Aquatic Wetline Aquatic Wetline is an online radio show dedicated to tropical fish keeping in both freshwater and saltwater. We have all sorts of guests in the aquarium hobby on, and we will chat about both freshwater and saltwater. Hosted by Alex Cardinale, an experienced fish keeper of over 10 years and by James Jones an experienced fish keeper and crayfish breeder. Come listen to the only show hosted by fish keepers for fish keepers.en-usaquaticwetline@outlook.comhttp://dmvaquatics.comDMV_Aquaticsaquaticwetline0ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/35689314350aquaticwetline Wetline's 50th Episode Celebration Special! by aquaticwetline0, 7 May 2014 20:01 GMTAqua Alex and CrayfishmanJames present to you the 50th episode celebration of the Aquatic Wetline! Join us over the next 2 hours as we celebrate 50 great episodes! This will be a awesome show as it's our first premium show and our 50th episode! Aqua Alex and Crayfishman James will discuss their favorite episodes of the Aquatic Wetline thus far, why the Aquatic Wetline was created, plus we will take a blast from the past and play some of the past callers on the Aquatic Wetline. We also have a few surprise special guests stopping bye! So come join our awesome celebration episode! WE HAVE PRIZES FOR CALLERS! Hikari Sales USA is offering $25 worth of Fish Food, DMV Aquatics is offering a free Crayfish, World Aquatic Biomes LLC is offering 3 free plants for 3 lucky callers, and Zoea's Healthy Fish is offering fish food. TO WIN A PRIZE: 1.) YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....... ( SORRY NOBODY OUTSIDE THE USA CAN WIN) 2.) YOU MUST CALL IN AT 347-989-8142 DIAL 1 AND BE THE 5TH CALLER FOR EACH PRIZE! 3.) YOU WILL NEED TO STATE YOUR NAME, HOW LONG YOU'VE BEEN IN THE HOBBY, AND THEN SAY YOUR CALLING FOR THE PRIZE...... WE WILL THEN ASK YOU WHAT FISH YOU ARE CURRENTLY KEEPING PRIZE TIMES ARE: 8:15, 8:45, 9:00, 9:15 8:15- HIKARI SALES USA PRIZE ($25 GIFT FOR THE FIFTH CALLER) 8:45- ZOEA'S HEATLHY FISH PRIZE (2 FREE FISH FOODS FOR THE FIRST AND FIFTH CALLER) 9:15- WORLD AQUATIC BIOMES PRIZE ( 3 FREE AQUATIC PLANTS FOR THE FIRST 3 CALLERS) 9:45- DMV AQUATICS PRIZE ( FREE CRAYFISH FOR THE 5TH CALLER) 3325850th episode, 50th celebration, Aquatic Wetline Celebration, Hikari, DMV Aquatics, World Aquatic BioFish Keeper's United: Question and Answer # 3 by aquaticwetline0, 7 May 2014 19:58 GMTAqua Alex and Crayfishman James will be doing their 3rd Question and Answer on the Aquatic Wetline! This time, though it will be our first premium Question and Answer which means we will have a total of 2-3 hours to use up! Do you have a fish keeping question you want answered? Want to learn about a certain species of fish? Want to learn fish? Or just want to ask a question? Well then email your questions to, or you can call in with questions LIVE on the show at 347-989-8142, or you can record a question via sound recorder and email it to us. We will answer your questions plus questions we have seen on groups!33257Fish Keeper's United, AQUA ALEX, CRAYFISHMANJAMES, AQUATIC WETLINEblogs/5-2014/33257-fish-keepers-united--s.jpgSpecies Saturday: Brittlenose Pleco/ Ancistrus Catfish! by aquaticwetline0, 7 May 2014 19:54 GMTAqua Alex and CrayfishmanJames have an awesome Species Saturday in store for you this week! We will be talking about one of the most famous plecos in the Aquarium Hobby, the Brittlenose Pleco/Ancistrus catfish. Alex and James have 2 lovers of the Brittlenose plecos coming on to share their knowledge of the Brittlenose Pleco. Joining the hosts are Mr. William T from Hannaprodiscus who is going to be breeding Brittlenose plecos for business, and Mrs. Ameila Elizabeth who loves Brittlenose plecos! We will be discussing why we love the Brittlenose plecos, we will then talk about care and requirements to keep the Brittlenose plecos, and then discuss why the Brittlenose plecos are much better than their larger cousins, the Common Pleco.33256Brittlenose pleco, Ancistrus catfish, Pleco, plecostomus, Species Saturday, William T, Hannaprodiscublogs/5-2014/33256-brittlenose-pleco-anc-s.jpgTropical Fish Store Chronicles: Reefs and Rivers Episode 1 with James Carmark! by aquaticwetline0, 7 May 2014 19:49 GMTThe Aquatic Wetline is proud to Welcome James Carmark as a Special Host on Sunday Nights here on the Aquatic Wetline! James joins Aqua Alex and Crayfishman James every Sunday Night at 8 PM EST. James is an expert in South American Fish, having traveled to the Amazon numerous times to collect and study fish he is very knowledgeable in fish! James now owns a fish store with 3 other people called Reefs and Rivers in Plymouth MA. Each Sunday. James Carmark will be on the show to discuss some of the week's Breeding projects, some of the week's tropical fish selections, and much more! This week, we debut the series!!! James will discuss what his fish store Reefs and Rivers is all about, he will discuss what he will be stocking, and much more. Plus we will talk about his trips to the Amazon and some of the fish he collected their and if he will sell wild fish.33255Reefs and Rivers, Tropical Fish Store Chornicles, James Carmark, Fish breeding, Aquatic Wetline, Aqublogs/5-2014/33255-reefs-rivers-tropical-s.jpgAquatic Wetline Special: Monster Fish Hour: River Giants Rehoming Sanctuary! by aquaticwetline0, 7 May 2014 19:30 GMTOn this special episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex and CrayfishmanJames are very happy to support a good cause. We are going to be supporting a movement in the United Kingdom called the River Giants Rehoming Sanctuary which is a Monster Fish rehoming facitilly.River Giants rehomes Monster fish in too small of a tank to very large aquariums! The owner of the facitully will be on the show to discuss everything it does and the species they take in. If you have questions, call 347-989-8142! About River Giants: River Giants are a new, unique and specialist re-homing sanctuary based in Maidstone in Kent. We re-home some amazing, wonderful fish that span the globe.There's something primal that leads people to wonder what's lurking below the surface of any large river. Humans seem to be hardwired to be both fascinated by, and somewhat fearful of, Volkswagen-sized catfish. There's something in the back of everyone's mind when overlooking a large river, lake or bay. "What's lurking below the surface?" Grainy images of the Loch Ness Monster feed those thoughts. In the wild, these amazing animals live in remote locations from Australia's Outback to the steamy jungles of southeast Asia. You will be thrilled by the prehistoric-looking arapaima, weird-looking wallago, giant freshwater rays and other BIG fish. Our fish collection includes rare and exotic Species of all sizes, BIG FISH with BIG APPETITES for BIG TANKS. It's not easy for most people or other "regular" fish keepers to understand why we maintain this type of collection and spare no expense on this fascinating hobby. 33254River Giants, monster fish, Red tail catfish, pacu, River gaints rehoming Sanctuary, Aquatic Wetlineblogs/5-2014/33254-river-giants-monster--s.jpg