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In this case public safety on a college/university campus is necessary and most important because we want all of our future doctors, journalists, and psychologists to be secured and well protected at all times. There have been recent incidents that have taken place on campuses such as Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Virginia Tech and FAMU just to name a few. Each of these universities have over 3,000 students attending their facility so why aren't there any adequate security? There are hundreds of students who go to class every day, come back to their dorm rooms during the late night hours and who are traveling across campus alone. Most campuses offer the solar-powered emergency call boxes for those who are in trouble and can't get to a phone quick enough. These boxes are located around campus and after one push of the button you are connected with on campus police. First you tell them your location and they should be there in no time. This way you have not only alerted campus police but city police as well. Most colleges have public safety patrolling around the premises making sure that there aren't any crimes being committed. The best way for us (college students) to be well secured and protected is when traveling alone . DO NOT. Make sure you are always traveling across campus with a buddy or two. Make sure that you get familiar with your campus police and also be aware of your surroundings. If your college/university offers campus safety awareness classes please participate. These tips here can not only change your life but your college experience as well. It is best to be prepared than unware ! 35317college, campus police, safetyBob Johnson by mywaymagwfb0, 12 Jul 2014 21:53 GMTDfree is the way to GO ! Robert Johnson who is better known as Bob Johnson, founder and chairman of RLJ companies has partnered up with Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey. These two individuals have something spectacular under their sleeves that can help people like you and me become debt free. They have announced their alliance to reshape the national financial lending climate and help Americans, particularly minorities, pay down consumer debt, increase household savings, and overcome a cycle of short term and emergency borrowing caused by the excessive use of payday lending. Now, as we all grow old and grey, there are things that we aren't going to want to pay which is debt. Dr. Soaries who is the founder of dfree in 2005, took it upon himself to figure out a way to help people ( African Americans) become more responsible and more aware of the things we buy and the money we borrow. dfree stands for " Debt, Delinquency and Deficit Free". dfree is all about smart money management. It helps because as a culture we watch each other struggle with paying people back and most of the time companies and banks as well. This strategy here, dfree , helps us to budget, manage, and maintain. Nearly twelve million Americans turn to payday loans annually when faced with financial challenges in order to cover emergency expenses and meet cash shortfalls. Forty-one percent of borrowers have needed a cash infusion to pay off a payday loan and many ultimately turn to the same options they could have used instead of payday loans to finally pay off the loan. As a result and because of current high interest lending rates, many borrowers are unable to pay back loans in a timely manner and find themselves in a cycle of borrowing and debt. (Payday Lending in America: How Borrowers Choose and Repay Payday Loans, published February 2013). According to Michigan Chronicles, ""Dr. Soaries and the dfree program has been highly successful in its mission to help consumers gain financial literacy and save for their financial future," said Johnson. "I am delighted that Pastor Soaries has agreed to work collaboratively on my campaign to bring about an end to payday lending as we know it today. He has been a national leader on educating consumers about the need to live debt free, and I believe that together we will bring about a significant change and provide valuable information on improving the lives of millions of working class Americans, particularly minority Americans," he concluded. Also according to Michigan Chronicles, ""I am thrilled to join Bob Johnson and his financial initiative to end payday lending and am proud to be a part of the efforts through dfree . Our mission is to help consumers nationwide achieve debt free living, economic capacity, and to rely less on borrowing, particularly from high interest payday lending institutions. Providing individuals and families with the tools to address financial needs on a consistent basis, helps them to better manage their finances and achieve financial freedom," noted Dr. Soaries. Mr. Johnson and Dr. Soaries are going to make millions of people happy and debt free but it will only happen in due time. For further information on how to become dfree , sign up at <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> 35316Bob, D Free, businessAfter High School What They Didnt Tell You by mywaymagwfb0, 12 Jul 2014 21:52 GMTIn life there are different stages one must face and overcome and the most upsetting thing is there is no "Life Instructions Guide or Manual" to help us out along the way. While growing up we use to see and hear different things that we could take with us along this journey called life but we really didn't have a clue what to expect or where to go. As kids we went through the phases of elementary school, middle school or junior high, and some high school. However, those life lessons were learned by some but were not mastered by many. High School was supposed to have been the "pre welcome to the real world" phase but what they didn't tell us was, living in America was going to be a competition and an absolute struggle. There are some people who have it easy or made for them to live their lives how they want but in the real world everything is not going to be handed or given to you. Just like the infamous song quotes, "You better get up, get out and get something." - What some may have to realize and what they were not told is that after high school, those friends that you once knew are no longer going to be the friends you know. People have lives of their own, and what they didn't tell you was that after high school, you will not be included in people's everyday lives. Some people will isolate themselves just to get their priorities straight and we as humans have to understand that we all go through different things. We may never understand what others go through but we must give people their space so they can go through the obstacles that are put into their life. After high school, what they didn't tell you was that just because you have a high school diploma or college degree, it is not guaranteed to find a job of your dreams. Jobs are very hard to come by in America and if you don't have the skills or mindset to work in an environment that requires good customer service, communication skills or being able to work in a diverse setting where everyone is not going to be friendly, a job is not for you. After high school, they didn't prepare us for the ups and downs one will eventually have to face such as managing money, gaining credit, and being independent. - Life is all about making choices and you have to be willing to accept that every choice one my make might not always have a positive outcome. You have to be willing to dodge the bullets and know that there will always be better days. After high school, they didn't tell you that your parents were no longer going to let you in their pockets. After high school most parents have pushed and motivated their child to better than them and to provide for themselves because that's the only way of living. There plenty of things that they forgot to tell us about that happen after high school, and we cannot blame them for that. Nowadays, "self-experience is the best experience" so rather than others just taking advice, some things have to be done and found out about on its own. Life after high school is not what it's cracked up to be. It's more of "Welcome, you are now finally at your destination, getting ready to receive whatever it is life throws at you. Often times you will be ready, and other times you will be in total shock. You are not alone in this world, but what you should know is everyone makes mistakes." 35314high school, life, experienceBaby Mama and Baby Daddy by mywaymagwfb0, 12 Jul 2014 21:52 GMTBaby Mama & Baby Daddy ... Titles slap in the face In life, there are different situations that take place in certain relationships and those outcomes aren't always the best. In this case, when two parents are no longer together after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl or a handsome young boy, the parents often go by the title "Baby Mama and Baby Daddy". They are both responsible for taking care of their child but when one comes around either family or friends, it's a known fact that it's just his or her " Baby Mama or Baby Daddy". This term has been around for a while now. It even has its own theme song, That's Just My Baby Daddy by B-Roc and Bizz which came out in the late 90's. These popular titles have expanded across the country, being that nowadays a lot of people are having babies while not married. In VH1's hit show Love &Hip-Hop Atlanta, Atlanta's own rapper Lil Scrappy refers to the mother of his child as "Baby Mama' numerous of times throughout the season. Many people find it funny that he calls her that more than he says her name but I guess everyone has their own preferences ... *now on a different note What does the title "Baby Mama and Baby Daddy" represent? What is really a "Baby Mama and Baby Daddy? We know that they are parents but do they differ from people who are actually husband and wife and do they not have the same respect or acknowledgement as one would have if they were married? Believe it or not these titles will have an effect on the child or children. I mean I wouldn't want to grow up knowing that mom and dad have no type of real relationship and that they refer to each other in way as if they really don't want to be the mom or dad of each other's kid. We all know that it takes two to get one pregnant right? So why can't there be any love for one another when the child is born and not just loving the child and not each other? I mean it's cool and everything that you as the " baby mama and baby daddy" are willing to take care of your child but it's more than just being able to provide the things needed and the material things. That baby needs both love and affection from both parents, and I mean from ones who do actually get along and not hate each other. I believe the title stirs up from when the parents no longer see eye to eye and want to go their separate ways. However, just like in any relationship why can't the parents fight twice as hard to work things out just like they would do if they felt like they were losing the love of their life? In this case, it's more than just settling down with the title Baby Mama and Baby Daddy, each have to be willing to make an example for their child. I know one thing; I do not want my future child becoming a baby mama or baby daddy when they do decide to ever have kids of their own. 35315baby mama, kids, responsibility,How Do You Turn Up ? by mywaymagwfb0, 12 Jul 2014 21:43 GMTWhy do young black adults party the way they do? Why is it so uncommon to ever go to a club, house party, etc., without there being a fight, a shooting (or some type of altercation) or sexual activities? Perhaps it's just me, but when I go out, my intent is to have a good time. Parties are social gatherings that allows people the opportunity to dance freely and mingle with others they don't usually meet. Sadly, everyone doesn't come to these functions with the same agenda. So often, we go to parties and people have ulterior motives apart from the reason for the party. There's cases where you will see an ex-girlfriend trying to make an ex-boyfriend jealous by making moves on another guy and before you know it, drama occurs. You also have people who go to parties with the intentions of "hooking up" and by the end of the night their hooked up with someone who they'll never possibly have serious relationships with. Often times people from different gangs purposely attend the same event as a way of challenging each other. In addition, some of the attendants to these parties don't even know the person who is throwing the party. As a matter of fact this exact thing happened to me. I'll never forget my sweet 16 party I threw back in high school. So much time, effort and money was put into having a beautiful event. Two hours into the party it was shut down. Apparently two cliques that had animosity with each other attended not for the celebration of my birthday but to use the opportunity show out in front of a large group of people. A fight broke out and police quickly shut it down. As I cleaned up the event hall, in the corner under a chair I found a used condom - as in the evidence was there! As a sheltered and naive teenager I didn't even know what it was when I saw it. It amazes me the things people do in public and particularly at that moment in time because of my age. I even remember two pregnant girls coming to the party both and tank tops and shorts that honestly could have passed for underwear. I remember watching as they took over the dance floor dancing like strippers while a crowd of people gathered around to watch. All but two who attended my party were black. 35313turn up, party, alcoholblogs/7-2014/35313-turn-up-party-alcohol-s.jpg