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We have dedicated today's show to allowing the fans to become more familiar with the artist they have been supporting! Jean-Claude chops it up with That's Good Radio's own "Miss Streetz" and even previews his new single "curve game strong" produced by Mo Diggidy Beats. Therefore its only right you guys check that out and stay tuned because it about to get real this summer! <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>43901JeanClaudeBMOC,JeanClaudeMusic,Music, 585 ,BMOC,GWD, VLOG , ThatsGoodRadio , MissStreetz, Mo DiggidyFrom the campus to the streets! *Exclusive "Thats Good Radio" Interview* w/ JeanClaude listen now! by jeanclaudebmoc0, 9 May 2015 18:21 GMTLast week Jeanclaude BMOC linked up with the notorious Ms. Streets & Angie Diamonds of NYC for an intense yet interesting interview! JeanClaude discusses his new project and upcoming endeavors while previewing one of his newest singles "Curve Game Strong"Produced By Mo Diggidy. 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Don't forget to check out and become a member today.#BMOC #GWD #WSHH #HNHH #NEW #Video #Music #Repost40885JeanClaudeBMOC , Grow Up , Music , Video , SlamHammy , GoodGrades,BadDecisionsblogs/2-2015/40885-jeanclaudebmoc-grow--s.jpgFly Boy Radio X JeanClaudeBMOC Live Interview!!!! by jeanclaudebmoc0, 27 Jan 2015 05:50 GMTFly Boy Radio's Own Imperial Carter Chops It Up With Rochester New York's JeanClaudeBMOC. (Intro Music From His Mixtape One Man Army Out Now On Background Music By The Imperial Sound From Beat Tapes: The Ku$h Tape & I Got Soul Vol.2) Fly Boy Radio X JeanClaudeBMOC Live Interview!!!! <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>40087JeanClaudeBMOC , YourPromoMag , HipHop , New Artist , GoodGrades,BadDecisions, BigManOnCampus,GangstATL's Music Connections Magazine [Interviews] - Rochester's Own JeanClaudeBMOC [@JeanClaudeBMOC] by jeanclaudebmoc0, 27 Jan 2015 05:45 GMTInterviews] - Rochester's Own @JeanClaudeBMOC Posted by Music Connectz Mag on 12:07 PM in JeanClaudeBMOC, JeanClaudeMusic, Hip Hop, Interviews, Rochester NY,Unsigned, Whatz NEW | 0 comments JeanClaudeBMOC Location: Rochester NY Genre: Hip Hop Label/Unsigned: Unsigned Twitter Facebook Reverbation Youtube Soundcloud TMC: For those who don't know you can you tell the people who Jean Claude BMOC is? JC: A Gangster with a Diploma, a one man army The Big Man on Campus I'm the average city kid dream chasing tryna beat the odds and stay positive in a negative environment TMC: What was is about music that made you want to pursue it? JC: music grew on me since a kid I've always had a way with words especially with the ladies and rather large vocabulary. Outside of the fact that everybody I grew up around used to flow .so after a while I started trying to put my own pieces together and before u knew it I was spittin my 16s in the local barbershops and droppin tapes at 13 TMC: Name some people that you look up to the most when it comes to music? CDG: Meek Mill & Kendrick Lamar TMC: What is your favorite thing about being an artist? JC: it's our god given super power and I say that because you have the power motivation someone or soothe there pain or just bring happiness you can take the human mind wherever you want it to go and to me that is something special to have the ability to make your words paint pictures or even tell a story TMC: Give us a lil resume of things you've done & people you've worked with? JC: let's see last December I opened up for meek mill at the main street armory black out event in that was heavy! then over the summer I flew out to LA to rock out with Dricky Graham at the artist to know show I've got one of my mixtapes hosted one of new jersey hottest djs and placed on coast 2 coast mixtapes and my latest tape hosted by College club kings dj zeke TMC: Tell us something you're currently working on. What should the fans be expecting? JC: im currently working on pushing the one man army mixtape its 15 tracks very solid very versatile and I feel it's something to be proud of. my fans should def be expecting more videos I'm just getting everything right no fraud no gimmicks everything u see in these videos are all me no loaners no rental just me I want people to see the transformation and the changes of me entering the game so expect the unexpected TMC: Biggest Achievement & Biggest Challenge since in the industry? JC: right now I would say the artist to know show because I went halfway around the country to do a show at that with one of the most poppin new artists in the game I got to network with all kinds of people including hit maker jazzy pha and all types of companies as far as challenges I would just have to say the shadiness that comes with it. in this game a lot of the love is fabricated alotta people with show you love until you starting do better than them it's just not a sport for the weak minded u gotta have heart to survive TMC: What has been the best advice given to you? JC: don't be anybody else but you! TMC: What makes you a unique or different from all the other artists on the come up? JC: I've created my own lane the gangstas with diplomas era made it cool to be smart and go to school! ima full time student n yeah i was out in these streets but I was also on deans list too back in the day people got beat up for being smart I'm telling you to embrace knowledge is power and without that piece of paper or diploma people don't wanna hear nothing you got to say! TMC: What's something people may not know about Jean Claude BMOC? JC: not only do I make music but I produce, engineer & work as graphic designer40086JeanClaudeBMOC , YourPromoMag , HipHop , New Artist , GoodGrades,BadDecisions, BigManOnCampus,GangstMTV Writers Interview : LetsTalkWithJulian.com by jeanclaudebmoc0, 27 Jan 2015 05:41 GMTThis week things are starting heating up for ya boy Convict Da General! As he has his first live interview with MTV writer Julian from the most watched reality show "The Real World". Throughout the interview Julian asks Convict a series of questions regarding his background, personal influences and his ongoing schedule! It was crazy we had fans listening live from a link provided by and people calling in to ask questions and share opinions. We felt like the people were really interacting with us, seeing that a lot of statements and comments were being retweeted. During the interview Julian talks about how he wasn't really a fan of the hip-hop genre but seemed to really like Convict Da General's music! One song he mentioned in particular happened to be a single off of the "Big Man On Campus" mixtape called "College Life". It's a very hype and adventurous record that i think would grabs any teenager's attention. Shortly, after he was done expressing his feelings on the Big Man On Campus Himself & the rest of his music the interview came to closure. Although Convict Da General Would like to give a special thanks to TheMeMeAgency for making the interview possible and Julian + MTV for blessing me with the opportunity of being featured on your podcast and talking the time find of who the man behind the music really is! Meet Convict Da General & Chanel Monet Tonight, I am very lucky to have two very, VERY talented people on for an interview. I have been working with Meme Agency, a small booking agency that represents stars such as, Ramona Rizzo from VH1's hit show "MobWives", and Final Draft, also know as "The Fab Five" who sing R&B, and Pop Music. Convict Da General Convict Da General is a Rochester, NY native that started rapping at the age of 12. Convict was blessed to have both parents in is life to keep his grades up, but he couldn't escape the harsh reality of the mean streets right outside his door. His friends were in the game and he decided to join them. Struggling with the decision to do what he felt was necessary to survive or find a way out with something he loved, rapping. Convict decision to rap became one of the best decisions he could've ever made. At the young age of 19, Convict has seen and experienced a lot but he wants the world to know that he is here to stay and conquer the rap game. Convict has dropped 3 mixtapes, teamed up with YNA, featured on the Grind Hard DVD, performed for BET Awards Weekend Artist 2 Know, The Peace Fest, The Penny Arcade, Water Street, and much more! This "Big Man on Campus" has been knocked down and pulled in all directions throughout his life at a young age. As a rapper, he expresses what many people his age go through and how sometimes you have to stand alone as one force, one movement in his upcoming mixtape "One Man Army" hosted by DJ Zeke. 40085JeanClaudeBMOC , YourPromoMag , HipHop , New Artist , GoodGrades,BadDecisions, BigManOnCampus,Rochester's YourPromoMagazine Headlines Musician "Jean-Claude BMOC" [Front Page] READ! by jeanclaudebmoc0, 27 Jan 2015 05:39 GMTJean-Claude BMOC teams up with YOURPROMO MAG for the Aug/Sept Issue and land the front cover! He also gives an exclusive interview and mentions his future projects. Magazines are avalible locally around the Rochester , NY and now are online for viewing now. Click below <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a>40084JeanClaudeBMOC , YourPromoMag , HipHop , New Artist , GoodGrades,BadDecisions, BigManOnCampus,Artist Spotlight FreddyO.com by jeanclaudebmoc0, 27 Jan 2015 05:36 Features Rochester's Own JeanClaudeBMOC Artist Spotlight- Jean Claude CinnamonStiXXX Dec 10 13 0 Comments Jean Claude Hip-Hop artist, Jean Claude is giving back to the community this season. The second annual Wrapping for Rochester was held on December 7th in Rochester, New York, benefiting underprivileged families in the area. Families were able to do their Christmas shopping, selecting from new or mildly used toys, clothing, household items, non perishable foods, and school supplies for children and adults. Check out some of Jean Claude's music: Jean Claude, formerly known as Convict Da General has been burning up the underground scene since the 2012 release of his debut mixtape, "One Man Army." Be sure to look our for this upcoming artist doing big things. Check him out on: Instagram: @JeanClaudeMusic Email us at to be featured on Artist Spotlight40083FreddyO, JeanClaudeBMOC , HipHop , New Artist