The Future of Radio! today's hottest Local bands and underground music! Very talented bands and artist. You may never heard of. Once you do will constantly crave for more. We are the future of radio. "We matter cause you matter!"en-usctjags@gmail.com Owl Music's 4 Year Anniversary - 6.12 @ Open Chord by ctjags0, 12 Jun 2015 20:50 GMTCome out and help us celebrate 4 amazing years in Knoxville, during the first night of Gone-aroo! Featuring: THE ART OF, Mass Driver, Lines Taking Shape, Ulaanbastards//&#32418;&#33394;&#28151;&#34507;, The Gentlemen & Liars, & Doc Isaac doors open at 6pm 8 dollars at door all ages show of course we will be live streaming the entire show click on radio button on mobile app or tune in www.2locoradio.com44025nightowl, live music, rock, alternative, rocknroll, live show, radio, open chord, 2 loco radioblogs/6-2015/44025-nightowl-live-music--s.jpg2 loco radio will be live at the bent to break fan appreciation event in Morristown today! by ctjags0, 30 May 2015 09:09 GMTToday is a fresh start for 2 loco radio. By that I mean whether live dpending on reception or prerecorded we re going to try and get tons of interviews, and run a radio show and try to record a concert live from my cellphones. I am not kidding you. The bent to break fan appreciation will be totally interactive and tons of fun from 4pm till when ever. 8pm we will e streaming live We are going to do our best to involve the crowd every way we can. Cause were 2 loco. And the impossible is possible in radio now! Because if there is one thing I learned from the old x djs. It was always a party and all about fun! Option 1 be there! Option 2 if cant be all Today. option 3 at another local show or those out of state another local show where you are. Support local artist/bands. They are the ones who truly need the money. And support! "Fan appreciation and Live Video shoot" We have an awesome day lined up May 30th. A day to give back to the fans and people in the community looking to have a good time. We have something for everyone! From 4-8 we are doing an (all ages) outdoor show. Featuring awesome music and demonstrations courtesy of talented Tricity artist. Smoking Pig BBQ will be on-site serving up some killer BBQ during the event. We have glass blowing courtesy of Infinite Art Tattoo & Body Piercing, custom airbrushing from Phoenix Designs, local vendors set up featuring their products ,Bikin Car/bike wash, Stephen Hammer Magic will be on site filming and doing some great stuff. Tricities will be in full Force! At 6:00 Capgun Alliance takes the stage for a rare opportunity to catch these killer performers for an all ages outdoor concert! Come down to the TN Veterans Post #1 with us May 30th and come out ready to have a good time ! Thats just the tip of the iceburg ! 8 p.m - 1 a.m. 21+ Door prize Giveaways! Live Video Shoot 8:00 we will move the party inside. Make sure you get your door prize drawing ticket when you come in we have some crazy prizes!! Your door fee , $6 gets you in and gets you tickets!! Pretty easy yeah. $140 worth of tattoo gift certificates from Infinite Art Tattoo, A custom Scare Bear courtesy of Scare Bears, a session with Through the Eyes of Sam Photography, A Nintendo Ds2 !! thats right, Die cast model from 407 Harley, lots of cool accessories from Custom leather, Emo Row has donated some awesome Tool and ffdp shirts, several local restaraunts have donated gift certificates , and many many more im tire cant many..prizes!! Come early get a spot and get your ticket! 9:00 One of the Tricity's most hard hitting original bands. Hard Rock/Metal fans do yourselves a favor. Check out Promise the World. They will be setting the pace for a wild night inside 21+ Throughout the night our lovely ladies courtesy of Budweiser and our Event coordinator will be drawing tickets!! tickets !! tickets! We have some special treats courtesy of Budweiser as well ;) 11:00 Bent To Break takes the stage for their "Live Music Video Shoot" You want to be apart of BTB history? We invite you to come and go crazy with us, we have more tricks up our sleeve than that Blaine dude...guy freaks me out. We will be debuting some new songs and some new stage gear so come join the party. May 30th you dont want to miss this I keep saying that because its true aowooo. Something for everyone 4-8 All ages BBQ, Glass blowing, Airbrushing, bikes, bikinis #harleydavidson, and a chance to get the families of the rock community out for a good time. 9-1 PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES, PROMISE THE WORLD, BENT TO BREAK I even heard a rumor of a money drop? what? upload a short video of the video for "Def Mechz" from your smartphone to get a pre-release copy of our new single "Pranic". <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> 43615east tennessee, bent to break, local band, rock music, metal, live, live event, concert, family fun,blogs/5-2015/43615-east-tennessee-bent--s.jpgWait? Hold up? The former 95.7 X will be interviewed on 2 loco radio! thursday 5-28-15 8pm est by ctjags0, 26 May 2015 03:41 GMTCurious what happened? Wanna pay your respects for 20 years of great modern rock? Here is your chance to ask Oz and Mitch questions or give shout outs. Any hate will be removed and banned. I know we are honored and excited to have Knoxville Radio djs on telling their story. call in ask questions 1-865-643-8832 or toll free 1-855-403-9071 no busy lines Turn all back round noise down including stream. listen at www.2locoradio.com4343595.7 the x, extreme radio, 95.7, knoxville modern rock, knoxville, rock, metal, hard rock,blogs/5-2015/43435-957-x-extreme-radio--s.jpgMetal! Every night 5-7 pm est via cross promotion on 2 loco radio by ctjags0, 25 May 2015 20:13 GMTand dont forget Benzotti Live is on 5-7 tonight on or through mobile dont miss one the very best metal guys on the radio playing all the stuff you grown to love in metal! 5-7 m-f est43430metal, black metal, heavy metal, hard rock, industrial metal, progressive rock, progressive metal,blogs/5-2015/43430-metal-black-metal-hea-s.jpgDj DWest midday underground mainstream hip hop &r&b by ctjags0, 25 May 2015 18:07 GMTd west is on live 2 hours of underground hiphop and r&b every day m-f 1-3 pm est live now! 43423hip hop, r&b, underground, dj dwest, 2 loco radio, hiphop radio, reggae, mix, radio show,blogs/5-2015/43423-hip-hop-rb-undergroun-s.jpgListen to the great stuff on tap for your Memorial day by ctjags0, 25 May 2015 17:19 GMTJust business as usual on 2 Loco Radio 1-3 pm D West DaEntrepreneur 5-7 Benzotti Live metal and 7-10 with me and DJMeridiem localbandsstation entertainer with a great interview with The Garage Boys can call in live all info on the events page.43417memorial day, 2 loco radio, radio shows, radio station, radioblogs/5-2015/43417-memorial-day-2-loco--s.jpgGarage boys interview Monday 8pm est on 2 loco radio by ctjags0, 24 May 2015 15:03 GMTThe Garage Boys are a high energy kick-ass rock band based out of Las Vegas Nevada. The band has performed all over the main Vegas strip as well as the Fremont Street strip. The boys have also played in parts of Arizona, California and Alaska. Keep an eye out for their up-coming CD and near-bye shows in your area. They are a talented punk rock band out of Las Vegas. We play their hit song drink fight F# all the time. call in live 1-855-403-9071 or 1-865-643-8832 ask um questions plenty of room. Just turn all background noise down if can. Including radio. Or listen live at or download our 2 loco radio app on android, amazon, blackberry. Iphones app coming this week. 8pm est 5pm pst433962 loco radio, Radio, local bands, news, mobile, garage boys,blogs/5-2015/43396-2-loco-radio-radio-lo-s.jpgShallowpoint interview 8pm tuesday night details within. by ctjags0, 24 May 2015 14:58 GMTCall in live 1-855-403-9071 toll free or local 1-865-643-8832 and ask the band questions. or listen live at or download our app 2 loco radio on google play, amazon, blackberry, and iphone coming this week! Shallowpoint has opened for Otep twice, Hellyeah, Sick Puppies,Sevendust,Smile Empty Soul,Tantric,Dope,Fuel and One Eyed Doll! band members consisting of&#45;&#45;Heather Shallowpoint&#45;&#45;Bass&#45;&#45;-add her! <a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Chuck Shallowpoint&#45;&#45;Guitars and Vocals&#45;&#45;<a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Robbie S&#45;&#45;Guitars and Vocals&#45;&#45;-<a href="javascript:launchURL('')"></a> Landon B- Drums Shallowpoint is a 4 piece rock/metal band based out of Knoxville,TN. Shallowpoint was formed and began playing original music around 2008. With 3 original members that are still with the band today. Heather(bass), Robbie(Guitar and vocals), and Chuck (guitar/vocals). Shallowpoint's sound is distinct so it's no surprise that each member's influences vary. Their EP Shallowpoint was released in 2011 and was a pillar of what rock music in their area should be. Their songs range from the dark and slow metal tune "Broken Life", to a more commercial sounding rock song "Complicate". The band has released 2 videos, each of which I can call nothing short of masterpieces, self-inflicted and Nothing Left(Both of which can be found on youtube) (and both videos were produced entirely by the band itself) They have been in the studio with grammy nominated and dove award winning producer Travis Wyrick(P.O.D, Pillar and 10 years). They will release 5 all new songs to add to the 5 already recorded for a full length album to be called "infringement".This album is scheduled to be released late this summer 2013. This will surely raise their popularity level to national spotlight. The band has already shared the stage with music heavy hitters such as "Hell Yeah", "Otep" "Sick Puppies" "One Eyed Doll" and "Psychostick". The last part of the year for Shallowpoint is looking very promising, and they are among the top of the ranks when it comes to popularity in both rock and metal genres. If this band gains as much ground in 2014 as they are doing this year, shallowpoint will be a household name and will be rocking audiences around the world. They have made a fan out of one of the toughest music critics, now it's time for you to experience the musical journey known as Shallowpoint. Buckle up cause it's a wild ride! . Bio written by Tom Hocker/Knox Asylum Records. Shallowpoint is a U.S Reg Trademark .Management-Red Butler/Diane Andrews POSTS43394shallowpoint,2locoradio,localbandsstationblogs/5-2015/43394-shallowpoint-2locorad-s.jpgThursday may 14th will be in Nashville at 3 pm interviewing Logan Arceneaux by ctjags0, 11 May 2015 21:29 GMTCome join us Thursday May 14th in Nashville,TN interviewing one of the most gifted and extremely talented pop n r&b artist of the next generation. The one and only Logan Arceneaux. More details on our facebook page. Hope to see you there. Or tuning in at www.2locoradio.com42938logan arceneaux, pop music, r&b music, super star, nashville,blogs/5-2015/42938-logan-arceneaux-pop--s.jpgThere is never anything good on the radio? by ctjags0, 11 May 2015 21:26 GMTOn 2 loco radio there is always great music from the most talented artist that most never thought existed. So check us out www.2locoradio.com429372 loco radio, online radio, the future of radio, radio show, music,blogs/5-2015/42937-2-loco-radio-online--s.jpgWeekly DJ Line up by ctjags0, 11 May 2015 21:14 GMTTill 9 grab bag dj. 9 am-1 pm m-f Local Interviews and Music Showcases. 12-1pm est. TwizmWhytePiece award winning hip hop show. 1-3 pm est Dj West Midday Mix show. The Underground Mainstream. 3-5 pm est Sonic Radio best music of yesterday and today. 5-7 pm est Benzotti Live Metal show. 7-10pm est Crazy Ray Ray m,w,f, Rock/Punk/Metal Tuesday Pop blues n Country, Thursday hip hop, r&b, n Reggae 10-12 am Dj Meridiem great music for the soul 12 am M and M Girl Talk Saturdays brand new interviews and sunday ADSUKHIPHOP 11-5 And a bunch more always live and great music 42936dj,schedule,2 loco radio, host, local,blogs/5-2015/42936-dj-schedule-2-loco-ra-s.jpgStacc Styles interview tonight on 2locoradio.com by ctjags0, 11 May 2015 21:07 GMTJoin us live tonight call in 1-855-403-9071 For the great up and coming hip hop star.42933stacc styles, hip hop, rap, rock rap, local artist,blogs/5-2015/42933-stacc-styles-hip-hop--s.jpgCome download our new app by ctjags0, 11 May 2015 21:02 GMT2 loco radio app is available on all iphones, and android phones. Check us live on your mobile device. Will see you soon!429322 loco radio, Radio, local bands, news, mobileblogs/5-2015/42932-ctjags-2-loco-radio--s.jpg