600FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,InternetRadioblogs/1-2021/192600-freshradio-internet-s.jpg#turntabletuesday Get A #FreshStart 8a ET by freshradio0, 12 Jan 2021 12:31 GMTMusic for the people that love music!192602FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,MorningShow,,TurntableTuesdayblogs/1-2021/192602-freshradio-internet-s.jpg#MaryJMonday Happy 50th! #FreshStart 8a ET All MJB by freshradio0, 11 Jan 2021 12:33 GMTHappy 50th @therealmaryjblige . We will celebrate accordingly starting with today's #FreshStart Morning Show 8a ET All Queen Mary!!!192483FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,MorningShow,,mJBblogs/1-2021/192483-freshradio-internet-s.jpg26 Years Ago Dah Shinin Dropped So Late For Brunch Why Not Celebrate by freshradio0, 10 Jan 2021 20:43 GMT#dahshinin released 26 years ago today! I was gonna do 80s #hiphop for today's #lateforbrunch but I'm rockin all @teksmokeelah & @generalsteele at 4:10p ET on #FreshRadio . listen on the @realfreshradio app or watch on or on #twitch & #periscope also in the crib say "Alexa, I Want My Fresh Radio" #djbee #skratchmakaniks192440FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJblogs/1-2021/192440-freshradio-internet-s.jpgSo Uhhhhhh! Doom Strikes Again! by freshradio0, 9 Jan 2021 23:11 GMTIt ain't even his bday!!!192383FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,MFDoomblogs/1-2021/192383-freshradio-internet-s.jpgDJ KG Up Next With The All Out Show ... Disco Editon by freshradio0, 9 Jan 2021 22:49 GMTStart your Sat with a point in the air diagonally!192373FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJKGblogs/1-2021/192373-freshradio-internet-s.jpgToday's #Homage Bars From Fabolous x Jadakiss 1p ET by freshradio0, 9 Jan 2021 17:49 GMTMy favorite joints from these 2 emcees!192350FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJblogs/1-2021/192350-freshradio-internet-s.jpgLet's Go! #Eargasms With DJ Jaycee by freshradio0, 8 Jan 2021 19:58 GMTFriday!!! DJ Jaycee in the mix! Mean!192271FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJJAYCEEblogs/1-2021/192271-freshradio-internet-s.jpgLet's Go! DJ Technics With A New Fresh House Session NOW!!! by freshradio0, 8 Jan 2021 18:59 GMTFlava!!!!!! House Heads let's go!192265FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJTECHNICSblogs/1-2021/192265-freshradio-internet-s.jpgTGIF All 45's 8a ET #FreshStart Morning Show by freshradio0, 8 Jan 2021 12:32 GMTYou know our Steez.192226FreshRadio,,InternetRadio,,DJBee,,BeesustheDJ,,MorningShowblogs/1-2021/192226-freshradio-internet-s.jpg19235311926011