Good Ole R&'s SoulFood! ShomRoc: Born in Los Angeles, California...but raised in Houston/Dayton, Tx, Dj ShomRoc will show you how music is in his blood. He was actually bred to be a musician before touching 2 turntables and a microphone. In his adolescence, his mother introduced him to the likes of John Coltrane, The Isley Brothers, Miles Davis, and Marvin Gaye. ShomRoc, being raised in the 80's and 90's, is also an avid fan of music during those decades. His mother also encouraged him to learn how to play the saxophone, which eventually led him to perform, MC, and SING in many musical circles. After creating personal mixtapes with a few computer programs, ShomRoc was encouraged and taught by Dj JBlue2 to make an official move and follow the art of a Disk Jockey. Dj-Tru Blu's path to vinyl began as audiophile since his youth. This study of music laid the foundation for a musical career that continues to evolve. As an artist/producer whom founded his own record label Bluchippaz Entertainment; being engulfed in the art as well as the business of music has become 2nd nature. His hustle has placed him in the company of the industry's most reputable artist, and has helped established a strong, devoted, grass-roots fanbase ranging from Texas to Louisiana. As an artist, his witty lyricism coupled w/ a golden ear for hit music has catapulted his latest release "The Blu Pill", into debates as one of 2012 s most talked about indie releases. He has worked directly w/ artist like Bun-B and Bushwick Bill, and has been the lone opening act for major artists such as LL Cool J and the Ying-Yang Twins in the peak of their careers. He is truly a veteran w/ "a nose for the endzone" when it comes to finding talent and bringing it all together. Marketing/Branding and street promotions are definitely a strong suit to add to the resume. Backed by an extensive knowledge of the hip-hop culture, and a methodical approach to blazin' any party regardless ofen-usrhythmandblu@gmail.comhttp://www.djshomroc.comrhythmandblurhythmblurhythmandblu115968mm150265ca-app-pub-5614911574263464/3568931435 Revolution Will Not Be Televised? by djshomroc0, 19 Jun 2015 14:56 GMTMaybe the "revolution" is finally being televised! This actually left me speechless...&#128079;&#127999;&#128079;&#127999;&#128079;&#127999;&#128079;&#127999;&#128079;&#127998;&#128079;&#127998;&#128079;&#127998;&#128079;&#127998;&#128079;&#127998;&#128079;&#127998;&#128079;&#127998;&#128079;&#127997;&#128079;&#127997;&#128079;&#127997;&#128079;&#127997;&#128079;&#127997;&#128079;&#127997;&#128079;&#127996;&#128079;&#127996;&#128079;&#127996;&#128079;&#127996;&#128079;&#127996;&#128079;&#127996;&#128079;&#127996;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#127995;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#127999; <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> 44216Real, Racism, JonStewart, black, white, AmericaKeeping it real... by djshomroc0, 15 Jun 2015 16:54 GMTQuestion: Why is it so bad (negatively looked upon) for a white women to want to live her life as a black woman? The subliminal message being sent is, "Why would she ever want to be black?!?" if it's a step backwards. Her parent concluded that they've previously adopted black children in their home when she was a young girl, which (in my opinion) possibly created racial efficacy. But, many black people have acted white for centuries and we know why. Most of Latin America was and still is considered "white"...and we know the positivity of that consideration. So, you have an educated white woman who is a professor of African Studies, who married a black man, had black children, is the president of a local NAACP chapter, and considers herself as a black woman. So, again, why is it so bad to want to be black?44075white, black, NAACP, Rachel, Dolezalblogs/6-2015/44075-white-black-naacp-101-s.jpgThe Real Rappers... by djshomroc0, 31 May 2015 20:43 GMTYou know it's a rap battle at a school where kids have sense...when the teacher can yell out the classroom window! LOL, what's crazy is that these are the real future rappers, because their not afraid to educate themselves. #RappersArePoets #YourFavoriteRapperReads #NotABlackOrWhiteThing #EducationIsAchoice <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> 43630Real, Rap, Read, Educate, HipHop, FutureYou Can't Harvest Excuses... by djshomroc0, 23 Mar 2015 23:44 GMTA post on my Facebook timeline caught my attention today. Unfortunately, nothing abnormal or incredibly shocking but worth discussing for the moment. So, I have the feeling that I won't be long with this one. Here are the obvious facts: 1. Bobby Shmurda "and his Brooklyn gang associates were busted in (December) on charges of weapons possession and conspiracy to traffic narcotics", which has him facing 25 years in prison. 2. Being signed to L.A. Reid's label, there is an assumption that Reid should provide $2 million dollars in proposed bail funds. 3. The social media climate (i.e. the "new" streets) suggests that this is bad practice by the record label. 4. Some masked man has recorded himself threatening L.A. Reid's life because of the mogul's alleged lack of support. So, now that you're caught up, here's my take on who is to blame: EVERYONE IS AT FAULT! First, what happened to "good" music?!?!? That song, "Hot N_____", sucks! One of the worst songs I've ever heard...and I take the opportunity to give most musicians/singers/rappers an ear! Secondly, we all make choices. So, when you feel like your music has to reflect your image (or vice versa) then you need to be ready to suffer the consequences. My frat brother/line brother, Big Johnson, once told me that you "can't live your life through this rap music"! He's undoubtedly correct on all accounts, because this is exactly what you see...a bunch of wanna-be's who never learned the code of the streets from the OG's. Now I realize that the previous sentence has a bit of glorification toward street life, but I believe it to be true: we all have to lay in the bed that we make. Now that does not leave L.A. Reid and his tom-foolery at bay. We all can see that Bobby is a one-hit wonder, and Reid took it upon himself to exploit an artist who's time will last as long as your average shooting star. But this is the plague of the music industry and, honestly, of our own urban culture. Rather than taking the approach of our Hip-Hop predecessors and attempt to escape the hood, we are foolishly trying to break back into the hood. Hood life has become just as popular as the dream of becoming rich! As if keeping it "hood" has some sense of longevity and prosperity! I don't know about you, but there's nothing worse than seeing a 24 year old man or woman that looks like he or she is 45 due to living "that life". No, I'll pass...that life ain't for anybody! I'll end with this: everyone has a role in life...from the stripper to the pastor's wife. What ever role you choose is up to you, and you must hold yourself accountable and accept what your choice brings. A farmer will never plant seeds in order to grow excuses...because people just can't live off excuses. #ShomRoc <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>41417Bobby Shmurda, farmer, drugs, hood, stripper, frat, brother, dreams, rich, excuse, choice, musicblogs/3-2015/41417-bobby-shmurda-farmer--s.jpgNew Music Alert... by djshomroc0, 4 Mar 2015 16:28 GMT1, 2 ... It's Rhythm & Blu! 3, 4 ... Musicians lock your doors!!! ACT LIKE YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE ALL THIS WORK WE THROWING OUT LATELY!! NEW MUSIC @RhythmandBlu *VI GOD* @djtrublu @djshomroc Click on the "music" in our app and check out the new tracks. 410136 god, Rhythm, Blu, Houston, Undergroundblogs/3-2015/41013-6-god-rhythm-blu-4656-s.jpgAttention...Attention...Attention! by djshomroc0, 20 Nov 2014 16:37 GMTAttention all minority leaders, the middle class, democratic ideal supporters, and critics of President Obama who believed that "Obama aint doing nothing for black people and the poor!" So...if you were looking for a program, and option, a handout, or even the last inkling of hope for progress...realize now that by not supporting the President (not voting, not emailing your representative, sitting back and complaining in the barbershop to people that don't hold the power). Now you get to sit back and watch a completely Republican controlled congress decide what they're going to do with #ObamaCare, #immigration, #welfare, #taxes, and the #middleclass. And, if things get worse for you, then in hind sight you may realize that by voting (and giving the President a powerful Congress) you would have seen the "change" you were looking for. Oh, by the way, Republicans are about to take credit for all the progress that has occurred within the last 6 years...including #ObamaCare (2-3 years from now, by taking out all the flaws that they put in the law in the first place.) First round...immigration, and the only backing that the President has is "executive order". So, where are all the Democrats and minority leaders now? This agenda is not personal enough for them? Hmm... #ShomRoc38636Immigration, politics, Obama, conservative, Republicans, Democrats, Congress, Governmentblogs/11-2014/38636-immigration-politics--s.jpgTo all of our Android users... by djshomroc0, 30 Sep 2014 11:51 GMTA new software update is available, allowing you to hear the new mixtape before its actual release. (Quite a few of our fans contacted us with this concern. PROBLEM SOLVED! ) Click "Check For Upgrades" on the Menu inside of the app or you can use the original link below: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> The new version is Version 2.3.1. Sincerely, #ShomRoc37389Android, user, problem, solved, mixtape, Houston, Rhythm and BLU, make it last, TruBlu, ShomRocblogs/9-2014/37389-android-user-problem--s.jpgMake it last...1:17:26 seconds... by djshomroc0, 29 Sep 2014 16:16 GMTNothing better than to get music before everyone else! So, since you have the get it first! Click on the "mixes" icon ' and enjoy something that will definitely set the mood! #RatchetRnB "Make it Last..." #ShomRoc37373Ratchet, R&B, mixtape, Rhythm & Blu, dj, Faculty djs, Fleet Djs, Houston, Texasblogs/9-2014/37373-djshomroc-ratchet-rb--s.jpgThe Minority State vs. The Justice System... by djshomroc0, 20 Aug 2014 21:04 GMTIt has taken me a few days to come to a place and attempt to vocalize how I feel about the current polarization between minorities and the idea of justice, especially as it pertains to the life of any African American male. I honestly want to write this from a place of hate and idealism, so it is guaranteed that I am using both my head and heart as I attempt to express the magnitude of our continued existence. After everything that has occurred in history, since the colonization of this nation, it is evident that there is no real justice for our black people. As it pertains to fairness and equality, there has not been a true measure in the past, present, and there shall not be a measure of it in the future. There have been attempts to make things better, actions to close the gap, and even distractions to make us believe that things are getting better...but no real change. Only steps in different directions in order to bring us back to the same place where we always start from...the hope that one day things will change. I am literally typing with tears in my eyes because the struggle IS real, and as a black man, it seems utterly hopeless to believe that things will get better or a least better balanced. I even feel for those non-black individuals that continue to help us fight our (past and present) struggles, because they are also considered the minority. As far as the majority is concerned, black people are not important enough to even pass the time. We are a discussion in which a judgment was made before we were even brought up for discussion. Even Fox News has better things to talk about than the incident involving Michael Brown. At this moment, I know you're saying, "...but it's Fox News! What do you expect?!?!". But what you miss is the blatant disregard for a life because of the color of his skin! The past few days, I've watched different network news organizations to see what approach it takes on the issue. While normally categorizing outlets (MSNBC - liberal, CNN - somewhere in the middle, Fox News - conservative), I assumed that Fox would place it's spin toward the injustice and danger of being a police officer. Not only have they spoken little of the issue (the longest being 2 minutes), but insisted that "today (August 20th) is the first day people have not shown up to protest...meaning that this all may soon come to an end." (Shepard Report) So, rather than even discuss the issue, Fox has chosen to ignore it. The idea of a police officer murdering an unarmed black man is not even newsworthy. Again, our lives are not worth the discussion because a predetermined judgement was already made. What is more disheartening is the predisposition of African Americans in general. We are all well aware that a person's portrayal in the media has a direct connection as to his overall acceptance in the U.S. judicial system. So, take a look at the link below: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> As you can see, there is an obvious bias that continues to slap us in the face, or worse, shoot us in the back while having our hands in the air. Something very disturbing is that white males who commit premeditated acts of violence are depicted as losing sanity during their moment of rage, but at any other point in their lives...oh, just perfect angels. As for the black man, who has clearly met their demise due to whatever reason, a vast majority believe it is inevitable because bad people do bad thing...and they deserved these consequences. The reality is that we deserve better. We deserve to be treated in the same manner as everyone else. We deserve the right to due process and opportunity to defend ourselves without being misrepresented, repeatedly assaulted, or fearing death. I have a strong word of advice for all of my minority brothers and sisters. Regardless of the magnitude, it is in your best interest NOT to commit ANY crimes. You will not get away with it, you will be treated UNFAIRLY, you may end up having another person of color wrongly accused, and you will receive the harshest consequences created by someone's twisted whim or sick fantasy. I leave you with one last bit of evidence to solidify my call to action and change of thinking. Find a better way to revolt because our skin is already our sin. <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> For those of you that knew me in high school and my moniker "Lil Militant"...well, the Militant has returned! You can thank our unjust society for that... #ShomRoc 36297Militant, unjust, no justice no peace, ShomRoc, Black, White, Michael Brown, tears, sorrowblogs/8-2014/36297-militant-unjust-no-ju-s.jpg#MichaelBrown by djshomroc0, 17 Aug 2014 16:06 GMTThe latest tragedy has a lot of people talking about it: First a VERY interesting article - <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Here was my response to the thread from the image attached: Kassy, here is my question: whom or where have the threats come from? Meaning, were you personally or repeated threatened by black people as you venture away from your home? Have you seen anyone threaten someone with your own eyes? If you're just passing on rumors that you've heard from talking with your friends then you contributing to the same stereotypes that assume that every black person you see wants to harm you. I'm a black male and I am angered by yet another tragedy against us, but I'm not plotting to harm random white people. I'm more concerned about my 14 year old son who still has to grow up looking over his shoulder as did...who will also most likely been called a "nigger" in some racist/negative confrontation by now...or will be told to take his family back to Africa while knowing he was born in America. I can assure, that when you go throughout your day, you don't have black people gathering, gawking, and pointing at you as if you've done something wrong to them. But I'm sure you've been in a situation where it is the other way around. You want to know why? Because, in our society, even in 2014...there is a certain about of time...and internal clock within African Americans that tells us, "if you stay, stand, or stare (especially without showing any emotion) longer than an hour...the police will show up with guns and dogs and will show out! So, ask you want to die tonight?!?" This is our reality... #ShomRoc36218Michael Brown, Racism, black people, white people, police, Ferguson, racial tension, riot, protestblogs/8-2014/36218-michael-brown-racism--s.jpg#BlackFolksDontNeedU... by djshomroc0, 14 Aug 2014 00:31 GMTExpect to see the above mentioned #hashtag often, and feel free to use it as you please! Label the tom or even Uncle Tom-foolery that occurs at a light-speed pace in our communities. I'll start my rant now! Black Folks Don't Need You... -if during times of peaceful protest, you decide to loot local stores and steal pairs of Jordan sneakers...or WEAVE! -if you would rather record street fights, knockouts, aggravated assaults, or any other random acts of violence and post it on social media. -if you search for and watch said videos of misery for your own twisted enjoyment. -if you stand by idly and watch the above mentioned activities, and you're too "cool" or too "scared" to say or do anything to help correct or solve the incident. -if you're still INCORRECTLY using the word "snitch". (If you had nothing to do with the incident and you decide to tell the authorities in order to help someone, then you are NOT a SNITCH!) -if you still think it's cool to sell drugs. Drug dealers don't even think its cool to sell drugs anymore. -If your guardian raised you better, taught you morals, and provided a safe and secure environment...but you choose/chose to run the streets and attempt to be "hard" (especially if you have/had two parents at home). -if you STILL believe that all these rappers are really doing what they're rapping about! (Shout-out to Yo Gotti "Errbody". That song is my new anthem!) -if you're busy still trying to "keep it real". -if you really believe that we'd be better off without President Obama. (No one is perfect...but don't believe the hype!) I think i'll pause at this juncture and conclude with a bit of advice: We as a people need to take time to remember the toils and tolls we've paid to arrive at our current destination (whether it be positive or negative in your perception). In some ways we've become a stronger people and, in other ways, we have lost our way. At the end of the day, its no one's fault but ours and no one's responsibility but ours. So...#DoBetter #ShomRoc 36141Hashtags, Jordans, Weaves, Uncle Tom, foolery, street fights, knockouts, aggravated assaultsblogs/8-2014/36141-hashtags-jordans-weav-s.jpgAll For The Love...Find Your Niche. by djshomroc0, 11 Aug 2014 14:42 GMTThis music game is literally a race between artists where no one truly knows where the destination lies. Honestly, I've seen plenty of artists come and go....and I can't say that I've been in it as long as some others. At least it doesn't feel like it's been that long. At any rate, I realize with technology and the constant push of music in the social media pipeline, how and where does an artist find their place? What makes one artist better than the other? How does an artist gain more attention? Because it's clearly not about talent. But it has never been about talent, huh? I believe it's more about a niche than talent. There were only a handful of artists in the 80's and 90's that appeared polished at the beginning of their careers. The rest of them just brought something different to the table. After that, it was up to them to keep their spot. I would list, but I honestly don't feel like putting that much thought into it. So, you tell me and we'll see where we agree or disagree. #ShomRoc36076Niche, talent, artist, music, ShomRoc, dj, rapper, singer, Rhythm and Blublogs/8-2014/36076-niche-talent-artist--s.jpgOkay, That's Enough... by djshomroc0, 31 Jul 2014 18:22 GMTThat's all I gotta say for today. At least for now. Salute Black Vibes for the platform. I had a chance to hang with them personally. Some real COOL dudes! #ShomRoc35808Black Vibes, blog, cool, platform, hang, enough, ShomRocblogs/8-2014/35808-djshomroc-black-vibes-s.jpgFaceBook Needs To Do Better... by djshomroc0, 31 Jul 2014 18:06 GMTIf I come across one more black person fighting in the street, white woman defecating in her hand in public while slinging it behind her, or a horny horse giving "it" to a misinformed donkey...I'm going to (wait, is it manly to scream? Lol, not even a deep and vigorous yell? Probably not...). All jokes aside, dude...that's depressing and VERY nasty. I literally have to assess the screen shot and the caption to see if I'm willing to sit through a 45 second video. 10 seconds of the wrong thing with honestly alter your perception of life as you know it. Some things are funny to watch, for example: <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Other things should just be left to the imagination. Really, keep your sick videos to yourself. #ShomRoc35806sick videos, humor, gross, nasty, smhblogs/8-2014/35806-djshomroc-sick-videos-s.jpgWhy does everything cost $300?!?! by djshomroc0, 31 Jul 2014 18:02 GMTI swear if I request another repair for something and they charge me $300! I need to look a people price sheets, markup plan, sales strategy! Better yet, how about I AIN'T GOT IT?!?! #ShomRoc35805High prices, hookup, market value, hustleblogs/7-2014/35805-high-prices-hookup-ma-s.jpgThe Man Behind the Music... by djshomroc0, 31 Jul 2014 17:32 GMTThere are days when I wake up and love what I hear. There are other days when I listen to my own music and think, "wow, that sucks! Redo...". I'm very critical of every measure of my music (that was a musical pun. All my musicians caught it. LOL). Anyway, I honestly believe that every piece of music has his place in our musical membranes. Room for deep thought hip-hop for the revolution, trap music/bounce for the midnight club hype, and R&B (whether it be "Rachet R&B" or not) for the afterparty. With that being said, the pulse of music runs through my veins...injected by my mother and carried on by all the artists that do it for the love of music.35802Love, Music, genres, modern, lifeblogs/7-2014/35802-love-music-genres-s.jpgHigh Blood Pressure... by djshomroc0, 31 Jul 2014 17:11 GMT#Staygrindingmyfriend is a hashtag that I use quite often, but it seems that the constant grind has started to catch up with me. A usual trip to the dentist office reveals an unusual blood pressure reading. So, now I have to better balance the walk between grinding all the time and taking a moment to take care of me...which is not something that I consider being a pro at.35799Grind, health, blood pressure, breaksblogs/7-2014/35799-grind-health-blood-pr-s.jpg